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The Hiscott Foundry is essentially one person, Jonathan Hiscott. With most of his fonts so far his goal has been to make unique and classy display oriented fonts. To do this he gives himself the same simple challenge: pick a specific shape from an object, and staying within certain limitations of that shape design variations from it into a readable font. He can't say that he won't someday become more interested in designing text fonts but he thinks it will be some time before he changes from his current interest in display fonts.
T.26 was founded by Carlos Segura in 1994 to explore and promote new and independent directions in typography. Since its inception, T.26 has blossomed into the premier source for designer fonts. From cutting-edge to conservative, humanist to techno, script to bitmap, T.26 continues to look beyond stylistic categories to find the endless value in typographic variety.
Taner Ardali is an Istanbul based designer who focuses on typography and type design. For him, typefaces are the most primitive forms of messages. He has always been interested on geometry, curves and shapes and believed that they all reflect senses for humans. Besides readability and legibility, designing typefaces with new sensations is his vision.
Terrestrial Design is a type, lettering and type design studio based in San Francisco, California. Carl Crossgrove, sole designer of Terrestrial Design, has pursued an interest in letterforms of all kinds for more than 30 years. Terrestrial Design combines an organic, humanistic, experimental approach with a calligraphic background.
Founded in 2006 by Jonathan Hill, The Northern Block is a collaborative type foundry internationally recognized for producing modernist fonts for brands, creatives and makers. The Northern Block's highly skilled and enthusiastic global team, designs and develops award-winning retail and custom typefaces, and is pushing forward the design of non-latin scripts, including Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew.
The Foundry is one of the original independent type foundries and was started by David Quay and Freda Sack in 1989-90. The Foundry designers have a combination of traditional and digital experience and skills that lend integrity and quality to their type designs. This has resulted in an exclusive, highly-regarded typeface library that is rich in both historical and experimental models. The Foundry typefaces contain sought-after OpenType features and varying levels of support for Western European, Central European and Cyrillic character sets.
Thinkdust is a British based type foundry established in 2007. It offers a variety of fonts ranging from unique display typefaces through to text based sans-serif families with intensive language supporting including Extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek.
Three Islands Press has developed a catalog of designs inspired by aged print samples and historic handwriting.
Located in the Deep South Pacific island nation of New Zealand, Tim Donaldson Design specializes in crafting unique and effective Typography, Illustration of Branding for both print and digital mediums.
TinTin Timen has developed faces for FontHaus, including the hairline design Moment Gothic.
TipografiaRamis font foundry was established in 2004 to market the digital fonts designed by Ramiz Guseynov, a professional graphic designer with a strong passion for typography. Trained as an architect he is curious to reveal possibilities for creating new typefaces in a geometrical way by using simple basic form elements for shaping letterforms.
Tipotype is the first type foundry from Montevideo. Founded around 2009 by Vicente Lamónaca, Fernando Díaz and Martin Sommaruga. Our common goal is to distribute contemporary typefaces while creating a platform that allows type designers to easily commercialize their work.
From Lisbeth Tolstrup and Lars Pryds comes this quaint yet valuable collection.
The Tour de Force Font Foundry was founded in 2009 by two Serbian graphics and type designers - Slobodan and Dušan Jelesijeviæ. Tour de Force is a highly professional small design team that are developing an original collection of creative font designs.
Trial by Cupcakes is the foundry identity of Laura Condouris, a calligrapher and designer based in Baltimore, MD. Laura's typefaces aim for a warm, casual feel, and a convincingly hand-lettered look.
Created by lettering artist, writer and illustrator, Liz Bartucci, Prosciutto is Liz's first offering from her Tuccicursive Foundry. Her work is 'inspired from her expressive Italian-American Family.' Liz has always used art, words, and letters to describe her world, and now is happy to bring her work into the digital realm. "Everyone in my family has beautiful, characteristic handwriting, you could always tell who was sending you a letter before opening the envelope." My prized possessions have always been my families' notes and letters. For me, there is a definitive spiritual connection between a person and their handwriting. It feels so natural to design hand drawn typefaces because I've honored it for so long."
Ronna Penner’s fresh and playful typeface collection is packed with hand-drawn designs.
Type Dynamic is a foundry based in Switzerland, it was founded in 2013. Its main goal is to offer modern typefaces for various uses.
Yare fonts from the Adriatic coast.¶¶Type Fleet is a boutique type foundry steered by designers determined to create elegant and easily handled font solutions.
Type Innovations is an independent american digital type foundry, providing the highest quality type products and font customization services.
Type Mafia is a young design studio specializing in type design. We develop and publish original and contemporary retail typefaces – and offer a custom design service to suit our clients’ specific needs. Our graphic design half of the family are by no means the black sheep, we put in as much energy, with the same attention into our print design work, as we do with our type design. We are a small independent company, allowing us to closely collaborate with our clients and provide you with highest level of service. Besides, The Mafia naturally wants to know who we’re welcoming into the family.
As its name suggests, Type Revivals specializes in the reproduction of many classic typeface designs.
The TypeArt Foundry, Inc. has been creating fonts for over 15 years. Graphic designer Lloyd Springer decided to create a series of cool, interesting typefaces which he hoped would appeal to his graphic design peers in the advertising and publishing world. His wanted to create a expansive collection of exciting designs which would cover a wide range of styles, so that the collection would have something suitable for any kind of layout project. The TypeArt Library contains a wide variety of fonts including: grunge, comic book, scripts and decorative faces, plus some more traditional serif and sans serif designs.
Typebox describes its typefaces as unusual but useful. See for yourself in this interesting collection of more than 30 fonts.
Typeco is an electronic type foundry for the designs of principal, James Grieshaber, as well as a provider of typographic services and solutions. Services offered by Typeco include font identification, signature fonts, logo fonts and handwriting fonts. Solutions include custom designed typefaces, logos and trademarks, branding and graphic design.
Typedepot co-founders Alexander Nedelev and Veronika Slavova say, "In the beginning, Typedepot was a side project, nothing serious - just experimenting with letterforms. Then, in a moment it just felt more right to do this than anything else."Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, the duo first came upon type design while working as graphic designers in advertising. "We had absolutely no background in type design," Alexander says, "but we had this project, a logotype for a small company, which we developed to become the Glide typeface." Two years later they rented an office, took the plunge and started designing type full time. "Now it's the thing we do and the thing we love to do."The self-taught designers whose foundry started out as a way to experiment with type, say that their main focus is "to design original typefaces for retail and custom use."
TypeFaith*fonts is the typedesk of WAT ontwerpers, a designers collective founded by Leon Hulst and Talma Joachimsthal. For more then ten years TypeFaith*fonts has been designing fonts and digitizing old type and handtype.
Typefolio is a independent Brazilian typefoundry, established by the designer Marconi Lima. Its foundation was motivated by the desire of offering to the international market typographical projects that prioritizes the quality in technique, functionality and aesthetics.
Typejockeys is a type foundry and graphic design company based in Vienna, Austria, established in 2008 by Anna Fahrmaier, Thomas Gabriel and Michael Hochleitner.
With its international experience Typejockeys can offer products like custom type and lettering at highest level quality. Other services go from printed material, like posters, editorial- and book design, over digital media, like web and screen design, to corporate design and signage.
However, as the name already tells, the small and independent office always focuses on an appropriate use of typography in its work.
Typesenses believes that there is a type for each occasion. So this foundry is keen on curves, details and ends in order to make them special. It is all about typographical personality. Sabrina Lopez, Typesenses creator, has found typography interesting at the University of Buenos Aires, where she studies Graphic Design and where she met Maximiliano Sproviero, her partner and friend. She is grateful to him for encouraging this project, for sharing his knowledge and for helping her to design her first type. Now, Typesenses wants to share its future success with him.
Rob Leuschke has established his type foundry TypeSETit based on the many lettering and calligraphic work he has done. Enjoy the many personal script faces.
Founded by Leslie Usherwood in the 1960s, Typsettra created original typefaces for many prominent foundries.
Located in the capital city of Thailand, Chatnarong Jingsuphatada started his type design career while working as a graphic designer. Throughout his career, whenever he was unable to find exactly what he needed for his own design projects, he began to create new typefaces rather than settle for ones that didn't quite fit. He experimented with different designs for 2 years before launching his Superstore Font Foundry, and then in 2012, began selling his typefaces on MyFonts. He made his debut that year with Gusto, a font that explores the intersection of san serif and humanist styles. Finding a strength in his ability to combine different styles of fonts into one, he went on to create Quan, which consists of a very usable, clean and modern sans typeface and a more rounded sub-family. The Bangkok-based designer says, "Having worked as a graphic designer, I have gained insight into what designers want and need and what they look for in regard to how usable and interesting a font is. I try to create fonts that are multi-functional and attractive to suit today's diverse fields of design. I draw inspiration from the creation and integration of different sets of fonts. This method offers me endless possibilities to design original typefaces that boast versatility and creativity."
TypeSpectra was founded in 1974 by Phil Martin. Between TypeSpectra and Alphabet Innovations, another company founded by Martin, hundreds of film fonts were created for use with the VGC Photo Typositor. Now many of these designs have been revived as digital fonts.
Typetanic Fonts is based in New York, NY and is the personal foundry of graphic and type designer Greg Shutters. Founded in 2013, Typetanic aims to create original designs as well as adapt historic lettering and type styles for the needs of an ever-changing design market.
Veronika Burian and José Scaglione, who met at the University of Reading whilst completing their MA's in Type Design, joined forces in 2006 and started the independent type foundry TypeTogether. It developed out of our desire to publish high quality typefaces and to collaborate on new type projects together. Hence the name. We also cooperate intensely with other type designers and thus create a diverse and interesting platform.Our main interest is in finding innovative and stylish solutions to old problems for the professional market of text typefaces with a focus on editorial use. This is where we see the greatest challenges, creating typefaces that perform well in continuous reading, but have enough personality to show.The advantage of being a small but highly specialized company is that we are able to work closely with our clients to accomplish their goals and to respond quickly to their requirements. Custom modifications and specially tailored typefaces can serve as vital elements of a company's corporate identity communicating a unique feel. At TypeTogether we make sure custom typeface projects are developed on solid foundations, based on the client's brief, targeted research and close collaboration with all the involved parties.We also aim for excellent technical performance using the latest font software, creating cross-platform Opentype fonts with extended character sets that offer broad language support and all kinds of typographic refinements, such as small caps, ligatures and several sets of numerals.The quality of our work has been already recognized in several international competitions, including TDC and ED-Awards.

