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The Source of the Originals

Well-known type foundries such as Mergenthaler, Linotype, D. Stempel AG, Haas'sche Schriftgießerei, Deberny & Peignot and others laid the foundations towards the Linotype Library becoming the most extensive collection of original fonts. The library contains world-famous classic fonts such as "Frutiger", "Garamond", "Helvetica", "Optima", "Palatino", "Sabon", "Syntax", "Univers" and "Zapfino", to name but a few. Linotype regards itself as a driving force for helping good font designs to success ¿ giving them the opportunity to become classics, even if they were not developed in-house. "Antique Olive" and "Eurostile" are prime examples of this policy.
The names of the most renowned type designers of the 20th and 21st century, e. g., Neville Brody, Matthew Carter, Adrian Frutiger, Hans-Eduard Meier, Gerard Unger and Prof. Hermann Zapf, represent the excellent quality of these typefaces. In addition, modern typefaces that provide a preview of tomorrow's trends offer you room for experimentation when you want to venture into new territories with unconventional designs. Like all Linotype Originals typefaces, they maintain the highest aesthetic and technical standards, backed by well over 100 years of premium typographical quality from Linotype.
Technofonts from Mindcandy
Lanston Monotype was the original company formed by Tolbert Lanston, inventor of the Monotype machine. The company became Lanston Type after parting ways with the English Monotype division. Lanston Type was sold numerous times in the twentieth century and is today owned by the P22 foundry.
Latinotype is a new digital type foundry established in the year 2007 in the city of Concepción, Chile. Our goal is to design new typefaces remixing diverse influences related to our South American identity (most often known as “latino”) with high quality products for the contemporary design industry.
My interest in art and design began in the early 1980's when the revival of calligraphy came about. My mother had taken a class in calligraphy and I found her calligraphy supplies fascinating. The following year I learned italics in the classroom and my skills and interest deepened. I have been a student of lettering and typography since. I studied and am degreed in Graphic Design, and have been a professional designer and illustrator since 1997. At present, I am a freelance designer and an adjunct Professor of Visual Communications at Highline Community College.
LayarBahtera is a group of Malaysians led by Mr. Shahjurul Azmi which gave The Doomsday Alert through letters and formal writing. For that purpose, a few fresh fonts have been designed by LayarBahtera designer team.
Jim Lebbad is a graphic designer specializing in typographic design and handlettering. He has created award-winning designs for domestic and international clients including Arista Records, Nickelodeon, Campbell Soup Company and Simon & Schuster Publishing, to name a few. Upon graduating from Kutztown University, Jim headed straight to New York where he started his career at New American Library as a book cover designer. While at NAL, Jim's handlettering skills won awards from the Type Directors Club. He then moved on to Berkley Putnam Publishing where he was named Art Director. While there, his art direction on numerous covers won awards from the Society of Illustrators. Jim created Lebbad Design in 1981 and continues creating work for a variety of clients both large and small.
We are a small foundry and type design studio experienced in many different fields surrounding type design, typography, visual communication and teaching.¶¶We specialise in letters in a broad sense, from type design to lettering, from Latin to Arabic, passing through other scripts such as Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Thai.¶¶Our type library is a manifestation of our personal curiosity and our experimentation ground. We enjoy having room to explore our creativity within the boundaries of functionality, we hope you like what you see!¶
Garrett Boge, an accomplished lettering artist, developed this collection of typefaces for graphic designers. These diverse choices can add style and enhance any layout.
The person behind Letters & Numbers is Brighton based Swiss designer Ursula Hitz. Typefaces by Letters & Numbers are typically hand-made, raw and whimsical.
lettersoup is an independent type foundry based in Berlin, Germany. It was founded by Botio Nikoltchev in 2014. The main focus of lettersoup is cooking fonts with Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and Arabic taste.
LiebeFonts is Ulrike Rausch's Berlin-based independent type foundry. Crafting hand-made fonts & lettering with love since 2009.
Loshaj Foundry was founded in 2013 by Albanian graphic designer Burim Loshaj. Founder Burim Loshaj is a graphic, web, and typography designer based in Northeast United States. Burim strives to meld art, graphic, and web design by finding a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics.
Lunchbox Studios is headed by Adam Roe. Originally started as a type foundry, Lunchbox has grown into a promotional and branding agency.
Ewen Prigent live and work in Brest, France. He practice the profession of graphic designer since 2004. La Boîte Graphique is a signature symbol and is the name used as foundry. Alongside his work as a graphic designer, he started to create typeface in 2008. In 2011 he sells his first typeface.
LABFcreations based in the South of France. Founded by Elena Joland - a graphic designer, watercolor painter and type designer. Our concept is to design new Original typefaces, trendy and minimalist. Each new font- it's a new story, with historical artistic research, sketching and design behind the scene. We are inspired by art, nature and beauty.

