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Radko Hromátka is a graphic and type designer from Prague, Czech Republic. Radko has worked as a graphic designer for various agencies, producing artwork, brands, corporate publicities and print layouts. He has been participating on the book design for the poetry collection by creating book structure and illustrations. He established his own creative studio, Tygra Publishing, in 2006. In 2010 Radko created the art deco sans caps family Galanda Moderna and in 2012 the polygonal typeface Vaba. The fonts are distributed on Myfonts and Hypefortype. Galanda Moderna typeface will be published in the book of Czech digitized fonts 1990 - 2010 prepared under the Auspices of the Academy of arts architecture and design, Prague.
Ray Cruz has received over 30 graphic and type design awards for his work. He is a member of the Type Directors Club, the Society of Typographic Aficionados (SoTA) and the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI).
Founder Steve Jackaman has assembled an impressive selection of releases through his International Type Foundry and Red Rooster Type Collection.
What should you expect from Remote Inc’s StayPretty collection? Captivating curves and seductive serifs, says founder Mark Herd.
Japanese fonts from Ricoh
Robert Howell has been creating typefaces and designing broadcast graphics since 1993. Experience pays off in this innovative collection.

RMU Typedesign is the vendor's label of Ralph Michael Unger who was born in Rudolstadt, formerly in East Germany, in 1953.

After his years in school, he completed an apprenticeship as a compositor in a small Thuringian printing shop in which he still came in touch with lead letters, composing sticks, and galleys. A true, baptized disciple of Gutenberg, he worked many years as an advertising setter on Linotype machines, photosetting stations, and finally with the Mac in various print shops.

In 1995, he established his own studio in Aalen, in the state of Ba-den-Wuerttemberg. What started as a hobby, the digitization of fonts, has become his major field of occupation. He opened his own label RMU Typedesign in 2009, and now lives and works in Schwaebisch Gmuend.

Robert Arnow first became interested in art as a graffiti-writer in Brooklyn, and then went on to study illustration at Parsons. After graduation, he worked on a wide variety of projects for high-profile clients including Apple, Microsoft, the Washington Post Magazine, Blue Note Records, the Boston Globe and many others. His work has been featured in the Society of Illustrators National Exhibition, Step-by-Step Graphics, and photographs of his work have appeared in the SF Chronicle and other newspapers. He is currently the creative director and owner of Incitement Design, a socially conscious design firm.
Roland Hüse Design is an independent freelance type foundry¶¶Roland Hüse has taken specialized Art Classes in High School and later tried his hands at tattooing, but only found his true calling in graphic design a few years ago. ¶¶Currently into type design (since 2012) and Branding work.
Roy Cole typography was formed in 2003 by the British typographer Roy Cole (1932-2012). Roy was the only British compositor to study at the Allgemeine Gewerbeschule in Basle, Switzerland, under the tutelage of Emil Ruder, the master of modern typography. At this time, in the 1950s-1960s, the Gewerbeschule was host to a particularly formidable team of tutors - Robert Büchler, Kurt Hauert, Armin Hofmann, and Ruder himself - and created a typographic style that attained world recognition. Roy pursued his practise in Switzerland and the UK working, in the main, for a range of prestigious publishers, museums, and public libraries. The objective of Roy Cole typography in 2003 was to further develop the san serif style of typefaces and Roy designed Lina (2003), Zeta (2006), Colophon (2009), and Coleface (2012).
René Bieder is a Berlin based Designer and Art Director. Before becoming a self-taught type designer, he was working in various advertising agencies. Since 2012 he is developing type families ranging from display to text usage. Two of his type families became Myfonts' most successful releases of the year in 2012 and 2013.
R9 Type+Design is a small independent type foundry from Canada. Established in 2016 – by Tana Kosiyabong and Sir Angus of Gastown, the French Bulldog – R9 has focused on crafting retail and custom typefaces with love.

RA is a studio founded by a graphic designer. Based in Vladivostok, Russia.

Our goal is to show the beauty and variety of letterforms.

Our fonts help designers bring a playful mood to any typography.