Located in St. Petersburg, Russia, TypeType was founded in 2013 by type designer Ivan Gladkikh. His goal has been, from the very beginning, to make quality fonts for a wide audience, and as a result, each of his typefaces is the product of a collaboration with designers and engineers from around the world. "We look at our fonts as a piece of art but set to them very strict quality requirements," he says.

TypeType's fonts have been used for various projects in almost every country in the world. Many of their families are designed with use for logos, websites, advertising, cinema, album covers, and brands in mind.

Having started one of St. Petersburg's first dedicated font foundry's, Ivan is focused on cultivating and generating new type designers in the region. "In Russia there are not a lot of good and talented font designers who are not afraid to work," he says. "So we also organized a school and train specialists. We hope that font designers will appear from this school in the future."

Typo Graphic Design - type design & visual communication.A young and independent font foundry from Manuel Viergutz based in Germany, Berlin. Design of digital typeface in the form of decorative fonts for playful headlines or exclusive typefaces as a corporate font for branding. Catchy, individual typefaces with personal, strong character. From strictly geometrically constructed over rouge & dirty to free, handmade and experimental type-faces. Fresh & striking headline fonts. The letters, numbers and dingbats/symbols are pleased to supply graphic designers, illustrators, printers, web designers and advertising agencies with fonts worldwide. Using modern OpenType-Feature fun like contextual alternates, contextual ligatures, discretionary ligatures and symbols/dingbats (arrows, ornaments, pictogram), thus the fonts are playful applicable and cover a high range of glyphs. The design style of the Typo Graphic Design fonts is charming imperfect & human.
Lovers of destorted type
Typodermic Fonts was established in 2001 from the ashes of the successful freeware font factory: Larabie Fonts. The focus is mainly on trendy display designs and more serious text fonts as well. A few Typodermic fonts are historical revivals but most are original, new designs. Many Typodermic fonts employ OpenType features to create a pseudorandom or interlocking effect.
Typoforge Studio is creative independent design studio from Poland. Blazej Ostoja Lniski is a designer and author of many graphic identifications, book projects, posters and fonts. Besides this and being the Dean of the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, he is an artist specialized in painting and lithography.
"Typonaut-Fonts" is an independent type foundry and a sister company oft he graphic design studio "die Typonauten". It is based in Bremen/Germany and was founded 2000 by Ingo Krepinsky and Stefan Krömer.
T4 provides Swedish typefaces to the world, offering a wide collection of original display and text type with the occasional twist. Although T4 is a young and modern foundry, the team behind the company has a long history of type design, well before the digital era. Bo Berndal and Torbjörn Olsson are two of T4's prominent type designers. T4 also works with clients that have special needs, and develops logotypes, design programs and in-house typefaces. The sister company A4 designs newspapers.
We are a totally tabular foundry. Our founder, Toshi Omagari, is a full-time typeface designer by day. Moreover, he was raised in the Japanese culture whose writing system is monospaced. He is also a massive retro video game fan and has done extensive research on retro arcade game fonts, most of which are monospaced. Nowadays there are foundries with specific focus on certain styles like handwriting and script. One day, he said to himself ¿can a monospace type foundry also be a thing?¿, and we came to existence. We strive to make monospace typefaces with unique voice and high quality standards. I¿m joking, it¿s just one person.
I am a graphic designer based in Bali - Indonesia. Since 2018 I am very interested in exploring display and vintage fonts. My interest in fonts is because I like writing typography and hand-lettering. Since 2016 I started learning designing my own fonts by looking at the internet, buying books about fonts and learning from friends who were already focused on font creating. I am also a freelancer who does commercial work.

