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Karandash is a small independent type design studio, based in Varna, Bulgaria. It was established in 2010 by designer Vassil Kateliev, focused in designing high quality body and display typefaces for Eastern Europe, and is especially interested in developing Cyrillic typesets.
Kassymkulov Design is a personal foundry of a type design enthusiast Zhalgas Kassymkulov based in Kazakhstan and China.
The Keystrokes foundry produced a selection of display faces including a variety of deco-inspired designs.
Kimberly Geswein Fonts is a one-woman company based in Orlando, Florida. Kimberly specializes in creating unique, affordable, hand-drawn fonts. She divides her time between creating new fonts and homeschooling her 2 daughters.
Kimmy Design does various graphic design work, from corporate branding/logo design to promotional posters, web design and other marketing material from print, web and direct mail advertising. Kimmy Kirkwood has always had a passion for typography and an interest in creating her own fonts. After graduating from Chapman University with a dual degree in Graphic Design and Public Relation & Advertising, she has focused her spare time on researching different fonts and developing some of her own.
K-Type is a small, independent type foundry based in Manchester England, offering a unique range of high quality fonts which are modestly and simply priced for small commercial users and large organizations. K-Type is the foundry of designer and mail artist Keith Bates, and many K-Type fonts are directly or indirectly influenced by observation and research into influential artists and designers. The resulting faces are reliable and eminently usable, and often imbued with a playful wit and the genuine affection of honorable homage.
Kustomtype is an independent type foundry based in Belgium, founded in 2011 by Coert De Decker type designer & graphic artist.Kustomtype Fonts are designed for logotype, packaging, posters, T-shirts, signage & design projects with a retro & vintage feel!
"K94 is a creative studio, born from the need to work and a zeal for typography. We create visual identification, logotypes, signs, pictograms and typography. We like working with simple forms in creative ways and we are not afraid to take on off the wall projects and out of the box challenges. At the heart of each of our jobs lie great relationships with clients based on constructive dialogue and trust."
Hello! Most of all I like to design bright three-dimensional logos or characters and delve into each letter of a logo. I started to learn design in 2005 when I was a 3-rd year student and got fixed up in a job as a designer assistant in an advertising agency. I've been a freelancer since 2008. Initially, I was designing logos. Very often I used typical fonts with some changes to create a logo. That was the way I started creating full sets of fonts. Let's bring more color and bright letters to our world together!
Kah Khiong Design, founded by Lee Kah Khiong, is an illustrator & graphic designer based in (Sarawak) Borneo site of Malaysia and has been creating visual & illustration for years. Creating typefaces wasn¿¿™t my expertise, but my experience with graphic plus my passion, I am determined to venture into the world of typography to explore, experience, experiment & create new fresh typefaces.
KaiserType is the personal foundry of Bertram Kaiser. Bertram Kaiser was born in Munich Germany. He studied graphic design at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg Germany and graduated in 2017 (BA+MA). In his studies he evolved a passion for letter design and typography. His approach to typedesign is mainly based on manual lettershaping such as calligraphy and lettering with a strong focus on historical forms. Therefor his aim is to provide typefaces with a very lively manual look using all the technical possibilities of modern type design such as e. g. alternate letter shapes via OpenType. In 2019 he decided to come up with his personal foundry KaiserType.

Kaligra is an independent type foundry and graphic design studio founded since 2017, also known previously as Newflix.bro on Our clients include high-profile global brands such as Lbrands, Mcdonald’s, and Wecasa Paris. In our graphic design work, we took the habit of drawing custom fonts for the projects we work on. We design fonts like we would design everything else: with our own artistic gesture and sensibility. We clearly focus on drawing strong and peculiar fonts. You won’t find many weights but you will find many glyph alternates.

Typography has an important role in every design, Kamandrus develops clean and attractive fonts which are suitable for logos and poster titles.

The foundry is founded by Kamarudheen Abdurahiman, a creative designer from India, the foundry name is actually a short form of the founder's name.