The studio specializes in simple and fun grotesque fonts with curious letterforms that are fun and easy to work with.

Rachel McBride Creative is named after its creator not because it's the easiest way to go, but it makes the most sense. It's a one-woman show that oozes southern creativity. Design work completed and curated by this foundry includes: Typefaces and Fonts, Logo and Promotional Design, Book Cover Design, Fashion and Picture Editorials, Animations, and Website/Blog Design.
Well, Rafaeiro is a type foundry of a single designer, The name besides being the junction of the names Rafael & Ferreira also expresses, in Portuguese, the sense made by Rafa (or Rafaelices maker). Beginner, Rafael Ferreira started his interest in type design for genuine curiosity which led to an improved addiction / passion in communities and forums of criticism and design. The Foundry always want to explore the most of available technological resources creatively and deliver technically effective results.

We at RagamKata, are happy to deliver very creative and innovative fonts and typefaces. If you need to buy some handmade fonts that will make your brand, business stand out then you are in the right place. At RagamKata, we are dedicated to offering you amazingly designed handmade fonts at very economical rates. We have curated some of the best free font in a handwritten style. Delivering a diverse range of fonts we guarantee that you will be free to use them for personal and commercial uses.

Molo! My name is Glen Nyundu, a self taught designer based in Mpumalanga, South Africa. After publishing my first commercial mobile game, I was ready for a new start in a alternative industry. Font design became my new focus and I have since then started the type foundry RainBomb Studio. I aim to create designs that break away from the grain and inspire people to create great products. Game development will always be my first love, and I look forward to creating a custom type for my next title.

Rajesh started designing typefaces out of love when one of his mentors asked him to work on his typography to improve his visual design skills. He looks at the typefaces from a graphic design lens; hence, all of his typefaces fall under the category of Display typefaces. He enjoys creating typefaces which have uniqueness and their own identity. Rajesh has designed several free typefaces to contribute to the design industry. He is now focusing on developing high-quality commercial display typefaces.

Ramen is a brand new foundry that has just completed it's first font, Sidestroke. Based in Sydney, Australia, lead designer Dave Wells began his love of typography at a young age taking in inspiration from illustrative sources like cartoons. He was also heavily inspired by hand-painted signs at the local shops. Growing up, Dave found more chances to learn about typography through graffiti, but once studying, was able to learn about more practical avenues for lettering and typography.

Hi, I'm a freelance brand designer and one of my hobbies is create typefaces and since I'm designing them, why not share them with the world as a side project? I love it as a side project, not as a full-time job because its a thing I like to do with no pressure, on my own time. It's just like building Legos, piece to piece and in the end everything comes together :)

Hi font lovers. I'm Endri Sulistyawan. I create fonts and own studio named "Rashatype". Rashatype is a studio that focuses on creating beautiful font but friendly font. Rashatype was founded in 2021 located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I hope every single letter I made will give you happiness and be useful for many people in the world. Rashatype will always try to give satisfaction to every customers by providing good and precision fonts. Thank you.

I like to create unique, never been seen type fonts. Growing up in the Los Angeles area, I was influenced by all the different types of Graffiti (Art) on the walls and buildings along the 110 South Freeway. My goal is to make original fonts that reflect the walls of Los Angeles. I go by the name of RawToons which means Raw=Fresh Toons=Animated Style. My fonts are fresh and alive, haha. I have been doing Professional art and design for over 20 years. I have done work for Nike, Tim Burton, Adam Sandler, Boo Yaa Tribe, DBoy223, Kaze Jones, Ariano, Hitta J3, R3L Entertainment, Ice Wata, Straight Outta Little Tokyo, 110 South Streetwear , Plug The City, and numerous others. Recently, created a new style called the Graff-A-Bet (c)..incorporating all the various Graff styles into one word. Currently running a clothing line

Hi there! I am Rebecca Larson, a one-person digital type foundry based in Lancaster, PA, but can travel anywhere! I recently graduated from Penn State University in 2022 with a new passion for creating fonts that bring out the fun in designs. I love the process of creating new fonts and have absolutely fun perfecting the design. If you want to see more of my other projects check out my website,

