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Stockholm-based Samuelstype is owned and run by Hans Samuelson, a graphic designer with a background in calligraphy. A graphic designer by profession, he has been active in lettering design for over fifteen years, working mainly with package design and company profiling. Many of his font designs, however, have grown out of product identity design projects.
Sardiez is an independant type foundry run by Sergio Ramírez, he is and industrial designer very interested about type design because of its experimentation possibilities, which is where the design process starts.Studying these two disciplines lets to take elements from both and apply them to each other, drawing letter shapes with the technical precision as if they were blueprints and molding objects as if they were letter shapes.
The Sassoon? font collection is a collaboration between Dr. Rosemary Sassoon and Adrian Williams. Dr. Sassoon is a noted designer who specialised in the educational and medical aspects of handwriting. After discovering that no one had found out what kind of letterforms children found easiest to read, she spent two years of research on the subject before designing the original Sassoon Primary typeface. In 1985 she began her partnership with type designer Adrian Williams to create, develop and sell a whole range of fonts for schools and publishers to assist with handwriting and reading education.
Many of the fonts from the Scangraphic Digital Type Collection are available in two versions: 'SB' created to set text, or'Body Type,' and 'SH' which works best for 'Headlines.' Scangraphic's success story began when Dr. Böger Duplomat, founded in 1934, took the decision in 1981 to combine long-standing repro experience with a move into the typesetting world. Scangraphic was the new company that was founded to build digital composition systems that would blend expertise from both fields.

Mannesmann AG, one of the largest organizations in Germany, acquired Scangraphic in 1989 from the Dr. Böger Group, which was owned primarily by Knut Smeidel and Bernd Holthusen. Those two had introduced phototypesetters to Dr. Böger in 1981, with the Scantext 1000 system. They then made Scangraphic one of the early companies to adopt internal-drum imagesetter technology with the Scantext 2000 in 1986.
Scholtz Fonts, started by Anton Scholtz in 1997, specializes in ¿African flavor¿ fonts. The foundry is based in Durban, South Africa, where the Zulu culture of the region has greatly influenced the font design. Scholtz began to create his own fonts to enhance the work produced by his design company, and this branch of his design work has grown steadily in recent years. In his profession as a graphic designer, he became aware of how few available fonts were suitable for African inspired design. It was to meet this lack that he initially started work in typography. His wife, Merle Scholtz, has long worked in the field of African patterns and they have collaborated in producing the most extensive font-based collections of African patterns. He has since branched into the genres of art deco and grunge fonts.
Schwartz Design features the work of Christian Schwartz. Born in 1977, Christian Schwartz grew up on a small farm in East Washington, New Hampshire. He moved to Pittsburgh in 1995 to start his college career at Carnegie Mellon University, where he studied Communication Design.
S-Core is a type foundry based in Korea. They have created a wonderful range of fresh typefaces for a variety of applications. The Corefont font collection includes Korean fonts, and Latin-based designs that have become quite popular with graphic designers.
Digital foundry based in Austin, Texas, run by David Nalle. Scriptorium offers hundreds of mostly decorative and calligraphic fonts, based on historical and folk sources.
S&C Type is a French foundry created in Paris in 2008 by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin. We mainly specialize in fonts that offer a simple, human, and natural look and feel. Merci beaucoup!
Organized in 2013 by designer Jefferson Cortinove and publicist Marcio Duarte, operating since 2007 in the typography`s development.Based in Florianopolis-SC and Marilia-SP, Brazil, where they work in the development of typographic designs inspired by the functionalist concept - modular and geometric forms -, with great influence of natural elements, especially the sea.
The development of SeLis Health and Safety fonts began in 1991. The fonts include over 400 pictograms embracing all hazard symbols defined in national and international regulations, as well as commonly used warning signs for fire and the wearing of personal protective equipment. The symbols, produced in colour or black and white, can be incorporated into documents (e.g. safety data sheets, standard operating procedures) or used to create customized workplace safety signs.
Denis Serebryakov, Independent Minsk-based type designer focused on Cyrillic fonts.
From the mind of Nick Shinn, comes ShinnType: a 100+ font collection with big-time originality.
SODesign (Toet, André)André Toet believes in typefaces that can be used not only in print but in lots of different ways, like lighting, curtains or even furniture. His typefaces: Bloggy, Découpé, Holborn, Mezzo, Musica, Nath., PiPi, Powerplay, Tremolo en Wyggle give designers a lot of possibilities to use them in a creative way. SODesign André Toet Born in The Hague, The Netherlands. Educated at the KABK (Gerrit Noordzij), The Hague 1974 - 1976 and Central School of Art & Design (Nicolete Gray), London 1976 - 1977. He worked as a designer at Total Design (Jurriaan Schrofer, Wim Crouwel), Amsterdam 1979 - 1980. He now lives and works in Amsterdam where his studio is based (The Think-Tank is based in Tuscany, Italy). André is a designer and educator, he creates stylistic designs in different fields. He started SODesign in 1983 together with Marianne Vos. Originally trained in graphic design and winner of international awards (D&AD, Red Dot Awards, NYAD) for his designs, he also became a skilled typedesigner.
Sofia Mohr is a brazilian architect from UFRGS, Brazil. She is also graduated from Universidad Católica de Chile at the Digital font Design program. She works with Graphic, Web and Typography Design at her own studio. She was born in São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in 1978. She currently lives in Santiago, Chile.
Based in Germany, SoftMaker has licensed many fonts that are revivals of old foundry designs but has also created its own fonts.SoftMaker offers Suetterlin fonts (old German handwriting font types), stunningly beautiful handwriting fonts, headline typefaces and much more.
A digital foundry situated in England's rural South-West and established in 2005, Sparklefonts is Geoff Andersen, a man on a quest, from philosophy to aesthetics, from wild inspiration to wild gesticulation, from post-modernism right through to post-rationalisation. Boldly seeking unique and viable letterform architectures, he is equally determined to maintain legibility without compromising style. His journey has taken him through stencils and uncials, calligraphy and typography, through graphic design and guitar design. The story has been moving, the view spectacular, the punctuation superb. Geoff's sources are apparently limitless, his passion overwhelming, his fonts a labor of love, his therapist a Trojan!
Spiece Graphics is the foundry of Jim Spiece, a talented designer with a passion for resurrecting old typefaces.
Stephen Rapp has been a lettering artist for over twenty years. He was a recipient of the Hermann Zapf Scholarship Award in 1997 and was a lettering artist and type developer for American Greetings for 10 years. Stephen's work has been exhibited in numerous publications including Letter Arts Review, Scripsit, Bound and Lettered, "Modern Mark Making" by Quarry books, and Typography 30 by The Type Directors Club. Stephen was a winner of the TDC "Excellence in Type Design Award" in 2009 for Montague Script. He has taught classes and workshops on both calligraphy and lettering and has been a faculty member at the International Lettering Arts Conference and Typecon.
Stereotypes is a Germany-based type foundry showcasing fonts designed by Sascha Timplan. Though Sascha wants the foundry to appear new and fresh alongside large international type foundries, he has the intent and the ability to draw glyphs with an elegant and playful character too. There are several ongoing projects for new typefaces, especially for screen typography. The expression "Stereotypes" is about the love of typography and music - it has nothing to do with cliché ideas!
Stiff Upper Glyph is a typeface design studio specializing in producing interesting high-quality fonts.
StockBucket is an online resource for alternative, royalty-free photography, illustrations and fonts. Founded in May of 2004 by graphic desginers David Phillips and Traci Daberko, StockBucket strives to provide creative professionals with inspirational imagery that sparks new ideas and gives thier projects style and originality.
The StockBucket website features intuitive searching of their rapidly expanding library. Image details such as size and pricing are readily available with a quick and secure purchase sequence allowing for immediate downloads 24/7.
Companies using StockBucket⤿s products include design firms, advertising agencies, web designers, in-house communications departments and publishing firms. With their focus on delivering unique visual solutions, StockBucket speaks directly to the needs of the creative customer.
The Stone Type Foundry is a growing resource of fonts from the mind and hand of renowned designer, Sumner Stone. Designs range from the large and commanding Magma family to elegant and efficient Print suite of fonts. The diverse Stone Type Foundry fonts range from sophisticated text designs to display faces with power and verve.
Studiocharlie works in product design, graphics, type design and video. We design typographic fonts. They are sometimes developed from signs and letters linked to our graphic and comunication projects (for ex. FontFoliae, Stereotype, Gattofont), whilst others are the object of specific research. In general we develop fonts for traditional typographic use like word processing (for ex. Superbastone or Csuni, which received a special commendation for the 20th edition of the Compasso d'Oro ADI Prize), or more ¿playful¿ fonts, for titles, logos and contemporary graphics (for ex. Cavillus, Carpenteria), and dingbat fonts (Gattofont, Catacumbes, Charlie Dog, FontFoliae). Three people founded Studiocharlie in 2002, and work on the development of all the team¿s projects: Gabriele Rigamonti, Carla Scorda, Vittorio Turla.
Sudtipos is an award-winning type foundry based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Sudtipos font collection features the work of four talented co-founders: Ale Paul, Ariel Garofalo, Claudio Pousada and Diego Giaccone. Sudtipos is most well known for its amazing variety of script typefaces, most of which contain extensive OpenType typographic features.
Suomi Type Foundry is a company dedicated to creating high quality typefaces. The company was founded by Tomi Haaparanta, who has been designing typefaces since 1990. The philosophy of Suomi Type Foundry is to make extensive type families, so the user has more to choose from; too often you find a great typeface, but the weight is not just right. Our fonts often come with an average of seven weights, so it is likely that you will find the right weight. Also we do not want to exclude any users, so we try to keep the range of our type library as versatile as possible, from comfortable types for text setting, to signage type families, to more evocative fonts for brand design. And sometimes stuff just for fun.
Superfried is the studio alias of graphic designer Mark Richardson. Based in London we design and develop graphic based solutions for screen and print. Our diverse work reflects our clients, who vary in sector and scale from start-up to multinational.Since 2007 Superfried has worked closely with its clients to create bespoke solutions covering a wide range of disciplines, in particular, experimental typography, illustration and brand identity.
S6 Foundry develops creative fonts by designers for designers. Based in Italy are small independent contemporary digital type foundry crafting retail typefaces for use in digital and print applications. S6 aims to deliver high-quality fonts for the modern age; our goal is to offer original text and display typefaces that are in line with current designers’ needs and design challenges.
Based in Aceh - Indonesia, was founded in 2016. Our goal is to create beautiful typefaces that can be useful for all designers around the world.

