Pressemitteilungen 2001

Hier finden Sie unsere Pressemitteilungen aus dem Jahr 2001.

Die in diesem Archivbereich enthaltenen Pressemitteilungen sind lediglich für historische Zwecke bestimmt. Die in jeder Pressemitteilung enthaltenen Informationen entsprechen genau dem Inhalt des Datums ihrer ursprünglichen Veröffentlichung. Linotype GmbH verwahrt sich gegen jegliche Verpflichtung, Inhalte dieser Pressemitteilungen nach deren Veröffentlichung zu aktualisieren.

Linotype stars boost new font line-up in Mac OS X

Apple’s new OS aimed at graphics professionals with old and new Linotype classics.
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Linotype gains High Court judgement in UK font copyright case
Order granted against GreenStreet Software

Linotype Library has won its High Court claim against Cambridge software publisher GreenStreet Technologies (GST) for infringing the copyright in the design of a number of its typefaces, including Neue Helvetica.
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Reading in mind –Linotype Library presents new font system
Diverse design capabilities and optimal legibility

Linotype Compatil™ opens up entirely new avenues for typography and type application – a whole range of applications from websites to annual reports are covered by a single system.
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Linotype Library is expanding – new staff to strengthen the team

Linotype GmbH, Bad Homburg, world leaders in font design, are further expanding their pool of expertise.
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Linotype Library Font Technology Forum 2001
Font technology ready to make quantum leap

The world’s leading suppliers of digital fonts and font technology – Adobe, Agfa Monotype, Apple, Linotype Library and Microsoft – took up Linotype Library’s invitation to a dialog with leading font designers and helped make the 1st Font Technology Forum a success from the outset.
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New font edition of the Platinum Collection
The new Linotype Frutiger™ NEXT ensures better communication

Frutiger™ has been one of the most popular Linotype Library fonts for almost 25 years.
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Linotype Library presents entire New Helvetica™ family on a single CD
Font classic Helvetica™ now available in all 51 weights

The popularity of the font classic Helvetica™ as a corporate typeface has been growing for more than 40 years.
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Font piracy

By harnessing the power of the Internet, Linotype Library is changing its business focus from that of a specialist supplier of fonts software to a worldwide player for electronic software distribution.
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