Tafleh is an independent foundry that came from an anagram of its founder's last name El Fath. All of the typefaces come from all of his design projects that accumulated for years. Because of his love of design and wanted to make his job easier, he tried to make all of his typefaces in his design into working typefaces that can be easily accessible and could be shared among fellow designers.

Most of the typefaces usually targeted to designers to use on their design projects.

I am a design engineer at the Tokyo based design firm aguije inc. and have been involved in the creation of numerous websites and digital products for over 13 years.

I'm not a professional typo designer, but I believe in creating beautiful and unique fonts that are optimized for display on web pages and computer screens from the perspective of a design engineer. As my knowledge of graphics deepens, I promise to provide you with more sophisticated fonts!

Takoliko studio based in Yogyakarta - Indonesia, Established on 2018. Formed as a space to collaborate a different style to create something unique. Letters and words are became our priority. We pour out all of our love, passion, and try our best to deliver our message into our font and create a uniqueness to make it stand out from other type of foundry.

Tall Chai is an indie type foundry currently cultivated by a solo typographer. I am a passionate designer and an inherent type enthusiast. Characters from all scripts and their glyphs captivate me. With Tall Chai, my vision is to furnish thoughtfully and earnestly designed neat, elegant fonts that look as polished on paper as they do on screens. Made with heart, soul and spice.

Tall Trees Design Co is an independent studio based in Lafayette Colorado. We work with local companies and global corporations alike to refine and elevate their brands. We are deeply inspired by historic design, the wilderness and creating work that conveys more than just what you see at first glance. If you can't hear the mountains calling, then you aren't listening hard enough.

Hi, my name is Tanya Savchenko and I am a graphic designer. Since 2021, I started working in a new direction - creating fonts. It all started with the need to create logos using a custom font for the names. I liked how a couple of stylized letters could be extended to the whole alphabet, to numbers, to glyphs. Thus create a new and unique font.

I make fonts in different styles: from techno to handwritten. There are always numbers and glyphs, not only Latin but also Cyrillic. There are all letters for the Ukrainian alphabet (i am ukrainian).

My fonts are good for logos, banners, lots of text, postcards¿¿¦ you can try them everywhere.

Donald Tarallo has his BA in Studio Arts and Graphic Design from Clark University, his MFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and he studied with André Gürtler and Wolfgang Weingart in the “Weiterbildungsklasse” at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland. Since 1998, Don has maintained a freelance practice working on projects in identity, publication, and web design. He has worked as a designer in Norway, Korea, and the US on the development of the visual identities for Sotheby’s, Icograda, and the Hong Kong Design Institute. Don has received design awards by the American Institute for Graphic Arts, the Graphic Communications Industry of Rhode Island, and SAPPI papers. He has taught at Clark University, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Samsung Art and Design Institute, Siena Art Institute, and Bridgewater State University. Don currently teaches at Fitchburg State University.

Hi everyone! My name is Mari.

I love calligraphy and I love looking for new forms and exploring the historical font heritage. The shape of the letter gives you the opportunity to say more. The shape allows information to find a voice and create emotion.

It fascinates me! That is why I try to make the letters lively, able to join in the dialogue and show their character.

I have been creating lettering, calligraphic inscriptions, and logos for many years. But I've always wanted to let these letters live on in another lettering as well. I released my first typeface in 2021.

And my little foundry is still young, but I have big plans))

The State School of Applied (Tatbiki) Fine Arts, which started education in 1957, had five departments: Decorative Painting, Graphic Arts, Ceramics, Textile Arts, Furniture, and Interior Architecture. Established with the Bauhaus school, the aim of the institution was to raise creative, researcher, innovative, and practitioner individuals required by the age.

The Faculty has twelve departments, namely Painting, Graphics, Ceramic-Glass, Textile, Interior Architecture, Industrial Product Design, Sculpture, Traditional Turkish Handicrafts, Film Design, Photography, Basic Art Education, and Music.

This foundry, which was opened by Sebahattin Kay¿±¿¿ and Erdo¿¿an Karayel, who are students of the "Graphic Arts" department of the State School of Applied Fine Arts, was established to create new fonts and put them into use.

"Tatbikililer" means people belonging to this institution.

My name is Tatiana Nazarova. I am a graphic designer, but recently I was interested in font design. I like the idea of designing something that until recently was part of my imagination. I am interested in creating interesting and non-standard forms, while corresponding to modern trends. I love to design, so I carefully monitor the quality of my work. The fonts that I create are often inspired by the motives of the outside world and created in my imagination.

"Taznix Creative is the Semarang city based type and graphic design in product and graphic design and have now focused their love for typography and hand lettering by creating handmade typefaces that are versatile and modern, and we also make vintage type fonts too. We work calls upon typography but strives to render those influences in a way that appeals to the modern palate and fulfills the needs of today’s creative professional."
My name is Dzulka Elfira, I am the founder of Tebaltipis Studio. Tebaltipis Studio is currently located in Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia. Tebaltipis Studio has created high quality fonts for its loyal customers. We work in a mature way so that the fonts we make have strong characters so that they can be used according to the needs of customers who use our fonts. Tebaltipis Studio has several designers who are experienced in the field of fonts so that we can create very nice and unique fonts. With the strokes of the hands of an experienced artist in the field of letters, of course, our fonts are very different from other fonts, so we have our own characteristics.

Teenage Foundry, established in 2023, is an Indonesian studio specializing in captivating display fonts. With a team of three talented members, we create bold and innovative designs inspired by youth culture and Indonesia's dynamic spirit. Our fonts add a distinct personality and visual impact to any project, making a lasting impression. Choose from a wide range of styles, from expressive to sophisticated, and unleash your creativity with Teenage Foundry.

An indie type foundry. Born and raised in Indonesia, loved for all thing that looks lovely. Calligraphy and creativity enthusiasts. Trying to improve handwriting skills to create some great typeface with fresh style.
Tegami Type is a small independent foundry based on Jakarta, Indonesian. Established in 2017 by Iqbal Firdaus, professional type designer. Our goal is produce high quality typeface systems with a large range of possibilities and extensive support language.
TeGeType foundry is the studio of Thierry Gouttenègre, a Belgian type designer currently based in France.
TEKNIKE is a multidisciplinary creative company based in New York City focused on design, typography and film.