The idea behind each font is usually developed while working on brand projects, once the idea is set, then creates all the characters based on that concept.

My name is Hristo Kaptebilov and I design fonts under the foundry name of Kaptype. I live in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria; a town close to the beautiful Rodopi mountains that inspire me every day. I began my career as a graphic designer in 2006. I believe that Typography is the most important part of any good looking graphic design, and began to create my own fonts. My goal is to make high quality, handsome, and easy to use fonts.

Focus on creating attractive and appropriate typefaces for multiple uses. Available for sale at an affordable price. I concentrate on handcrafted quality fonts, mostly trending styles and sometimes experimental styles. I love to draw letters, fall in love with writing and write letters for a living. I love exploring and seeing how typography reflects a brand's personality. Now pursuing my new passion completely from my home studio. Turned my freelance business into a type designer.

Small studio founded at 2020 and located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This studio is run by a student who dreams of spreading his inspiration to the world.

This studio aims to provides a variety of fonts developed for different uses and purposes, and available for sale at an affordable price. The designer like to improve and explore different design technique and approach each project with passion and dedication, to create timeless and innovate meaningful designs.

Kastelov is a type foundry dedicated to the production of functional type families with delightful aesthetics. The foundry's main expertise lies in the invigoration of traditional type genres, in order to create contemporary workhorses for everyday use. The look and feel of each typeface is carefully crafted as to project an air of premium quality.

Based in Honduras, Katherin Funez is a designer whose objective is to create high quality fonts with fun concepts and easy to implement on projects to make them unique. The goal is to provide fonts that people look for but doesn't seem to find one who sparks awesomeness and with enough detail that characterize a good font.

The variety of fonts provided with different styles helps to create an identity to the projects in which they are included.

My name is Kellina and I am a graphic designer. Over the years I have found a need for custom fonts to fit my design vision, and as a result have discovered that I really enjoy creating fonts. My fonts typically lean more towards either a handwritten or simple sans serif style, but I always enjoy trying new things and challenging myself, so you never know what I'll come out with next. In addition to being a graphic designer, I am also an artist, photographer, tea lover, adventurer, and many more things that will eventually become inspiration for my fonts.

Kereatype is a tiny design studio based in Yogyakarta - Indonesia. We're so excited to create some pretty great typography with the motto "Just love to make things perfect".

Consistently we approach letterform carefully and consider functionality to make it a problem solver on visual and an expressive medium. Because “Type is Branding” Kereatype will support you in creating designs that may be used in a variety of ways!

We are Keristyper Studio, a small foundry team from Bali - Indonesia who are dedicated to innovating to produce unique Typefaces with a handcrafted aesthetic touch. We have high interest, talent, and skill to be creative in lettering and calligraphy typography designs. We are experienced in the design industry since 2010 and have produced thousands of digital products including fonts that have been downloaded by many of our customers around the world.

I can provide high quality products as you expect. The purpose of opening a store will focus on creating well-made font types.
Based in Aceh - Indonesia, Khurasan Studio was founded in 2016. Our goal is to create beautiful typefaces that can be useful for all designers around the world.

Kijiji Hub is a contemporary Architecture and Creative Technology driven design studio. We¿¿™re a team of technologists, strategists, and creative problem solvers seeking to make a positive impact on your business and the world around us. We also create new forms for glyphs and fonts to organisations, products and publishing.

Kingpin designs is a small Australian business that specializes in graphic design. We love to venture into several avenues across the spectrum of all things creative. This includes 3D modeling and printing, animation, hand-made gifts for retail purposes, and of course, excellent typography helps tie everything together. The general aesthetic of Kingpin Designs is bright and bold with a good balance of harmony.

Kirill Malykhin is a type designer from 2015 from Novosibirsk (Russia).

I create unique Cyrillic and Latin fonts. Worked with coffee shops, restaurants, design studios, magazines, clothing manufacturers, online stores, educational and sports projects.

High quality and speed of work allows you to create high-quality fonts for various areas of business.