The founding member is a graphic designer with a passion for all things typo-graphic. Based in the North-West of England, Saga Studio's goal is to create new display typefaces that both excite and captivate the audience.

Our practice covers logo design, a piece of lettering, custom calligraphy, or type design, basically, if it's got letters in it, we can do it!

The foundry is based in India and was founded in 2022 by Imam Ahamed S, who is also the designer of the foundry. This is an indie font design studio created to design new, modern and stylish typefaces which can be used for any projects like Posters, Advertisement, Book covers, Movie titles, Business cards, Websites, Applications, etc.,


Graduated designer from Croatia.

Romantic. Adventurer. Dreamer.

Saint has over 25 years of experience playing with letters. From night adventures

with graffiti, through University classes and tasks to everyday activities as a designer.

Saint doesn't try to own a style but rather tends to be sleek and innovative on variety of projects.

Located in Zagreb, Croatia.

Hello, I am Alif Ryan Zulfikar from Indonesia, the owner of Sakha Design. Sakha Design was founded in 2020 as a venue for my collection of fonts. We tried to create fonts by sharing a large selection and focusing on the newest things that the market wants. Hopefully every font I create is useful for life, and brings happiness to customers, companies and many people. Thank you very much.
Salih Kizilkaya, Ankara, Turkey, Graphic and Type Designer. I am a graphic designer specializing in typography, corporate identity, brand management and poster design. I have been making font designs for the end user since 2018. I continue my work in my personal design studio.To browse my designs and learn more about me, please visit my personal website.

Sallam type is an independent type foundry that focuses on Arabic and Latin, created by Ahmed Sallam. With passion for type and branding, our main goal is to offer high-quality Arabic and Latin fonts that are useful for everyone’s needs. Blending traditional and modern rules and proportions in the formulation and design of the typeface.

Ahmed Sallam was born in Egypt. he studied graphic design, type design, and branding. He also worked as a freelance graphic designer with a focus on brand designing for startups in the Middle East.

Salsabiyl Studios is Font Foundry based in Bogor, Indonesia and was established in 2020. We make stunning, elegant and exquisite font types which are suitable for any kind of project purpose for your business at affordable prices. This Font Foundry focused on Modern Serif and Script font. We encourage personal experiments and diffusion of our fonts.

Samir Chajia is an independent type designer that focuses on Arabic, created by Samir Chajia. An enthusiast and type lover, we are focusing on making unique Arabic fonts that are never seen before. Samir Chajia started with branding and fell in love with type design. with the goal the be a well known foundry in the industry. and keep making what we love and passionate about.

Foundry especialized in hebrew type and complex opentype features

SAMUEL DESIGN was founded in 2022. The founders have designed fonts for dozens of brands.

