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Sassoon Infant®

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Sassoon Infant® Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von  Rosemary Sassoon

Bis zu 7 Schriften / 2 Sparpakete
Unterstützt mindestens 21 Sprachen (Std / OT CFF)

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Sassoon fonts package for handwriting starters

The three upright "infant" fonts developed to meet the demand for letters to produce pupil material for handwriting as well as for reading. Letters have extended ascenders and descenders ideal on screen and print. They facilitate word recognition. The exit strokes link words together visually, also crucially, they space the letters for improved legibility.

The "joined" font puts the skills gained into practice producing joined-up handwriting.

Together these typefaces provide a valuable resource for Teachers to create consistent material across the curriculum.

Sassoon Infant Tracker B font:

This font with its direction arrows helps pupils to start in the correct place. Motor movements can be refined by keeping inside the line. When starting and direction is no problem, the arrow font can be dropped and the Dotted font used.

Sassoon Infant Dotted B font:

Writing over the dots of this font refines motor skills. The aim here is to give confidence by reinforcing starting points, exits and to now encourage fluidity.

Sassoon Infant font:

With some words in this font and a baseline beneath to copy onto, pupils can use their learned starting points and exit strokes to write freely along the baseline - still unjoined. Once learned, this leads to spontaneous joins along the baseline leading logically to a joined-up hand.

Sassoon Joined font:

Having learned to write letters with correct starts and exits, this is when the joined font for teaching handwriting can be used.

With some words in this font and a baseline beneath to copy onto, pupils can use their learned starting points and simply extend their exit strokes to make joined-up writing. The default joins the font provides are recommended, however there are alternative letterforms that are so important for some Teachers which can be accessed. Create ‘pen lifts’ anytime too!

NOTE: Fonts display unjoined by default on this website and are delivered that way - joining is controlled by your text editing application such as Word or TextEdit, read more for instructions…

Free to download PDF resources:

Stylistic Sets and how to access the alternative letters feature in these OpenType fonts.

Using the separate letter fonts

Using the joined font

Teachers copybooks using these fonts:

How to teach pre-cursive Copybook

How to teach cursive handwriting Copybook

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