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Qassim Haider was raised in a creative environment from an early age. He was attracted to diverse disciplines of art and developed an interest in drawing, painting, calligraphy and designing.Acurious mind that constantly seeks knowledge, Qassim's portfolio extends to fields as diverse as Arabic calligraphy, typography and web programming.Qassim was commissioned to develop typefaces and calligraphy for different campaigns and creative projects. His work has been featured in publications and he has spoken at various art forums, since beginning of 2015 he launched his own business "" offering Arabic fonts & strategic design services.
Type foundry from Argentina
Quadrat Communications is a one-person graphic design firm based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Its owner, David Vereschagin, began creating fonts in 1992 with his first release, the humanist sans serif Clear Prairie Dawn. His current preoccupation as a font designer is to reflect the character of his adopted city, Toronto, in type.

Bring your creative projects to life with ready to use font assets from professional font creator, Qaratype is the place where you can find your fonts for use. Our focus is on providing fonts with unique characters to support a variety of creative needs.

we are a new collective Morrocan type foundry. a professional designer with lots of expereience in different areas like Type design, branding, packaging design and T-shirt Design... 

The foundry started because of that ¿¿” Providing bunch of fonts for prints, advertisement, logo, apps, fashions, invitations, cards and specially for Crafters who can make awsome designs for T-shirts and DIY projects.

Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.