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Okaycat JAPAN is a design division of The LOLO, a content creation company, which was established in Japan in 2006. We at Okaycat believe in creating a revolution in fonts, breaking new ground through innovative design. Our aim is to create beauty in the everyday through our letter styles, adding a refreshing twist to the world’s daily communications.
Franko Luin created a large number of revivals and own designs.
Outras Fontes is an independent digital type foundry based in Rio deJaneiro, Brazil. It was founded in 2006 and it is currently managed byRicardo Esteves Gomes, graphic designer and researcher. The name"Outras Fontes" simply means Other Fonts. Our work is focused both ondeveloping brand new typefaces and exclusive custom typefaces. We workto provide other options of type designs to the typographic communityall over the world, giving value to some of the main characteristicsof brazilian people: creativity, diversity and beauty.
Rae Kaiser grew up in Stratford, Wisconsin. She has lived in various Midwest states all her life. This has been a serious hardship, as she believes herself to be a misplaced Parisian. ’When I was in first grade I knew I would grow up to be an artist.“ She has been on that path ever since working for years as a graphic artist.

Rae has always felt passionately about type. She entered her second font in U&lc’s first annual type design competition where she got honorable mention in the picture category with the font ’Doodles“.

Outside the Line’s collection of fonts have a hand drawn quality to them. There is a selection of hand printed and written fonts as well as clip-art and picture fonts.
Created with a drive to provide the industry with beautiful design and a general 'suaveness', Oakstone Creative is a newly founded studio that focuses on delivering elegant resources and typefaces for everyone to use.

Ocha and Puyaber are a love couple of southern viscachas from Chile. They do magic with plants. You can see Ocha and Puyaber in , and .

Ocha Puyaber foundry is inspired by the culture of Chile. It is based on Chilean schools' teaching script.

Ocha Puyaber fonts support 37 latin languages including Aymara, Mapuche and Rapa Nui, which are native languages of Chile.

This foundry currently has 1 designer and founder: Persik Flor

Based in France, Octotypo is an independent digital type studio. The studio designs high-quality typefaces which suit contemporary design projects and exclusive type systems for industry and media companies.
At Ogle Studio, we aim to provide clear, laid back, fun fonts which can be used in a large variety of settings. Whether it's for signage, packaging or on device - our fonts will bring a smile to the viewer and a helping hand to the designer. We hope to provide striking typefaces have to ability to turn heads whilst providing a public service. Flexibility is important which is why our typefaces are not too niche and can therefore be used in many everyday applications.

Ograda Type Company SRL is a small digital foundry from an equally small mountain village in Rom¿¿nia, where the neighbours make moonshine and the dog occasionally runs to the near-by sheep fold. It has been founded in 2017 and has worked independently developing and releasing typefaces with local flavor while also creating custom type on demand for various local businesses. The foundry is run by Andrei Ograd¿¿ and it also works as a small design studio.

OhType! He was born in 2011 as a parallel project of Colombian designer: Nach Oh!, who is also founder of "THE L1ARS Apparel". Currently divides most of his time between designing fonts and illustrations for posters, magazines and clothing. Typography is much more than a simple addition to a product or a brand, it is what sets the tone for the entire piece. Each letter has a way of reacting and joining to form meaningful words. Words that can create excitement and power in those who have the possibility of contemplating them. Our first typefaces were created in 2010-2011, but was with "NOh Carbone" with which we made our official release, and now started this new Project.

I really love creativity, I've been creating fonts not so long ago, but I really like it!!! My beloved daughter and my loving man help me in this. I am glad if my fonts will give you emotions and will show off on your cards, weddings, shops, various. In my store you can see fonts of various styles that contain alternative ligatures and various bonuses. In the future, I would like to supplement the illustrations.

