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&DISCOVER (NDISCOVER) is a digital typography studio based in Lisbon and Porto. It all started when Joana Correia and Natanael Gama decided to join forces and create their own fonts, following their own feelings, intuitions and perceptions about the type design world.They believe that joined forces are even greater, as it was said since long: the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts. At this moment &DISCOVER is creating its own library while doing commissioned work for companies around the world. Our mission is to produce quality typefaces with a lot of personality for demanding graphic designers.We design many different scripts, from Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. We have also designed and produced Devanagari, Tamil and Malayalam typefaces.
Outrageous display faces meet quirky image fonts in this high-spirited set from designer Britton Walters.
A great little collection of fonts – at great prices – for scrapbookers, educators, home and small business users. These distinctive designs and your operating system fonts combine perfectly to tackle a wide variety of projects.
Designer Nick Curtis uses a steady mix of typographic remakes and throwback designs in this lighthearted collection.
Nimx was a small foundry headed by Dallas-based designer Calvin Glenn.
Nootype was founded by Nico Inosanto in 2013. It?s a type foundry from Switzerland offering a various choice of font for text and display use
Charles Daoud (North Type Foundry) is a multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Montreal, Canada with a serious passion for design and typography.Being an established designer in the fields of graphic design, branding and Web design, Charles decided to venture into the crazy world of font creation. It was in August 2013 that he released his first commercial font called Dense. It became an instant hit attracting attention and praise from designers worldwide. In 2014, he released two new typefaces, Dual and Voga, each unique in their own way. Since, he's been hard at work designing new typefaces and catering to clients, big and small, from the local print shop to international giants such as Netflix.
I am professional fonts designer bases in Moscow, Russia. I am making quality assortment of creative styles and types. All my font families are accurately drawn and proper in their technical realization. My mission is to create innovative, authentic and practical fonts, available to a wide range of creators and able to become keynotes for outstanding projects.
"Nahda Creative is a design studio that designs various fonts with all kinds of variants. Our fonts are designed by professional font creators. which in its manufacture relies on various techniques ranging from manual to digital. Nahda Creative is very careful with every work that is produced, so that there is no plagiarism. therefore we impose a strict selection of each font that we sell."

Under the name of Naipe Foundry, Brazilian duo ¿¿lvaro Franca and Felipe Casaprima offer typographic services, from the design and refinement of logotypes to creating original proprietary typefaces.

Out of Rio de Janeiro ¿¿‡§¿¿‡·, but based in Barcelona ¿¿‡¿¿¿‡¿ , Perth ¿¿‡¦¿¿‡¿ and everywhere in between, Naipe also tells Brazilian stories by offering high-quality retail fonts that suit your every need.

We are pretty approachable, so if you need further assistance in your project, send us a message. We are eager to see how you will use our typefaces, hopefully in a sports project. Do it. Please.

Since 2015, designs script, handwritten and display multilingual typefaces (with extended Latin, Greek and Cyrillic character support). With a portfolio of over 40 typefaces, the foundry's work have been featured in awarded product packaging, TV shows and commercials, governmental campaigns and is currently included in the Canva Pro premium service.

Based in Ketapang Regency, West Borneo, Indonesia, Nariswari Creativitype started in 2018. Since then a lot of font produce by Nariswari Creativitype. The goal is to design new typefaces by mixing diverse influences from indonesian culture with contemporary design, and provides a variety of fonts developed for different uses and purposes.

Narrow Type is a Czech Republic based type foundry created by type and graphic designer Andrej Sevcik.

Through the study of visual art, Andrej became passionate about graphic design. His interest in design led him to the creating of type and he eventually fell in love with this field. Now he enjoys every part of the typeface creating process and its complexity.

Andrej has a narrow focus on typefaces that bring something new and unique to their users. He creates typefaces with a strong identity that makes every project easy to remember.

As a Graphic Designer, nothing is more pleasant looking than a good font, nothing makes a design so good as fonts, the most important aspects of any design are the fonts for sure and that's what I love the most, and what I really love to make are crazy unique fonts that make a good day.

The designs will be futuristic, Sci-Fi, Damages, and more.