SAMUEL DESIGN's mission is to design elegant, sophisticated and high-quality typefaces for businesses and brands.

Our goal is to improve the quality of communication between brands and customers through appropriate fonts.

As a Chinese company designing English fonts, we have many advantages. We will apply eastern aesthetics to western fonts, which would be a very good attempt. With the fusion of world cultures, English fonts need to meet the needs of users all over the world. It can also help brands reach more markets.

We are a creative agency based in Indonesia. We make our lettering and imagination into a typeface with expectations that the typography that we produce can make personal and commercial projects of designers or even for non-designers more lively and professional at an affordable price. We are recently working on handwritten and serif font for the next project. We are a new agency yet ready to be competitive with the designer.

Founded by Dean Nugraha, Sansakerta aims to be one of the sophisticated independent font foundry. Originally base in Bandung, Indonesia, we are focusing on decorative typeface, alternate and ligature; it's a must. We always push forward, creatively out of the box, unique perspective, with digital approach. Last but not least, kindly enjoy our work, and do not hesitate to contact us.

We are a collaborative type design studio based in Delhi, India, specialising in developing experimental fonts across Indian and foreign languages. In the Indian language Hindi, ¿¿¿Sanyukt¿¿™ is synonymous with ¿¿¿United¿¿™. ¿¿¿Sanyukt¿¿™ type thus exemplifies what we stand for by serving as an open, collaborative platform that wants to experiment and create under one roof to develop and sell fonts, inviting others to be a part of our team.

Saskara Type is a foundry founded in 2021 with vintage, retro, and modern font designs. Saskara-type products are readily available in the Creative Market and You Work For Them.

We create fonts with great care and we strive to meet the demands of today's growing market, and it is possible that we will focus on vintage styles as well because Saskara was founded to cater to the vintage font market. Hopefully, Saskara type will be accepted in my font. We will always strive to provide attractive and quality fonts. Thank you!

SavoringSurprises, originally a vinyl craft business, was founded by Tate Chaffin. As Tate's love for designing grew, she started to explore making SVG cut files and fonts designed specifically for crafters. Her love for hand lettering quickly developed into her new favorite pastime, making fonts.

Saxofont is UReborn Studio's Business Activities in the Font Maker Division. We can make your work even beautiful, cooler, perfect, elegant, and better with our increadible font.

"Sayurihuynh is a freelancer who just started working in the field of graphic design. However, her passion for fonts and typefaces has sparked since her school days. Before starting to create new fonts and typefaces, Sayurihuynh had a time working to Vietnameseize fonts - a non-profit job making a great contribution to the designer community in Vietnam. Sayuri has created a Facebook fan page and has more than 3,000 followers. After experiencing many versions and typeface styles, Sayurihuynh started to enjoy creating her own typeface. Sayurihuynh has successfully impressed customers through its first products, by collaborating with NAB Studio - a studio specializing in animation and comic books in Vietnam. After these little successes, Sayuri felt she needed to develop her creativity and use her passion to bring greater benefits to herself and the designer community."

SB Type is an independent type foundry based in New York, developed out of Sarah Bachman¿¿™s creative studio. It began with an experiment involving only 2 simple shapes, working to find tension between positive and negative space. A font with graphic design principles in mind. The letters I create are unique to my design style and sensibility. Minimized to mostly letters and numbers with a few special characters, each letter is sure to bring a lot of personality to your work. 

Founded along the banks of the beautiful River Raisin in Southeast Michigan, Schaub Design has been adding beauty and functionality to the world around us since 1998.

Always a dedicated student of art and design, founder Dan Schaub continues to take the company into new niche markets to keep his eyes fresh and open to developing trends and to reinforce the fundamentals of graphic design first learned at the Center for the Visual Arts and its groundbreaking CyberArts program of the mid 1990s at the University of Toledo in Ohio.

Schaub Design will provide you with designs you love and the customer service you deserve, so no matter the inquiry, please feel free to contact us for a friendly chat!

Schrifteria was founded by people with years of experience in creating retail and bespoke award-winning typefaces. The idea was to apply all knowledge we gained from multiple client projects, customer research, and a generous amount of feedback combined with personal design experience to make typefaces that will be functional. We create not design for design but design for user experience.

We make functional fonts based on users’ needs. We talk openly about font technology. We show how fonts are designed, what they contain, and how best to use them.

Schriftlabor is a type foundry in Vienna, Austria, specialised in digital punchcutting and corporate type. Since 2017, Schriftlabor also offers retail fonts.
ScovType is a China-based individual type foundry launched by graphic designer Chang Su also known as Scovsky in 2020. A tiny space where I collect my typeface works, express my passion for typeface design, and also an opportunity to meet other type designers. I came with this ideas during the daily graphic design practice while I realized I could also do some typeface designs, and after I received some positive feedbacks about the typeface works, I decided maybe it was time to hold a place where I can share them. And so ScovType was born.
My name Saiful Anwar, I live in Mojokerto, Indonesia.I started my type foundry studio called Sealoung Studio a few months ago and I produced my lettering into a typeface. My fonts are the result of my own inspiration and I hope my fonts can meet customer needs.

Sean Thorenson learned how to create fonts as part of developing the curriculum for a Typography class that he began teaching in 2007. Classically trained as a Commercial Artist, Sean had extensive experience with hand-lettering using analog tools like calligraphy pens and brushes as well as the earliest digital components of desktop publishing like phototypesetters and Mac computers. These experiences gave him a profound appreciation for all the details, artistry and craftsmanship that go into executing good typography.

Working for over 30 years as a graphic designer, Sean understands how integral type is to the emotion and message in all written forms of visual communication. He believes that having the ability to create type that evokes and reinforces the right themes is a powerful asset in branding and logo development. Lately, Sean has found typeface design to be another fascinating and meticulous obsession that he uses to expand his collection of custom fonts and greatly enjoys being able to share this passion with others.

Making fonts is not easy, the design must be consistent in each form of letters and and each glyph must have a strong character when standing alone or merged into a word or sentence. The process of making fonts must follow every trend that exists, and must be made with patience, letter by letter, making words and sentences distance consistent, to present a unique fonts with a pure modern strict character.

Second Son Radiance is a independent type foundry based in Malang, Indonesia and established in 2022. We create stunning and beautiful fonts that suitable for any design projects in your business. Our fonts perfect for brand identity, title headlines, logotype, business card, creative display designs and many more. We create out fonts with love and carefully, so we can bring our finest fonts quality directly to you.

