Pressemitteilungen 2006

Hier finden Sie unsere Pressemitteilungen aus dem Jahr 2006.

Die in diesem Archivbereich enthaltenen Pressemitteilungen sind lediglich für historische Zwecke bestimmt. Die in jeder Pressemitteilung enthaltenen Informationen entsprechen genau dem Inhalt des Datums ihrer ursprünglichen Veröffentlichung. Linotype GmbH verwahrt sich gegen jegliche Verpflichtung, Inhalte dieser Pressemitteilungen nach deren Veröffentlichung zu aktualisieren.

Linotype publishes winning fonts from Arabic Type Design Competition

Trendsetting new Arabic fonts
Linotype is proud to announce the release of the six award-winning fonts – Sultan Free, Midan, Isra, Sultan Nahia, Hakim Ghazali, and Firas – from its first-ever Arabic Type Design Competition.
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Linotype announces its fourth TypoTechnica conference

Linotype is pleased to announce its fourth TypoTechnica™ conference, to be held on April 27–28, 2007. TypoTechnica is renowned as the premiere platform bringing together typeface designers, font developers, and software technicians.
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Linotype launches a new typeface system with gothic appeal

The genus of Generis
Linotype introduces a new type system with a familiar feel and diverse possibilities to combine and unify. Inspired by the simplicity of American gothic types, Generis™ incorporates a revolutionary synthesis of four distinct styles sharing a uniform skeleton.
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Linotype introduces classic office font families with revolutionary uniformity

Office Alliance fonts: 4 weights, 1 width
Linotype introduces Office Alliance™, the office communicator’s dream team: four classic office typefaces reworked for easy weight-switching within each family while avoiding layout adjustments.
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Frutiger honored with prestigious Typography Award

Signs of our times from hot metal to digital
Legendary designer Adrian Frutiger has received the prestigious 2006 Typography Award from The Society for Typographic Aficionados (SOTA).
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Linotype introduces new Managing Director: Frank Wildenberg

Bruno Steinert hands over the reins at Linotype
Bruno Steinert, Managing Director at Linotype since its founding in 1997, opens the door for new leadership.
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Linotype at the HOW Conference 2006

Raising the creative stakes
Linotype goes Vegas - doing what they do best, taking a gamble on introducing great designers to beautiful fonts.The first major conference on Arabic calligraphy and typography to take place in the Middle East was hosted by the American University in Dubai (AUD) this April.
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Monotype Imaging Acquires Linotype

Move Unites Font Design and Technology Companies to Expand Global Offering into New Markets
The first major conference on Arabic calligraphy and typography to take place in the Middle East was hosted by the American University in Dubai (AUD) this April.
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Linotype at TypeCon 2006, August 9–13

Hot steaming news from the Boston T Party
It was hot and bright, and it wasn’t just the weather. TypeCon 2006 sizzled like hot lead alloy as it filled the matrices of typographical creativity and artistic inspiration.
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Linotype introduces OpenType collections

New OpenType Collections 1.0
Linotype introduces the largest compilation of original fonts available in OpenType format: 4 CDs containing a total of over 2,505 OpenType fonts.
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Type from A–Z

Linotype at TYPO Berlin 2006
Linotype once again joined the leading forces in graphics and typography at Europe’s most important communication design conference. In its 11th year, TYPO Berlin has built a reputation as the place where the design trends of tomorrow are not only envisioned but also forged.
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Kitabat: Arabic Calligraphy and Typography Conference

Maintaining cultural heritage in an age of global communication
The first major conference on Arabic calligraphy and typography to take place in the Middle East was hosted by the American University in Dubai (AUD) this April.

Mergenthaler Edition releases second issue of the new Linotype Matrix

Linotype Matrix 4.2 – the legend continues
Following its highly successful relaunch of Linotype Matrix in magazine format last year, Linotype’s publishing label, Mergenthaler Edition, is now releasing the second issue of the classic typographic journal.
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Out now: The ultimate typeface reference book

The new Typeface Catalog A-Z from Linotype
As new fonts are continuously released and classic favorites modernized and expanded, it is not easy to maintain an overview of available fonts, not to mention exactly which formats and alphabets they support.
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Frank Wildenberg joins the Linotype team

Linotype presents new Sales Director
In the field of sales, Frank Wildenberg has taken on the duty of leading Linotype to a greater success in the future. The highly qualified manager brings with him a wealth of international sales and project management experience.
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Release of FontExplorer™ Version 1.0 for MAC OS X

Open standard font management – tried, tested and for free.
Linotype is pleased to announce the official release of FontExplorer™ Version 1.0 for Mac OS X.
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