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This is the foundry of typographic artist Harald Geisler based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.Harald Geisler's fonts are conceptually inspired. For example "Ciseaux Matisse" the foundries first release in 2010 is inspired by an exhibition about Henri Matisse's drawing with scissors. The Sigmund Freud Typeface, a collaboration between H.G., the Freud Museum London and the Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna, is inspired by the idea of a person writing a letter to his shrink set in Freud's own handwriting. Conspired Lovers a typeface inspired by his own Love-letters.Among other publications the foundries fonts have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, Fast.Co, Design Taxi, Novum and Page.
Producing readable OpenType Fonts that are designed to be inviting to your readers.These are the font designs by David Bergsland who has been designing and selling fonts since 1993. The motive to design fonts was fpound in the need to find fonts which would do what David needs to do in his books.His font designs are a direct response to his career focus: typography, page layout, font usage, readability, book design, and self-publishing. He continuously works to design new fonts that will work better and be more beautiful for book, magazine, and booklet design.
Haiku Monkey Foundry is the home for Alec Julien's typographic creations. The foundry specializes in handwritten and brushdrawn faces, as well as display fonts that excel at large sizes.
Korean Fonts
After finishing his journalism studies, David traveled extensively and ended up in Israel where he stayed for some years. David had a lot of jobs– zookeeper, goldsmith, artist and cook (to name a few), but settled on working as a tour guide and photographer. David specialises in hand printed typefaces and uses brushes, pens, ink and paint to create his – sometimes scary looking – fonts. He lives in the fruit growing area of Holland with his wife, three kids, several Burmese Buddha statues and a mosque-shaped alarm clock from Oman.
Harbor Type is an independent type foundry based in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil. It is run by Henrique Beier, graphic designer by major, type designer by heart.
Rebecca’s love of typography in print, for which she received an ISTD accreditation for, is what led her to create typefaces, so that she was able to be involved in every part of the design. Graduating from Teesside University in 2014 with a First Class Honours in Graphic Design, she appreciates great design in many areas, obsessing over great layouts, branding and even interior design! Her love for all this helps her create great typefaces, as she can visualise how they could be used to successfully communicate a message in their intended situation. In 2016 she also studied the TDi typeface design course at Reading University.
Hasan Abu Afash is educated as an engineer and developed an interest in Arabic type design later in his career. He is an Arabic type designer and typographer, is the founder of HibaStudio, a bilingual website (Arabic and English) featuring Arabic calligraphy, Arabic type design and typography launched in 2007 from Gaza, Palestine. Hiba Studio features his Arabic fonts such as Hasan Elham, Amal, Manal, Aya, Enas, Ghada, Noor, Alhandasi, Almohandis, Marah … etc.
Highground aka Full Time Artists has been providing custom lettering & artwork since 1993. Our font offerings center around authentic graffiti art & urban styles. All of our fonts are hand written or drawn & each font is released under our official Graffiti Fonts® label. We strive to create fonts that are widely useable while staying true to the root Hip-Hop culture that drives our designs.
Homelessfonts is an initiative by the Arrels foundation to support, raise awareness and bring some dignity to the life of homeless people in Barcelona Spain. Each of the fonts was carefully digitized from the handwriting of different homeless people who agreed to participate in this initiative. Monotype is pleased to donate all revenue from the sales of Homelessfonts to the Arrels foundation in support of their mission to provide the homeless people in Barcelona with a path to independence with accommodations, food, social and health care.
Located in Helsinki, Finland, Toni Hurme utilizes his background as a graphic designer to create his foundry's typefaces. "I set type and use fonts daily alongside other designers in the studio. I like to think that this has given me a pretty good idea of what other designers want and need."Toni spent 15 years working as a graphic designer specializing in branding before he released his first typeface in 2013. During that time, he started to hone an interest in drawing typefaces and when he was unable to find the right font for projects he was working on, he simply created new ones for himself. utilizes his background as a graphic designer to create his foundry's typefaces. "I set type and use fonts daily alongside other designers in the studio. I like to think that this has given me a pretty good idea of what other designers want and need."
HVD Fonts based in Berlin, Germany, founded by Hannes von Döhren in 2002. After completing his studies (graphic design) in 2005, he worked in an advertising agency in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2007 he has been working as a freelancing graphic- and type designer in Berlin.

