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Typefaces in the Monotype Originals collection represent of cornerstone of classic and contemporary names that are used the world over. Recent additions include eye-catching display faces such as Smart Sans, workhorse texts such as Bembo Book™, Mentor™ and Mosquito™ Formal, plus the cutting edge Neo Sans™ and Neo Tech™ families. Classic typefaces include Arial®, Gill Sans™, Perpetua™, Plantin™, Rotis™, and Times New Roman™, as well as many other industry standard designs.

Some of the most illustrious figures of 20th century typography have helped shaped this collection, including Frank Hinman Pierpont, Stanley Morison, Beatrice Warde, Eric Gill, and Robin Nicholas. Today, Monotype Imaging offers fonts and industry-standard solutions for most of the world's written languages.
Måns Grebäck is a type designer and font creator specializing in script typography, but with a portfolio containing a vast selection of styles. Typefaces from Måns Grebäck are commonly used as company and product logotypes, as well as headlines and in advertisement by a wide range of industries world-wide.Founded by Måns Grebäck in 2010, Mans Greback AB originally went under the name of Mawns Fonts and later Aring Typeface AB. Måns Grebäck is currently based in Örebro, Sweden.
MRF (MAC Rhino Fonts) was established in 2003 (first website in 2004), but founder Stefan Hattenbach has been producing fonts since 1997. He also has a long experience from the advertising business and have a clear vision how to visualize the directions and goals for his typefaces.The foundry operates as an independent studio, collaborating with its partners in various disciplines whenever necessary. MRF has accelerated its type design efforts since the start and is now working full time with various type solutions, along with the ever expanding retail collection. Occasionally projects involving advertising, graphic design work and logotype creations are accepted, Though the main focus will always be set on typography.
What’s new around the campus? MacCampus, and three new designs worth studying.
Patrick Murphy has worked under the moniker of Mad Irishman Productions since his first experiments in desktop publishing in 1990. Various projects have called for new fonts or modifications of existing typefaces, and by this way Patrick took his first steps into the wonderful world of typography. Patrick’s designs to date show his preference for antique, historical and calligraphic typefaces. Trained as a linguist, Patrick likes OpenType and Unicode fonts because of the access to extended character sets they allow.
Mark Simonson is a graphic designer and illustrator who has been developing typeface designs sporadically since the late 1970s. His first commercial releases--Felt Tip Roman, and the Kandal and Proxima Sans families--were licensed to FontHaus in the early 1990s. Of these, Felt Tip Roman has enjoyed the most success.

In 2000, after a period of relative inactivity in the type design field, Mark began releasing new designs starting with Blakely, Felt Tip Senior, Refrigerator, and Sharktooth in 2000, continuing with Coquette, and Mostra in 2001.