"Tektov Dmitry Type" is a digital font foundry run by Dmitry Tektov, a font designer from Russia who likes to draw letters in a historical style and is not afraid to experiment with letter shapes. And pays special attention to the development of decorative, artistic and iconographic fonts for Eastern Europe, and is especially interested in the development of Cyrillic font sets. The main purpose of the production is to preserve the historical heritage of writing and forms of writing letters in the form of accidental fonts.

My name is Khaidir and I am designing a font with the name Tertoecreative. Founded in 2022, Tertoecreative is a font design studio based in Aceh, Indonesia, where I am now pursuing my new passion entirely from my home studio. I draw letters and I love all forms of creativity. I love creating beautiful things and experimental typography and constantly learning new things.

I launched my first font in late 2021. Since then I have changed my freelance business to Type Foundry.

TFA, Typography Factory Ankara is a font design studio based in Ankara which is the capital city of Turkey. The studio consists of 5 graphic designers who are passionate about font design. It produces original text, serif, sans serif and display fonts in the process from sketch to generation. We want to supply quality fonts that designers can easily use.

It was the first font in THULUTH which is similar to calligraphy of THULUTH of a real calligrapher There are many glyphs which are added to each other to get this feature and it become easier to graphic designer to write with Arabic THULUTH font without real calligrapher it is the best in Headlines of Arabic books and photos.

That That Is a foundry based out of New York City that focuses on contemporary display typefaces. It is important to us that fonts are accessible and work for every designer: from the biggest design firms to the one-man boutique design studio. That That typefaces are crafted to stand up to the most critical eye while still being sold at an accessible price point. Our fonts generally have a playful yet professional attitude.

Established on October of 2018, The Bigmind Designs was primarily a small team of freelance designers focused on Vector Illustrations and Typography with clients all over the globe. We believe that creating the best quality brand is what will help set our clients from their competitors, thus we exert our greatest efforts to produce the best designs.

Independent foundry dedicated to creating good-looking, pro-quality and affordable fonts, occasionally acrobatic ¿¿“ the fonts not the foundry! Established in 2021 by creative fellows that have been making successful commercial fonts for more than 10 years.

The Flying Type fonts are positively inspired by sixties and seventies extraordinary faces that every now and then were inspired by twenties faces that every now and then¿¿¦

The Letter Builder is a font design studio based in Indonesia, created by Triza M. We create calligraphy based fonts; whether it's brush calligraphy, calligraphy with a wide nib (such as blackletter, roman, and others), as well as copperplate calligraphy. Every stroke we make is unique and different from one another. Therefore, you may find a dot within an exclamation mark(!) is different than a dot in a question mark(?).


We can also provide you with the best quality in typing because of our:

  1. High quality and precision trace results in each font;
  2. Unique and realistic fonts, like writing with a real calligraphy pen;
  3. A large selection of alternates, swashes, and ligatures;
  4. Compatibility of various languages around the world (for fellow Latin letters);
  5. Important symbols on the keyboard; and much more.


Feel free to browse our catalog. Your satisfaction is our priority.

The Mafia Rabbit Foundry is a fun and cheerful London based font foundry, founded by Varian Qua in 2021. Our fonts are inspired by the magic of childhood and we aim to produce playful and delightful designs that appeal to both children and adults. Our sister creative brand, Mafia Rabbit Productions, is involved in filmmaking, with a short film that featured as an Official Selection at several film festivals including the Big Eyes, Big Minds International Children's Film Festival.

Hello My Name Is Laire Banyu which means "Born In Water". Because of this, I named my foundry The Ocean Studio. It was founded in 2019. The Ocean Studio illustrates our passion for the vastness of the ocean which means there is no limit to your design. We focus on making the best work for all of you. We create with original idea and newest trend of styles. Good font is a good design.
The Questa Project is a type foundry of Dutch type designers Martin Majoor and Jos Buivenga.¶Martin Majoor started his type design career in the mid-1980s. He designed several award-winning typefaces, like Scala, Seria, and Nexus. Worldwide the Scala family has established a position as a ‘classic’ among digital typefaces.¶Jos Buivenga released his first commercial typeface Museo in 2008. Through his font foundry Exljbris he offered several weights free. That strategy paid off and Museo became a huge bestseller. Partly thanks to that success he now calls himself a full-time type designer.

¿¿¿The Very Awkward¿¿¿ is a US-based design studio created in 2020 by visual storyteller and freelance illustrator Rose Varda. Rose has always been fascinated by how a font can set the tone for an entire piece. With a focus on combining whimsy and day-to-day functionality, she has started creating her own handmade typefaces to share with other artists and designers.

The Words Face is a young and personal foundry of Dario Quadri, an Italian designer and illustrator.

The name of the foundry comes from the question: ¿¿¿What do your words look like?¿¿¿

The answer lies in the aim of this foundry, which is to create clear-looking and highly adaptable fonts, so that they can be read quickly and are easily usable by those working in the design world.

The Zyme™ is a creative firm established in 2000 by Babis Touglis. Its main activities are in the field of Art Direction, Graphic-Web Design, Illustration and Typeface design. The Zyme™ takes pride in creating original Modern Greek Design while located in Athens, Greece. The team tries to express the joy of life but at the same time it refines and enhances the visual communication of its clients. Since 2002 The Zyme™ has been awarded several national and international awards including seven EBGE Awards and two Ermis Awards. The studio has also participated in several art exhibitions and distinctions with its works, such as Amnesty International, the ED Awards, the “Posters for Tomorrow” and others.

The Typeworks is a newly-established font foundry based in the United Kingdom.

Whilst we embrace digital design methods, we passionately believe in the timeless craft of type design and are dedicated to creating multi-script typefaces that are not only beautifully designed, but also coded with ¿¿¤¿¿¿.

For further information, please head over to and find out more.

Typography is the most important thing in graphic design. Wisely choose your font will improve the value of your design, so choose carefully. theulum studio will provide every font you need for any design you create. Retro or Modern, Fancy or Serious. It doesn’t matter. You can always find a right one for your project here. Full character and punctuation with High Quality multilingual fonts with Open Type Features with a good price.

In the Sinhala Art alphabet, the teacher will initially give the ‘Wakadeka’ design (two-tone pattern) first. That pattern is made out of curve shapes. The student should tune it up properly until he practices his hand. My typefaces are dragged as they exposes the shapes in traditional Sri Lankan designs. I carefully used those styles with English alphabet.

thirtype is an indie type design from Cucu Supriyadi, in 2020 he left the studio he founded with his friends, he has made several fonts from 2014, until 2020 he decided to leave his old studio and he tried to stand alone to make indie type studio. With His experience as a graphic designer he has worked for a decade in a company where he lived until in the end of 2020, Now Adi's focus shifted mainly to type design. With experience in graphic design, he tries to create acceptable fonts and an effective way to help designers for their projects.

