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Okaycat JAPAN is a design division of The LOLO, a content creation company, which was established in Japan in 2006. We at Okaycat believe in creating a revolution in fonts, breaking new ground through innovative design. Our aim is to create beauty in the everyday through our letter styles, adding a refreshing twist to the world’s daily communications.
Franko Luin created a large number of revivals and own designs.
Outras Fontes is an independent digital type foundry based in Rio deJaneiro, Brazil. It was founded in 2006 and it is currently managed byRicardo Esteves Gomes, graphic designer and researcher. The name"Outras Fontes" simply means Other Fonts. Our work is focused both ondeveloping brand new typefaces and exclusive custom typefaces. We workto provide other options of type designs to the typographic communityall over the world, giving value to some of the main characteristicsof brazilian people: creativity, diversity and beauty.
Rae Kaiser grew up in Stratford, Wisconsin. She has lived in various Midwest states all her life. This has been a serious hardship, as she believes herself to be a misplaced Parisian. ’When I was in first grade I knew I would grow up to be an artist.“ She has been on that path ever since working for years as a graphic artist.

Rae has always felt passionately about type. She entered her second font in U&lc’s first annual type design competition where she got honorable mention in the picture category with the font ’Doodles“.

Outside the Line’s collection of fonts have a hand drawn quality to them. There is a selection of hand printed and written fonts as well as clip-art and picture fonts.
[email protected] is a young foundry based in Biervliet (literally “muddy ditch”) in Zeelandic Flanders, the utmost southwest corner of The Netherlands, where pollard willows in the typical Dutch polders contrast from broad and windy skies. Locals call it “a separate land” because of its history: this stretch of land once were islands that belonged to Spain, Belgium, France and since 1814 to The Netherlands. People here don't feel they belong to any of them and do things their own way. They even have their own - albeit unofficial - flag and anthem. [email protected] is a foundry that likes to work along those principles: independent, non-conformist, maybe even erratic.
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.