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Yellow Design Studio is a fine art, typography and graphic design studio based in Madison, Wisconsin. Founded in 2004 by Ryan and Rena Martinson as a graphic design firm, Yellow's focus has evolved to type design, screenprinting, and fine art.
YourOwnFont, previously known as Font Garden, has been online since 1999 and creating fonts since 2001. YourOwnFont is a one person foundry and all fonts are hand drawn by Ellinor Rapp or by her customers and friends. Handwriting fonts are so exciting since there aren't two that look exactly alike - they are like fingerprints but have the ability to express moods and personality.
Founded in 1989, Yoon Design is one of the leading foundries for Korean font design. Yoon Design makes aesthetic and scientific formative fonts with passion and talent of experienced designers based on accumulated know-how. The YoonGothic and YoonMyungjo font families are very popular in Korea, ranking in first place among the preference of designers and customers. Yoon Design is an innovative type foundry, leading the way to make progress with Hangul and Korean fonts and typography.
Yasemin Varlik creates typefaces varying from fun and quirky to very sleek and elegant. She believes that you don't need complexity to achieve sophistication but you need simple forms to make magical compositions. Creating typefaces has been her passion since she was very young and it still is. Her passion just got even stronger after studying graphic communication design at Parsons School of Design. She loves being very experimental with typefaces and finds ways to create and design new ones constantly from unconventional materials as well as with good old pen and paper. For her there is a typeface for every story and she would love to see what stories can come out from other people using her typefaces.
The passion for crafting letter's shapes is running in my family's blood, my older brother began working on his gorgeous fonts many years ago, so i've been exposed to type design since a very young age and got infected with his passion. My path started with fonts in hebrew, and for the past 3 years start making latin type faces as well. I work with a lot of respect, grace and pleasure to this unique craft.
Yoga Letter is independent Type Foundry based in Indonesia, Yogyakarta. I'm a graphic designer who love lettering and creates some fonts with all of my depth love. I'm making creative & fresh fonts, high quality, highly recommended, and suitable for your business. I hope can be a contributor as a fonts author at MyFonts, and I will do the best to create amazing fonts.
YuliusParyadi is base in Palangka Raya, Indonesia. I try to do the best, always improve better, created stunning and suitable font for you and your business. I learn more and more and begin to created typeface and try to find what the purpose of the font is made, and find the way to upgrade skill over and over. Please visit my profile and find more of me. I will be more than happy back to you as soon as possible.
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