We are intentional & thorough. Everything has a purpose & a deeper meaning. Nothing happens by chance or luck. For 20 years we have been customizing type, alternatives & ligatures. We know what designers need, because we design for ourselves.

Our method is simple, but accurate; We find the spark, keep what’s right, change what’s wrong & offer variations & stylistic possibilities. The typefaces we build are created for momentum & memorability.

We are ThoroughBrand & you can bet your business on us.

Three Horn Faces might be one of the world’s smallest type foundries but with big and ambitious dreams to grow and create interesting, edgy and useable typefaces. With a long and intense love for letterforms and many years in the visual communication field we aim to create typography that in itself can both be the tool and the message and play an equally important role as the other elements of design. Based in Stockholm.

Tickbite Type is a type foundry at the larval stage. Whatever it¿¿™ll be once it pupates, it¿¿™ll start with C.

Like the primary designer, the foundry is a mix of carbon and ink, ideas and experiments and way too much liquorice. The foundry is run by evolutionary biologist Dr. Nils Cordes and challenged daily by his young son (whose favorite letter is the lower-case g) and daughter (who doesn't have a favorite letter ¿¿“ yet).

Tijs Krammer is a singer, conductor and arranger, working in The Netherlands. He has written several books concerning on choral matters and these books are published in dutch as well as in german. His choral arrangements are published by De Haske and Molenaar.

Hello, we are Timurtype Studio.

We are a type foundry built by 4 talented designers with a passion for high-quality typography, calligraphy and typography. We believe that we can compete with big foundries around the world, we are from a small town in Central Java, Indonesia. We are very excited to create new fonts. Hope you can enjoy our best work :)

Enjoy the font

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Tiny Hand Letter is an independent Type Foundry based in Indonesia, Yogyakarta. We work with our heart. We always imagine that our customers are super creative people. They love something beautiful, elegant, warm, cool and artsy, right? So, they don't need to be confused to find an interesting font. We have many simple fonts. Even if it's called simple, we're not losing the elegance. Our team is always selling great fonts with modern spirit to serve high-quality products and services. It is also a multifunction font where customer can use for a business logo, branding, wedding invitation, and anything.

Runed by Dafne Mart¿­nez and Sandra Garc¿­a, since 2016 Tipastype is a mexican/colombian studio specialized in custom and retail typeface design, working as the first Latin American type foundry owned only by women.

At the same time we are a space to promote female work in the typographic field and disseminate knowledge on issues related to letters. For this we have implemented an educational strategy that includes: post on social networks, face-to-face and virtual talks, conferences and workshops. This efforts naturally led to a printed publication "Elementype, una gu¿­a pr¿¿ctica del uso tipogr¿¿fico", where we address basic issues on how to take advantage of typography thought for the common user.

I’m Fio. I created Tipogra Fio yet in graphic design school (FAAC-UNESP, in Bauru São Paulo) for my final project. I started with some display types and before graduation. I started making a grotesque family, intending to give a good performance with type families for the font market and brand identities and logotypes. Tipogra Fio has eyes for design students and type designs from graduation.
The Tipos Pereira type foundry was created by the Brazilian designer Marcelo Magalhães Pereira.
“Tiposureño” is a small independent digital foundry based in Santiago de Chile, founded by Pablo Torres Fonfaj. Our main objective is to design new typefaces with Latin American influences, in order to rescue our typographic roots, finally learn and have fun in the process of making a new typeface.

In Tiposureño we never forget that: "as Sergey Brin said, 'the only way to be successful is to have many failures first."
This is our passion and our job. We design southern world types for the world.

Valentyn Tkachenko is an independent type and graphic designer from Kyiv, Ukraine. Specializes in Cyrillic letters and experimental forms in typefaces but is not limited to this. Inside the typefaces, I always try to find and suggest new shapes for habitual letters (especially In Cyrillic). Also, I use all new technological opportunities in Type Design.

TKT Kate is a new interpretation of elegant sans serif display font with a modern touch. It inspired from Optima and Humanist font. The overall look is round, open counters and with a large x-height, geometrically constructed which is intentionally meant to be used in branding projects such as packaging, corporate design to on line applications. 

Hello! introduce my name is Miftahul Habib, I am a logo designer. Besides that I am also an illustration designer. I've been doing this job for more than 7 years, then I decided to create a group with some of my trusted friends because I needed help getting some work done, then we discussed a lot of things about design and how to sell our work, and then some of my friends asked me to try to make our own fonts, then we learn together to buy applications for kerning and anything about fonts, then yes now we start making fonts in the hope of getting some extra pocket money hohoho .. and we've done some fonts and we are ready to sell them on the market .

My name is Teuku Bustami and designed my font with the name TM Type. founded in 2021, TM Type is a font design studio based in Aceh, Indonesia, now I am pursuing my new passion completely from my home studio. I draw letters and I love all forms of creativity. I love creating beautiful things and experimental typography and constantly learning new things.

I launched my first font at the end of 2021. Since then I changed my frelance business to Type foundry.

Tokotype is an independent typeface publisher / digital type foundry based in Bandung, Indonesia. Founded in late 2015, led by Graphic Designer's Gumpita Rahayu. We design custom and retail typeface for graphic designers and all medium. Our mission was to providing creative industry a reliable and well designed typefaces to create the distinctive typographic asset in every design application by reflecting the artistic and functionality of visual style to be carried. Tokotype was established to engage in the local and international creative industry by presenting a wide selection of type family with styles to suit each individual's voices as a creative solution to provide clear visual communication. And as a support from us to be more contributed in education, we also teach and talk about type to supporting any level of education, through lectures at several local University and workshop for an Organization.
Tolya Doodko is a type and graphic designer from Moscow, a graduate of Type and Typography class in British Higher School of Art and Design.
Hi there! I'm Tom Chalky. A font designer from the U.K. obsessed with the handwritten, handpainted, and imperfect. Almost every design can benefit from a ëhumans touchí or at the very least, the appearance of one. Itís relatable, tactile, and authentic. It stands out in our clean and crisp digital world and itís this charasmatic and expressionate style of design that I strive for in each and every one of my fonts. Thanks for stopping by, I really hope you like what I have to offer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to tom(at)

This is a one-person foundry from Budapest, Hungary, Central Europe.

The goal is to create good quality fonts that can be used with satisfaction in multiple languages.

The designer’s real name is Károly György Tamás – first the surname, then the two first names. It’s so tricky for non-Hungarians. Károly means hawk in ancient Hungarian (do not confuse it with Charles), György is George, and Tamás is Tom. So, therefore he is Tom Károly in English. It’s easier.