We are a professional foundry based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. With more than five years of experience in graphic design (logo, corporate identity, poster, book cover, calligraphy, wall decoration), we understand the needs of designers in the market. We determined to produce the best fonts for your various visual graphic needs. Please enjoy our work.
Foundry owner Rodney Vicik began his career as a sign painter back in 1980. Back then truck lettering, boat lettering and storefronts were all done by hand with brushes and paint. During those early years, Rodney began buying books on alphabets and lettering design. His extensive collection would eventually grow to include many rare lettering books dating back to the 1800s. It is this collection that continues to provide inspiration for the retro logos and type styles that have characterized his designs. The name Red Rocket Signs was chosen for his business because it conjured up images of a by-gone era where space travel was still a dream and hand lettering was a much sought after craft. Today Rodney divides his time between hand crafting signs, pinstriping guitars and motorcycles and designing vintage style display type for signs and graphics.
Redcollegiya is a graphic designer and a vector artist having a portfolio of illustrations on leading microstock sites. She also has experience with practical work of books design for a major children's publisher in Moscow, Russia. She very much loves to create different lettering or calligraphic compositions and funny handwritten letters for kids stuff design. And thanks to that, she got a dream to create her own original typefaces. Her favorite fonts styles is calligraphic, handwritten or cartoon, funny, cozy and cute.
Redy is an independent Type and Graphic Designer, If you would like to talk about a project or want to find out more about what we can do, Just call :)
Hi. My name is Ryan. Since the beginning of this year, I have been trying to make all kinds of handwritten fonts especially script fonts. To channel this hobby, a foundry font called ReivNick was created in 2020. ReivNick is an independent type foundry based in Malang, Indonesia which focuses on script fonts for photography, branding, quotes, and Logos.
Rekord is a type and design studio located in Hamburg, Germany.
Remedy667 was created on cold dark night in Detroit, Michigan. It specializes in creating type influenced by classic horror films and punk rock. Since 2011 it has been managed by sole proprietor, Nick Polifroni, from his home in southern Maine.
REN FONT / Typographics REN is a highly acclaimed company that has been repeatedly winning awards in the typeface category of the "Yearbook", an exhibition of works sponsored by the Japan Typography Association (NPO). Established in 2001, REN FONT / Typographics REN aims to bring a breath of fresh air to the font industry. The fonts created by Company representative and type designer Kazuo Kanai are highly regarded by professional designers for their high quality.

Established in 2018 by communication designer and Art Director Francis Kenney, is an independent creative agency, that focuses upon supplying fonts and professional quality studio standard resources for design, brand & identity. was formed from Francis¿¿™ passion for designing letterforms.

He designs and art directs book covers and interiors, and motion graphics for the Publishing industry.

Resident is a font foundry based in New York City.
Rex Face is an exciting new foundry with great ambitions. With designers from the UK agency T.Rex Design, Rex Face is a new typographic shoot from deep design roots. Our background in branding and graphic design allows us to see typography from the other side and understand what designers are looking for. We aim to create fonts that will add some zing to your design projects.

ReyreyBlue Std Foundry is an independent type based in Magelang, Indonesian. We are passionate about creating our own simple, new and has unique style. We tried to create fonts by sharing a large selection and focusing on the newest thing that the maket wants.

Our work is to create beautiful and also useful typefaces, either for professional design projects or personal use. We aim to create coll and high - quality fonts.

"1. Rezastudio, a market name that markets cool and original fonts. 2. Rezastudio, a market located in Indonesia. 3. Rezastudio, provides quality fonts that can help customers in their interests, for example to create a writing logo, make it right, write cool labels and others. 4. Rezastudio hopes that currently want to make / add a lot of products, so that it can help customers"

Welcome to RGB Studio. A design studio that was founded in 2021, located in Tuban Indonesia.

We are professional beautiful font designers, the focus of our font work is calligraphy, scripts, to cute and unique fonts.