"Nathatype is a font design studio that focuses on creating cheerful and lively themes of font design. Being located in Gresik City, this design studio of font creation that has been operating since 2020 is certainly suitable for various design products, especially for companies. The creativity of designer team of Nathatype has produced a variety of unique design creations tailored to customers’ needs. As a result, the products being marketed look more attractive and are popular among the wider community. “Happiness can come from anywhere. We’ll give you happiness through our designs”"

NDS Fonts is a subsidiary of Neurotic Dog Studios.

Neurotic Dog Studios is a women-owned and operated full-service design firm based outside of Richmond, Virginia, specializing in branding and identity creation. Founded in 2014 by Alice Pettey, she took her passion for clean design and transferred that into the development of original typefaces for her client and has now ventured out to make them available to a broader audience. — graphic and advertising design buro. Packaging design, identity, corporate styles.
The key to our methodology is a comprehensive approach, creating a modern design. We strive to create stylish and effective solutions based on your brand strategy, taking projects from an idea to reality.

Cooperates with leading design agencies, companies and organizations.

Neda Mamo is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Bursa, Turkey. Previously senior designer at an advertising agency, she now works as an independent designer and illustrator. After specializing in logo design she decided to create her own typefaces to describe her style both in commercial projects and independent artwork. Neda is constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating designs with a pop of colour.

Hello, My name is Anugerah Negara, a graphic designer and font maker.

I have been a long time and love typography and have a lot of experience in various projects. And I feel that MyFont is the right place to sell my work.

I want to help other designer to complete their design projects with my product I offer, and make good contributions to MyFont in the future.

Big thanks

Our goal at Nelson Borhek Press is to design unique and high-quality fonts that are original, quirky, playful, and fun—fonts that look great and that you will enjoy using. Our font designer, Steve Lenius, has over 40 years of experience with fonts, typography, typesetting, and graphic design and production. Nelson Borhek Press is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I am Cl¿©ment, freelance graphic designer & art director for more than eight years in Paris (FR).

Having a very particular sensitivity for typography, I was able to deepen my technique these last years that I try to make evolve day by day.

As a freelancer, I work on various logo, print orweb projects, adapting myself to the expectations of my clients, whether there is total freedom of creation or more specific briefs.

With several experiences as a graphic designer and artistic director in different communication & business agencies, I know how to integrate into a team, share my work and learn from others.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any project or information.

As someone who is passionate about designing, the founder of NendesKombet has been pouring his heart and soul into every design he makes. He does realize that every type’s curves have an important role in bridging products to be accepted by the customers. "I pay attention most to the tidiness, as well as the variations," he described. "..because I want to present font styles that are versatile to my customers, so they can have great use of them,"

NendesKombet entered the design market in 2016, starting by producing logos for various companies. It actively participated (and won) various logo contests. In 2018, this one-man show decided to expand its speciality into font making. NendesKombet has produced various fonts, including the best-selling one, Hermione, a classic timeless serif with beautiful ligatures, followed by other fonts which offer different styles, such as Daydream, Chickadee, and Beatrice.

"Neoflix Studio is a small independent type foundry started in 2020, founded by Irwan Riswanto from Bandung, Indonesia. Focusing on display font with strong personality. offering highly developed fonts for designers who want to use expressive typography to emphasize their work. This gives huge creative freedom for me; not only can we define how to present and publish our typeface with full control, but choose which font gets drawn and published."

Neoglyph Studio is a one man font studio. After releasing several free fonts in 2008 and 2009 with over half a million downloads the urge to create fonts again started in 2020. With new designs and ready to distribute again Neoglyph Studio was created in early 2021. The fonts that will mainly created are sans serif and display fonts. With a passion for straight lines and abstract forms the fonts vary from straightforward to futuristic designs.

Hello, my name is Nermin K. Product & Digital Designer with skills ranging from Font Design, UI/UX, Brand & Website Design, HTML/CSS, 3D Rendering and Illustrations. Constantly looking to expand my Font portfolio and looking for new and existing styles that can be used in typography. I am always looking to expand my skills further with a keen eye on current design trends.

