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Destra™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von  Isac Rodrigues

Bis zu 9 Schriften / 6 Sparpakete
Unterstützt mindestens 21 Sprachen (Std / OT CFF)

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Unterstützt bis zu 73 Sprachen.

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Destra is a contemporary, narrow serif family, suitable to save space and legible at small sizes. Its shapes are the result of a mix of styles. "Destra" is the Portuguese word for "right hand". The font has several OT features - fractions, old style-, lining-, tabular numbers, superiors/inferiors, alternative glyphs, dozens of ligatures (standard + discretionary) and an exclusive feature to convert Arabic to Roman numerals up to 1000 (download the “OT Features Guide” pdf). Moreover, Destra has an impeccable technical finish, with a systematic review of nodes, curves, spacing and internal data, eliminating the possibility of errors when using it. The family consists of 8 styles, 4 weights - Regular, Medium, Bold and Black, plus their respective italic versions. The fonts are available in OpenType PS/TT and have extended character set to support CE, Baltic, Turkish as well as Western European languages. You can test Destra downloading the free trial font in Medium version (TT only). This trial file supports only Western languages.

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Destra™ Std Bold Italic

-  2 variants

Destra™ Std Bold

-  2 variants

Destra™ Std Black Italic

-  2 variants

Destra™ Std Black

-  2 variants

Destra™ Std Medium Italic

-  2 variants

Destra™ Std Medium

-  2 variants

Destra™ Std Italic

-  2 variants

Destra™ Std

-  2 variants

Destra™ Std Medium TTF Trial

-  1 variant