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Karandash is a small independent type design studio, based in Varna, Bulgaria. It was established in 2010 by designer Vassil Kateliev, focused in designing high quality body and display typefaces for Eastern Europe, and is especially interested in developing Cyrillic typesets.
Kassymkulov Design is a personal foundry of a type design enthusiast Zhalgas Kassymkulov based in Kazakhstan and China.
The Keystrokes foundry produced a selection of display faces including a variety of deco-inspired designs.
Kimberly Geswein Fonts is a one-woman company based in Orlando, Florida. Kimberly specializes in creating unique, affordable, hand-drawn fonts. She divides her time between creating new fonts and homeschooling her 2 daughters.
Kimmy Design does various graphic design work, from corporate branding/logo design to promotional posters, web design and other marketing material from print, web and direct mail advertising. Kimmy Kirkwood has always had a passion for typography and an interest in creating her own fonts. After graduating from Chapman University with a dual degree in Graphic Design and Public Relation & Advertising, she has focused her spare time on researching different fonts and developing some of her own.
K-Type is a small, independent type foundry based in Manchester England, offering a unique range of high quality fonts which are modestly and simply priced for small commercial users and large organizations. K-Type is the foundry of designer and mail artist Keith Bates, and many K-Type fonts are directly or indirectly influenced by observation and research into influential artists and designers. The resulting faces are reliable and eminently usable, and often imbued with a playful wit and the genuine affection of honorable homage.
Kustomtype is an independent type foundry based in Belgium, founded in 2011 by Coert De Decker type designer & graphic artist.Kustomtype Fonts are designed for logotype, packaging, posters, T-shirts, signage & design projects with a retro & vintage feel!
"K94 is a creative studio, born from the need to work and a zeal for typography. We create visual identification, logotypes, signs, pictograms and typography. We like working with simple forms in creative ways and we are not afraid to take on off the wall projects and out of the box challenges. At the heart of each of our jobs lie great relationships with clients based on constructive dialogue and trust."
Hello! Most of all I like to design bright three-dimensional logos or characters and delve into each letter of a logo. I started to learn design in 2005 when I was a 3-rd year student and got fixed up in a job as a designer assistant in an advertising agency. I've been a freelancer since 2008. Initially, I was designing logos. Very often I used typical fonts with some changes to create a logo. That was the way I started creating full sets of fonts. Let's bring more color and bright letters to our world together!
Kah Khiong Design, founded by Lee Kah Khiong, is an illustrator & graphic designer based in (Sarawak) Borneo site of Malaysia and has been creating visual & illustration for years. Creating typefaces wasn¿¿™t my expertise, but my experience with graphic plus my passion, I am determined to venture into the world of typography to explore, experience, experiment & create new fresh typefaces.
Kastelov is a type foundry dedicated to the production of functional type families with delightful aesthetics. The foundry's main expertise lies in the invigoration of traditional type genres, in order to create contemporary workhorses for everyday use. The look and feel of each typeface is carefully crafted as to project an air of premium quality.
My name is Kellina and I am a graphic designer. Over the years I have found a need for custom fonts to fit my design vision, and as a result have discovered that I really enjoy creating fonts. My fonts typically lean more towards either a handwritten or simple sans serif style, but I always enjoy trying new things and challenging myself, so you never know what I'll come out with next. In addition to being a graphic designer, I am also an artist, photographer, tea lover, adventurer, and many more things that will eventually become inspiration for my fonts.
I can provide high quality products as you expect. The purpose of opening a store will focus on creating well-made font types.
kloeg architecture is a Liechtenstein based architecture and design studio of Dutch designer David Kloeg. Established in 2015, kloeg architecture develops typefaces and icons besides private and commercial buildings.
My name is Maksym Kobuzan and I'm graphic and type designer based in Kyiv, Ukraine. I am interested in everything that is somehow related to typography. I founded this small independent type foundry in 2020 to publish my original typefaces. I specialize in the design of high quality Cyrillic and Latin fonts with a wide range of possibilities.
Kodhibanks provides several fonts for designer needs at affordable prices, with the hope of helping designers work on their projects, both personal and commercial.
Type designer from Russia. I've been developing fonts since 2017. I like the process of creating letters, and indeed typefaces in general. It's nice to see the result of the work, when you can make something out of nothing. I seek to create high quality, thoughtful fonts for a variety of purposes. And to create original fonts, I experiment with letter shapes.
Kotak Kuning Studio is a type foundry from Indonesia. We absolutely love creating good typography, and it is our aim to help other creatives to create beautiful things.
Ksenia Belobrova is a type designer, calligrapher and illustrator from Moscow. She graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts (A.Tarbeev's class). Ksenia grew up in Sevastopol (Crimea). She used to paint, illustrate and make decorations. Her hobbies are calligraphy, guitar and sailing. But her main passion in life is type design.
KTStudio is the foundry of Katy Thompson, a multi-disciplinary creative problem solver and entrepreneur based in Melbourne, Australia. Katy is happiest when sinking her teeth into complex problems that sit at the intersection between design, data and technology. She has spent the last several years working with many of the world’s biggest brands, building conversion-optimized digital campaigns to help her clients grow, understand and nurture their customer bases. Currently Katy is working on a new business endeavor, designing and selling customizable planners and stationery. Her first font was designed to be used for this brand!
Kufic Studio is a platform that brings fonts having modern and ancient touches. The word Kufic means Calligraphy in Arabic and Kufic Studio delivers high-quality professional fonts designs with the touch of ancient and Arabic styles. Kufic Studio fills the missing gap in this industry.
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