I am a Graphic Designer based in Indonesia, who has more than fifteen years of experience in graphic design. I am more focused on writing and typography; my passion for writing and typography keeps me excited to create beautiful and quality font art. We established Nestype foundry in June 2018, which is managed by several people. We always try to make beautiful, unique and quality work, and of course, original.
Neue is a German type foundry with a focus on holistic typographic systems to serve the needs of designers, brands and developers. Neue Foundry was founded by Alexander Roth, born in the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Tajikistan and raised in Germany. He held positions as a Graphic Designer for FontFont, as a Lead Graphic Designer for FontShop and as a Marketing Manager for Monotype’s digital commerce businesses, including,, and, before joining Monotype’s Type Team and typographic brand consultancy. His portfolio includes work for transportation companies, auto manufactures and government services. Alexander holds a bachelor’s degree in Media Production, a master’s degree in Type Design from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, a handful of branding certificates, and accolades from the Type Directors Club, New York. He has lived in the Tajik SSR’s capital of Dushanbe, Berlin, Düsseldorf, The Hague and London.

NeueCo is a type foundry and design studio founded in 2014, and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. NeueCo fonts aim for delight, infused with craft and the warmth of traditional letterforms. Designer Michelle Webster focuses on utility for modern usage, while adding the witty details, symbols, and icons that spark joy in the hearts of designers.

NeueDeutsche is a Berlin (Germany) based foundry founded in 2010 by Thomas Helbig. It was when he changed his focus from graphic design to typeface design. He offers mostly display types with varying degrees of playfulness to serve the needs of designers, brands, and developers. Nearly all NeueDeutsche typefaces even while joyfully eccentric are useful as text or come with a more tame text version to be paired with.

We are NEW CAT ORANGE, an agency based in Wiesbaden/Germany. We do strategy, design and communications. And carving from time to time.

Niamullah aqil is an Indonesian based type foundry owned and operated by Niamullah aqil himself. What began as a side hobby to a successful freelance graphic design career in the logo field, soon became a full time passion for Sam, who took the leap in 2015 to focus solely on his font creations. Applying his graphic design background to create expressive, hand-crafted letterforms.

Hi, I'm Nicola Burgarella and I'm a Comics Letterist.

My job is to choose the best font for every character, so I used to spent my days searching online for every single font I need: heroes, monster, onomatopoeia but also newspaper, signboard, missive...

Now I launched my own Foundry, realizing fonts to help Letterist and Comic Artist that, like me, needs VOICES that match perfectly with their characters! I hope my work will help you!

I will upload new fonts every month, so come back to check soon!

Savchuk Nikolay began his career as a graphic designer. Over time, he had a desire to create a font that would reflect his view of typography. 'They say that all ingenious things are simple, although unique. In my future projects, I want to reflect simplicity on the one hand and uniqueness on the other, providing the ability to adjust individual elements using OpenType features to the fullest. I am amazed by the human ability to discover new and really beautiful and I want to develop this ability.' [email protected]
Nine Font is a small type foundry based in Hong Kong. We aim to create high quality typefaces.
I made a handwritten style font that you can use to add or as a craft accessory. My font style can also be used for various needs to beautify and add a more natural impression. Find a variety of beautiful handwritten fonts that can enhance your various crafts. My font can also be used for business cards, wedding invitations, greeting cards, advertisements and can also be used for logos that can show who you are.
Niznaztype was founded by Muhammad Nazar in 2019. We are still beginners in the font world, but we always learn and growth to create great and good typefaces in all styles.
I am a graphic designer, I started my career at 15 years old and now it is my 5th year in graphic design world, I can create logos, templates, mock ups and typography. But now I focus on typography. I hope you are impressed with the products I offer. Making typography now, I often rethink and how they can get things started. Fonts aside, I love all forms of creativity, and love to create beautiful things with any description - but it creates my favorite typography of all.
NoCommenType is a type division of a NoComment Group graphic design studio. After many years of logos creation and working with types, the passion for typography led to the creation of our first original typefaces.

Noggindoodle is an independent design studio owned and operated by Joshua Durham and based in Dallas, Texas. Noggindoodle aims to push the boundaries of open type and variable font technology to create expressive, unique, multilingual typefaces in a variety of styles. Noggindoodle desires to find the gaps and move into unexplored or newly explored territory where the crowd is small and the possibilities are great.