"Our foundry name is Seemly Fonts. Seemly Fonts provide delightful and high-quality, unique, and elegant fonts. Seemly Fonts is located in Bangladesh. We love our font studio very much. We always try to design different and beautiful fonts. Our love is always mixed with every font design work. It lives in my mind, our fonts will win your heart! "

Selvia Design was founded ini 2021 to house the collection of font created by Selvia Cahya Kusuma Devi. Selvia Design is independent Type Foundry based in Indonesia, Magelang. I'm a graphic designer who creates some font with all of my depth love. I'm making creative & fresh fonts, high quality, highly recommended, and suitable for your business. I hope can be a contributor as a fonts author at MYFONTS, and I will do the best to create amazing font.

Portfolio Link:

Promotion link:

Thankyou so much:)

Warm Regard,

Selvia Design

My name is Mokhamad Junaedi. My foundry SemutHitam is based in Indonesia. After graduating from high school in 2009, I worked as professional designer and learned a lot of things about design and fonts that it can't escape from my life and I finally decided to learn how to create fonts. I released my first font in December 2017.

We're Seneka Grafika sub Division Called "SENEKALIGRAFIKA".We focussed on font design, we promisse to deliver a Good Quality Font Design for any purpose costumers need. Was founded in 2020, and has several members who have different fields of font designer so that various fonts are produced.

We believe we are qualified font designers, we work on font styles ranging from handwritten, serif, sansserif and slabserif. We definitely update our latest fonts with various styles every week.That's why our motto is to satisfy customers so they don't get bored and achieve all their font needs, starting from birthdays, greeting cards, logos, branding, posters, magazines, tabloids, and others. It includes reguler style,light style, bold style, italic style, multilingual, numbers and punctuation.Our inspiration for making fonts is from our lifestyle and environment so that the meaning of our fonts is conveyed, used, and useful for customers

We hope we can share our idea for you

Thank You


Indie type designer based in Aceh, Indonesia.
Gilang Senzana is a graphic designer specializing in font design. He was born in Cianjur City, Indonesia, in November 1991 and started his career as a font designer in 2014. In the same year he focused on designing fonts. Each font he created was inspired by people closest to him and by the area where he lived. He really likes script fonts in gothic and vintage styles and is making those as much as possible.
Hi, I'm Serdar, I have been working with graphic design and typography for a long time and designing my own writing characters. I would like to help you with your original graphic characters.

Hello, My name is Wisesa Purba Giandar. I'm a Letterer and type designer from Indonesia. I am Very love and Like Beautiful Writing that is why I try to pursue my career in font design industry. I founded Sesa Grafika from 2020 .My creation mostly script font, but I also love to experiment on serif and sans serif fonts.

Feel free to contact me via email [email protected] Thank you so much for supporting my work! Happy Creating!

Setup (previously know as Urtd) is a one-man Slovak type foundry and graphic design studio founded in 2009 by Ondrej Jób. The studio’s activities range from designing retail and custom typefaces, to lettering, corporate identity, editorial design or icon and pictogram design for both print and screen.
SevenType is an independent type design foundry, created by Vitória Neves. Focused with passion for type and attention to detail to design well-crafted typefaces. The main goal of SevenType is to offer high-quality fonts that are useful for everyone.
Shaily Patel is a Graphic Design student from India who aspires to make a career in Type Design. She has always found a close relationship with letterforms and scripts since childhood. Balcony is Shaily's first typeface, designed in the second year of her Undergrad in Applied Arts at The Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda, India. In 2020, Shaily's work in Type Design was recognized by Sharp Type's Malee Scholarship as ""Women of Typographic Excellence,"" along with seven WOC Type Designers from around the globe ( Shaily is a native speaker and writer of Gujarati, has knowledge of Devanagari, and is determined to learn even more scripts, such as other Indic scripts, for her type design practice. In roughly two years, Shaily has developed typefaces in Latin and Gujarati. She dreams of creating work for the masses and believes one of the best ways is designing type. So if you just bought that font, you made her dream come true! Would love to see how you use the font. Do get in touch on Instagram @shailypatel_ or [email protected]

Shakira Studio is a type foundry based in Malang - Indonesia and founded by Idhham Cholid Rikzano Yahya . We have a special love for unique serif typefaces but in addition, we design all kinds of retail and custom fonts that are high quality and have a soul. In we future projects, we want to reflect simplicity on the one hand and uniqueness on the other, providing the ability to adjust individual elements using OpenType features to the fullest. we amazed by the human ability to discover new and really beautiful and we want to develop this ability.

Shaltype Co is founded by Faishal Mahdy in 2014, as a Graphic Designer which has a lot of work in logo, layout, and starting learning about Typography in 2016. Shaltype Co original created and build letterform with Lettering, Calligraphy, with fresh and unique ideas.

However, by developing more usable fonts with variable typefaces, so they will be more interesting and useful to anyone. Every font is drawn and reform with clean contrast, to get the best quality when it is used.

My name is Sergey Shapovalov, I am a graphic and font designer. Since 2014 I have been engaged in calligraphy and lettering and since 2018 I have been creating fonts and continuing my studies at educational institutions in St. Petersburg and Moscow. In my fonts I adhere to the principles of functionality and creative thinking. In my work as a graphic designer I use my fonts and I hope they will become good tools for achieving the creative goals of other designers all around the world!
Sharkshock is a small US based foundry specializing in display fonts used around the world. What started as a design project in college emerged into a lifetime love of lettering. Sharkshock has been designing type since 1999 with an emphasis on branding, informality, and fun. No trans fats, fillers, or high fructose corn syrup!

We are strongly in love with the craft display fonts from the 20th century. Especially Eastern Block cyrillic letters from movies, posters, books and packages. It's all about the spirit of adventure, energy, courage and space race.

Our mission is to bring back to life and develop the potential of the forgotten letters culture of the greatest letterers of the past.

Here you will find a diverse group of fonts that I have designed over past several years, mostly Arabic and Persian from handwritten and calligraphic to headline and text and also the very first Arabic/Persian color fonts! My main goal was and is to create new type experiences for all the designers out there so they can use these fonts in their every-day projects: book covers, posters, logos, and more.
Sihan Wu is an award-winning type and graphic designer currently based in New York City. His cross-disciplinary work boldly explores the intersection between visual literacy and critical theory. As an enthusiast in type research, Sihan prides himself at finding inspirations for type design from the past trend and executing the design with modern spirits.

Sikifonts is an Indonesia-based digital type design studio formed by Herlan Nawwi. He became interested in typography, type design and developing fonts in 2016. Since then, he has released several script fonts, then formed Sikifonts in 2021.

Sikifont focuses on developing a broader style. Futuristic, contemporary, classic style that inherits the energy from past typographic history or even a combination of them.