Art Director with 8 years of experience in Visual and Art Design and 2 years of experience in managerial creative position. Supervised the development of many Creative projects.

Developed multiple concepts for assigned Briefs in partnership with copywriter, Art Director and the account team. Directed Client's Brief into the Master design and communicated with Account team and Studio to ensure proper production of campaign elements.

Hadiftype was founded in December 2020 and is run by Said Ismail. Focus on creating attractive and worthy type fonts for a variety of uses. Available for sale at an affordable price. I concentrate on handcrafted quality fonts, mostly script styles and sometimes experimental styles. I love to draw letters, have fallen in love with writing and write letters for a living. I love exploring and seeing how the typeface reflects the personality of the brand. Now pursuing my new passion completely from my home studio. Turned my freelance business into a type designer. I founded Hadiftype to help designers vote for their projects. I want to continue to develop my creativity and use my passion to bring greater benefits to myself and the designer community.

I'm from Bandung, Indonesia. Haffastudio is a foundry founded in 2019, with just one member who always wanted to improve his skills and life, Haffastudio provides uniques and modern calligraphy fonts.
Ben Nathan is the founder of type foundry, Hafontia (@hafontia). Based in Tel Aviv, he lives with is fiancee and three cats and through Hafontia, he designs Hebrew fonts for Israeli brands and designers.
Hi world! My name is Hakân Özsoy and design is my passion. In 1991, I started out my work as a classic lithographer. Due to a second education at the Düsseldorf Advertising Acedamy in Communication and took the chance to work for BBDO Düsseldorf as a print producer. In 1995, I was ready for a new challenge. I opened an advertising agency. My passion in hand lettered font designs always accompanied me. After a whole lot of work during the last 25 years and a happy burnout ;-) I decided to reduce my life to what I really love and to keep it simple. My baggage is light and I finally found myself. Now I´m working from my home office near Düsseldorf (Germany) as a creative hippy. Just creating and designing everything I love.
Haksen was founded in 2018 to house a small collection of fonts created by Sarwo Edhi Prayitno. Today Haksen is home to a still small but diverse library of unique display type. We are largely known for hand lettered scripts and type digitalizations, complete with original patina.
Halfmoon Type is a single-person type foundry run by Yusril Muhtadi, an Indonesian based type enthusiast who loves to do lettering and experiment with letter forms. Halfmoon Type provides typefaces with healthy amount of experimental touch and typefaces that is based on lettering pieces by Yusril Muhtadi. Some are super serious, and the other are just seriously playful.
The Hamilton Wood Type Collection (HWT), established in 2012, is a joint venture between P22 Type Foundry and the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. The classic designs in this collection are based on scarce printed specimens and actual wood type from the historic artifacts at the Hamilton Museum. Some of this fonts are the product of the Hamilton Wood Type Legacy Project—a collaboration between the museum and designers to make contemporary type designs for Hamilton’s use in the production of new wood types. The inclusion of HWT to the P22 roster is a perfect addition to the legacy of keeping classic designs relevant and usable in contemporary design. The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, is the only museum dedicated to the preservation, study, production, and printing of wood type. Hamilton has one of the premier wood type collections in the world and is an unparalleled source of research material for printing historians and aesthetes alike.
Through collaborative exploration, we aim to create high quality, nurtured typefaces that are versatile across multiple applications. I am constantly crafting new fonts to keep our collection feeling fresh and energetic whilst trying to mirror current trends within our latest releases. We have a special passion for form and detail and we proactively transfer this ethos to the products we design.
"My name is Muhammad Nurapik or Handpik design. I am a font maker from Indonesia. Besides making fonts, I can also make illustrator, vector design, typography, etc. Initially creating fonts was something that was really hard to do, but over time I really liked my job; I really liked the curves, and lines of each letter, and I really liked the elegant serif fonts."

Handwriting Success provides students and adults with handwriting and calligraphy educational fonts, apps, books and materials to elevate the everyday experience of writing by hand. We are the official publishers of the Getty-Dubay¿® Italic method, a legible and logical curriculum for over 40 years. We¿¿™re dedicated to helping people value and enjoy their personal voice on paper. 

Hanken Design Co. (HDC) is founded by Alfredo Marco Pradil. HDC fonts are conservative, high quality and affordable with a great support backing purchases.