Ole Sondergaard born 30 January 1937 in Copenhagen, trained as a sign painter, he started his design studio in 1973 developing graphics of all kind. The studio has designed graphic solutions for small and large businesses, including logos, design manuals, corporate designs, signage, and several fonts like FF Signa superfamily. • Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture,1961-1964 • Graphic designer in architect Naur Klint’s design firm, 1964-1971 • Teacher of graphic design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, 1966-1978 • Founded own design firm, 1973 • Co-founder of and partner in 11Danes, 1985-1995 • Attached to IN-SAFETY, EU’s 6th framework programme, 2004-2008 • Co-founder of and partner in, 2007 • The retrospective exhibition in Designmuseum Denmark, including the release of the book: Designer Ole Søndergaard, published by Vandkunsten, 2012. • Continuous designs for various Danish traffic signs developed for the Danish Road Directory, 1990-2022 • Reports for Haverikommissionen for Vejtrafikulykker, 1990-2022 • Corporate Design for Stevns Klint, 2022

For over ten years I have been working as an art director in an advertising agency, coming up with creative concepts and implementing them, shooting commercials and inventing various design layouts, and in my free time I draw illustrations, for myself and to order. You can see my illustrations here:

Very often I was faced with the need to write by hand in my illustrations.

So gradually I came to the conclusion that I created my own font for my work, for myself.

Over time, I developed a true passion for creating fonts, enjoying working on each letter, as if sawing out their final shape. In my work, I often noticed that a beautiful font that was so suitable for any project did not have Cyrillic support, and I set myself the goal of creating any of my fonts to be guided by making it as multilingual as possible, in order to make it convenient for the maximum number of people from different countries.

My goal is to create unique and well-designed fonts, I really enjoy creating letters

and I hope that my fonts will help you in your creativity.

Olexstudio is a font maker from Indonesia, starting to make fonts from April 2010 and has made more than 50 fonts, some of the fonts created by olexstudio are script-style fonts. "I sometimes take a long time in creating fonts, paying attention to details and testing them repeatedly, one font sometimes finishes more than 1 month, I want to make good and good fonts for use by consumers".
I'm Jackson Tadeu, designer, architect and multidisciplinary artist. I'm in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and I worked as a designer for several companies, currently working on architecture. I consider myself a multidisciplinary designer, with the ability to develop several areas of design. But fonts: it's my passion.
We are Olivetype Studio. We are a foundry based in West Java, Indonesia. We aim to create cool high-quality fonts. Our works vary from elegant script fonts to cute handwritten display fonts. Whether you¿¿™re using it for crafting, digital designing, or apparel, our fonts can add a personal touch to your design and make your design look more stunning.

OLOF is an independent type foundry run by Swiss graphic designer Thomas Hirter. All fonts are produced from a user perspective with the intention to be used in everyday practice. The range extends from highly legible text typefaces, fonts with a very individual character, up to striking display fonts. For more info browse to fonts in use or visit:

"A design studio that specializes in typography and creative digital arts. Founded in 2013, which initially aimed to support womanpreneurship in digital marketing. Later on, Omaikraf Studio has been solely focused on branding and building their online identity through creating typeface design and digital assets. We started as a couple who came with a similar passion and purpose to encourage the awareness of internet marketing. Back in 2013, there were not so many crafters who could distribute their arts online. With this in mind, we came up with an idea to build a marketplace that displayed only handcraft products. Think of Etsy, but what we did was rather regionally for Indonesian crafters. After so many trials and errors, finally we had made to expand our identity by joining the International conference held by the Ministry of Child Empowerment and Protection in Bali at 2015. For almost 4 years, Omaikraf was on the hibernation period due to our offline activities. Until late 2019, we began to revive again what that we had been dreaming about at the beginning. But this time, we are slightly pivoting to make our own foundry, to create fun and functional typefaces."

As a designer for an Arabic typography foundry, our focus is on creating high-quality typefaces that reflect the cultural identity of the region while also meeting the needs of our clients. We strive to design modern and contemporary Arabic fonts that are both visually pleasing and functional, with a keen eye for detail and a strong understanding of the technical aspects involved in creating high-quality typefaces.

Our foundry offers a wide range of services, including custom font design, font modification, and font digitization. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and create fonts that meet their specific requirements. We also specialize in creating font families that are cohesive and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that our clients have access to a variety of options that can be used across various projects.