Kitchen Table Type Foundry is run by me, David Kerkhoff. I also run Hanoded Fonts, which some of you may actually have heard of! :-0

KTTF was created as a playground for new ideas and possibly font designs that may not fit the Hanoded Fonts brand - but I am not too strict about this rule. Since I design all the fonts, you may come across similarities - but that, unfortunately, is not something I can avoid.

kloeg architecture is a Liechtenstein based architecture and design studio of Dutch designer David Kloeg. Established in 2015, kloeg architecture develops typefaces and icons besides private and commercial buildings.
My name is Maksym Kobuzan and I'm graphic and type designer based in Kyiv, Ukraine. I am interested in everything that is somehow related to typography. I founded this small independent type foundry in 2020 to publish my original typefaces. I specialize in the design of high quality Cyrillic and Latin fonts with a wide range of possibilities.
Kodhibanks provides several fonts for designer needs at affordable prices, with the hope of helping designers work on their projects, both personal and commercial.

Independent creative studio & type foundry based in Poland, run by Wojciech Morzyc.

We are delivering typefaces with wide range of weights, styles and all kind of opentype features.

We always try to create high quality work with focus on every datail.

Our fonts are the result of our passion for art & design. They are great for logos, posters, magazine layouts, headers, apparel and all kind of prints.

Thanks for Supporting us.

Komet & Flicker is the creative alter-ego of David Phillips, a graphic designer and illustrator in Bellevue Washington.
Founded by two men, Abdilah and Ian. Who really desperate in work for a company as a Graphic Designer in 2012. The we formed as a Graphic Designer team and work for client-based stuff. And there comes another stuck moment. We feel like we just build everybody’s dreams in client-based jobs. We want our kingdom, our total independence in making stuffs and everything. So in 2014 we reorganize the job-desk into making digital products and stop all the client works. And finally we found our passion and love in Type Design and Lettering, we cant stop to hit the gas pedal so hard for it till now. An ordinary story but means a lot for us. Thanks, Konstantine Studio

Koral Creative is a foundry located on the geographical border between Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. Koral Creative has been operating as an advertising agency for a decade and has made it its mission to develop multilingual typefaces and overcome language barriers. The agency performs brand restaurations and respond to clients' needs for relevance and innovation.

As a type foundry, Koral Creative is dedicated to the production of geometric, neo-grotesque and neo-humanist typefaces.

Type designer from Russia. I've been developing fonts since 2017. I like the process of creating letters, and indeed typefaces in general. It's nice to see the result of the work, when you can make something out of nothing. I seek to create high quality, thoughtful fonts for a variety of purposes. And to create original fonts, I experiment with letter shapes.
Kotak Kuning Studio is a type foundry from Indonesia. We absolutely love creating good typography, and it is our aim to help other creatives to create beautiful things.

KOTIVORO is a Typefoundry based in Medan, Indonesia. We started this since 2018. We are young adult people who fall in love with typography. and we providing the best font we made for your works.

KOTIVORO is a digital agency focused on providing digital assets for helping designers through Strategy, Design, & Direction.

We are socilizing the unsocial brand.

We are Krafted, a design team based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Founded in 2014, we steadily grew into a design company with 20 happy employees. In addition to fonts, our designers make icons, illustrations, 3D assets, and presentation templates.

Our unique font collection includes calligraphy, handwritten, script, handbrush, signature, vintage fonts, and more.

Our team of experts carefully curates each font in our collection to ensure that they are visually stunning and highly functional. We understand that fonts play a crucial role in the success of any project, whether it's a logo design, website, or marketing materials. That's why we strive to offer fonts that are visually appealing and easy to read and use.

Thank you for choosing our font shop as your source for quality fonts. We are excited to help you bring your creative vision to life!

Kraken (formerly know as "Twiggy8520Designs") is the personal foundry of type designer Paul Huxen.

