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Jan Fromm is a communication designer from Berlin, Germany. Although he often works on corporate and web design projects, he primarily concentrates on typeface development. Since 2003 he works alongside with Lucas de Groot at LucasFonts. During this time he has extended his competence in designing, programming and producing multilingual typefaces.
Jason Vandenberg is designer, specializing in branding and typography. These two fields are always changing and moving along with culture. Every design project starts practically anew, existing typefaces are customized and brand new letterforms are created. All this in search of capturing the essence and feeling of the brand. From this experience, Jason has set out to create new typefaces to be used within contemporary branding and design work. Grey Sans is the first entry into this project, with several more on the horizon.
Jcfonts is a french one-man foundry run by Joël Carrouché, offering a various collection of meticulously designed display typefaces.¶
Jeff Kahn is an award-winning designer with expertise in brand identity. In addition to designing fonts, Jeff specializes in logos, logotypes, packaging design, interactive media, collateral, and visual assets for local & international organizations. Some of his clients include: Landor & Associates, Proctor & Gamble, Sierra Club, Revlon, Purina, Hewlett Packard, IBM, TaylorMade, and Hyatt Hotels. Jeff graduated from Art Center College of Design with a BFA. He was fortunate to have Doyald Young as his teacher.
Jess Latham began designing typefaces in 1997. His foundry focuses mainly on display faces and ornamentals. Many of his commercial typefaces have made it to the best sellers list. You’ve probably seen his work in the aisles of the grocery store, book covers, magazines, television and many other places.
Jesse Tilley is a solo font artist based in Australia, He worked privataly from 2006 to 2007, and in 2008, launched the foundary commercially. Basing most of the fonts off pop-culture, whether modern or in the past, the foundary strives to meet the needs of modern designers.
John F Sherman is the founder of JFS Fonts, whose day job is teaching graphic design at the University of Notre Dame. A research interest of mine at Notre Dame is the life and work of Eric Gill. An outgrowth of this work is the first font design published by JFS Fonts titled Felicitas. Felicitas is an opentype font inspired by Eric Gill¿s design for Perpetua introduced in 1929 by the Monotype Type Foundry.
Jh fonts is an Arabic Fonts foundry providing: 1- A set of Arabic, Latin and web fonts.2- Tailor-made solutions for clients 3- Brands enhancements , visual identities.4- Support and localisation / creation of special language sets, customization and typographic consultation.
With a background in fine art, drawing and conceptual development, Jim Ford brings ten years of diverse experience, from album and poster design, to his lettering and type projects.
Born in Brazil in 1986, I always liked to draw, and I've done it professionally to several clients. I've been selected in cartoon exhibitions around the world, made some comic books, and wrote a book about the art of drawing - Elements of Manga Style. Graduated in Visual Arts in 2011, in the following year I started to put in Bezier curves the typefaces I had sketched over the years. I'm currently an Art teacher in a private school, and I draw fonts every day.
This small yet lively collection features the work of illustrator and designer Joe VanDerBos.
JOEBOB graphics is a small design studio that specialises in font design and hand lettering. It was founded in 2005 in the Dutch city of 's-Hertogenbosch and is run by Jeroen van der Ham, who does most of the design work.For the biggest part, the fonts made by JOEBOB graphics are directly derived from actual handwriting and calligraphy. This ensures all characters to be unique, which make them stand apart from characters in script fonts.
Decorative and delightful, this new collection features a series of display designs and a handful of ornaments.
I'm a type designer from Germany. I design fonts with a focus on handwritten scripts. Each of my typefaces contains lots of carefully integrated OpenType features and countless alternates, ornaments and random effects. Apart from creating retail fonts, I design custom calligraphy and lettering projects.I studied graphic design at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Germany and was a type design student of Jovica Veljovic.
Juraj Chrastina is a self-teaching freelance designer from Slovakia. He is new to designing type and tries to spend more and more time in this domain.
Discover why JY&A Fonts founder Jack Yan has developed a reputation for meticulously-crafted typefaces. Over 100 new designs now available.