[email protected] is a young foundry based in Biervliet (literally “muddy ditch”) in Zeelandic Flanders, the utmost southwest corner of The Netherlands, where pollard willows in the typical Dutch polders contrast from broad and windy skies. Locals call it “a separate land” because of its history: this stretch of land once were islands that belonged to Spain, Belgium, France and since 1814 to The Netherlands. People here don't feel they belong to any of them and do things their own way. They even have their own - albeit unofficial - flag and anthem. [email protected] is a foundry that likes to work along those principles: independent, non-conformist, maybe even erratic.
Hi my name is Ibnu Utomo. I live in Indonesia - Bekasi, West Java. Being passionate about graphic design in general, especilally font & typography. Hope you will like my gallery.
Graphic designer, illustrator, skater, spontaneous man, originally started designing fonts spontaneously for fun. Now hooked on font designing, and working on new type families.

oneType is a small independent foundry based in the roman city of Chester, England. It was setup in 2022 by itemone, a freelance designer and full time web developer, who has always had a love of lettering. The main focus of the foundry is creating display fonts. All fonts are created on Apple Macintosh computers using Adobe Illustrator and Glyphs. You can get more information, and see examples of work on the foundry’s website

onlyfontyouandme is a studio designer in the field of creative fonts from Indonesia. in making typography we give a very extraordinary touch to each letter and we also prioritize typography that is very stunning and also has unique characteristics. We also maintain the quality and authenticity of the fonts that we make so that every customer is able to create their work freely.

Ony Studio is the Indonesia based type and graphic design studio of Jony Suharsono. He focused his love of all things typography and hand lettering into Ony Studio where he create handmade typefaces that are versatile and modern, .

We design fonts wholeheartedly to produce original works. Our design process starts from a sketch of an idea and become a font product by digitizing it.

We produce fonts with market research styles that are trending and that are in high demand (popular) in several marketplaces

Ortho is the culmination of Omar Sacca's many years as a graphic designer and type specialist. With a background in designing exclusive fonts and logotypes for musicians and brands, Omar continues to provide high-quality, creative, and expressive fonts. Now, expanding to serve the broader community of musicians, artists, and designers around the world.

We work with agencies and brands on visual identities and custom type design. Do you need a new font? Or an adjustment of the existing one? We can handle it on a best technological and creative level.

New font design

We create a concept and drawing of a completely new font to emphasise the character of your brand or project.

Modifications to our fonts

We adjust one of our retail fonts to your needs. It usually means a small change in design, an extension of the language set or icons.

OTC (Odyssey Type Company) was founded in 2020 by Dutch type designer Hein Boekhout and is based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Hein has a background in computer science (studied Informatics at The Hague University and Media Technology at Leiden University) and has worked as a graphic designer and web developer before making the jump into the world of typography.
OtherwhereCollective is a team of creatives from different backgrounds and disciplines thinking independently together. Please visit our website.

Having the same hobbies and passions makes us want to create works together. Even though our art styles are different, we believe this will still be a unified whole.

We start with ideas, sketches, manual to digital processes, and lots of coffee cups to create great fonts and illustrations. We enjoy every process.

Ouigraphic is a way to make our dreams come true, creating fonts and illustrations from two combined ideas.

This is the personal foundry of designer Russell McGorman.

I'm just a design lover. I want to improve myself in some branches of designs like font designing. I hope you enjoy with my fonts. I designing my fonts for my other jobs and publishing from here to use for other people who love it.

My other interests are UI/UX designing and developing, software engineering, data science. If you want to contact me, you can via outsu @ github.

Outerend is a design studio that creates motion graphics, still designs, logos, and fonts. We have extensive experience in motion graphics which involves not only the use of typography but also the creation of logos for TV shows, movies, social media, and products. We’re committed to designing unique edgy fonts that can communicate and excel in any media outlet, especially on screens. We love types in time and space!

Overtype is small type foundry. We create display and decorative fonts for many purposes.

started in 2006 as graphic designer and photographer Darhilen founded the owl king

project as a forum to share experiences and share a lot about the world of graphic design and photography, 5 years later, in 2012 the Owl king project began to seriously work on several jobs according to client requests. for graphic design, starting from making brochures, and logos as well as cataloging for product sales. The work is also done with a small team, where the photo material and layout design are done carefully and enthusiastically. Then the Owl King project tried to focus on just working on corporate identity designs for marketing tools, especially in the area of ¿¿property sales. Seeing the great importance of typography from past experiences, currently the Owl King project founded by Darhilen also focuses on making typography as a complement to client needs, this is so that the designs made have their own characteristics with letters made specifically for the needs of various types of marketing tool publications.

Oz Design is a Tunisian type foundry and design studio founded in 2020. The studio’s activities range from designing retail and custom typefaces, to branding, and lettering, as well as research and software development in the field of type design and typography. Oz Design sets out to produce and publish original typefaces that enable creatives and brands express themselves in an authentic way.
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.