Hello. We are Krakenbox Studio, a creative team engaged in design in the manufacture of fonts or typography. Our studio is located in a small town on one of the Asian continents, Pekanbaru, Indonesia. With approximately 3 years of experience, we have created many fonts that have been used by many brands for their products. We always believe that our work can always be the choice for our customers. Currently we are constantly trying to create the best fonts so that they can become trends in the font world.

Kreuk Type Foundry is Type Foundry Studio based in Solo Indonesia established in 2013. Under license of Kreuk Studio Agency, focusing on typeface development & custom typefaces for brand system for companies. Kreuk Type Foundry first released Off typeface in 2013 developed by team of type designers for a brand system. Now, we have 3 designers focusing on type development Rendra Diardjo, Iswahyudi and Ivan Pratama.

Krismagraph is an independent typeface design studio based in Temanggung, Indonesia, founded in 2018 by type designer Ratna Krismawati. The studio creates contemporary and carefully crafted typefaces for commercial projects.

Krismagraph is currently developing retail type families with their unique voice especially designing font with various style Modern and Classic Typeface. Producing high-quality typefaces with a strong character that boosts the distinctive communication purposes of a brand or project.

Krntype Studio is a home studio based in indonesia.

Founded by designer named Bagus with more than 4 years of experience in graphic design.

Our goal is to create a font that can be used well by other designers or clients for crafting art easily. And contribute to the development of the field of graphic design

Krntype Studio will focus on creating a variety of unique, eye-catching, and clean typefaces.

Look forward to our fonts and enjoy.

Krown Creative Factory is a type foundry based in Lagos, Nigeria and founded by David Shopekan. The love for calligraphy funky typefaces came as a result of love for graphics design and party name header we also design modern font display, electro, sans, block, native, handsfree lettering and custom fonts that are high quality and have a cool vibe and with the designed Font that we present, we help you in beautifying your design project and passing your message easier and faster to the targeted audience

Ksenia Belobrova is a type designer, calligrapher and illustrator from Moscow. She graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts (A.Tarbeev's class). Ksenia grew up in Sevastopol (Crimea). She used to paint, illustrate and make decorations. Her hobbies are calligraphy, guitar and sailing. But her main passion in life is type design.

KTEN Fonts is a New York-based type foundry made up of a team of creative professionals that specialize in bespoke handwriting fonts with special characters, ligatures, and glyphs. We aim to design fonts that can be used in art, design, logos, and for personal use. Custom designed glyphs are available upon request.

For inquiries and information regarding custom designs and pricing, please contact [email protected]

KTStudio is the foundry of Katy Thompson, a multi-disciplinary creative problem solver and entrepreneur based in Melbourne, Australia. Katy is happiest when sinking her teeth into complex problems that sit at the intersection between design, data and technology. She has spent the last several years working with many of the world’s biggest brands, building conversion-optimized digital campaigns to help her clients grow, understand and nurture their customer bases. Currently Katy is working on a new business endeavor, designing and selling customizable planners and stationery. Her first font was designed to be used for this brand!
Kufic Studio is a platform that brings fonts having modern and ancient touches. The word Kufic means Calligraphy in Arabic and Kufic Studio delivers high-quality professional fonts designs with the touch of ancient and Arabic styles. Kufic Studio fills the missing gap in this industry.

KuleType fonts are made by me, my name is Piotr, I'm a young self-taught designer based in a small town on the south of Poland. I constantly learn, and aim to improve my typography designs.The passion for modern, innovative and futuristic designs is clarily showed in all of the fonts I make. I focus on making easy to use, simple, practical and appealing typefaces, each with a unique personality and modern look.

Stay creative and enjoy!

my name Teguh. I'm graphic designer. graphic designer comes naturally to me. i define myself ambitious, adaptable, self-motivated, confident and a down to earth person, which basically means that i am smart and fun.

I like to challenge myself with new goals all the time, and have a habit of delivering awesome content most of the times.

I am someone who is very interested in the world of graphic design, cinematography/videography, photography and development of several web-based information applications.

therefore I am very happy to implement and share what I have done to others, so that it becomes very useful, especially in the world of education.

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