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Vanarchiv is an independent digital type foundry based in Lisbon, Portugal, directed by Ricardo Santos since 2004. Vanarchiv develops and markets original typefaces for both Mac and PC platforms.
M Fairuzulhaq is freelance graphic designer from Semarang, Indonesia. He was born in 1987 and really liked drawing since childhood. Since junior high he was active as a freelance cartoonist and his artwork was published in several local newspapers. In 2005 he went to college and majored in visual communication design and since 2008 has been active as a freelance graphic designer and expertise on illustration, logotypes and typography which has several times changed his nickname from Secondalternative, Rapsick, and VAST (logotype & Independent Type Foundry).
A typeface that is supplied by Mindcandy Studios.
A friendly little foundry with a variety of distinctive display designs.
vLetter, Inc. is the leading international producer of custom handwriting fonts and the only producer of custom cursive handwriting fonts, with over 90,000 unique typefaces created since 1989. Their patented SmartFont™ technology utilizing advanced features of OpenType provides dynamic contextual fonts that vary shapes and connections according to where the letters occur within a word. Their fonts have been licensed by both Apple and Microsoft, such as the Dakota font in the current Apple operating system. vLetter counts among its customers many prominent celebrities, politicians and syndicated cartoonists. Their headquarters and primary production facility is located in Hood River, Oregon, USA
Volcano Type is a independent font foundry based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Their font designs are between digital and analogue.

V. Anderson Designs is a graphic design and font design studio specializing in hand-lettered fonts with a variety of alternate characters and ligatures to give items that handwritten feel. Many of our fonts are used for graphic files, as well as display headers. Many of our fonts include multi-lingual support, so buyers can feel confident that they will work within all of their projects.

Valentino Vergan is a graphic design company, we focus on types design and digital assets. We pride ourselves on our high attention to detail and creativity. We are also particularly interested in creating designs that are not only unique, but can be used in different design projects. Our R&D section helps us stay ahead of design movements and technological advances. This keeps our work modern and gives our fonts real longevity.

We mainly produce display fonts that have a unique character, which are great for poster, product, headline, websites, magazines and much more. Please check back with us for new fonts in the near future.

VarsityType is a foundry specialized in developing versatile typefaces for the sports industry. Founded in 2019 by sports branding specialist CJ Zilligen, VarsityType has produced work that has been implemented in brand identities, social content, broadcast television, and more.
Vasava Fonts is the Foundry of Vasava Studio, a multidisciplinary communication studio based in Barcelona since 1997 with a special focus on typography, lettering and graphic design. Vasava Fonts is led by Creative Director and typographer Bruno Sellés and is providing high quality fonts created to fulfill the demands of contemporary design, offering meaningful fonts crafted with imagination, purpose and reliability.
We are a graphic design studio based on Santander de Quilichao Colombia specialized on editorial design and type design. We appreciate your comments, your purchases and your advice about our work. Our only target is learn and get the best designs in each of our work areas.

Hi, I'm Vei Vei, a 21-years-old self-taught experimental type designer and graphic designer based on Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I love creating letters and telling stories through my words. I aim for products that can support you in personalized and multilingual languages. I constantly try and improve to bring the best products to customers. Let's experience the fonts full of personality with me. Thanks for coming here, and now enjoy yourself. Cheers!

Velvele is a design community, based in Milan. It is founded by Cagil Aygen in 2014. The purpose of this community is to provide multi-discipline solutions.
Vernacular is an independent digital type foundry based in Brazil. Vernacular does custom type design inspired by hand lettering from Brazilian contemporary outdoors, banners, walls and storefronts. Our objective is to preserve the hand lettering, symbol of art and culture, celebrate it as a unique form of communication, and to promote open discussion around the world.
Vertigo - a creative house with lots of expertise in different areas like branding, packaging design, corporate identity, television and new media. The agency was founded by Adam Ryszewski - a designer, graduate and lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts, specialist in advertising, the image of brands and companies as well typography.
"Veteran Type is a digital type foundry with a focus on typography, founded in Bandung, Indonesia by graphic designer, Abdul Rochman. Veteran Type is inspired by the product label design letter design money, handwritten chromolithography in the 19th century. Handwritten chromolithography is a major source of inspiration and most products are released for the apparel industry, the food and beverage industry as a brand identity, etc. while creating high-quality, crafted typography that is unique to your needs."
Viaction Type.Co a design studio is in Indonesian and focus' on Typefaces & Fonts.
Typefaces by Vibrant Types care about the content you want to express. Find fonts in good shape to meet today's challenges for high-quality editorial and brand design. This foundry is run by Philip Lammert who after experience in corporate design agencies and a masters degree with a focus on type design dedicates to the development of original retail and custom fonts.
We are VIDI, Visual Design Studio based in Croatia. We offer professional design services in the field of Visual Communications: visual identity design, poster design, book layout design, branding design, digital illustration, type design, wayfinding signage and more. Our goal is to collaborate with clients & designers on an international level and we want share our typefaces with the world.
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Vintage Type Company specializes in the design & production of boutique display fonts inspired by vintage designs of the past. "Out with the new, in with the old."
Vintage Inspired Typefaces est. 2014


