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The Exclusive Collection
The Platinum Collection is an exclusive series of optimized classic typefaces in the Linotype Library. In close collaboration with world-famous type designers, Linotype has produced reworked, expanded typeface families that are both technologically and aesthetically up to date. These new typeface families have fine, harmonious weights; some have new italic weights and often come complete with Small Caps and Old style figures. All Platinum Collection typeface families have fine-tuned and perfected character fitting and forms.
P22 type foundry creates computer typefaces inspired by Art, History, and sometimes Science. P22 is renowned for its work with museums and foundations to ensure the development of accurate historical typefaces that are fully relevant for today's computer user. In addition to its in-house font design, P22 now licenses several new type designs from around the world.
Page Studio Graphics (founded in 1986) develops and publishes special purpose pictorial symbol fonts for the Macintosh and for PC/Windows computers, marketed under the trademark PIXymbols. All fonts are designed by Roger Vershen, and were released between 1987 and 2002.
High-quality typefaces with a distinctive Latin flavor. Enjoy 14 spicy new designs from designer and PampaType founder Alejandro Lo Celso.
Formed in 1990, Panache Typography features the impressive work of notable designers David Farey and Richard Dawson.
Greek type foundry
One of the largest font collections for international typography, the character sets cover Western & Central European, and Cyrillic languages.
Jim Parkinson was born in Richmond, California, in 1941, and he¿s been lettering ever since. He has been obsessed with type for the past thirty-five years. Doing business as Parkinson Type Design, Jim specializes in designing typefaces and typographic logos. In addition to his custom font work, Jim has designed dozens of retail fonts. In addition to the typefaces he has released through Parkinson Type Design, he has designed exclusive fonts for Adobe, Monotype, FontShop, The Font Bureau, Chank and ITC. His typographic logos appear on the covers of many magazines and newspapers, including Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Esquire, InStyle, El Graphico, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Detroit Free Pree, The Montreal Gazette, The National Post and Ilta=Sanomat.
Quirky, and innovative. Patricia Lillie Fonts are characterized by child-like whimsy, but have broad appeal in creative applications.
As a child I was fascinated by the multitude of letterforms that surround us, I would spend hours drawing words (and cars) in my sketchbooks. I don't know what happened to those sketches, but I certainly never made it as an automobile designer! Maybe there's a chance my fonts will prove more successful? As I grew up, I developed my artistic skills and became a technical illustrator and moved into graphic design with the advent of the Macintosh computer. At the age of 45 I rekindled my interest in typeface design and am thoroughly enjoying the process of font creation and producing some interesting typefaces of distinction. I'm still fascinated by the multitude of letterforms that surround us-and am very happy to be contributing my own.
PeGGO Fonts was founded in 2002 by Pedro González initially as a calligraphic fonts project. Their target is: artistical balance and technical compatibilities between function and aesthetics, between “graphic” design and typeface “styles.” Working not only on particular concepts according each project, but also special alternatives and attractive design features, such as: ligature and swash alternates, oldstyle curls, geometric proportion studies, optical adjustments, etc. All this powered by OTF technologies.
Daniel Pelavin is in his fourth decade of transforming and melding the images and cultural ephemera of our times into cogent and compelling messages for publishing, advertising and communication design.Working his way up through the ranks in the legendary art studios of Detroit, in the halcyon days of the early 1970's. Pelavin apprenticed and worked with artists from the entire gamut of graphic arts professionals, including, decorative, fashion, product and technical illustrators as well as letterers, typographers and designers. More than 30 years later, he has honed and polished his craft to become a celebrated illustrator and typographic designer with national and international clients, who shares his knowledge and experience with students and fellow professionals alike and continues to play a pioneering role in the evolution of digital art and the seamless merging of design and illustration.A fascination with letterforms from an early age has led him to create fonts, influenced by many different historical periods. While some are faithful to traditional forms and others reflect a unique take on idioms of the past, all are designed to be tools which provide a designer the freedom and inspiration to explore his own creative vision.
Phat Phonts is a new micro-foundry from Australia which specialises in value-for-money display faces of a funky and lively nature.
Philatype, founded in 2009, is a Philadelphia-based foundry offering typographic work by designer Kosal Sen.
phospho was founded 2008 by Vienna based graphic designer Roland Hörmann. The type foundry's first releases are inspired from historic shop signs and reflect Vienna's typographic individuality.
Maciej Wloczewski is a designer based in Warsaw - Poland. He specialises in typefaces for different purposes with extra features. Every project needs a different solution whether you're running a small, private business or big company. Attention to details and hard work are his distinctive features which developed during the studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He is also a co-owner of Portrait Insitute - creative, photography business.
Pink Broccoli is the brainchild of Phil Bracco, a budding graphic designer and graduate of Pratt Institute. He has always been attracted to playful type designs which lend themselves nicely toward children's books, light-hearted product packaging, and scrapbooking designs.Pink Broccoli's goal is to create a range of creatively festive fonts.
PintassilgoPrints is a digital type foundry based in Vitória, Brazil, run by Ricardo Marcin and Erica Jung. With a strong background in handprinting techniques and a long time love of typography, they have been developing a consistent and original font library, with typefaces that mostly reflects a vigorous handmade feel. Their fonts are often packed with OpenType features that brings spontaneity and freshness to the designs.
The reason for using PixieType fonts is clear! These handy typefaces are designed specifically to remain sharp on screen.
Kemie Guaida started making letters at age 4, but it took many more years before she discovered the fun in digitizing them. Since 1998, she has been crafting fonts out of her and other people's handwriting and doodles and distributing them under the name Pixilate. She loves making unique fonts with extended character sets hoping others will find them as useful as she finds them fun to make. Her favorite letter is lowercase g.
Hot fonts and fresh styles - the PizzaDude delivers! Over 50 new designs.
Since 1989 Planetco has been the publishing arm of Las Vegas artist Mat Planet. Initially concerned in high-end printing with letterpress, woodcut and hand lettering, it branched into creating and selling its own brand of digital typefaces in 1998. Planetco continues to wallow in its obsession with type and continues to explore the possibilities of that medium.
The distictive typeface families of the french foundry PrésenceTypo proof that grand designs can come from a petite collection. Thierry Puyfoulhoux is a master of type.
The imaginative Prime Graphics collection features lively display faces and an extensive set of frames, borders and ornament fonts.
profonts is an independent digital type company based in Hamburg, Germany, under the direction of Peter Rosenfeld and Dr. Jürgen Willrodt. profonts' mission is to release a beautiful series of script and display designs from the past, in OpenType with all the features making scripts so easy to handle and so wonderful to print..
Puckertype is the type foundry for print and type designer Christopher Risdon, offering contemporary fonts from a variety of influences.
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