User Interface, User Experience and Typography designer. Designing since 2012.
TOMO FONTS is a small digital foundry. We design and build high quality typefaces.
Welcome! My name is Tomas Castiglioni, founder of Tomtype. I'm based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm here to help you create amazing and unique things with the fonts I design. I started this as a personal project, open to explore and experiment in the enormous field of type design. I think that fonts reach their maximum potential when they are in hands of somebody else so I would love to see how and where you can use my fonts. Feel free to contact me if you have any question.
hello, I'm a foundry at ToniSudio graphic design. I love to create quality, unique & attractive font designs that use full featured graphics making it very easy to read that works in both digital and print environments to help others solve problems with their designs.
This foundry was started in 2019 by Fatoni Nurman, I like to travel everywhere to look for new inspiration so that it gave rise to the idea of ¿¿establishing a very professional foundry in design based on logo types. Each family I create includes many weights, styles, and variations. That's what makes them so much fun to use!
The Tony Fahy Font Foundry creates new original fonts through Type Designer Tony Fahy. Tony has designed two customized font families for two European companies and currently has a font available through MyFonts: 'Artane Elongated'. He currently has new fonts in production which will be available in 2020.
My name is Toni Irfandi and owner of Tony Type Studio foundry. Founded in 2021, Tony Type Studio is a font design studio based in Aceh, Indonesia, where I am now pursuing my new passion entirely from my home studio. I draw letters and I love all forms of creativity. I love creating beautiful things and experimental typography and constantly learning new things. I launched my first font in early 2021. Since then I have changed my freelance business to Type Foundry. Thanks. Tony Type Studio

Hello, welcome to Top Type store.

Top Type is a shop originating from Indonesia and developed by designers from Indonesia. This store creates and sells a wide range of quality fonts. To meet the market's need for the font industry, this shop always creates innovations in each of its newest products. The main focus of this shop is to help you get the best quality fonts, so you can create your best work.

Toudji Studio is a Foundry specialized in display typefaces, with an open-minded approach and a unique style. Toudji Studio presents font products with our unique style. We strive to build modern and contemporary letterforms, which can meet various design needs. We will always do our best to use font faces for different areas, whether in graphic design or website design, is flexible, and easy to change color design application formats.

Tower of Babel is a small boutique foundry based in Tacoma, Washington USA. It was started by Eric Scott Stevens who has been designing typefaces since the early 1990's. Eric Scott studied typography for many years and has a BFA in Graphic Design from Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC USA. Eric Scott's typeface designs have been shaped by a myriad of various influences over the years. Eric Scott is particularly interested in display fonts that have a unique character. Some of Tower of Babel's previous offerings include Baker Script, ITC Tapioca, Miscreant, ITC Kumquat, ITC Pious Henry and others. Please check back for new offerings in the near future.

Tribox Design is the only full-branding agency in Cebu that works directly with business owners and founders. Our works reflect their purpose, vision, and commitment. We are specializing in Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Typeface Design, and Packaging Design.

We are a passionate team with different expertise. We believe that using our expertise can help you create brands that make a big impact on the community. Just like you, we think outside the box. We work with business owners and founders that are purpose-driven, have a vision, are committed to their brand, and are not afraid to take risks.

Triden Works is Branding + Creative Studio based in Tangerang

From the process, we want to be transforming better together with the team, clients, and also with our audiences. We are made of people that always increase something, increase knowledge, experience, and creativity. But there is one that we don’t want to increase, that is Customer Dissatisfaction.

You don’t just wake up and become a butterfly. Growth is a valuable process that needs to be passed. Before the larvae become a beautiful butterfly, they live a life of crawling on the ground until the day they fly. At Triden Works, we are enjoy every process of our works because creativity is about the process of creating new things that are solutive and with growth mindset, conquering challenges, breaking boundaries, making mistakes and having fun, we can transform you better together.

Based in Bogot¿¿ (Colombia), Trif¿¿sica Studio works on visual research and cultural identity in South America¿¿s urban spaces. We¿¿ve worked on research projects such as Diagn¿¿stico factura visual Novelas Televisa, Gr¿¿fica champet¿¿a and with publishing houses like Saint Neve Editores. You will find in our fonts a very strong research on the visuality and cultural elements behind any given form, looking to the type as a expression medium in Latin American cultures.

Trine Rask is the collection of retail typefaces from the type designer Trine Rask. Established in Copenhagen in 2004 as part of the studio Trine Rask & the letters as a supplement to the business of creating corporate type and lettering work for agencies and clients.

TripleHely is the personal type foundry of Olga Ktitorova, a graphic designer from Moscow, Russia. After graduation at Moscow Institute of Contemporary Arts, she worked as an editorial designer for a long time, and always loved everything related to letters. Throughout her design career, Olga studied type design, lettering and calligraphy, and switched to freelance a few years ago. This style of work allowed her to devote a lot of time to the practice of calligraphy and hand lettering, and a year ago she met a client who needed custom typefaces, then another one, and another ... "Today is the day" - Olga thought and decided to open her own foundry on MyFonts to share her work and her passion with the design community worldwide

My name is Muhammad Reza. Trophy Font Founded in 2022. A studio that aims to create useful and great quality digital font products to help you with your creative projects. I love to draw letters, learn new things and love all forms of creativity. Now pursuing my new passion completely from my home studio. Turned my freelance business into a type designer.

Tropical Sunlight Co. is a collaboration project of two type designers for fun but we made it with love. The studio was started back in May, 2021. We are currently working as graphic and type designers. Young people who are passionate about creating unique digital products. The product is dedicated to build modern pairing font duo with more luxury, elegant, fashionable and feminine. Just love all the designs that contain beautiful lettering and typography.

Tropical Type was created in 2016 by designer Tom Cunningham. Since then, the small studio has made big moves and transitioned from a multi disciplinary design studio to a commercial type foundry. Tropical Type creates single weight display typefaces that are made to stand out. No boring sans or body copy fonts, just beautiful experimental fonts that are memorable and unique.

Tropical Type Foundry is a nomad and collaborative font studio founded in 2020. The aim of our foundry is to design simple, pure and contemporary typefaces and develop high-quality fonts for modern use. For custom typefaces and enquiries, please get in touch with us: [email protected]
TrueBlue by Gianni Marcolongo is a little foundry that specializes in the design of corporate custom fonts, symbols, logos, 3D models for CAD systems, and technical labels.

TSfonts type Studio was founded by Tarek Alsawwa in 2019 and is based in Istanbul, Turkey. We have developed a strong library of beautiful fonts, which we own and license to designers, advertisers, and brands. And, we are constantly crafting and adding new fonts to keep our body of work fresh and relevant.

Based on our founding principle of “product accuracy,” our fonts combine authentic rules and modern skills. We believe that taking care of Arabic letters increases the aesthetic value of the visual word, so we are always keen on research and development to ensure that we keep pace with the evolution of the art of font design.

Our retail catalog features fonts suitable for a complete range of use. They can be licensed for use across physical and digital applications.

