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XO Type Co is the typographic face of House of Pretty, designing from Chicago since 2002. XO Type Co focuses on pop-inspired typography. All of XO Type Co's type families are from Patric King, who began his career as a designer with Thirst in 1994, and helped to build Thirstype until 1999. All of Patric’s typefaces moved with Thirstype to Village in 2001, then on to XO Type Co in 2005.
Ben Kiel and Jesse Ragan make useful, quietly offbeat fonts at their independent digital foundry, XYZ Type, which operates in the interwebs between St. Louis and New York. After hiring each other back and forth and realizing they worked well together, the pair launched XYZ Type in 2017 to merge their respective strengths and extensive experience crafting typefaces and lettering for major brands, cultural institutions, and publications.
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.