Jacoby Type Co is a Oklahoma based type foundry. We strive to arm designers with expressive type that is both functional and full of personality. We are exploring the balance of form an function to create typefaces that are visually striking and that stand out in a world constantly competing for our attention. Jacoby Type Co was created by Katie Jacoby and features typefaces that are inspired by unusual shapes and everyday objects.

Jadugar Design Studio, located in New Zealand is a small design studio that loves to revive old type faces with a modern and fresh look.
JAM Type Design is a type foundry based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. JAM Type Design was founded the moment it published its first typeface, JAM Type has been on an upward trajectory ever since. JAM’s popular typefaces Toma Sans, Andis, and JT Leonor have generated a lot of attention in the design community of late and the guys at JAM hope to continue to develop beautiful and effective typefaces.
Established in 2009 by James Todd: a former bespoke tailor, mechanic, auto upholsterer, musician, and designer. JTD specializes in custom and commercial type and design.
Originally based in London, Jamie Clarke’s specializes in illustrative type and lettering. “My aim is to bring words to life and make them more vivid with decoration and imagery. They can be fun or serious, as long as they enhance the message.” This goal eventually gave rise to his eye-catching debut font, Brim Narrow. With a background in web design, Jamie was previously Head of Design for Europe at Microsoft. He went on to form one of the UK’s top digital agencies, where he worked with a range of well-known media and technology clients. After ten years at the agency, Jamie decided to retrain. He studied Type Design at Reading University, and Letterpress at the St. Bride Foundation in London. He also runs the popular blog, Type Worship and is part of the team behind the typography magazine, 8 Faces. Jamie is currently living in Sydney, where he is expanding his collection of lettering projects and typefaces.

JASCHA&FRANZ is a creative Studio working in various fields.

They create spaces & interiors & designs.

They design atmospheric & fluid & flexible framings.

Working as a duo with several partners in beautiful crime, they create spaces mediating the juncture of design and architecture as not only a single connection point but also as their vivid intertwining.

They focus on disconnecting from authenticity as a promise of a singular genuine reality and more truly embedded in cultural practice as a formative fluidity. They design spaces and interiors to be jolly on your own while being part of ephemeral communities. 

They frame their ways of spacing and shaping as a practice opening up to a multitude of perceptions for whoever is happily taking part.

Hello , introduce us from Javanice Studio and we design fonts. We consist of 4 designer and have the same expertise, namely graphic design, and agreed to create this studio with the aim of creating typographic fonts like never before with our insight. We love creating things about typographic fonts in any styles. For us typoghraphy it's not just a design element, it's bring an identity. We believe that we can compete with great font makers around the world. Because for us type it's matter.

"My name is Tio Yulianto, I am the founder of Javatype Studio. Javatype Studio is currently located in Brebes, Central Java, Indonesia. Javatype Studio has created high quality fonts for its loyal customers. We work in a fully mature way so that the fonts we have created have a strong character so that they can be used according to the needs of customers who use our fonts. Javatype Studio has several designers who are experienced in the lettering field so we can create really nice and unique fonts. With the strokes of the hands of artists who are experienced in lettering, of course, our fonts are very different from other fonts, so that we have our own characteristics."
JBFoundry was created by Jean Boyault, France.
Fascinated by typography during a training in graphic design, I embarked on the design of fonts by combining my creativity and a little fantasy. I am delighted to present my creations to you and make you discover my style of design which often brings out my particular attraction for the medieval and the Celtic identity. Inventiveness and creativity make the world move forward!
Jeff Levine has been in love with lettering since the third grade, when a schoolmate brought a lettering stencil into class. He has worked in both the graphics and music industries, and began his work with digital type via his own site, which hosted over one hundred free dingbat fonts until its retirement in 2009. Although these fonts were experimental at best, Jeff received “thank you” letters from points all over the world for making his designs available. Encouraged by these responses, Jeff decided to set his sights on creating interesting and commercially viable type fonts.

Welcome to Marshall Artz, a creative Gold Coast based company with over 3 decades in the sign industry, specializing in commercial and custom signage, logo design, gold leaf work, hand painting, font designing and the instruction of traditional signwriting.