In 2003, he greatly expanded his library, releasing new family members to Blakely, Refrigerator, Sharktooth, and Felt Tip Roman, several all-new fonts, including Changeling, Goldenbook, Felt Tip Woman, Sanctuary, Metallophile Sp 8, and the new Raster series of fonts specifically designed for on-screen applications such as Flash animations and web graphics, Raster Bank and Raster Gothic Condensed.
The man behind some of the most well-known ITC and Letraset designs, now has his own foundry.
If you're looking for Hebrew fonts, turn to Masterfont for their impressive collection.
Matt Frost, an independent designer since 1995 has worked extensively in magazines, advertising and film posters. His clients range from the Quay Brothers, National Geographic Magazine, Men's Health to Nissan®. Among many awards, Frost won top place at the 2001 SXSW interactive awards, and a Best Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers from the American Library Association for the book Angst: Teen Verses from the Edge.
Steve Matteson is the Creative Type Director for Monotype and independently produces typefaces as Matteson Typographics.Steve is particularly interested in the work of Frederic Goudy, America’s first prolific typeface designer, and has produced numerous revivals of Goudy’s types. Steve’s most popular design is Open Sans, produced for Google’s branding and now available from the Google fonts directory. Open Serif is the long anticipated serif companion and includes the same extensive character set as Open Sans. Additionally Open Serif includes fine typographic features such as small caps, old style figures and swash capitals in the italics.
From the moment he was able to hold a crayon, Matthew Boyle has been a compulsive doodler. The world of fonts has been a fixation of Matt's for several decades. He only recently decided to start making his own. Look for more fonts to come.
MB Creative is the personal foundry of Ben Mecke Burford. What started out as an experiment has turned into a slowly growing foundry with a view to create interesting and useable fonts for all."Always try to design a font that I would be happy to use myself," is the mantra for the foundry. with a 'MOD' Outlook & Modernist values MB Creative strives to create work that works on many levels.
Along with Letraset, the French company Mecanorma was one of the major vendors of instant rub-down lettering. Along with licensing typefaces from other vendors, Mecanorma commissioned original typeface designs.From 1989 until 1994, Mecanorma worked with another Dutch company Visualogik to create digital versions of their typefaces. These typefaces were released in Type 1 format, bearing a "MN" suffix. In addition, Monotype licensed and digitized some of Mecanorma's typefaces. In 1995, Mecanorma stepped back from the professional graphics market and entered into other areas such as home decoration. During that time, their decorative materials, including their instant rub-down lettering, were manufactured by the now defunct Dutch company, Trip Productions BV.In 2004, International TypeFounders (ITF) licensed the digital typefaces from Trip Productions BV and released them as the Mecanorma Collection. This helped to preserve one of the finest digital font libraries of display typefaces around, combining real arts and crafts into the tools of today.In 2014, International TypeFounders entered into a permanent agreement with Trip Consultants BV, the legal successor of the French type foundry Mecanorma. As the exclusive worldwide digital rights owners of the collection, ITF have now republished the Mecanorma Collection in OpenType for the first time.
Microsoft offer a selection of fonts that are used in the applications.
Mika Melvas is the from Vantaa, Finland. His career as an advertising art director formed his passion for typography and type design. Mika specializes in retail typefaces, lettering and typographic logos. Mika's typeface range from scripts to contemporary designs, and his Signalist typeface was featured in's Favorite Typefaces of 2012.
The Miller Type Foundry was started by Richard Miller in 2009 and is located in Virginia, USA. The Miller Type Foundry specializes in contemporary typefaces for a wide range of uses. From the smallest text faces to the boldest headlines, Miller Type Foundry can meet any typographic need.
Mindburger is a creative studio focused on visualization, typography and design. We are based in Serbia but have a long list of affiliates and clients worldwide. Mindburger is currently working on new exiting typefaces with Mitrovic Milos as a head of design team.
Mindcandy is a "collective" type foundry that originated in 1995 in Austin, Texas.
Mint Type, a personal foundry of Andriy Konstantynov, is located in Kiev, Ukraine. Its primary focus is developing multi-language typefaceswith mandatory inclusion of Cyrillic character set.
Indian Typefaces
Monotype Imaging Hong Kong (Monotype HK) was originally founded in Hong Kong in 1986. Previously known as "China Type", they began creating PostScript typefaces for Monotype imagesetters. Currently, they continue to develop new designs of the highest quality for today's typographic demands. Their customers include many important organizations including the Hong Kong Printing Department, Next Week Magazine, and several newspapers.
Mostardesign is an independent creative studio based in France specializing in the interactive and static visual arts. The company founder, Olivier Gourvat, originally worked as a graphic designer for various agencies, producing artwork, logotypes, corporate publicities and print layouts. He later joined the team at Chronicle Editions to create image content, cover designs, illustrations and maps for numerous books on the history of the twentieth century. Following his printing experience, he pursued web design and interactive web functions, founding a website company with three associates in 1999. He established his own creative studio in 2004. Mostardesign studio now offers innovative artistic direction, graphic design and typeface creation for clients worldwide. The studio is available for Freelance and commissioned work.
Webfonts from Motoya
Motter fonts is a family business. In 1952 Othmar Motter, together with Hans Kaiser and Sylvester Licka, founded the graphic art studio Vorarlberger Graphik (VG). In 1999 Peter and Siegmund Motter, together with Rudolf Klapka founded Motter & Klapka OeG in Vienna, then in 2005 they relocated to Dornbirn. Their focus is on corporate design and corporate communication.
mur is a design collective whose members have backgrounds in fine art, graffiti, graphic design, web design, illustration, and architecture. Despite these diverse backgrounds, everyone at mur shares a love for authentic and unique typography. Most of the mur typefaces evolved out of projects that call for fonts, but something new and unique - a font that only exists in heads of the mur collective. With a complete disregard for time, money, and personal health, they go to work and develop fonts that they would want to buy and use themselves.
Handwriting is something I've always felt passionately about. It all started in school- I'd always pay attention to my friends' and classmates' handwriting, often imitating, and sometimes trying to improve, the ones that appealed to me the most. This passion for handwriting carried on into my adulthood - beautiful handwriting is like a piece of art to me - I admire it.At a point in my design career, I finally managed to find enough time to explore handlettering & calligraphy, and for the last six months that has been my main focus in everything I do.I'm trying to create not just a set of interesting lines that form letters, but to create a font that will have a story behind it, a font that will be unique and one that will help to add some character into designs in which it is used.
Founded in 2004, MyChristie is an independent type foundry in London, UK. With 11 years of experience in graphic design and typography, MyChristie creates high quality digital type, along with other Graphic Design and illustration services offered. The person behind MyChristie is of course… Christie, born in Greece, but based in London. MyChristie typefaces are typically hand-made & playful, or minimal, abstract and geometrical.
Chris Dickinson graduated from Brighton University with a BA Hons in Graphic Design. Whilst working as a freelance Graphic Designer, he developed his interest in typography and designing fonts. After releasing fonts through T26 and MyFonts, he set up his own foundry, "Moretype", to display and distribute his fonts. Chris continues to work as a Graphic Designer and is currently working on a number of projects for both print and screen.
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