SilkType is an Icelandic foundry, publishing typefaces designed by Rakel Tómas. Since graduating from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2016, Rakel has focused on graphic design and typography related to fashion.
My name is Mhd Husaini and I design fonts under the foundry name of simpleType Studios. After spending 2 years as a freelance graphic designer iI was ready for a new challenge. I instantly discovered a passion in hand lettered font designs, and launched my first typeface in 2020. Since then I’ve transformed my freelance business into a type foundry, with an aim to shake up the design world with a range of eye-catching, distinctive typefaces which break away from the generic letterforms.

A digital design studio located in Stockholm, Sweden. With a background in business-to-business planning, strategies and graphical production whit a main focus on vector productions. The studio was founded to provide an opportunity to publish digital projects and to house production and consulting services. With a splash of hope for grander events.

Sipanji21 is a font designer who started his career in 2018. The fonts he designs are suitable for brands, logos, advertisements, tv shows, youtube channels, packaging, apparel, banners, posters and more.

Sitintahitam is a deisgn studio based in Klaten, Indonesia. We create font like serif, sans serif and script and focus in vintage and victorian style with high quality product.

We create experiences for the Typography and help our clients to develop their own business or project.

enjoy with our font, if you have any questions, you can contact us by email : [email protected]

Steve Davies (aka sixty8seventy) has been in the creative industry for over twenty years. Primarily working as a Graphic Designer, his love of all things typographic started way back in his Art College days. Since those times, he has created numerous Brand Identities and honed his creative skills. Always dabbling in font creation, hitting his fifties, he decided it was high time to see if he could get at least one typeface out into the big wide world. The future starts now!
Sizimon Studio is a type foundry based in Indonesia and was established on 2016.
Sketchbook B is the studio of designer and creative director Bob Wertz. Sketchbook B began as a blog in 2008 and released its first commercial typeface in 2012.
I am a graphic designer, from Indonesia, I started my career at the age of 15 and now this is my 5th year in the world of graphic design. I can make logos, templates, mock ups and typography, but now, I focus on typography. If you want to see some of my products, you can visit my Behance page. Thank you very much.

My name is Fajarisha Phonna and owner of Skypia foundry. Founded in 2021, Skypia is a font design studio based in Aceh, Indonesia, where I am now pursuing my new passion entirely from my home studio. I draw letters and I love all forms of creativity. I love creating beautiful things and experimental typography and constantly learning new things. I launched my first font in early 2021. Since then I have turned my freelance business into Type Foundry.



Slava Antipov is a font-designer from Russia. He specialize in Latin and Cyrillic decorative fonts. He has an unusual look at letters. Typography is his passion. Slava Antipov likes to create fonts with unique geometry. His fonts attract the attention with their unusual shape. Slava Antipov also became interested in creating sans-serif fonts recently. He has already started developing one font family and plans to release many different high-quality typefaces in the future.
I am a designer, I come from Indonesia. I've been learning to design since I was 15 years old, now I've entered 5 years as a designer. I can design anything including graphics, templates, logos and typography. for now, I'm just focusing on typography. I already have some products for typography. My typography is scripted. You can see some of my stuff that I have posted in my portfolio, , thanks.

Founded by Slide Shoot Team in April 2022, Slide Shoot is Small studio based in Indonesia.

We often make any fonts variation that are first drawn through hand sketches, then processed into digital form.

Our goal is to create high-quality, well-crafted, modern fonts, scripts, and cursives that are developed for a variety of uses and purposes, and available for sale at affordable prices.We strive to create quality fonts. We are not looking for quantity, we are looking for quality

Slope Type Foundry is an independent type foundry located in Washington, USA, founded by Nicholas Houlding. With a background in logo and branding design, Nick's expertise shines through the simple yet striking typefaces he meticulously develops. Aspiring to create stellar quality fonts which hold to the highest of technical standards, Slope Type Foundry aims to augment known styles with unique perspective.

“Art calls for complete mastery of techniques, developed by reflection within the soul.” - Bruce Lee

Soar Studio is running by Piotr Ciesielski, a Poland based designer. He's focused on branding, illustration and type design for sports, lifestyle and entertainment industries. With passion for type, his main goal is to offer innovative and practical fonts that are useful for different needs.

In Soar Studio's type catalogue you can find unique, high-quality display fonts, which will add new personality to your projects.

Soares was founded in 2020 by Debora Soares. Soares makes fonts inspired by those of the science fiction genre. Soares is offering contemporary fonts with a broad spectrum of uses, excellent for both digital and print purposes.

Based in London, Soda is a young foundry designing and selling quality pop fonts. We are 100% committed to the study of typography. We keep it simple, but we make it with love.

Our background has been teaching and studying typography since 2012; we've spent all these years designing fonts for others, but now we've formed Soda to fulfil our dreams and start competing with other talented foundries worldwide.

As a team, we say hello to all our friends out there.

Have a great one.

Soerat Co. is a typefoundry result of the collaboration of 2 peoples who are interested in the field of type design. Soerat Co. based in Temanggung, Indonesia. During the last 6 years of working in the font design industry, we have strived to produce functional font families according to design requirements. We also consider the legibility and aesthetic aspects of the fonts we create.

Our interest in typography and the desire to retail our font family, namely "Kyotce" which is made with attention to legibility and aesthetic elements

My name is Muhajir; I am a type designer based in Aceh, Indonesia. I am a graphic designer who will consistently sell my products on this web. I have been using fonts for more than 2 years and my fonts can be used in packaging logos, wedding invitations, product logos, quotes, etc. I always improve the quality of my products every day and I have sold dozens of my own handmade fonts. I really hope I can join in selling my fonts on this web.

Sohel Studio is a type foundry based in Malang - Indonesia and founded by Akhmad Husain Rifa'i . We have a special love for unique serif typefaces but in addition, we design all kinds of retail and custom fonts that are high quality and have a soul. In we future projects, we want to reflect simplicity on the one hand and uniqueness on the other, providing the ability to adjust individual elements using OpenType features to the fullest. we amazed by the human ability to discover new and really beautiful and we want to develop this ability.

Something and Nothing is a type foundry based in Auckland, New Zealand. Our initial designs are locally inspired creations including the koru, which is often used in Maori art as a symbol of creation, based on the shape of an unfurling fern frond. Its circular shape conveys the idea of perpetual movement, and its inward coil suggests a return to the point of origin.

Sonar Hubermann is Indonesian based collaboration studio, retail and publisher. The foundry always doing collaboration with selected designers or studios to producing new fonts every month.

All fonts we designed is mainly used by our in-house designer to support several projects (Non-profit and/or Commercials use).

