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Vienna-based Ekke Wolf works as a free designer of books, exhibitions, and, more and more, typefaces (Atlantic family 2004, Barack 2012, Liebelei 2013). In 2010, he started a longtime project "Typografie in Bibliotheken" ("typography in libraries") with the aim to look for old typefaces and use them as historical templates for new fonts.
Munich-based designer Gert Wiescher offers a variety of impressive scripts and text designs in this exceptional collection.
Will Ryan is a graphic designer from the suburbs of Chicago. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He designs logos, illustrations, typefaces, packaging, t-shirts, posters, banners, magazine covers and spreads, and everything else in between. He also designs and builds websites, shoots photographs, films and edits videos, and creates music. He's a pretty awesome person.
Wilton Foundry was created by Robbie de Villiers in 2003. Years ago, Robbie read an article in U&lc magazine about a reading and comprehension test using Times New Roman, Gill Sans, and Helvetica. This article, combined with extensive training in calligraphy, fueled him to focus on typography and its role in design communications. His fascination and love lie with the challenge of designing fonts that are beautiful not just as individual letters, but in the combinations that form words. He considers it a huge privilege to design fonts that become messengers of both small and large thinking.
Wolfer Type Design has assembled a selection of ornaments and display faces for the FontHaus collection.
At our foundry, Wooden Type Fonts, we have attempted to recreate in digital format the best and most interesting wooden type face designs of the 19th century.
Wordshape, operated by Ian Lynam is a boutique type foundry based in Tokyo, Japan.
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.