Jeff Marshall's love for Typography, in particular script and casual lettering has been exhibited in design work throughout his career. This work has been recognized internationally and Jeff is now a contributing font artist to Letterhead Fonts.

I am the founder of Jehansyah. Jehansyah is an Indonesian designer association that focuses on designing fonts. Jehansyah will continue to develop the best font designs in creating quality fonts, which of course can be used to complement all the needs of the design world. We also always receive criticism and suggestions in order to achieve an idea as well as an idea that can develop the world of design.

A small collection of handwritten fonts in a casual, approachable style. The Jenna Sue font rose to popularity in 2011 with over 5 million downloads, and is now available in an extended Pro version at an affordable price point for both personal and commercial use.

Today, the font can be found across the globe in storefronts, digital marketing, television and beyond.

I love to create typefaces with a strong identity.
"Jeremy DV Boyd has been crafting professional graphic design since 1995. Based in Australia, he has worked in Advertising, Graphic Design and Marketing agencies across branding, print, packaging, web design and illustration, always with a keen eye for typography and a love of the written word. Jeremy creates bold custom lettering that is full of quirks and personality to help your commercial and personal projects shine."

Jeremy Nelson is a multidisciplinary designer from the greater Philadelphia area specializing in brand identity and typeface design.

Initially beginning a creative career in the broader field of graphic design, it was through an apprenticeship with Adidas' internal sports licensing division that he discovered an interest in the craft of type design. The canvas of team uniforms and the unique role of wordmarks, numerals, and typographic systems sparked a fascination and appreciation of type that grows to this day.

Still focused on the sport and athletics industry, Jeremy Nelson aims to create functional, durable, and distinctive typefaces for the fields of competition and beyond.

I started Jessie Makes Stuff as a way to explore my artistic abilities without limiting myself to just one medium. That exploration eventually led to learning calligraphy, which created an interest in all forms of lettering, both by hand and digitally. Creating my own fonts through Jessie Makes Stuff has been a natural progression, spurred by both a general interest in typefaces as well as the desire to digitize my own writing to use in my digital works so that it's consistent and I don't have to write everything out by hand!

This foundry is focused on creating fonts that I'd like to use in my own work, with the belief that if I have a need for it then others likely will as well. I intend to focus mainly on hand-written or decorative font families, but I won't limit myself if inspiration strikes elsewhere. I am the owner and, for now, the sole designer, which covers all bases of font creation from idea inception to digitizing, to formatting the fonts within the software.

To see some of my lettering and calligraphy and other stuff I've made, check me out on Instagram @JessieMakesStuff

Founded in 2018, Jetsmax is a Design Studio based in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Started as an individual project; now, we are a small team working professionally to make stunning and cool design fonts and typefaces which are suitable for any project for both personal and business purposes. We always try our best to make something new and unique to meet market expectation. Originality and consistency are our core values that we hold close in our hearts.
"Starting in early 2019, I was interested in exploring lettering, the art of lettering that I knew when I was 7 years old turned out to have basics so that the writings are beautiful and consistent. Day after day, I spent time putting ink on paper, and at the end of the year, I started trying to make font software; the ink that I used to scratch is now replaced with a pen tool in vector software. My purpose is to open a shop to sell my works, and I will show that my products are of high quality to use."

Jipatype is a foundry from Bangkok, Thailand, established in 2020 by Anupap Jaichumnan. I have worked as a type designer for full time who created lots of font families for 2 years. All the time I have to learn to design the Thai typeface and the Latin typefaces.

With beautiful Jipatype's typeface can help your graphic, advertising, branding, and many more design, to express their mood and tone.

Let Jipatype's font help your work to be successful.

JK Creative is a type foundry from Indonesia. Creating fonts based on collective research so that those look original, eye-catching and multipurpose. JK Creative creates the typefaces he wished he had earlier. Built on a longstanding appreciation for typography, and a history in client design services, JK creative brings a modern touch to his fonts with continuous updates and feature additions.
Anthroposophical fonts for everybody.
Since I was a child I have been in awe of the typography on sweet wrappers, magazines and books. I also tried my hand at calligraphy when I was about 9 years old, and then the good old teenage years took over. The creativity left me until I attended university and studied my Graphic Design degree. Throughout my three years there I focused on typography and lettering, always hoping that I would, one day, create my own font. For the past four years that’s exactly what I’ve been doing and I love it! It’s an awesome way to spend my time working. My style is diverse. I try to be different but sometimes I follow the design trends in the hope of fulfilling my customers’ design needs.