As a professional designer Company, Sopheynoft focused on font and digital design. Our company dedicated to creating high-quality and visually stunning designs that help businesses and individuals communicate their messages effectively. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity, our team of designers works tirelessly to craft custom fonts and artistic designs that not only meet, but exceed, the expectations of our clients.

Our services are highly specialized and cover a wide range of styles, from elegant and sophisticated to modern and edgy. With a deep understanding of typography and the latest design trends, our team is able to create fonts that perfectly capture the tone and style of our clients' brands.

In addition to font design, our business also specializes in art design, creating unique and captivating designs that help clients stand out in a crowded marketplace. Whether it's creating custom illustrations, infographics, or other graphic designs, our team is committed to delivering high-quality work that communicates your clients' messages clearly and effectively.

Overall, our design business is known for its exceptional attention to detail, unparalleled creativity, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. With a proven track record of success and a passion for design, Sopheynoft Company is poised to help businesses and individuals alike achieve their branding and design goals with ease.

Sorriso Design is a personal design studio located in China. The founder Yixiao Zhang is a type designer who have educational background as graphic designer. Because of the passion about different cultures, Sorriso Design dedicated to the design and development of fonts that integrate Eastern and Western aesthetics, and keen to discover more possibilities of type design.

Design studio based in Moscow, Russia. A creative team was formed at the Faculty of Graphic Design of the Stroganov Academy in 2018. We have broad experience in visual art, AD, and graphic design. Starting to make fonts in 2018, focused on aesthetics, functionality, legibility, fit for branding, and broad design purposes. Striving to make fonts that show high quality, is easy to use, and are simply good for display and text.

Spikerog Lab is a young type foundry specialized in natural script fonts that simulate true handwriting. This is achieved by typesetting alternates of each character randomly, and by combining these character variations differently. These features are known as Open Type Features and are widely supported by all professional graphic software but also often by more basic programs. We also offer a wide range of Ligatures and all characters of the Adobe Latin Set. Our goal is to offer you high end script fonts that look 99% natural.

Spilled Ink empowers creators to level up their design with sharp typography. Add a sophisticated, modern aesthetic to your next creation. We make carefully crafted, expressive and easy to apply typography that works in the world today. Revitalising classic concepts with a new, modern twist of energy is what we specialise in. This results in an understated simplicity with a high detail of personality.

Create with Spilled Ink.

Spilling Type is a small independent type foundry based in the middle of England. It is run by Joke De Winter, a self employed graphic & web designer. Spilling Type is the outcome of a long standing love of letters and type design. After years of playing around and making type for personal use it is finally time to publish some of these creations and make many more. The foundry creates typefaces mainly (but not exclusively) for display purposes for web and print.

Spirit & Bones is a German Foundry publishing fonts by artist and graphic designer Lena Schmidt. My website offers high quality retail and custom typefaces for all kinds of sports.¶Brilliant athletes wearing huge numbers—hardly anywhere have typefaces such an impact as in sports. In 2016, Christoph Koeberlin finally launched Sportsfonts, the type foundry specialized in high quality custom typefaces for teams that want to stand out.¶As a basis, Winner super family brings you the classic athletic aesthetics, finally as a versatile contemporary font family. Whatever you imagine beyond, feel free to contact us!¶
Founded by Jakub Spurný in 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic.
Sronstudio was founded in 2018 to house a small collection of fonts created by Muhamad Yusron Billah. Today Sronstudio we are largely known for hand lettered scripts, but we are passionate about making more diverse fonts in the future.

SRS Type is a Seoul-based independent type foundry created by type and brand designer Soung-ryung Shin. We aim to develop visually captivating and highly individualistic typefaces. We pursue the beauty and creativity of type design, providing our customers with unique and original fonts. To achieve this, we embrace various design trends and cultural inspirations, incorporating them into our distinctive font designs. We strive for continuous innovation in the field of font design, emphasizing the visual elements and aesthetic features of fonts. Our developed typefaces are suitable for a wide range of design projects, including branding, posters, advertisements, and more.

Stabenfonts is a small font foundry based in Hamburg, Germany.
Hello! My name is Muhammad Akbar and I design fonts under the foundry name of Stasy Font. After spending 5 years (2013-2018) as a calligrapher, I became interested in hand-lettered font designs and in early 2019 I started to learn font design. ""Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance."" That's a quote from Samuel Johnson, which encouraged me until my first font, November Rainbow, was completed in November 2019. I am now continuing this ""Great Work"" full time from my home studio in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Stationjack is a professional font foundry based in the UK that creates eye catching and varied fonts from vintage. distressed. Victorian, to fun comic style typefaces.

As an experienced illustrator specializing in T-Shirt design I became frustrated with not being able to source suitable fonts for my designs.. So I started designing my own.

This foundry considers attention to detail very important and my aim is to create solid, functional and professional looking fonts.


Located in the Thonglor district of Bangkok, Stawix was founded in 2012 and named for its founder, Stawix Ruecha. The foundry has since strived to reach its three main objectives. “First, our foundry was founded in the hope of starting a movement by designing Latin fonts and Thai alphabets that are suitable, in terms of design, for both languages while providing new possibilities,” Stawix says. “Second, we aim to enhance and maintain the standards of the Thai Type Design industry with fresh ideas. And lastly, we want to continue to pass on our knowledge of type design to the next generation of designers.”
Steermax is a font designer specializing in developing fonts, for various applications. I try to create a large number of quality fonts with a wide range of implementations. My main goal with SteerFonts is to create high-quality and stylish fonts that people will like, and they will use my fonts in logos, videos, on other projects.
Stefani Letter was founded in 2020 to house a small collection of fonts created by Stefani Tri Rosa. Today Stefani Letter is home to a still small, but a diverse library of unique display type. We are also largely known for hand-lettered scripts.

Stefano Giliberti was born in the southern side of Italy at the start of the nineties. He designed, coded, written products that have been sold and downloaded more than 100,000 times receiving an average rating of 4¿¿ stars.

His font families, both commercial and free, have been featured in numerous magazines and used in just as many design creations, both digital and physical.

Stefano Tonti is a graphic designer based in Rimini (Italy), and collaborates with cultural institutions and events; his works have been selected for two Compasso d'Oro award, and exposed and published in websites, design books and magazines worldwide.

He¿¿™s been General secretary 2015-2018 of Aiap, italian Association for the design of Visual Communication.

Boboli is his first font, a reflection about the relationship between nature and design.

Based in Groenlo, the Netherlands, Stephan Kamperman began his career as a graphic designer. While making logos he always had special attention for typography. It was here that he started to get the first ideas for creating fonts. As he started designing letters for specific logos, he started to wonder how other letters in the same style would look like and decided to make his first font Robeaugo.