Rosa Linda is a type designer and font creator who specializes in script typography, but with a portfolio of many stylish options. The Rosa Linda typeface is commonly used as company and product logos, as well as headlines and advertisements by industries around the world.

I hope you found some of my creations useful for your own endeavors, and it's always a pleasure to see what you create with them!

Happy Creative!

The idea of making fonts started when he was studying in college, when he became aware of type design as a thing one could do. It also taught him that fonts are tools for making things, not ends in themselves. His attitude about licensing reflects this, so you won’t find restrictions in his license for things like using his fonts in logos or on t-shirts.

Lafontiva is an independent digital type foundry and lettering studio based in Poland. Lafontiva was founded in 2020 by Michal Kot, Type Designer passionate about lettering and typography. He likes to experiment with letters creating his projects. His main area of interest are display typefaces.

The foundry's goal is to produce unique and high-quality fonts.

Feel free to contact with studio: [email protected]

Lamatype is a foundry created by Renan Bassan, a Brazilian student of Graphic Design at the renowned S¿¿o Paulo State University (UNESP - Bauru). The objective of this journey will be to create fonts that express a balanced form of communication, adapting on different platforms and applications, without abandoning contemporary typography experiments.

The Lanston Monotype Company was founded in Philadelphia at the end of the nineteenth century (1887) by Tolbert Lanston. Lanston invented a mechanical typesetting device which would become the Monotype casting machine, that lead to the emergence of the Lanston Monotype Company as one of the most renowned type supply companies in the world. The Monotype caster was revolutionary and helped to usher in a new age of printing technology. In the late 1800s, Tolbert Lanston licensed his technology to an English sister company and became a major international force. Lanston Monotype grew rapidly with America’s pre-eminent type designer Frederic W. Goudy as art director from 1920 to 1947. The type library was directed by Sol Hess who also designed many of the iconic typefaces. The Philadelphia-based company eventually parted ways with its English counterpart. The thriving English Monotype became simply known as Monotype. By contrast, the Lanston Type Co. went through mixed fortunes and lost ground to Mergenthaler Linotype. The firm was sold several times to companies such as American Type Founders, Hartzel Machine Works, Mackenzie and Harris, before it was eventually purchased by master printer Gerald Giampa and re-located to Vancouver Canada in the 1980s. Giampa’s Lanston Type Co. continued supplying the American market for Monotype casters until January 21, 2000, when the hot-metal component of Lanston was tragically destroyed by a tidal wave. After this time Giampa, who was one of the earliest developers of PostScript fonts, focussed on digitization of the type collection. Under his stewardship, Lanston’s classic faces were digitized in a style that was true to the brass and lead patterns from which the metal type was made. In November 2004, P22 Type Foundry acquired Lanston Type Co. From then on, P22 has been in a continuous process of re-mastering the Lanston’s fonts, which include the classic designs of Goudy and Hess, along with newer types by such contemporary masters as Jim Rimmer, Dave Farey and Gerald Giampa.

I believe, my art is to be entertaining. Larry Nickname - artist, in fond of beautiful things. Paris has been my home for most of my life, I am inspired by many artists who lived in Paris in the 20th century.

I started making art, design and writing music at a very early age, what doesn't really matter because I more excited about my future exploits than my achievements.

My way is making experimental and entertaining styles.