We have designed custom fonts for international clients such as National Housing Company (NHC), Bllor Marketing and Advertising Company, Focus Advertising Agency, Canva, and many more.

We have also developed a powerful service offer, centered around good design and custom licensing that helps us deliver exactly what our clients need with a practical, flexible approach to make things simple and cost-effective for our clients.

Our new vision:

TupiType is an independent digital foundry from S¿¿o Paulo, Brazil. Founded by Luis Sevilio in 2021.

It can be said that it is more like a typography lab used to develop some concerns about letters.

It is a space that allows investigation, experiment, discovery and share.

Luis is a calligraphy and lettering Artist. Typeface and Graphic Designer. And also a draftsman.

Turto Studio is a design studio that makes fonts, prints, urban interventions, fermented foods, provide communication design services. Our work starts from experiments, trial and error process, design research, mixed with a lot of fun involved. Design is our way to say what we want. There is no right or wrong, just things we like to design and laugh about.

TwelveTimesTwo is a new foundry created by Yiorgos Yiacos, a designer from Athens, Greece. Yiorgos was completely fascinated by letters and the many forms they can take from an early age. That was what led him to study design and work first as a graphic designer and illustrator and later as an art director and font designer (co-founding two successful design studios in the process). Now, with almost two decades of professional experience, it is time to do work purely "for the love of the game".

The goal is to provide potential clients with original and modern display fonts which are ideal for the creation of memorable logos, headlines and titles. In order to make things for the designer using them as easy as possible our fonts are functional with most Extended Latin, Greek and Extended Cyrillic scripts, thus ensuring a broad implementation range. Taking advantage of the possibilities that the Open Type format provides designers with, our fonts are enriched with characteristics like stylistic alternates, standard and discretionary ligatures, localised forms, etc.

Our first font, The Comeback Font, was released in 2017. The second one, Rubber B, is available now. They will be followed by our first variable font, sometime in 2021.

For custom enquiries please contact: [email protected]

Let us introduce ourselves, our twinletter foundry is based in Indonesia, until now we continue to develop and innovate to make font products for various needs and needs that are very suitable for customers. our focus is prioritizing customer satisfaction, for that we guarantee all the products we sell. We encourage personal experimentation and diffusion of our fonts: therefore our fonts can be downloaded for free if they are intended for personal / non-commercial use. Feel free to contact us: [email protected]

Two Type Foundry (TTF) is an independent type foundry that is a partnership between type designers Olivier & Maxim Segers. Established in 2019 and is based in Antwerp, Belgium. We offer retail and custom typefaces for both digital and printed use. Our goal is to create typefaces that balances both aesthetical elements and function. Awesome typefaces for a reasonable price. 

Tyler Moulton is a graphic designer, Type designer, and recent graduate from Maine College of Art. He has a passion for information design and type design as well as a foundation in illustration and engineering. As such, his design relies on his logic as much as his creativity and sense of humor. Always growing, Tyler approaches every job as an opportunity to learn and to try out new techniques. Tyler is most himself when communicating his humor and charm. When he's not designing, Tyler is an avid sci-fi reader and musician.

Type Avenue was started in 2023 with the goal of creating interesting and personality driven type styles to designers and hobbyists. Our goal is to create a variety of fonts that aren't universal, but perfect for your unique needs. We understand that each project requires a special touch and that a bold a distinctive typeface will help it stand out in the crowd.

Type Colony is a collective Indonesian type design studio established in 2017 by Aliv Pandu. Their focus is on creating high-quality typefaces for designers with large range uses.

Type Forward is an independent type foundry founded by us - Stan Partalev and Mirela Belova.

After working together with significant ease for the past few years, we decided it is time to team up.

Driven by shared vision and inspiration, we focus on producing high-quality original fonts with great technological care. We started out as visual artists in various fields. However, we both found ourselves most inspired when creating functional designs, which in time grew into a passion for typography and type design.

Now with several years of experience working on different successful typefaces, we are ever so motivated to share what we are capable of.

Reach us at:

[email protected]


Stan Partalev

Mirela Belova

More of us here:





Handcrafted digital typefaces made by designers for designers. Type Juice was founded in 2019 by a group of Canadian designers for us to create modern fonts and typography products to be sold worldwide. We all come from different areas of the graphic design industry but share a common love for finely crafted typography and type design. We like nothing more than finding our fonts in the wild.

Type Royal is an independent type foundry established in 2022 by brand designer, Dylan Royal. Building brands consists of pouring over type specimens, searching for the perfect typeface to represent an organization’s personality and values. Oftentimes a typeface that is held in mind can’t be found—it can only be created. The intention of Type Royal is to create these typefaces. In the landscape of type design, we can be found at the intersection of classic beauty and modern functionalism. We're also located in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Type Salon is an independent type design studio based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, founded by Alja Herlah and Krista Likar. Located at the crossroads of the main European cultural routes, Type Salon creates memorable letter shapes that present the combination of diverse heritage and contemporary presence. The foundry produces finely crafted yet multi-usable typefaces as retail fonts and outside collaborations.
"Be bold. Be italic. But never regular." This is my slogan behind my Font Foundry Type Toucan. I am Marie from Munich, a self-taught Hand Letterer and Type Designer (okay, Skillshare and the mighty internet helped a lot). I studied Media Management and Graphic Design and have a long history working for ad and film companies. A year abroad in London left me heavily inspired by the diverse culture and great people I've met there. In 2017 I decided to be bold and pursue my real passion: designing typefaces. When you don't find me pushing pixels, I travel around the world (with my boyfriend & our little one) or go out with friends at the middle of the day just to try yet another ice cream bar in Munich.
Type.write.type is a small foundry based in Oregon, creating hand-drawn typefaces for clear, effective, beautiful communication.

I am a font designer based in west java, Indonesia. I am a graphic designer who will consistently sell my products on this web. I have been using fonts for over 2 years and my fonts can be used in packaging logos, wedding invitations, product logos, quotes, etc. I am always improving the quality of my products every day and I have sold some of my own handmade fonts. This is my little font shop. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me

Typedifferent is the font foundry from Buro Destruct, a graphic design studio founded 1994 in Bern, the capital city of Switzerland. Buro Destruct constantly creates new typefaces, either originally crafted for their use in commissioned work, or as graphically gymnastics in the mission of generating new shapes and forms to be used in typefaces. As the name "Typedifferent" implies - the fonts are mainly display typefaces with an unique attitude.
Typefactory is a type foundry based in Bandung, West Java. We are very passionate in creating unique and cool fonts, that can be used in various businesses. You can get the one and only typeface tailor-made for your brand here with us. Add our fonts to your creative ideas and notice how it makes them stand out! Typefactory can provide you with original fonts, not plagiarized, and usable by customers. Here you can see my website :

Typehead Studio is a tiny design studio based in Medan, North sumatera - Indonesia. We create the best font for designer, best font for design, font for logo, font for logotype, font for logo design, font for name, and font for signature.We always improve the quality of our products according to market needs. Consistently we approach letterform carefully and consider functionality to make it a problem solver on visual and an expressive medium. We work well in small team structures, versatile, organized, focused, and committed to providing exceptional work. Have a great project, Contact us at [email protected]

With a distinctive style and a focus on handwritten fonts that you won¿¿™t find just anywhere, TYPEHEIST is inspired by realism, individuality and curiosity. A fresh font foundry formed by Laura Eddy, a product designer from Australia, Typeheist began as a happy accident and was pursued with a passion.