"Oh my goodness, is that your handwriting? It looks like a font!"

This is a fairly typical reaction when someone sees my handwriting for the first time. In college, professors would ask for photos of my notes to send to students who missed class. Now, a handwriting lesson is one of the first things I teach my elementary school students!

I'm excited to share my unique writing skills with the digital world! Check out my modern handwritten fonts for use on your next project.

Hanzel Space is the Indonesia based type and graphic design studio of Hanief Farandi. He focused his love of all things typography and hand lettering into Hanzel Space where he create handmade typefaces that are versatile and modern, .

We do font design with seriousness to produce original works. Our design process starts from a sketch of an idea and become a font product by digitizing it.

We produce fonts with market research styles that are trending and that are in high demand (popular) in several marketplaces

Happax design style focuses on the simplicity and elegance that type can offer. We believe information is exciting and type is where all the creativity in it really comes into play. Reading (may it be ads, news or another medium) should be a fun and pleasing experience both for the eyes and the mind. Our inspiration comes from very different sources such as music, human interaction and nature itself. Can you still remember the first time you had fun reading?

Find the h.

Hart Foundry is a home studio design, who are doing as a designer. not just only font but sometimes doing another design like template, vector, logo brand and somethings about design.

Hart Foundry itself was founded in 2015, and me as the designer and founder, and some my partner work together as a team, most of us do is font, because is our main speciality, and sometimes we accept another design job.

Hatftype is a design studio that focuses on quality fonts and mostly plays with beautiful font scripts. Why do I only make fonts? In my opinion the font has a meaning and a strong component in a design, it often describes the identity of a brand. That is characteristic. Hatf himself blaze from one of the sword names of the prophet Muhammad. If you need help and more you can contact me at [email protected]

HayyType Foundry is an independent type foundry that focuses on Latin and Arabic. The foundry was established by a calligrapher and typographer Abdul Hayyi Mustofa. This foundry is based in Indonesia to provide high-quality Latin or Arabic fonts to everyone who needs them. Abdul is a bachelor of education who also studied graphic design, classical calligraphy, and type design. Currently works as a freelance designer in calligraphy and also teaches calligraphy classes.

Hazztype is a new foundry based in Yogyakarta Indonesia. We provide a variety of fonts developed for different purposes.
Handwriting created with a natural look; it is perfect to use in your homework, letters, web page, and more creations. I'm sure that you are going to enjoy work with this font. When I decided to create this font, I think in my school time, I searched in internet fonts to make creations with a natural look; so, it was the first thing that I prioritized to create this beautiful font work.

Helipad Space is a type and lettering studio based in Makassar City, Indonesia. Helipad Studio already has a team and have experienced since 2019. The focus of type design is on serif typeface, san serif typeface, blackletter typeface, and experimental typeface categories.

At the end of 2021 this studio collaborates with 3 type designers who will design contemporary typefaces for industrial needs with high quality typeface globaly

Hello Wala Type Foundry is a studio based in Makati City, Philippines. We specialize in quirky, irreverent design inspired by folk art, hand painted street signs and pop culture.

It was founded in the pandemic initially to build a personal library for various design requirements but has grown as a platform for underrepresented design ideas. We currently have a library of typefaces in basic latin and in baybayin script.

Hemphill Studio is a type design studio based in Chattanooga, Tennessee by Suzanne Hemphill. Decades of graphic design experience led to the beginning of the Studio in 2019. The love of type led to a degree from Parsons School of Design and a design career of more than 30 years. Expect to see creative fonts coming from the Studio, so please keep an eye here for more!
Type by Ed – Typed. foundry is the product of Ed Hemphill, a branding and packaging designer from England. My aim is to create high quality versatile typefaces with unique character and personality. Every font I create has its own story that is crafted with detail to bring it to life, exploring the line between vintage and contemporary design cues.
"Here East Fonts is a small typeface design studio founded in 2018 and ran by Nastia Piven, a visual designer from New East region, currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The studio is primarily focused on display typefaces, custom and experimental shapes and specific experiences. Before starting working on a font, we create its character, work out techniques and shape limitations — these all help us create a unique personality and bring a specific aesthetics to a typeface. Here East Fonts is hungry to experiments, changes and unique unusual beauty. We learn from our previous experiences and appreciate them, and looking forward to create an amazing ecosystem of living fonts that will be loved, cared and generously used."
I am a freelance graphic designer from Indonesia. Interested and learning about typeface design since 2016. Not having design education background always makes me want to keep learning. I enjoy it, and this is my passion.