Lascaris is the foundry of designer Rolf Noyer.
Latour is a small scale type foundry established in 2020 by Jurre Latour. Our goal is to distribute contemporary typefaces and focus on designers' typographic needs today. An other purposes is to collaborate. We love to collaborate with other designers and Type Designers to get another perspective as a form of exploration and experiment to design unique and powerful typefaces.

Lazy Holiday Studio was founded in South Korea.The foundation was owing to the design of the font ¿¿¿Aurora¿¿¿ by URC(Moon Young), a graphic designer who is also a music producer, in 2020.Font Aurora was specially designed for the cover of album produced in 2020.Our objective is to please designers and consumers by providing innovative and original fonts.Therefore, we will keep offering novel and practical font designs in the future.

Lebagh is Leyla Baghirzade's one-man type foundry based in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The foundry was created in January 2022 with the main purpose to create high-quality and experimental typefaces that have different styles. It all began with creating hundreds of typographic posters for years, which lead to the idea of creating unique fonts. The idea was fully developed over the years and now is presented to designers by a designer.

Lee Mounsey is a Brisbane based designer, animator and typographer with a slight obsession with out-there visual aesthetics and a love of unique lettering. Starting off as fun typographic experimentations and art direction explorations, each of Lee’s fonts follow his goal to create a wide range of interesting resources for any designer. Motivated by a range of different sources, from historical art movements to the visuals of niche internet communities, each typeface is made with appreciation towards wide variety of inspirations.
I am a graphic designer and calligrapher from Kyiv, Ukraine. My main specialty is typography and calligraphy. I create my fonts based on historical handwritten fonts. My fonts can be used in corporate identity, magazine headlines, postcards, posters, and book covers. Additionally, I work with lettering for comic books.
Type designer, graphic designer and educator Andrea Leksen serves clients through her studio, Leksen Design. She invests in the world of typography through font releases, speaking engagements and publications. Currently she teaches design and typography at Western Washington University, and previously taught at Cornish College of the Arts and Seattle Pacific University. Ms Leksen's font releases include Nordeco, Nordique Pro and Bemis and clients include LEGO, Tableau, Providence Medical Foundation, Chateau Ste Michelle and Symetra Financial. In-between font releases, she is most likely found gardening, parenting, sailing or tango dancing. View her portfolio , or visit Facebook , Twitter and Instagram

Lemon studio type is a tiny design studio based in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia. We Create Stunning And Cool Design Typefaces, have been taking on the role of typography for a couple of years. Consistently we approach letterform carefully and consider functionality to make it a problem solver on visual and an expressive medium To Help You Get Good Fonts That We Have Curated With High-Quality Standards That Are Suitable For Any Project Purpose For Your Business.

"Lemonthe is a single-person type foundry run by Dwi Ahidian, an Bandung-Indonesian based type enthusiast who loves to do lettering and experiment with letter forms. Lemonthe provides typefaces with healthy amount of experimental touch and typefaces that are based on lettering pieces by Dwi Ahidian. Some are super serious, and the others are just seriously playful."

I am a freelance designer based in Kobe, Japan. In addition to my primary occupation, I have also ventured into the realm of font design, an area that I am deeply passionate about. My work primarily focuses on the design of graphics and industrial products, and I have found that fonts serve as a valuable tool in adding a unique value to my creations. Specifically, I create fonts for use in logos and labeling, with each font being named after a notable aspect of Kobe City.

We are a type foundry based in Indonesia. We started in the market with outstanding fonts in 2016.

¿¿¿Typography is an essential part of almost every aspect of life and design in particular,¿¿¿ he says, ¿¿¿so it got me curious and little by little I started to create fonts on the side.¿¿¿ His earliest designs were limited to mainly display faces, but he knew that he wanted to create a deeper type library filled with more versatile and useful designs. ¿¿¿As time passed, I learned more and more and began to create custom typefaces to solve real problems in other design projects I was working on and just like that, my first marketable font was created.¿¿¿

My name is Muji Bullah and I design fonts under the name Letter Muray. Founded in 2021, Letter Muray is a font design studio based in Aceh, Indonesia, where I am now pursuing my new passion entirely from my home studio. I draw letters and I like all forms of creativity. I love to make beautiful things and experimental typography and keep learning new things.