We are Violatype who specializes in making handwritten fonts, which are unique and suitable to complement your designs, we create fonts starting from sketches, resulting in unique fonts, the fonts that we make are very suitable for the needs of wedding invitations, magazine covers, Quotes, Logos and more

Please visit our store and find other unique fonts

Thank You

I am an independant designer-who loves typography- from Kerala, India.

Established in the year 2017, we are one of the top players in Graphic Design Services in Nashik (India). We act as a one-stop destination. We believe that customer satisfaction is as important as our services. We started the establishment with one customer, and now having 100+ customers which continue to grow by the day. Our business employs individuals that are dedicated to their respective roles and put in a lot of effort to achieve the common vision and larger goals of the company. In the near future, our business aim is to expand our line of services and cater to a larger client base.


Services we Offer

¿¿¿ Visual Identity and Branding

¿¿¿ Calligraphy

¿¿¿ Custom Fonts

¿¿¿ Marketing and Advertising Design

¿¿¿ Packaging Design

¿¿¿ Social Media Marketing

¿¿¿ Motion Graphics

¿¿¿ Illustration

VistaType is an independent type foundry founded in 2022. We hope that the typefaces we create will intensify the full potential of your design projects. The members of VistaType already has an award-winning history. They are paramount to our mission and desire to produce Useful, Elegant and Beautiful typefaces. We also Develop wide-ranging, type-focused projects tailored to our client's accurate specifications. Please feel free to let us know all words and suggestions regarding our fonts.

We all envision to be able to create. This being said, Visualize aka Tony Evreniadis, a MultiDisciplinary Designer & Art Director, designs typefaces as a way to generate continuous creativity. His fonts are coded as Opentype, usually in English & Greek characters, with numerals and basic glyphs. They are optimally utilized as display fonts for posters, titles and signage applications.

I am an independent designer. Design is my work and my hobby. I use and create typefaces that look ordinary at a first glance, but have the subtle original taste.

Starting my graphic design educational marathon in 2008 till nowadays I am a developing and a keep-growing digital and print designer, experimenting with shapes and vibes of the final product. Patience and attention to details, as much as a look from afar are the artist characteristics aways being the most important for me.

During the years of studies I've been participating in different local start-ups, crowdfunding projects while from time to time taking part in university graphics exhibitions.

Since 2021 being a full-time part of a team doing an extraordinary exhibition stands, preparing unusual, high quality prints on illuminated glass, making a creative advertising designs, I found my way into a font development.

Enthusiasm for making fresh new, special and custom things move "Vitalik B. Old" forward, so everything surrounding is leaning forward too.

Hey everyone!

Voysla has been a foundry for over 10 years. I love interesting characters. I like to scribble in a notebook and come up with new mini stories in one character. My style is cartoonish with small details, but I also make simple sans-serif fonts. I can't resist learning new things. I hope my work will be useful.

Please send me photos of your designs. This will make my day :D


I'm a graphic designer since 2004, working on stock sites since 2013. I have a little collection of fonts created by me on different stock sites - like CreativeMarket, TheHungryJpeg, FontBundles, Shutterstock Adobe Stock etc. I like to create fonts in strong vintage styles with layer styles. I hope they will be useful for your projects; like posters, t-shirts, logos etc.
A foundry specialized in all kinds of fonts, always with the utmost attention to detail.
We are a type and graphic design studio based in Indonesia. We specialize in logo design, lettering, branding, typeface design and illustration. Please feel free to contact me. Email at [email protected]

vuuuds studio is a typeface design studio founded by Agung Syaifudin. This studio was founded in 2015 in the city of Malang, Indonesia.

We like to experiment with fonts so that each font we have has a unique and fresh personality.

Our focus is on creating fonts with unique styles, so that each of our fonts can stand out when applied to a design.

We're always up to date with design so the font experiments we produce are sure to help designers beautify their projects.

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