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The typefaces in ITC Collection are among the best-known typefaces in the world. This Collection combines the successful original ITC collection with the Fontek collection of typefaces from Letraset, and features the work of distinguished font designers Edward Benguiat, Colin Brignall, Timothy Donaldson and Phill Grimshaw. The fact that the fonts meet the highest aesthetic standards gives this Collection worldwide appeal.
Everything you need is here, from classical designs such as ITC Avant Garde, ITC Bodoni, ITC Franklin Gothic and ITC Garamond and modern fonts such as ITC Malstock, to retro styles such as ITC Mona Lisa.
The Ibbotson Graphics foundry may best be known for its elegant Ethereal Script font.
Celebrating five years of innovation, Identikal continues to push the boundaries of typeface design.
International House of Fonts (IHOF), a division of P22, is a type boutique that showcases distinctive type designs and designers from around the world. The IHOF collection embodies a sensitivity towards historical lettering, while introducing unique and contemporary typefaces. IHOF was established in 2001 and presently includes designs from Japan, Germany, Hungary, Canada and the US. The selection is rich in calligraphic scripts by lettering artists such as Michael Clark, Arthur Baker, Ray Cruz, Rob Leuschke and the original designs of Karlgeorg Hoefer and Charles Paxton Zaner. New introductions are presented periodically.
A collection of over 250 display and ornament fonts.
In Your Typeface Productions is a new Australian type Studio, Mainly specialising in unusual fonts, Aggressive fonts, and Decorative Display fonts. I.Y.T.P’s members include Stephen and Kristy Chick, who are the main design and development team. This young married couple are both accomplished Graphic Designers who are ’font crazy.” Although in its infancy I.Y.T.P’s Typeface library is steadily expanding and hopes are high for the success of their business.
The Indian Type Foundry (ITF) was established in 2009 by Satya Rajpurohit and Peter Bi?ak to create and market fine quality typefaces for the Indian market and global world. ITF specialises in developing retail and custom Unicode-compliant digital fonts.Besides designing typefaces, ITF also serves as an educational platform for typography. ITF is committed to organising lectures and workshops, as well as to actively promoting the publishing and exchanging of ideas. The intention is to give the same attention to Indian typography as Latin typography has received in the last few decades.ITF is located in Ahmedabad, India.
Ingrimayne Type was established in 1988 to distribute digital typefaces designed by Robert Schenk. They offer an eclectic collection of original type designs.
Insigne was founded as DooleyType in 2004 with the release of the typeface Biortec. Since then, Insigne has released a wide variety of quality typefaces, including sans serifs, scripts, serifs and experimental forms. Insigne prides itself on its unique and affordable fonts. Insigne is the foundry of Jeremy Dooley. A world traveler, Jeremy has traveled extensively and lived in both Europe and the Middle East. In 2005, Jeremy graduated with a master's degree in graphic design from Savannah College of Art and Design. Jeremy currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Intellecta Design is a Brazilian type foundry that specializes in typographical research and revivals of ancient typefaces and handwriting styles. Many of Intellecta Design's fonts are based on research of historical churches, museums and similar institutions - or from detailed study of very old Brazilian documents
Founder Steve Jackaman has assembled an impressive selection of releases through his International Type Foundry and Red Rooster Type Collection.
Isaco Type is a digital foundry whose goal is to create high graphic, advanced tecnology fonts. Through constant improvement and careful observing of great classics in type design and their hits, and based on the "less is more" premise, Isaco Type pursues the creation of balanced concepts.
ISE provides fonts and software for using DevaNagari script along with basic Latin (English). Nagari script is used for writing text of many South Asian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Nepali, etc.
Iwata is known for high quality Japanese fonts.
I Can Letter is the foundry of Sumbo Pinheiro, who is a calligrapher and hand-lettering artist based in Hamburg, Germany. Sumbo Pinheiro¿¿™s fonts are inspired by modern and traditional calligraphy forms, conceptual lettering sketches, and natural handwriting. For instance, her first font, Brokkie was inspired by a playful calligraphy style and was launched in 2021. She is currently in the process of working on more beautiful and functional fonts to contribute to the typography community.
"Iain Macleod Associates Ltd has been providing training and consultancy services for industry since 1991. We are the UK’s leading provider of training in: • Geometrical Tolerancing • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) • ISO Geometrical Product Specification (ISO GPS) • BS 8888 • mechanical specification and related topics. We provide training courses on-site and online for a wide variety of clients, spread across a broad range of industries. We have now created specialist fonts which include all the key symbols used in ISO GPS, ISO-compliant geometrical tolerancing and BS 8888 specifications. These fonts fully conform to the ISO requirements. These fonts can be used within documents to reproduce all the symbols and geometrical tolerance indications, along with a complete set of associated modifiers, which are to be found in ISO GPS standards including ISO 1101, ISO 1660, ISO 2692, ISO 5458, ISO 5459 and ISO 14405. The same symbols are used in the British Standard BS 8888. The ‘frame’ version of the font allows geometrical tolerances to be reproduced within the tolerance frame (or feature control frame), along with new symbols such as intersection plane indicators (see ISO 1101:2017) whereas the ‘noframe’ version of the font allows the same symbols to be used without the frame, which can be very useful when creating documents to describe their meaning and use. Our training courses are certified by the Institution of Engineering Designers, and are available as accredited courses through the National Physical Laboratory training framework. We are an approved supplier to BAE Systems. We provide training throughout the UK and Ireland, and also run courses in Europe, the Far East and South Africa. We run several public courses each year which you can book individual places on. All our training courses are available for online delivery as well. Iain Macleod is the chair of ISO Technical Committee 213, which is responsible for international standards for Geometrical Tolerancing and Geometrical Product Specification. This is an active technical committee, comprising around 15 working and advisory groups, with the participation of around a hundred experts from over 20 different countries. Within TC213 he acts as convenor on Working Group 17, is the UK principle expert on Working Group 18, and also chairs Advisory Group 1 for strategic planning. He is also chair of the BSI Technical Committee TPR/1, which is responsible for British Standards in the area of Technical Product Realization, and subcommittee TPR/1/8, which is responsible for the development and maintenance of BS 8888. "
Ian Farnam has been obsessed with letters his entire life. Since he was a kid, he has been drawing different logos and names. He created his first font in 2018 as a graphic design student at The University of Minnesota. Since then, he has spent a borderline unhealthy amount of exploring where the letterforms take him. His first font, Human Sans, is an exploration of classic humanist sans serif forms and their intersection with the geometric design trend of the early 20th century.