You can check out some of my lettering work here:

I'm a new designer and can develop my art and compete with great designers on My Fonts, See my artwork: as a guide. MyFonts has been around for a long time and has many customers/buyers. MyFonts has a simple and distinctive web interface that is very friendly with good product promotions for customers. I am also on the team from Senior Studio and hope to open a shop on My Fonts.
My name is Nur Rohman Rizki from Indonesia and I designed a font with the name Rissyletter Studio. I just became interested in the world of fonts around August 2020 but now, I have made several fonts that have their own characteristics compared to other fonts. I work as a part-time freelancer at home because I also work in a state company. Working there does not deter my intention to make fonts, because I love making fonts.

Ribeth Studio is a single-person type foundry run by Davis Andi Pradana, a Klaten-Indonesian based type enthusiast who loves to do lettering and experiment with letterforms.

Ribeth Studio provides typefaces with a healthy amount of experimental touch and Each typeface, even the one that appears most anonymous, has its own personality.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality fonts that can please people all over the world, and help them achieve their goals.

You can check some of my lettering work here :

and here's for my font shop :

I look forward to the good news

All my best,

Ribeth Studio

RicardoLetters is a foundry created by a Colombian graphic designer fond of letters, he strives to create high quality typefaces with a wide range of uses at good prices. Thanks to his passion for design and lettering, he seeks to create truly unique typefaces for a variety of uses, including artistic. RicardoLetters is made up of Ricardo Arley Pati¿±o a Graphic Designer, amateur calligrapher and Lettering artist.

Ridtype Foundry is a Graphic Design studio, we focus on digital Typefaces only. We take great pride in our high attention to detail and the creativity we work with. We are also very interested in creating designs that are not only unique, but can also be used in various design projects both small and large. Our Marketing Department helps us stay at the forefront of today's fast-paced design and technological advances. By doing so, we keep our work up-to-date in every need that the market needs.

We mainly produce fonts by presenting an attractive appearance so as to create unique characters from each letter that we produce.

Rifa Studio was founded in 2020 and is run by Riza Fahmi. I love to draw letters, fall in love with writing and write letters for a living. I love exploring and seeing how typography reflects a brand's personality. I want to continue to develop my creativity and use my passion to bring greater benefits to myself and the designer community. Founded Rifa Studio to help designers choose their projects. I concentrate on handcrafted quality fonts, mostly script styles and more. Now pursuing my new passion completely from my home studio. Turned my freelance business into a type designer.

Rita Bernardo is a graphic designer based in Leiria, Portugal.

Rita studied art at high school, and is now finishing a graduation in Graphic Design at Escola Superior de Artes e Design (ESAD.CR), Caldas da Rainha.

I designed this font, due to the great interest that I manifest in typography and the area of ¿¿‹¿¿‹arts and design and to share it with everyone.

Rivian is a type foundry based in Tulungagung, Indonesia. We focus on font design since 2020 and prefer to design fonts such as serif and sans-serif typefaces that can be generally used for any projects. We make modern and elegant fonts that are suitable for your projects like websites, applications, games, printing, advertising and other designs.
I¿¿™m Riz; working as a Graphic Design Artist since more than 10 years specializing in Logo branding and web design. Illustrations and Typography is my strength as well. Expert in Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I have studied graphic design and I got certification in 2009. I still learn every day to improve myself. Creating designs is my passion and I never get tired when I work on my designs. I've designed a variety of brochures, Logo, posters, web designs, t-Shirts, magazines and much more.
RMtype is the personal foundry for Rob McConnell. I am an educator, designer, and eternal student.
RNS Fonts is a independent, digital type foundry from Caracas, Venezuela, founded by Yorlmar Campos in 2003 and relaunched in 2014. Yorlmar is a venezuelan architect, his work has always been focused on graphic design, type design and signage systems.

Roams Type Co is an Independent digital type foundry with a focus on vintage typography, founded in Bandung, Indonesia by graphic designer, Abdul Rochman.