Experimenting with her own imperfect handwriting, ¿¿¿Lore¿¿™ was forged and became the first Typeheist font. Laura was hooked on the font-making process and soon after, Lore¿¿™s uniqueness peaked interest; this gave way to new fonts.

The popular ¿¿¿Manic¿¿™ font, a wild and erratic handwritten scrawl, is the star pupil of the Typeheist font folio. It¿¿™s crazed demeanour and quirky charm saw it become almost instantly popular¿¿¦ and find a home as Laura¿¿™s favourite font.

Each font is hand-drawn, possessing its own personality and a focus on providing multiple glyphs and ligatures, so every appearance is personalised.

Typekiln is a digital type foundry started by Kireeti in 2020. Typekiln's mission is to build high quality typefaces that are bold and have their own place in the world of type design. Typekiln is also dedicated to creating bespoke typefaces for brands that are in need of a voice in the noise.
Typenemy is a new London based type foundry inspired by underground culture, movies, music and books. We create typefaces with graphic design in mind; we are graphic addicts and we love seeing good design everywhere from editorial to receipts, from printed to digital. We believe that types are fundamental elements of human expression. With new ideas in mind every day and night, we work to create new typefaces which we need and like in the first place.
typeóca [t¿¿pi'¿k¿] type: from French, or from Latin typus ‘symbol, emblem’; from Greek tupos ‘impression, figure, type,’ from tuptein ‘to strike.’ óca: from Tupi-Guarani, name given to typical Brazilian indigenous’ housing. * bonus pun for portuguese speakers only

Typepro Studio is a font design studio located in Indonesia that was founded by 2 young people, namely Faizi Munir and Agus Suryanto.

We are a group of young people who like and are interested in making fonts, We are currently focusing on making fonts with our characters that have enough characters that will help design projects in any field, be it posters, advertisements, web, invitations, or product branding, And many others.

  • Our fonts are handwritten with traditional concepts, we create gothic, blackletter, serif, sans-serif, script, and more with our unique touch.

We hope that the fonts we create can help you to make your products better, hopefully, the fonts that we create provide a new experience and color for the fonts you have, and satisfy you to have fonts from us.

Originally a public relations manager, "Typerookie" Angie Biso has also been a self-taught digital designer for years. Geeked by the art of making fonts she finally dove into the world of typography, looking forward to seeing a typeface she created in use once in a while.
I am a font maker as well as a lettering artist with more than 5 years of experience based in Indonesia, I focus on making fonts that display an elegant, vintage, and beautiful handwriting, I create font designs by adapting handwriting and lettering art that I make using pencil and paper media, fonts that can be applied to various design needs, such as packaging, logos, posters, etc., that's what I do
My foundry focusses on creating stunning and cool handwritten script fonts, which are suitable for any project purpose for any business. I hope my fonts can help people with their design projects by producing quality font designs.
I am a lettering artist from Indonesia with considerable experience. I've also created a lot of fonts and had a lot of sales. This time, I want to join Monotype to grow my business because is the best font seller site in the world today. I really like letters and fonts so I decided to develop my hobby into a business. Very happy if i can join on Monotype.
Typetemp is a new re-brand from the old studio. Typetemp studio is part of Templatehere studio, a type foundry & graphic design established in the year 2018. We make crafting typeface and calligraphy with love and passion. Our team consists of 2 people with different taste designs; our mission is to create new designs and fonts that are needed by consumers.
Established in 2013, TypeUnion is a boutique type foundry based in London, England. Through collaborative exploration we aim to create high quality, nurtured typefaces that are versatile across multiple applications. We are constantly crafting new fonts to keep our collection feeling fresh and energetic whilst trying to mirror current trends within our latest releases. We have a special passion for form and detail and we proactively transfer this ethos to the products we design. Our studio is based near the historic Hampton Court Palace in South West London, and on our studio walls that history is mirrored with bits and bobs we have collected along the way including vintage typography examples, posters, stickers and much more.

Typicaltype will continue to develop the best font designs in creating quality fonts, which of course can be use for branding, marketing and other purposes.

Our aim is to be straightforward in the complex field of type design. We do not want to hype or praise type too much, we want to work together with our clients and partners to deliver good results. Our practice covers everything, from the tiniest nuance in a logo or piece of lettering to the design of extensive type systems.

Typiskt is the independent type foundry from Swedish graphic- and type designer Hampus Malmberg. Typiskt designs typefaces for both retail and custom clients focusing on delivering with a high level of technical execution and craftsmanship. From single display fonts to full type families the aim is to create versatile and unique letters that elevates your designs.

TypoBureau is an Indonesia based type design studio founded in 2017. The independent studio is dedicated to designing and developing high quality typefaces for both retail release as well as bespoke fonts for international clients. Located in Jakarta, ID, (Tubagus)/me - as a type designer - has always been interested in fonts such as sans serifs on big signs and many other eye catchy typefaces..
This is the personal foundry of Swiss designer Michael Parson.
A type design practice by Thiago Oliveira, former graphic designer amazed by letters.
Creative team of type devotees with artistic approach. Olivera Stojadinovic is professionally involved in type design for more than two decades. She has released several typefaces for International Typeface Corporation: ITC Aspera, ITC Rastko (2000), ITC Hedera (2001), ITC Resavska, ITC Resavska Sans (2004), ITC Anima (2006). She won the annual Type Directors Club Award for ITC Aspera, in 2001. Her first typefaces are based on calligraphy, then she created several large serif and sanserif families. Humanist quality of her typefaces is based on handmade sketches evolved into stylized shapes. Her recent families are multilingual, produced by multiple master technique, using advantages of Open Type programming. Slavko Milenkovic is a painter and graphic artist with affection for lettering. His typefaces are developed as art projects in less formal style. He is an artistic and advisory part of the team.
Enchanting the Type.
Typophobia is a creative collective which designs and finds solutions to create in unusual and unobvious ways. We’re mostly concentrated on typography and we love to enhance native cultural influence on design. One of our main points is to cause attention in designing on cultural variety, heritage and show some small nuances between the type inspirations all over the world. Finding new - inspired by old. Typophobia (Warsaw/Poland).
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.