Hi, I'm Joe. Nice to meet you.

I have worked for many years as a designer, but my career never really gave me the chance to express myself in a way I truly enjoyed. However, in 2018, I met my fiance through a computer game of all things. One year later, I moved from England to Sweden and started a new phase of my life. Fresh start. Both exciting and scary, not just for my career! I took some time, made a list, then thought of designing fonts and promptly threw the list away. It just felt right. Thankfully it still does today.

My long and short term goal is simple. To do something I am passionate about and design some fonts in the process. Typography is a fascinating and diverse field, and I look forward to immersing myself more in the subject. I plan to specialise in display fonts due to an interest in the artwork that often accompanies books, movies, TV and gaming. However, I do not wish to limit myself, so watch this space!

Thank you for checking out my typeface. I hope to see you again in the future!

A Cavite based letterer, John Misael Villanueva, has been sharpening his skills in type design since 2014. Originally a hand-letterer, John mixed his graphic design skills with his love for letters, bringing about a perfect combination of his two passions. John designed over 40 typefaces in 2019 for different clients around the world. He also created the official typeface of the American industrial tools maker Stanley Black & Decker. John is a brand ambassador of Zig Kuretake Philippines.
Jolicia Type means lovers of adventure and joy in life; that is our principle. Founded in 2020. but we've been working since 2019 and making fonts with The Ocean Studio as my husband's studio, I prefer to make fonts in a casual style. We focus on making the best for all of you. We work with original ideas and the latest stylish trends. A good font is a great design.
My name is Jon Cartagena, and I'm a graphic designer and videographer from Indianapolis, Indiana. I’ve been dabbling in graphic design, and digital media in general, ever since high school. I graduated from the University of Valley Forge with a bachelor of science degree in digital media studies. I've since taken more of a focus into videography, which has allowed me to explore graphic design on the side as more of a hobby. I've fallen in love with typography, and it's always been a goal of mine to design a font. I'm proud to release my debut font, Wrought, and I'm looking forward to designing more in the future.
Jörg Schmitt was born in 1985, in Marburg, Germany. He graduated "Kommunikations-Design" at the University of applied sciences in Trier, in 2010. Since then he is working for the global branding agency Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux in Cologne. Obviously, he is constantly searching for new ideas for typefaces.His fonts are mostly influenced by strategical processes. He was nominated with his font family “Hellschreiber” for most talented young professional by "Rat für Formgebung" in 2010.

Josie Makes Stuff is a foundry run by a creative with a professional background in computing and game development.

Our focus is on creating fun fonts with lots of personality that can be used to enhance a variety of products, from digital media such as games and web development, to physical products such as packaging and adverting.

Inspiration for our fonts is taken from a variety of places, but especially animation and independent games. We aim to create typefaces that evoke feelings of cosiness and softness to add the finishing touches to your products.

Joy Studio if the personal foundry of British lettering artist and type designer Emily Joy Rich.

Emily started her journey into the world of type by studying graphic design at university in 2010. She developed her love of lettering a typography working in design studios and creating custom lettering for brands and clients. In 2021 Emily started up as a freelancer based in Bristol, focusing on lettering and typography.

Rosenfeld, Schnebel, Willrodt – they can't let go of the fonts. The congenial trio has been designing, developing, producing and distributing digital fonts together for around 40 years. All three have acquired their first spores from URW. Peter Karow, one of the founders of URW, developed the first version of the IKARUS Font Editor in 1975 and continuously expanded and refined it until 1995. URW is history, but jpFonts sets up where URW ended. Jürgen Willrodt is one of the world's leading experts in font technology and has played a major role in the development of the IKARUS system. In addition to his own Font Library, Volker Schnebel has designed countless corporate type projects and implemented them together with Peter Rosenfeld. Rosenfeld has worked very closely with Karow for over a decade and, in addition to setting up the URW Library, has led the worldwide distribution of fonts and software.

jpFonts wants to work primarily customer-oriented, i.e. we want to offer optimal font support for customers, regularly release new and contemporary (Variable) fonts.

