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Zetafonts provides a variety of fonts developed for different uses and purposes, and available for sale at an affordable price, in the hope that other designers can enjoy adapting them to their personal or commercial projects. We encourage personal experiments and diffusion of our fonts: therefore our fonts are downloadable for free if intended for personal/noncommercial use.
"My name is Teuku Muhammad Zaki, I come from Aceh, Indonesia. I'm a letter designer with many different styles, all from my own writing and sketching Can be used for various purposes. such as logos, product packaging, wedding invitations, branding, headlines, signage, labels, signatures, book covers, posters, quotes, and many more - which allows full access to all additional characters without having to design special software. Mac users can use Font Book, and Windows users can use Character Map to view and copy any of the additional characters to insert into your favorite text editor / application."
Zansari is a type foundry based in New Zealand, owned and operated by Zaffar Ansari. Zaffar is originally a hand letterer and made the jump into designing fonts that would help him in his own work. His passion is creating unique hand lettered fonts using a mixture of brush and digital tools. Zansari¿¿™s fonts combine traditional bespoke lettering techniques with modern styles and applications.

This foundry specialized on old-fashioned Cyrillic typefaces.

All typefaces based on drawings of letters by soviet painters on advertising banners, cinema banners and more. Those letters were drawn in just one example and never repeated.

This foundry tries to recreate some typeface from several letters that survived to this day.

Zaza type is an independent type foundry that focuses on Arabic and Latin, created by Ahmed Zaza. With passion for type and branding, our main goal is to offer high-quality Arabic and Latin fonts that are useful for everyone's needs. Blending traditional and modern rules and proportions in the formulation and design of the typeface. Ahmed Zaza was born in Egypt. During completing his Bachelor's degree in architecture, he studied graphic design, type design, and branding. He also worked as a freelance graphic designer with a focus on brand designing for startups in the Middle East.
Zealab Fonts Division is an independent digital type foundry with a focus on display typefaces. Founded in Bandung, Indonesia in the middle of 2019 by graphic designer Reza Rasenda and Riska Chandra Dewi, Zealab Fonts Division was inspired by urban culture, luxurious brands and street posters. Our crafted, quality typefaces offers access to a unique font collection to serve all your needs.
My name is Doni Purwoko. I come from Purbalingga-Indonesia. Being passionate about graphic design in general, I do not have one but two true love: Fonts and Typography. So most of my work is about creating logos and brand identity or working on handmade types. It can also be mixed for designing handmade typed logos. I create fonts and try unique things in the field of typography. I hope you will like my fonts and if you have any questions, please let me know. email: [email protected]
Zeune Type Foundry is a digital type design studio based in Bandung, Indonesia. Featuring fonts by D.S Sjahputra a.k.a Sandi Dez, built to create high quality fonts and goodies for designers and business owners who stand in a unique class of their own.
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