I launched my first font at the end of 2020. Since then I have changed my freelance business to Type Foundry.

Starting from making fonts for personal purposes makes me excited to share happiness and satisfaction to everyone who needs our fonts. With new ideas and new style every time that will be even more exciting to wait for. Especially on script, display font, handwritten and calligraphy is passion to create it.

Hopefully my every font is useful for customers, companies and many people.

Letterayu studio is an Indonesian digital creative agency that specializes in the design of fonts that are adorable, whimsical, and decorative in nature. We began operations in 2019 with a team of ten font designers. Custom font requirements are also accommodated. Our primary market segments include the handcraft market, children's items, feminine products, printing products, and a variety of other categories.

My name is Agus Fajir and owner of Letterday Studio foundry. Founded in 2021, Letterday Studio is a font design studio based in Aceh, Indonesia, where I am now pursuing my new passion entirely from my home studio. I draw letters and I love all forms of creativity. I love creating beautiful things and experimental typography and constantly learning new things. I launched my first font in early 2021. Since then I have changed my freelance business to Type Foundry.


Letterday Studio

"Letterena Studios is a font design studio, which has more than 10 members. We actively make fonts every day and will continue to work to make quality fonts. We are committed to providing the best work for all of our font users and we are sure, for the future, that we are ready to work for MyFonts to create our best font. We are very excited to provide the best for our customers. :)"

Letterhanna Studio is a font designer from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, we specialize in handwritten script fonts, including lettering fonts, calligraphy fonts and brush fonts. Our fonts are carefully crafted to mimic natural handwriting, with a variety of ligatures so that each glyphs looks unique. Our fonts equipped with swashes to use as the beginning or ending swash of a word, and also equipped with underline swashes.

Letterhend Studio is a type foundry based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and was established on 2016.
After years of detailed research and development,, Letterhythm Studio was created in early 2020. We have been designing fonts traditionally, through handwriting, since 2009 using all sorts of styles ranging from graffiti, signature, handwritten, calligraphy and now specialized in blackletter. Letterhythm will be one of the finest type foundry in Malaysia. We will lift the type industry to another level in this digital age.
Letterium Studio is a font studio from Indonesia founded by Nugi Nurzahid. Nugi Nurzahid is a lettering or logotype designer. Then, in 2019, decided to create a font studio called Letterium Studio. Letterium Studio specializes in casual font styles, especially for the needs of music, apparel and fashion industries. Creating crafted and quality typefaces offers access to a unique font collection to serve its needs. Keep your eye on us for more upcoming updates about our products in the future.

Letterlite Studio, we make various types of good and quality fonts. Each of our fonts is made very carefully and carefully to have a beautiful shape and fit each other with every letter or number, of course it all takes a lot of time and a high level of patience. But it all makes us happy and proud of our work.

Every font we make, we try to support various languages, ranging from Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Scottish, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, and others.

We also create fonts with various formats, such as TTF, OTF, and WOFF. The installation process is easy and supports various devices such as windows or mac.

LetterPalette was founded by Ana Prodanovic and Vedran Erakovic, type designers from Serbia. They have both participated in many projects involved with calligraphy, lettering and type design in their country and abroad. Ana is a teaching assistant at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, and she is also a typography teacher at one more faculty. Vedran is an assistant professor of Calligraphy and Type Design at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. In the last several years, they have both won awards in major international typeface design contests such as Communication Arts Typography Competition, Granshan Competition, Print Typography & Lettering Awards, etc. Their type designs are presented in books and magazines published by some of the world’s eminent publishers. In 2017 Ana and Vedran joined forces and started LetterPalette type foundry, with the intention to create and publish high-quality font families with distinctive and original design, both serifs and sans serifs, which support Latin and Cyrillic script, as well as OpenType technology. They also experiment with display styles, scripts and chromatic typefaces. In years that follow, LetterPalette has a goal to offer you a large palette of beautiful letters!