Roams Type Co was inspired by vintage lettering designs commonly used for product labels, letter design money, glass gilded handwritten chromolithography, signpainting, signwood in the mid-century. Handwritten chromolithography is the main source of inspiration and most of the products are released for the apparel industry, food and beverage industry as brand identity, etc. That's why Roams Type Co creates unique and antique with high-quality craft typography for your product design needs

When I was in High school I was picked to design the logo & cover for my school play which was “On the Waterfront”. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy. I credit that piece as the beginning of my fascination with hand lettering and how it can help to convey not only meaning but passion, power etc. Not to mention introducing me to the pure pleasure of working with letters. From there I began my journey into lettering and font design. In my long graphic career I mostly focused on the entertainment industry creating logos and film title design for the music & video industry, anything that was fun. This is what I bring to my font designing. Entertainment is still my focus, plus a long study and ongoing experiments with the letter form. I am also a painter and these two passions have rivaled for my attention, over the last 40 years, as my website shows. See more of my work at: Also check me out on Facebook “Font and Letter Form Experiment”.
"Hi There, I am a graphic designer from Jambi, Indonesia. I really love lettering, I've been writing lettering for more than 4 years, and I want to dive into the world of fonts through the Monotype sites, I hope that by working on this, my fonts can be enjoyed by many people. Everyday I make fonts in the blackletter style, but I can use any font style. most of my clients are tattoo craftsmen. Thank You."
Rocket Type is the wild and whimsical foundry of Squid and Steve. They specialize in playful, childlike and handmade fonts that would be perfect for children's books & programming, board games or mobile apps that require a touch of innocence.

Hi, I'm Roberto, the founder of Rodigi, I was born on July 28, 1969 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The passion for typography began at an early age, making my first doodles on a sheet of paper, a practice that I still maintain today.

Upon entering the Architecture career, over time I was perfecting my technique, and incorporating all the technical notions of typography as well as design in general.

I would feel very proud of any of my creations, whether chosen for a professional project or for everyday use by all people.

Independent graphic designer, typographer, member of Signature Type Foundry group

Multidisciplinary designer from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Graduated Industrial design in Poland in 2018.

For a year worked as a graphic designer in agencies.

After, found an interest in freelance and b2b branding design.

In jan 2020 have created the first display font.

Create professional, functional & aesthetic works.

My name is Roman Polishchuk. I started learning typography in 2008 while I was in college. Though many years have passed since then, my love of fonts hasn’t gone away. Being a confident graphic designer, I realize that I still lack a variety of fonts that are available to me. My goal in the near future is to create high-quality fonts with strong visual and technical aspects. I hope I will be able to help my colleagues, and anyone who needs me, in solving interesting typographical problems.
Rometheme is an independent web design, graphic design and type design studio. Founded by Yahdi Romelo - designer and artist based in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. We focus on Font creator, mockups template, Graphic templates, Adobe Muse template and Web templates.
Graphic and typeface designer from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
"Welcome to Ronin Design foundry, founded in 2020 by designer from Malang, Indonesia, you can found cool and stunning font here, Ronin Design focus on making a display font and typeface which will match the logo type, branding, advertising, poster and t-shirt design, I hope my fonts can help make your project more perfect, and stay tuned for my next update. Please feel free to contact me." Email: [email protected]

I am a font maker with a lot of experience & I always give the best quality of my work. Graphic quality for characters is very important to me and I always make the best quality and font choices in my portfolio. I am an expert and I am happy with my work. I'm an expert at creating fonts with unique styles, so they can tie their own charm. I have developed my font work in many different markets and I want to expand my portfolio.

Thank you.