We love to do creative things. Ibra Creative, a team of two Type Designers from Indonesia. At the moment, we are focusing on hand-drawn or handwritten script font. Initially, we created micro digital product and other commercial design both online and offline project-based. We started to fall in love with hand lettering by the end of 2020. We found it as a calm and refreshing work to do. With a very good response from our first font, we aim to create more beautiful, playful, and adventurous fonts that are commercially visible to be used by all people in the world. Hope you enjoy creating and designing with our font.
Identity Letters is a boutique type foundry based in Germany, close to the Dutch border—an ideal place for a straightforward type business. It’s fueled by the cosmopolitan spirit of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, close to the cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf, and informed by a rich cultural history whose traces are ubiquitous in the area. Here we work hard to provide businesses and creatives anywhere in the world with powerful, precisely crafted fonts that get across the right message. Our credo: Typography is not just words. It’s identity. That’s where our mission starts: we create the fonts that suit your type.
Inari Type is an independent type foundry with Japanese roots, designing Latin and non-Latin typefaces. Based in Campinas, Brazil, it was established in 2020 by Caio Kondo and Satsuki Arakaki, born from discussions about the asian-brazilian identity that they share, bringing the cultural heritage from their families into the typography they create.
Founded by brothers Ross and Evan Lelliott, Increments is a type and sound design studio based in London, UK.
Introducing Inermedia Studio, a new website that runs in the field of Font designers, but we have long been in the field of font design. We make the fonts since more than 8 years. We design high quality fonts that are often used by others in their work and design needs.
Informal Type is a small-scale, Istanbul-based project that produces predominantly display fonts, away from the concept of legibility of traditional type founders, is are divided from them in terms of the dynamics of forming letterforms and the subjects they focus on. Its target audience is professional graphic designers and graphic design students. Typefaces created by Informal type focuses on social/cultural, artistic and economic issues in the process of designing. Furthermore, it incorporates literary, visual and auditory content produced in this area into the process of designing their own letterforms and inspire or refer to them.
In-House International is an Austin-based creative studio born remote that's home to designers and makers-types across time zones and disciplines. Founded in 2011, In-House has been designing custom typefaces for client branding projects and editorial projects since day one. After years of experimentation and individual interest across the team, In-House created a program to develop exciting, geometric, experimental display fonts to share with the world.
Polina Chistyakova is a font designer who came to her profession through a passion for calligraphy. The sense of composition, honed during university studies in art, helps to create fonts with features and some plant elements that fit perfectly into the concept. Inspiration comes from natural motifs and serves as the basis for creating original fonts
"Founded in 2017, Invasi Studio is a typography design studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our services include Typeface Custom, Font Retailing, and Templates Design that are designed by combining creative thinking and authenticity. Specializing in well-crafted fonts with lots of character, the Invasi Studii team constantly pushes themselves to explore new typestyles and designs.
Hello! My name is Ira Dvilyuk and handwritten fonts making is my passion. I have been drawing all my life, but when I started freelancing, my cherished dream was to create handwritten fonts. I value lightness, elegance, and grace in design and typography, so fonts that I create are in a delicate feminine style suitable for wedding invitations or gentle designs. My favorite is to reflect in my typeface the natural handwriting of a writing tool. I think it very important to create fonts with a high level of quality, complementing my font with alternatives, ligatures, and language support not only for the extended Latin but also for the Cyrillic too. I sincerely hope that my fonts will help you bring your ideas to life.
My name is Ira Natasha and I love to see letters of any form for years. From the magazines to store signs. After learning on how to hand letter and calligraphy, I finally make my own handwritten font and released my first font at the end of 2018. This is what I love to do full time now from my home studio and I also like to cook, bake and play with my cats.
My name is M Irvan Syouqi S, You can call me Irvan. I have studied for 3 years designing fonts and I will continue to improve my skills, so that I get the best in the eyes of my customers. I am addicted to making pictures and letters. I love illustrations, logos, and creating invitations. I am a full time freelancer. For more info contact me at: [email protected]
My name is Irina Kryvets, I am an Illustrator and graphic designer from Belarus. I started working in design as a freelancer 5 years ago and now I have discovered the world of calligraphy and typography. I became more and more fascinated by type design and started to design my first letters. This is a challenge and a new stage of my creativity. I am looking for inspiration in nature, silence and solitude. I like to draw letters on various surfaces with paint, brush, chalk, gel pen, marker and pencils. Every time the result is unpredictable and I like it. Font based on that letters seems eye-catching and vivid. I love any form of creativity but creating fonts is one of my favorite. I hope that my work will please someone and become an addition to someone's project.
Italiantype was created in 2019 as a spinoff of Florence-based Zetafonts Type Foundry, with the aim to discover and promote the most interesting typographic creations from young italians type designers. Mixing italian classical background with contemporary global influences, these young creators offer new insights to the typographic scene, while Zetafonts will assure its trademark quality control and detail obsession.
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.