Stolat Studio (mean happy birthday or 100 years in polish) is a Warsaw based creative agency specialized in branding, communication design, strategy and typography. Our goal is to provide high quality visual content and products that last for at least one hundred years. Stolat Studio was raised by Michal Janica, Igor Kubik & Ania Wielunska.

Hieelo my name is Panji and designa font with the name foundry Storictype. is type foundry based in Indonesia, i was ready for a new challenge.

Storictype Foundry is an digital type foundry with a focus on display typefaces. founded in the middle of 2018. Storictype Fonts was inspired by the old type style. I soon found passion in victorian typeface.Since then I have turned my freelance business into type casting, with the goal of creating my work with distinctive typography that catches the eye

StratosMFonts is a foundry founded in 2020 during the quarantine period in Athens.

Efstratios, the owner, is a multifunctional tech-savvy persona that enjoys surfing amongst platforms and technologies. His artistic point of view affects his style in every professional and personal task that he undertakes. From photography to multimedia synthesis,and music composition, he has a detailed and worth-telling agenda that surprises even the skeptic ones.

Hello, I am Virgiawan Listanto, based in Serang-Banten, Indonesia. Stringlabs Creative Studio, founded in 2015, is a foundry that builds tools and type, basically to showcase and promote its typography. we started making fonts as a hobby in 2019, and focuses on handwritten, brush, and display fonts and also blackletter font because he thinks they are more useful and long-lasting. also tries to make things easy and smart for designers.

Apart from fonts, I love all forms of creativity; layout design, UI/UX Design, and more.

My name is Nanda Putra Sukmayadi and I design fonts under the name Strong. Founded in 2020, Strong Studio is a font design studio based in Aceh, Indonesia, where I am now pursuing my new passion entirely from my home studio. I draw letters and I like all forms of creativity. I love to make beautiful things and experimental typography and keep learning new things.

I launched my first font at the end of 2019. Since then I have changed my freelance business to Type Foundry.

StuArt is a type foundry by Andrea Stuart. It was inspired by, and specializes in handwriting fonts.
Studio 85 Design is a group of designers with a simple goal: Make More Great Stuff. Each of us have worked in a variety of design production fields ranging across entertainment, fashion, print & digital publication, commercial and pharmaceutical advertising. We traverse these different landscapes ¿¿“ then meet regularly to concept and design new ideas for typestyles that will serve to enhance designer's needs, and also make us thrilled at the challenge of doing something new. We design fonts to express our creativity. We also design fonts for clients. There is a growing demand for custom, unique fonts. Creators of apps and games, social media leaders who want their individuality expressed in a typestyle or handwriting, and innovative brands that want to stand apart from their crowded market, are some of our favorite clients and partners. We are always excited to explore new directions to help create bespoke font designs.
Studio Bayley is run by William Suckling, a London based brand designer who has worked in a variety of industries from, food and drink to tech and real estate. Each project starts with a mark, and that mark has to be unique, so every mark starts with a typeface. But nothing off the shelf. It has to be unique in a fast paced world. No templates here! The design of custom marks has now expanded into the design of full typefaces. So now each typeface can become a unique mark of its own.
Studio Buchanan is a creative foundry specialising in bespoke and commercial type design, branding and illustration

Studio Fat Cat is a new type foundry from Indonesia founded in early 2022 by Atok Khoirudin.

Studio Fat Cat is aiming to produce and distribute high quality typefaces for creatives and professionals. As a new player in this game Studio Fat Cat will make sure that fonts they produced are really easy to use in any devices. All advices are very welcomed for Studio Fat Cat's future.

Best Regards,

Atok Khoirudin, Studio Fat Cat

Contact: [email protected]

Studio Gulden was founded in 2021. located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Starting with the determination to have a large office that can accommodate friends who want to learn or just stop by, we started to pursue this field until now and beyond. In this short journey, of course, there are many obstacles that must be passed, we always have discussions to solve problems, collect ideas, and others. We form the image of this company that is fun, playful and goes with the times. Currently, we have added a team to assist in working on projects and it is undeniable that in the future we will get bigger and continue to grow. In creating new works, we have to look at the latest trends that exist. The goal is to provide for people who want to create and express themselves around the world.

Hello I am Helena and I am the creator behind Studio Indigo. I work as graphic designer, Illustrator and Calligrapher. My love and passion for writing and drawing letters finally led me into designing fonts. I can hardly immagine anything more elegant and beautiful than well proportioned roman capitals. The classic letter shapes are my main source of inspiration as well as midcentury typography.
Glow in the dark stars on my ceiling, my bass guitar on the wall and a record collection on vinyl. Car-wise I prefer American muscle over Italian style, though in clothing it’s the other way around. In all seriousness, I went to art school in Groningen where I developed an affinity for photography. In more recent years I discovered typography and fell in love. Typography; the art of arranging type or processing data and printing from it — This includes choice of font, line height and whitespace. If done correctly, it’ll enhance the text it’s representing. My fonts will gladly assist you in telling your story, the client’s story or one of old nana’s stories. If you have any questions, drop me a line @

Studio Principle Type is a boutique type foundry with a keen sense of curiosity and a heavy dose of experimentation. Founded in 2018, Studio Principle Type is dedicated to designing uniquely beautiful, high-quality, functional fonts. Inspired by the printed world and digital interfaces these influences are the catalyst that sets the creative process in motion. Studio Principle Type, passionately devoted to creativity and a systematic approach to design.

Founded in 2017, Studio Sun is a typography design studio based in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Our services include Typeface Custom, Font Retailing, and Stock Images that are designed by combining the creative thinking and authenticity. As we live in Indonesia with its wealth of cultural and natural values, we also attempt to include those values in our work.

Laurens Art is an independent designer focused on typography, branding and animation. His fonts include six weights, with a range of latin languages and alternative characters implemented. He creates exclusive and professional fonts to help designers create effective and unique communication. Besides creating typefaces, he has a passion for working on web projects, illustration, and editorial design.

Studio Vachement was founded in 2020 by Philip C. Waschmann in Hamburg, Germany. Working as an Art Director for large international and small companies with focus on gastronomy and hotel industry, his style is inspired from old letterpress printing processes & handcrafting, always with an eye on a slightly imperfect perfection. The main goal is to create high-quality and classy fonts which suit any designer¿¿™s project including the web, print, logo etc.
Designer/Director living in the great land of Provo Utah, USA.
Suamzu Art is the Medan city based type and graphic design studio of partners Suherman Tanjung and Amrullah. Both have deep backgrounds in product and graphic design and have now focused their love for typography and hand lettering by creating handmade typefaces that are versatile and modern. Their work calls upon typography but strives to render those influences in a way that appeals to the modern palate and fulfills the needs of today’s creative professional.
Type foundry since 2017 based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 

Sudaca* is a new Independent Type Design Studio based in Chill¿¿n, Chile. The Studio it's founded by the chilean type designer Alexis Navarro in 2021.