We create amazing and cool designed fonts that are suitable for all project needs for your business. Don't hesitate to contact me. I believe your satisfaction is my success!
My name is Jair Martins, I live in Campinas, São Paulo. I'm a tattoo artist known as Jr. Muitos. I do a lot of lettering work on my clients with my own type of fonts and this motivated me to bring this to another level. I believe that the real beauty of art comes from things like human imperfection and that is something I bring to my work.
I don't make fonts which I would not use by myself.
I'm Julia - graphic designer from Belarus. My teacher David told me, "Everything has its own beauty. Music is a beauty of sound. Painting is a beauty of image. Mathematics is a beauty of idea." Font design unites my two passions: mathematics and painting. I believe a really good font is a harmony of geometric shape and painted image. My works are my vision of beauty in typography. Somebody says that typography is similar to that, where the designer choosing typefaces is essentially a casting director. Happy creating with my fonts!
Julien Fincker is a french Designer living in the environment of Stuttgart, Germany. He is working as an Art Director in an advertising agency. Besides his daily work, he also works on freelance projects for different clients or even just for fun. Typography has always been an important part of his work. That´s how he became more and more fascinated by type­design and started to design his first letters.

Juru Rancang Studio is personal studio of graphic designer named Ihsan Khairul Lazuardi who's born in Bandung, Indonesia on April 19th, 1986, he studied graphic design at SMSR an Art Vocational High School & Visual Communication Design at National Institute of Technology (ITENAS) in Bandung and graduated in the same major. 

He has a huge scope of graphic design experiences started when he was in junior high school and had done working with over 15 Local & Multi-National companies, he is also member of digital type foundry group such as Juru Aksara and Imagi Type Co. He specialize a lot in experimental work and traditional graphic design, he frequently names many of His fonts with Sundanese or Sanskrit words which come from His region.

After finishing a degree in South American Literature, Bia decided to travel to Europe to learn new languages. She fell in love with Italy and up to this day she lives in a cozy little apartment in Como Lake while spending the summer and New Year holidays in northern France where she enjoys her big garden. Bia likes old music and books and is passionate about illustrations and graphic design.

JUST Creative is a branding & design consultancy that doubles as an industry-leading blog, community and creative resource that offers free articles, downloads, and more.

It is run by Jacob Cass, a brand designer, strategist, educator, and business coach based out of Sydney, Australia.

JUST Creative's core focus is to help grow businesses faster and easier, ensuring their business cuts through the noise and delivers a clear message with a consistent visual style that is goal focused.

Our strategic thinking, distinctive logos & memorable visual identities will ensure your brand looks polished & professional for years to come.

Visit for more information.

I started the career as a Graphic Designer in 2009 and turned into an Illustrator since 2010. In the middle of hustle, I started to surrender day by day in the Illustration industry, then I fell in love with lettering stuff and try to turn that into my primary job, I convert the basic of hand-lettering knowledge into font-making stuff. Now I’m focusing on Type Designing and still do some of Hand Lettering projects. I'm still loving all of these things. I still draw some stuff, just in case I need to get back into the old times as being an Illustrator. And in 2017, I run under the name Just Font You.
JustMyType is the foundry of Tucson designer Randy Harris.
Justi is a digital type foundry of Daniel Justi.
Justin Penner is an independent typeface designer based in Vancouver, Canada. Much of his work combines creative lettering styles with careful craftsmanship to produce typefaces that are balanced and legible, yet brimming with personality. His typographical voyage begin in earnest in 2017 with his release of Kabella, a revival of a little-known Rudolf Koch design from the early 20th century. In 2020, after a few years of casual self-learning, he applied to join a full-time type design program, only to be rejected for having a ¿¿¿too impressive¿¿¿ portfolio. That rejection lit a fire, and after completing an outrageous challenge to design 36 typefaces in 36 days, he began releasing commercial typefaces in January of 2021.
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.