Noir Typo is a graphic and type design studio based in south of France since 2014. Created by Olivier Gardera, graphic designer passionate by typography, graphic design history, calligraphy sign-painting and all kinds of lettering.
Nois is a new and fresh design studio based in Barcelona and directed by Guillermo Lizarzuay. The studio specializes in branding, web design and digital campaigns. With the need for quality fonts for every project, we started creating tailor made fonts with a quality standard that could be used by other designers or studios around the world. The studio is working hard to bring new quality fonts for the graphic design community. Nois is now focusing on contemporary font design for interfaces and print, creating trendy OpenType fonts without compromising performance or usability. All fonts created by Nois are continually updated and improved.
Nomad Fonts is a foundry in the making and a home for designs by Kaja Slojewska. As Nomad Fonts, we are working with individuals and companies to expand typeface families, produce typefaces, create custom fonts and logotypes. Additionally, we are working on publishing our own original type families. The focus of Nomad Fonts is non-latin script extension. Nomad Fonts’ work philosophy is centered on delivering high quality projects and crafting designs which speak for themselves. We believe listening and understanding is key to meeting our client's needs, ensuring a collaborative experience where communication is key. Our work is based on extensively researching the topic and comprehending the client's objectives. Among Nomad Fonts’ clients are: Tiro Typeworks, F37, Playtype, Northern Block, Fontfabric, Displaay, Sorkin Type Co and more.

I am a digital font artist who has been in the font world for about 5 years. the fonts that I produce are original works that I made to the maximum, starting from sketching, vectoring, kerning, and making previews.

I like new things so that it adds its own characteristics and uniqueness to the work that I make. I want to work with your shop so that I can maximize my potential, of course the fonts that I make are standard and follow the latest trends

NorFonts are third party handwritten music fonts (symbols and text) which can be used with music notation software like Sibelius & Finale to produce handwritten music in a style similar to that of many jazz charts, including a complete script font for text, chord symbols, and hundreds of symbols for jazz and commercial music. The fonts sets (for Mac and Windows users) includes accompanying fonts to help transform the overall appearance of the music, and texts. NorFonts also feature Desktop Publishing Fonts coming in two categories: "Architect Fonts Pack" witch are Architectural fonts will add a beautiful architectural hand-lettering style to all your CAD project drawings. Architects have always wanted their CAD drawings to look more like they were drawn by hand, rather than by a CAD program. These AutoCAD fonts are the first step in bringing back that “artistic hand-drawn” feel to your CAD drawings or any graphic design project that can use true type fonts, and "Handwritten Text Fonts" which can be used with any word processing program for text and display use, print and web projects, apps and ePub, Comic Books, graphic identities, branding, editorial, advertising, scrapbooking, cards, and invitations … or even just for fun.

NorM is an independent font design brand that designs popular fonts. We design fonts that are visually captivating and unique. We provide creative and unique fonts to our customers. We strive for continuous innovation in font design. The fonts we provide are suitable for various design projects such as branding, advertisements, and posters, as well as everyday designs such as general letterheads, small party designs, and diary decorations.

Not Otherwize Specified, autonomous european design studio. NOS website

Notope is a russian born digital type foundry, designing fine-quality or fun-quality static and variable fonts for Cyrillic and Latin scripts.

There are fonts for every day and every night which means that you can use our typefaces for parties and government websites.

This is an experimental area where we can create worlds in sybols. And where you can live in this worlds, use our typefaces, wear our cloth and create tour own universe!

NREY is an independent type designer, specializing in the development of retail fonts and typographic solutions
This is the foundry showcasing the work of Nuno Dias.
In early days of his career, Nurron was a tech magazine editor. It was the first time he meet with 'font,' especially display fonts. Decade later, Nurron was intrigue to learn anything about font making. He realized that making font was really not an easy process. Short story, after a long journey, he made up his mind and started Nurrontype. He likes didone a lot and love playing with ligature and alternate.

NXRMALIST is the name taken from the founder himself whose name is nxrmalist. Since 2020, NXRMALIST has been established to create motion graphics and motion 3D to present client typefaces. In 2021 we started to design some plans to create a font or typeface. 

We have released several fonts, namely TYPEFACE, NXRMA TYPEFACE, ZYXROCK TYPEFACE. So far we have focused on the decorative font category. Carrying a futuristic and gothic name. Always adapting to the market and looking for something fresh and new from a font. Creates modern and sophisticated fonts.

Although new, but we have been and will continue to make something extraordinary. We have proven with the fonts we have created. NXRMA TYPEFACE is an excellent product that is loved by many designers. 

"Think, see and enjoy" 

For more information you can find us on Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram :

Twitter :


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