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Oz Handicraft™ BT Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von  George Ryan (2016) and Oswald Bruce Cooper (1991)

Bis zu 8 Schriften / 1 Sparpakete
Unterstützt mindestens 89 Sprachen (W1G / OT CFF)

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Unterstützt bis zu 90 Sprachen.

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Oswald Cooper is best known for his emblematic Cooper Black™ typeface. Although he was responsible for several other fonts of roman design, Cooper never drew a sans serif typeface.

But that didn’t stop George Ryan from creating one. Ryan saw a sans serif example of Cooper’s lettering in an old book and decided that it deserved to be made into a typeface. Ryan’s initial plan was to make a single-weight typeface that closely matched the slender and condensed proportions of the original lettering. While the resulting Oz Handicraft™ typeface proved to be very popular, Ryan was not satisfied with the limited offering. So, between other projects – and over many years – Ryan worked on expanding the design’s range.

The completed family includes light, semi bold and bold weights to complement the original design, plus a matching suite of four “wide” designs, which are closer to normal proportions.
Fonts of Oz Handicraft include a Pan-European character set that supports most Central European and many Eastern European languages.

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