Professional comic book letterer Amal Desai shares his collection of meticulously designed fonts. These fonts were originally created to efficiently and effectively mimic his hand lettering in comics. Partnering his font design knowledge and the talent of other hand letterers, Amal is now growing a broader archive of ever-useful hand lettered fonts. Now available for purchase, these fonts can be used by other comic creators and for a plethora of other design purposes.

Font Designer from Jogjakarta. I love to make elegant and easy-to-use fonts.
LetterStock is a professional type fabric that create many fonts day by day. We have a font on any category like sans, serif, display, decorative, blackletter, and more. We work in team and we have a standard quality for any font that we made.

Introduce us Lettertype Studio domiciled in Bandung, Indonesia. We are focused on creating unique and beautiful and extraordinary fonts whether they are digital or handcrafted. Our fonts strive to always have different flavors to help make each of your businesses shine like stars in the sky on a pitch black night. Together we make a difference! let's do it

Lewis McGuffie is a British graphic and type designer based in Tallinn, Estonia. He has a background in creating custom type for private clients and branding projects. His typefaces are often drawn from extensive research and he has a keen eye for the physical, historical and regional aspects of typography.¶¶He has also given talks on drawing type and hosts regular workshops on hand-lettering, glass gilding and sign-writing.

LfarStudio is a single-person type foundry run by Lalan Farlan, an Purwakarta-Indonesian based type enthusiast who loves to do lettering and experiment with letter forms. LfarStudio provides typefaces with healthy amount of experimental touch and typefaces that are based on lettering pieces by Lalan Farlan. and now LfarStudio we are largely known for hand lettered scripts, but we are passionate about making more diverse fonts in the future and creating unique digital products.

Alex Rütten¶is typeface- and interface designer and partner of the berlin based design studio Formsport. He also studied communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier. After graduation he worked as a freelance graphic designer and later as an art director for several design agencies. In 2002 he moved to Berlin, where he mainly worked as a developer for interactive applications and as editor-designer. His typefaces are available through Linotype and FontShop International. 2009 he won the TDC Award for his first typeface “Ginkgo” and 2011 for “Suhmo”. In 2010 “Ginkgo” was also nominated for the German Design Award.¶¶Felix Braden¶is a graphic designer living in Cologne. He studied communication design at the Trier University of Applied Sciences and worked with Jens Gehlhaar at Gaga Design. He co-founded Glashaus Design, is art director at MWK Cologne and works as a freelance type designer. In 2000, he founded the free font foundry Floodfonts and designed numerous free typefaces which are available as webfonts via Typekit. His commercial fonts are distributed by FontShop International (FF Scuba), Myfonts (Capri, Sadness, Grimoire), URW++ (Supernormale) and Volcanotype (Bikini). His most recent release FF Scuba is one of the winners of the Communication Arts’ Typography Annual 2013, and was a honorable mention in Typographica’s Favorite Typefaces of 2012, in Typefact’s Best Fonts of 2012, in FontShop’s Best Types 2012, and in Typecache’s other favorite typefaces of 2012 Design.

LIGHTDESIGNS is not just a type foundry but also a creative graphic design company held in charge of a designer who is focused on applying creative & innovative mindset into every design created. His passion for designing as giving him the opportunity to communicate to the world, strategically passing information with every design he creates. Font designing is another channel to utilize his passion for the benefit of others. His aim is to give nice, creative font design that is informative, useful to clients in every situation and an example of a creative design. In LIGHTDESIGNS type catalogue you will find high-quality & captivating font designs that will add a unique look and personality to your projects. Feedbacks are highly valued for development in our designs for you to. Feel home to talk to us on anything needed.

In 2015 Angela Ippolito, an Italian architect, and Jérémy Ruiz, a French graphic designer, founded L'île (, a creative design studio. In 2021 they created L'île Foundry, an independent digital type foundry based in Milan.

The name of both the studio and the foundry comes from the book La Possibilité d'une île by Michel Houellebecq (There exists in the midst of time / The possibility of an island).