The Studio focuses in mixing techniques, craft, history and experimentation to create original, useful and beautiful retail and custom fonts.

Follow us on Instagram to find out more news and new releases.

*Sudaca: is a derogatory expression used to refer to the natives of South America.

sugargliderz is a very small foundry based in Japan.
Professional font designer, creating font works that are always trending with the market, creating fonts that are most liked by customers. My favorite type of font is simple and good in all types of script fonts, sans, and others. create works with new patterns. trying to make and form fonts that are easy to read vocabulary. don't forget to follow me to wait for the next font update. That is all and thank you

Sunday Type Co. is an independent type foundry that offers retail typeface designs. Founded in 2020 by David Silva, Sunday Type aims to produce typefaces for branding with unique characteristics, warmth, and personality. Each typeface is crafted with designers in mind to ensure that they are flexible and allow for individual expression no matter the project.

Sundaylab is a graphic design studio based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. For now we will start our focus on creating a font that will meet your design needs.

We will try to make something unique and interesting for you

so stay tuned for our interesting products and we will strive to bring new, updated, and fresh products to meet your design needs.

If you have questions and others, don't hesitate to ask us, we will try to always help you

Kind regards


Superpencil is an independent web development and design firm based in Tallinn, Estonia.

It creates typefaces inspired by blissful memories of CRT displays with blue-green-red dots, burnt-in NTSC television screens wobbling scanlines in the night, and pea soup coloured LCD screens.

Aimed at indie game creators, and providing multi-lingual support, bringing new memories modern screens is the mission.

"Hello. My name is Arief Tri Sulistiyono, from Indonesia, a based graphic designer, and specialty in font maker. After learning about fonts approximately a couple years ago, I was ready for a new challenge. I instantly discovered a passion in creating hand lettered fonts, and launched my first font in 2020. Since then, I’ve created a couple of fonts and try to sell in every marketplace website. Many designers or just users are looking to find unique and exciting fonts for their own design projects. I am now pursuing this new venture full time from my home studio in Jawa Tengah."
Roman Postovoy is a web and graphic designer based in Dedovsk, Russia. For more than two years I have been creating various posters, mostly based on typography. After more than three hundred poster works, I thought that it would be cool to create my own fonts to also use them in your work. Typography has always inspired me. I often photograph posters on the streets, individual letters or words on the walls, product labels or logos. I was very impressed by the typography of the Bauhaus period and the period of Swiss typography. This inspiration will greatly influence poster work in the future. Fonts are everywhere around you and now I like to create my own fonts.
Creative Lab.
Surplus Type Co is focused on creating unique and highly usable fonts. We specialize in realistic hand drawn & hand painted products with some popular examples including Westfalia, Rhythmic, Festival & Strive.
Susan Brand Design was founded in 2011, starting out as a graphic design - jack of all trades. It has now grown to a fine art studio specializing in fine art handmade products from fonts to illustrations.
SweetCake is a new Brazilian type foundry. A designer with extensive knowledge in various areas, such as lettering and kinetic typography, starting in the font creation field. It has the objective to make fonts with many variations that can be used worldwide, in many types of projects.
Based in Germany, Sweetest Goods started in 2019 as a side project. The independent foundry quickly grew its online presence and portfolio. Specializing in well-crafted fonts with lots of character, the Sweetest Goods team constantly pushes themselves to explore new type styles and designs. “At SG we want to create type that you love to use. We want you to see the effort and care we put into every product. Creating fonts has been the most rewarding endeavor we took on so far and we can’t wait to see what type the future holds.”
Building on decades of experience as a designer of fonts for comic books, video games, TV shows and movies, John Roshell's Swell Type takes inspiration from the real-world signs and scenery of California, presenting fun, friendly, functional fonts inspired by everything from the Gold Rush and fruit-crate labels to surf and skateboard culture, Silicon Valley, aerospace industry and entertainment biz -- all with the lively energy and fun for which his creations for the comic lettering studio Comicraft are known and loved.

Hello! My name is Syafwan Mus and I design fonts under the foundry name of Syafbe. After spending 6 years as a freelance graphic designer in the restaurant industry, I was ready for a new challenge. I instantly discovered a passion in serif font designs, and launched my first typeface in 2020. I was born to get my hand¿¿™s dirty crafting and creating; I publish my photography and writing, as well as enjoying custom typography and creating gorgeous fonts.

Syifidz was founded in 1995 to house a small collection of fonts created by Ahmad Alkandary.

Sylvain Zimmer is a graphic designer, with an IT specialist background, who loves to create new logos and fonts and work on visual identities and layout design. He has been working with Photoshop for years and loves doing photo retouching and composition. He has also worked on video editing in the past and likes doing small 2D animations. Being from Quebec, Canada, he's skilled at writing in French but can also work on English projects.

"System B is a small independent foundry based in the west of France. Bob Nickas started publishing typefaces in 2020 on MyFonts as a side project to his graphic design studies. The fonts published on this platform are projects which he has first developed for his personal and professional use, and which he deems worthy of being shared to all. His work ranges from the digitization of old display typefaces to modern sans serif systems."

System2084 Type is the work of London based designer, Greg Woodard. With a particular interest in image-based, experimental typography and display type, System2084 Type explores the balance of legibility and form. Type systems, neo-futurist and contemporary are recurring themes and inspiration. System2084 Type aims to create modern and unique letter forms.

Syzmon Furjan is an artist, graphic designer, and typeface designer. Based out of Poland, he connects with people all around the globe to collaborate on creative endeavors. His talents are applied to a wide variety of projects in various fields, including User Interface elements, Logos and other marketing material, Websites, Video Games, and yes, Typefaces.
SzymonType: Szymon Sznajder (1977); typographer, font and book designer, lives and works in Poznan. Currently, he runs an individual and independent graphic studio, where he actively designs typefaces and publications. He provides subject called Print Preparation for students of the Poznan University of Arts. He graduated from the University, where he obtained Bachelor and the Master Degrees. He prepared his diplomas’ fonts in the Type Design Studio lead by prof. Krzysztof Kochnowicz. Szymon is the laureate of number of rewards and distinctions. For instance, both (bachelors and masters) fonts projects were qualified to Diploma Project Review-Graduation Projects, and after his Master’s Degree, he became a laureate of Maria Dokowicz`s scholarship.
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.