"Established in 2013, Royalclub is a dynamic, independent agency fueled by multidisciplinary creativity and the lead brand of the RC group. Our agility and unique, multi-faceted skill sets allow us to collaborate with many of the world’s leading brands, including Nike, in both China and the US. Combining traditional and digital media, we produce art & design projects to help influential brands be inspiring & significant in this rapidly changing world. Whilst we work in numerous business sectors, our hearts and minds are focused on the following four: sports, street wear, gaming & emerging cultures."
A one man foundry by Rúben R Dias. He researches and writes about the historical portuguese typographic developments and is currently working in his PhD for FAUTL, on Royal Printing Office typefaces. He has been lecturing type design and typography at ESAD.CR, ESTAL, ETIC and is a regular lecturer at seminars conferences and workshops on type and typography, particularly at a letterpress workshop at AR.CO. Also works as a graphic and typeface designer and has been expanding his own letterpress workshop. Has founded, in 2003, the studio Item Zero, and more recently co-founded the collective Tipos das letras developing RUHA stencil and respective typefaces.
Ruben Hakobyan (Tarumian) Was born in 1963, in Yerevan. In 1985 has graduate Faculty of Architecture and Construction of the Yerevan Polytechnical Institute, having received qualification of the architect. The first works in typographics concern 1986th year. In 1989 has created one of the first in Armenia computer fonts for Xerox Ventura Publisher. His first Type1 fonts has created in 1991 year. The first Armenian fonts under ArTarumian brand has created in 1993 year. In 2007 year creates fonts of Arian family. Since 2006 is the chairman of NGO «Association of Type Designers». Is engaged in teaching activity. Has also the scientific works concerning to history of writing.
From Braga, Portugal, Rui Nogueira is a multidisciplinary graphic and web designer with years of experience mainly in communication, print and digital design, being the areas of greatest interest Web/UI design. As a designer that likes to experience all areas in the design world he got very curious about variable fonts. Started to play with the idea and thinking about the potential they offer. This is his new journey of adventure and learning experience in the world of typefaces. In 2020 he started his foundry to publish his work.
Rumor's Foundry was born in 2020, founded by Gabriele Bellanca, an Italian graphic designer based in Palermo, Sicily, to show out his best typography works. In brief, he's passionate about visual art, communication design, typography and works on new things with creative or basic ideas.

This foundry, with the name of runic world tamgaci, has been prepared as a platform to distribute font works developed on Old European Runic inscriptions, Old Asian Runic inscriptions, Old Hungarian Runic inscriptions, Runic inscriptions found in Africa and Arabian geography, and italic inscriptions such as Etruscan and Iberian. With new additions, the inventory of the foundry will be constantly updated and expanded. These Runic studies were made from scratch by looking at the relevant sources.

Runsell Type (Indonesia) was founded in 2014. We work as a team to create unique and original fonts.
Russian Fonts was founded in April 2015 by independent type designer Misha Panfilov in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Now we are based in Moscow. Misha began his career as a graphic and web designer in Saint-Petersburg. In early 2012, he began to practice calligraphy and this hobby motivated him to create his first typeface on the basis of calligraphy in 2013. Over the next two years, he has released more than 10 typefaces. Our company focuses on the development of multilingual typeface families; Cyrillic and Latin (western, central, south-east). We specialize on the display, script and text typefaces. Our goal for the near future to create high-quality typefaces with strong visual and technical aspects.

rvandtype is a design studio that focuses on making fonts, we are from Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. We have created many unique fonts that are suitable for your business. the types of fonts that we make such as handwritten, script, calligraphy, serif and display fontsrvandtype is a type of foundry originating from Indonesia. We have created many unique fonts that are suitable for your business and designs, such as business cards, logos, invitations, posters and more

Hi! I'm Ryan Creative living in Indonesia as a freelancer, gliding in the world of freelancers since the beginning of 2021. Motivation, Inspiration and Information. Starting to appear in this creative world, which made me awaken to create beautiful and good works. Every time I see other people's works, I glance at them and get interested, namely about Lettering, Typography, Handwritten and Signature. Remembering when writing manuals with sheets of paper and ink pens, always pay attention to the basic form of the writing. Until now, it turns out that there are many types, with unique styles and giving the impression of an interesting design, so I want to try it. Tried and tried, finally I reached the point where my goal is to be creative and create. By continuing to practice until I get a work that will change my life.

Ryan Ford is a Southern California-based designer and typographer. His work has been sought after by companies as big as Microsoft and Yahoo, and as small as the local neighborhood restaurant. His attention to detail and eye for typographic perfection are the keys to his success.
Ryan Keightley is a Bay Area-based graphic designer and illustrator.
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.