L'île Foundry offers a privileged space for experimentation and seeks to give typography a double identity: both an artistic creation in itself and an instrument of communication, a tool for conveying messages. At the same time unique and singular work, but nevertheless readable by all.

My name is Denise and I have pursued art and creativity my whole life. After learning graphic design and spending roughly 10 years in that field I have decided to shift my focus. I now spend my time designing fonts and loving it. My daughter has also been a big part of my life. She has had three open heart surgeries, cancer, and a heart transplant. This has given me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in font design. I hope you enjoy what I have created.

Established in 2021, limitype is a Design Studio based in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Started a commercial design project for a client and now we have grown into a small team working professionally to create stunning and cool design fonts and typography suitable for any project be it personal or business. We always try to make the best and enjoy every process in creating functional typefaces.

I am self-taught type designer and I work full time with type design, one-man army, in every day I want.

Linkpen Handwriting Fonts exclusively create fonts to help students learn handwriting. We have over ten years of experience making fonts for teachers, parents and children. We offer many different letter shapes to suit the needs of schools, and if we don't have the exact style you want, we may be able to make it for you!

We pride ourselves on our customer service and have supplied thousands of schools, teachers, parents and students across the world with fonts to teach handwriting.

The one-woman foundry based in St. Petersburg, Russia - was born to create something unexpected from Russian typedesign' soul for contemporary use. It's about experiment and crazy ideas with perfect technical qualities for comfortable work in your own graphic (or any other) designes. Little Bird is very young but she flies high with bravery for dreams about better visual environment - she wants to create something to change it for place with real beauty.

Little Red Studio is a product and software design studio located in belgium.

Recently we also started developing fonts and other types of art.

We would like to share the fonts we have developed for our products with you so you can also have great looking products with fonts that fit well.

If you have any questions you can always contact us at [email protected] .

I am passionate product designer and type lover, running a small family design studio with my wife. Based in Czech Republic, heart of Europe.

LNP Fonts is the official font-designing division owned and operated by LNP Group. The designer for the fonts is Cioarec Stelian. Fonts designed by us include Ninjago Alphabet. On MyFonts, we will be making public our original font designs, which will be available for purchase.

For more details, check out our website at

Locomotype is an indie type foundry based in Semarang, Indonesia. Founded by Arwan Sutanto who is experienced in graphic design for more than ten years. His interest in lettering and typography made him eager to share his love by establishing Locomotype to produce beautiful and quality fonts.

Logitype is an independent digital typography design studio based in Indonesia. We design, develop and distribute typefaces based on conceptual, historical value with combine functionality and contemporary style for print and digital needs. With high enthusiasm and creativity can provide new ideas for typographic assets as a creative industry solution.

We are a Type design studio based in Magelang City specialized in development of visual type design for logo and brand. We create custom exclusive logotype for company and sell logo fonts product for retail. We create a fonts for Easily Create Your Own Logo Types only with our fonts.

¿Through research and creative processes in making fonts to present quality products. We also evaluate feedback from our customers and clients for the development of the next font to be better.

Look Minus Today Studio is a type foundry based in Probolinggo - Indonesia and founded by Arif Rijal. We have a special love for unique typefaces but in addition, we design all kinds of retail and custom fonts that are high quality and have a soul. In we future projects, we want to reflect simplicity on the one hand and uniqueness on the other, providing the ability to adjust individual elements using OpenType features to the fullest. we amazed by the human ability to discover new and really beautiful and we want to develop this ability.

Lord Typo is an independent Font Foundry that is an extension of Design Studio MDAVIDWEEKS that makes typefaces, develops brands, creates NFT's, takes commissions and welcomes collaborations.

Lord Typo was created by graphic designer Mikey Weeks in order to share his long time passion (obsession) for letters. Mikey's love for letters started as soon as he could hold a pencil and over 30 years later he's still at it.

Loreley Design is a small graphic design studio by Boris Schrage based in Münster/Germany.

Boris has worked in the creative industry for over twentyfive in different agencies as a graphic designer and creative director.