Based in Indonesia. I am an architecture graduate and have been working in architecture and construction for almost the last 4 years. As long as I am engaged in architecture, I have had many sketches and handwriting in creating design concepts for a building. And finally I was interested in entering the world of digitization, namely trying to design characters from letters and numbers to be traded considering that the buying and selling market in the digital world is very large and very promising. I've been interested in sketching and calligraphy since I was little. I have a variety of my own handwriting with different characters and types. Now I really want to create an original font design with its character and uniqueness.

I'm a type designer from Mongolia. For now I work alone planning to create a creative studio based on typography. I mainly work on Neo-grotesque and geometric typefaces. Because i'm from Mongolia we use not just Cyrillic but Cyrillic extended so not a lot of font on the market right now. I'm looking forward to making new typefaces!
Heumm Design; Where you realize all your ideas and creativity Heummdesign is a design company that has especially specialized itself on typeface production. We have created 83 typefaces of 61 corporates, 291 outline fonts, 128 mobile fonts and 155 bitmap fonts since 2009. Our highly-skilled designers are capable of producing brand-new, finely designed, and easily legible typefaces, and this has led Heummdesign to be one of the most leading companies in font industry of South Korea. We are still working on making at least one new typefont each month, which can attract customers to expect for the upcoming font and be our loyal customers. Based on all the know-how that we have accumulated since Heummdesign was established, we are now focusing on growing our international capability and expanding our limits to global market. Heummdesign will put all the efforts to make our global customers satisfied with our fonts and be the next leading company in worldwide typeface market. Business of Heummdesign : Font Production - Possess ability to apply main technologies in representing fonts on screen ; Hinting, Kerning and Feature 1. Hinting : To give letters some kinds of “hints”, such as “apply this effect on the process of rasterizing”, so that they can prevent themselves from distortion. Inputting this information into outline letters is “Hinting”. 2. Kerning : To adjust space between letters when the letters don’t seem evenly-arranged because of their shapes, and make it look more natural 3. Feature : To put various designs in one letter and let users choose whatever shape they want, especially in the end of a word, to make it look more alive - Produce corporate typefaces that can establish the corporate identity and increase the brand value. - Possess OEM corporate typeface developing skills based on existing CI/BI - Develop at least 25 new outline fonts every year regarding the variety and sensitivity of customers. - Develop mobile fonts that are optimized for mobile device, and provide many different types of designs and high legibility on mobile screen. - Supply mobile fonts to Samsung Galaxy and LG smartphone stores and always rank in top 10 best sellers of each month. Contact : [email protected] twitter : @heummdesign

HEXA is a total design group specialized in typeface, graphic design, branding, editorial, and interior design, etc.

A group of expert designers from various fields have come together to form our design team. HEXA has been created with the motto of “indefinite extension of values” to go above and beyond to achieve our mission and challenge ourselves with a wide range of projects while carving out new areas and breaking the boundaries of already existing concepts by thinking outside of the box.

Welcome to Hexagon, a one-person font-selling foundry dedicated to providing unique typography solutions for designers and businesses.

As a solo designer and typographer of this foundry, Henry Becker is passionate about crafting fonts that are both beautiful and functional. His selection of font styles is carefully curated to ensure that each one is unique and of the highest quality.

Heyfonts is a digital type foundry & graphic design founded in 2022 based in Bandung, Indonesia. We are multidisciplinary designers who share ideas for some unique and fresh designs. We crafted the typeface and calligraphy with love and passion.

our team has a distinct design touch, which emerges from what they see, hear and feel every day. That affects the outcome of their design. Therefore we free them to do new experiments and develop the skills they have. That's why we can create something fresh and what consumers need in creating new designs and fonts

HGB fonts is the foundry of Hellmut G. Bomm (HGB). In 1997 Linotype published his typeface Humanistika and later his font families Nautilus (Text and Monoline), Linotype Legal, Linotype Scott, Invasion and Neudoerffer Fraktur. Nine typefaces were released at the URW Type Foundry. With his own foundry "HGB fonts" he wants to publish more of his type designs (Text families as well as Display-fonts), which he has used for various design projects such as logo design, posters, brochures and Books.

