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Vienna-based Ekke Wolf works as a free designer of books, exhibitions, and, more and more, typefaces (Atlantic family 2004, Barack 2012, Liebelei 2013). In 2010, he started a longtime project "Typografie in Bibliotheken" ("typography in libraries") with the aim to look for old typefaces and use them as historical templates for new fonts.
Munich-based designer Gert Wiescher offers a variety of impressive scripts and text designs in this exceptional collection.
Will Ryan is a graphic designer from the suburbs of Chicago. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He designs logos, illustrations, typefaces, packaging, t-shirts, posters, banners, magazine covers and spreads, and everything else in between. He also designs and builds websites, shoots photographs, films and edits videos, and creates music. He's a pretty awesome person.
Wilton Foundry was created by Robbie de Villiers in 2003. Years ago, Robbie read an article in U&lc magazine about a reading and comprehension test using Times New Roman, Gill Sans, and Helvetica. This article, combined with extensive training in calligraphy, fueled him to focus on typography and its role in design communications. His fascination and love lie with the challenge of designing fonts that are beautiful not just as individual letters, but in the combinations that form words. He considers it a huge privilege to design fonts that become messengers of both small and large thinking.
Wolfer Type Design has assembled a selection of ornaments and display faces for the FontHaus collection.
At our foundry, Wooden Type Fonts, we have attempted to recreate in digital format the best and most interesting wooden type face designs of the 19th century.
Wordshape, operated by Ian Lynam is a boutique type foundry based in Tokyo, Japan.
Wacaksara is a Indonesia based type foundry established on 2016.
"I am a part-time graphic designer doing several types of graphic works. In recent years I have become interested in typography and have succeeded in creating several fonts. I want to sell the fonts that I have on, as well as the fonts that I will make in the future because I see is one of the largest font selling websites in the world."
Warnetype was borne from the moments you try (and fail) to find the perfect font for a particular design project! Created by a designer with a decades’s worth of experience within a London based design consultancy, these typefaces aim to combine a sense of fun, playfulness and craft, and are carefully considered to be appropriate for use within a broad range of applications.
Wild Edge is a design studio that conceptually solves problems, meticulously crafts products, takes commissions, and welcomes collaboration. From romancing the delicate nuances of branded fonts to poring over the woodgrains of interior design, Wild Edge makes things that help the world communicate and live beautifully. Founded by Brandon Knap in 2019.
Wildan CarFont was founded in 2020 to accommodate a small set of fonts created by Wildan. Today Wildfire CarFont is home to a series of writings that will continue to grow with a variety of unique display types.
Wildstripe is the Belgium-based graphic design studio of Gilles Verschuere. Growing up as a cinema and graphic novel aficionado Gilles got introduced to the graphic design profession through the colorful movie logos, posters, books and other marketing materials that accompanied them. ¿While professionally designing all sorts of print and digital materials for over a decade, Gilles became increasingly aware that he particularly loved playing with vector shapes and fonts with a unique identity. Thus, typeface design felt like a most natural evolution! He blames the movie logos from his youth the most.
Will Albin-Clark is a type and graphic designer from Manchester, England. Will has a focus on cutting edge tech and design practices with still a preservation of the fundamentals. Will's types comes from his inspiration of being a student in Manchester, frequenting transport services and far too much time spent online.
Winston Type Company is a digital type foundry specialized in creating an ancient and old typography style to be used in modern business, presented high-quality typefaces and supply vintage design assets that suitable for today creatives for daily business or project. Built and created by a multi-disciplinary designer, D Sandi Sjahputra, also known as Sandi Dez that involved in creative industries for the last 10 years. Experienced in graphic design (branding, packaging, illustration), interface design and typography.
WNGSTD is a tight-knit team of designers, font designers and managers who strive to create a large number of high-quality typefaces with a broad implementation range at affordable prices. is a creative hybrid from Central Java, Indonesia with a passion for beautiful design, and burning belief that good design matters. I was born to get my hand’s dirty crafting and creating.
Personal foundry of Wojciech Regulski, Associate Professor, head of the Lettering and Typography Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Poland.
Wraith Types is an independent Swiss Type foundry. It was founded in Lausanne in 2019.
I am a Wais person, a Graphic designer based in Indonesia. Hits on paper, great typography, eye-catching textures is the biggest project in becoming a freelance designer; inspired every day with enthusiasm and curiosity for life. Ws Studio designs custom fonts for business use and the occasional illustration (check out Behance portfolio at the following link:
As an up and coming business, WTFont focuses primarily on emotions. It is all about how emotions are translated into beautiful, display typefaces that one and all can use. The idea behind this is to make it easier to communicate emotion via type, thus avoiding any miscommunication. It is a different and exciting adventure that results in different and unique type styles.
Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Kawisara Vacharaprucks began her career as a graphic designer who always has a passion for Type Design. Throughout the years, she developed her skill as a type designer, practicing drawing form, shaping letters and building systems. Kawisara founded Wundertype in 2020 as a platform to create typefaces that are fresh, challenging, well-made and one-of-a-kind. Please keep an eye out for more wonderful types to come!
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.