Working now full time for local clients, Boris creates fonts which he can use in his focus area, which is packaging design.

With this in mind, the fonts have to be highly usable, very good readable and of course attractive to the eye.

Hi, I’m Lorenzo Vecchiotti. I live in Italy and was born in 1996. I like different aspects of Graphic Design: photography, editorial graphics, web design but I got involved in type design too so here is where you will find all the fonts that I will creatively create. Hope you all will like them. Check out my instagram to contact me for any reason.

Located in Concepción, Chile, Los Andes was established in 2011 by Daniel Hernandez, Miguel Hernandez and Luciano Vergara as a spin-off of LatinoType. Their goal was simple: to make typefaces that would simplify the job of the designers who used them. The young foundry published its first typeface, Pantano, that same year and the rest, as they say, is history.

Luca is an Italian calligrapher and programmer. He splits his time between Spain and Italy. Luca got interested in calligraphy many years ago. He loves the classical Italic hand, as exemplified by Fairbanks and Lloyd Reynolds. He studied it extensively to produce digital replicas that attempt to innovate on the classical forms. His font(s) strike a balance between the freshness of the pen and the rigidity of the digital medium.

Based in Vienna, Austria, Lucas Tillian began his career as a web and UI/UX designer. During his Bachelor's program he put his focus on typography and started working on his first fonts. Creating typefaces that prevail through their clarity and simplicity was essential to him as he continued working on his first font family 'Candid', pursuing the goal of creating a neutral font that communicates just the right amount of personality.

Lucywho is a design studio from Zurich, Switzerland. Founded by designer Lucia Mercedes Friedrich in 2020. Lucywho is known for it¿¿™s modern/minimal design and typefaces. She is a graphic designer, typographer, artist and tattoo artist. And mainly works on/with branding, editorial design, typeface design.

Luhop Creative was founded in 2020 and is run by Arif Fadilah. I am the founder of Luhop Creative. Luhop Creative is an association of Indonesian designers that focuses on font design. Luhop Creative will continue to develop the best font designs in creating quality fonts, which of course can be used to complement all the needs of the design world. We also always accept criticism and suggestions for ideas that can develop the design world.

Luker Type is a type foundry based in Zurich, Switzerland, founded in 2008 by Lukas Gerber. The foundry's mission is to create typefaces that are timeless, yet contemporary, versatile, fun, sometimes even a bit quirky and can be used in a wide range of projects, from branding and advertising to editorial design and digital media. The typefaces created by LukerType have been used by a variety of businesses, designers and publishers worldwide and in many different languages and cultures.

Lumiks Design, created by Lumi, is a personal foundry based in Brazil.

Since she was a child, Lumi has been passionate about arts, always drawing and making crafts. During these playful times, some decorated and creative letters used to appear. She barely knew she was doing lettering.

After working as a graphic designer for more than 10 years and wanting to reinvent herself, she saw an opportunity to revive her passion for letters and become professional in this subject, creating unique and versatile fonts.

At Luna Paper Company, our goal is to create beautiful, refined fonts for all of your branding and wedding needs. Founded by two sisters in 2015, LPC has been determined to provide attainable, high-quality fonts for those who love to design with elegance. Every font is thought out carefully and is initially developed with pen and paper to give off that hand-written look. Our company is made of designers who love all things creative, and we hope our fonts help add beauty to your own creations!

Lunas Type is an independent type foundry based in Kebumen, Indonesia, was established in 2022, run by Founder Rigi Sejatining Ayu and Lettering Artist Annas Alam Yahya. We passionate to create original, soulful and unique script fonts with a feminine sensibility. That means a style that highlights elegance over robustness. Don't hesitate to reach Lunas Type on Instagram :) Follow the updates! Thanks.

Lurinzu Studios is a one man digital type - foundry based on Bacoor, Cavite Philippines started by Lorenzo Martinez in the year 2019. Currently has produced 13 working typefaces in the market. Expressive and display fonts are the main staples produced in this digital foundry.

The main vision vision for this foundry is to create typefaces that could express the emotion of each message and letters as they are intended to be read.

Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.