After using other people’s fonts for my design work for over 25 years I decided the time was right to make my own.
I am Graphic Designer from Jakarta Indonesia. Since 2018 I decided to focus on being a Type of Foundry, previously I worked as a Graphic Designer, Marketing Communications in several companies, and at the same time became a freelancer who made logos, branding, and animation. I promised myself to be a world famous font maker and my work was useful for many people. “Let’s action with fun guys”.

I am a Japanese graphic designer.

I usually work on editorial design, logo design, and product design.

I love typography and create original fonts in my spare time.

My creativity is inspired by client logo creation and editorial design typography, and I would like to create fonts that are more individual and give a slightly different impression.

It makes me happy when other creators use my fonts.

We created really unique and aesthetic fonts. We are based in Bali, Indonesia with tropical and chill vibes as Graphic Designer, so our design inspired by mostly about something that look really chill and elegant. Hishand Studio - it means his and hand, and studio means the place for someone or artist to make their art, so we decided name it as Hishand Studio.

Founded in 2021, we design, develop and distribute typefaces for all mediums. Our mission was to experimenting and providing the creative industry reliable and well-designed typefaces to create the distinctive typographic asset in every design application by reflecting the artistic and functionality of the visual style to be carried.

HK Studio was established to engage in the local and international creative industry by presenting a wide selection of type family with styles to suit each individual¿¿™s voices as a creative solution to provide clear visual communication. And as support from us to be more contributed in education, we also teach and talk about type to supporting any level of education, through lectures at several local University and workshop for an Organization.

Clients & Collabolators


Hendi Kusuma Yuda

HKL Studio was founded in 2019 and is run by T Hikal Budillah. I love to draw letters, fall in love with writing and write letters for a living. I love exploring and seeing how typography reflects a brand's personality. I want to continue to develop my creativity and use my passion to bring greater benefits to myself and the designer community. I founded HKL Studio to help designers choose their projects. I concentrate on handcrafted quality fonts, mostly script styles and more. Now pursuing my new passion completely from my home studio. Turned my freelance business into a type designer.

Type Foundry in South Korea, by designer Saebom Lee. HOHOHtype designs professional and sophisticated multilingual typefaces in a variety of styles for print and digital use.

HOHOHtype offers text and display fonts with a lot of OpenType functions supporting the following languages:

Afrikaans Catalan Croatian Czech Esperanto Hungarian Latin Latvian Lithuanian Maltese Northern Sami Polish Serbian Slovak Slovene Sorbian Turkish Welsh (+ Belarusian Bulgarian Kazakh Kyrgyz Macedonian Montenegrin Russian Serbian Tajik (a dialect of Persian) Turkmen Ukrainian and Uzbek).

Holis started his professional career as a graphic designer in 2014 to become a logo designer, then decided to move to another more specific design field, namely writing and fonts in 2019 until now. Various types of fonts are studied and created and can be used in various aspects of design. Font styles that are created are Handwriting, Retro font, Display Font, Typeface, Texture Font.

Holyline Design is independent type designers based in Bali-Indonesia. We focus on display fonts that offer quality fonts and provide trending fonts in various trending design styles. We also provide extraordinary features in our fonts and try to provide affordable prices without compromising on quality. Make your business stand out and become iconic with fonts made especially for you and the best from Holyline Design.

Hooper Type began as a hobby-project - born from the love of design and perfect pixel pushing. A stark rebellion in the face of serious, invisible type. The hobby became a passion, the passion an addiction.

Crafting typefaces plays to the magic of story-telling, helping to evoke wondrous emotion through the design of it's characterful letterforms. Hooper Type foundry aims to constantly elicit surprise, intrigue and wonder, catching the eye and winning the heart.

Hoperative Design is a type foundry based in West Java, Indonesia

We have a main goal to create the high quality fonts that can be used by all design projects.

We work to create fonts with original, stylish and trend-following ideas.

We love exploring script fonts, because scripts are our favorite font style with beautiful curves making the creation process more enjoyable.

To realize our goal, we will continue to work hard and learn to provide the best font products!

Horizon Type is an Istanbul based independent type foundry.

Hotniedog is created by Karol Mularczyk and Zofia Klamka. Both graduated at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. We are graphic designers specializing in branding, animation, type design and comic books. We combine interests from many areas of design to create complex and unique projects. Graphic design should be useful fun!

Hrz Studio was founded in December 2020 and is run by Hasrizal. Focus on creating attractive and appropriate typefaces for multiple uses. Available for sale at an affordable price. I concentrate on handcrafted quality fonts, mostly script styles and sometimes experimental styles. I love to draw letters, fall in love with writing and write letters for a living. I love exploring and seeing how typography reflects a brand's personality. Now pursuing my new passion completely from my home studio. Turned my freelance business into a type designer. I founded Hrz Studio to help designers choose their projects. I want to continue to develop my creativity and use my passion to bring greater benefits to myself and the designer community.

HermesSoft Limited is founded in 1989 and is one of the Bulgarian Companies for design and developing Cyrillic and Multi-Lingual typefaces. HermesSOFT's superior design and technological capabilities have allowed these Cyrillic and multi-lingual typefaces to be faithfully reproduced for digitally. Currently, all HermesSOFT font families are being expanded to support all countries inside Europe and are available in TT and OpenType formats. Such a professional Type Library together with an expert support team allows HermesSOFT to effectively assist companies with a complete worldwide font solution.
Hsan Hajji is a Creative designer from Tunisia, with a passion for beautiful and innovant design. In various design projects, I created my own fonts in order to solve related problems. As time passed, I learned more and more and began to create custom typefaces. My passion for creating fonts grew over time and I wanted to create a type library filled with more versatile and useful designs.

My name is Hugo Kuder I am 20 years old and I am from Cannes, I live now Aix-en-Provence for my studies. Passionate about science, design, photography, movie (and video games i admit), curious about everything around me, I keep informing me about all topics ! I hope you will like my works and that i will improve because of all the things i will learn there !

Hurufatfont was established by Oguzhan Cengiz in early 2018 as an Istanbul-based boutique foundry with the aim to produce innovative and “timeless” fonts. At the onset of 2020, Hurufatfont’s portfolio expanded to include the original designs of the modern-day Turkey’s prominent calligrapher Mustafa Eren, whose work has not yet been digitalized. The foundry has been actively involved in widening its repertoire with innovative font types. Milas, Hurufatfont’s first brainchild (Text and Display 20 Font), was exhibited at “MyFonts” in 2018, and ranked the 12th in its “Hot New Fonts” list. While almost all the following Hurufatfont font type families have found their place in this list, Milas received the Best Font Design Award given by the prestigious “GMK (Graphic Designers Association) in its 36th Graphic Design Exhibition.
"We are a Studio located in Indonesia, Huruforia consists of 2 Designers who have graduated from Visual Communication Design and focus on Branding and Typography. Our love for Visual Design is always related to typography, such as creating logos and others, so why not if we have to make the font more complete, not just the need for a brand name. and that's what made us decide to focus more on creating and studying technicalities in the world of typography. Look forward to our works, and hopefully useful. Cheers !!"
Hustle Supply Co. was started back in 2013 as a small side project. It has now grown into a small full-time Type Foundry. Hustle Supply Co was originally created by Jeremy Vessey as a solo operation. In 2019, HSCo is expanding and bringing on collaborators! Bigger & Better products to come!
"My foundry name is Hustletter Studio hustletter name taken from hustle and letter with the hope that the enthusiasm in creating a font with strong character. I did my own letter design. I love handwriting and brush lettering and it is not impossible to also create a sans serif typeface. For font making, the process I do begins with sketching on the paper using a pencil or brush pen, I like to do this initial work before the digital process is done. I became interested and very excited to join the # 1 font market on the planet."
"Hyber Type is a one-man foundry located in southwest Germany.The foundry specializes in the design of contemporary sans-serif typefaces that cover a wide range of applications. He always finds his inspiration in the classics of Swiss typography or American Gothics, which are reinterpreted and combined in new ways. In addition to his typographic work, he is also works as a user experience and graphic designer."
I’ve got an education as a typesetter in pre-digital times. Designing fonts is just a passion.
Hi there! We are Hydric Design from Bali, Indonesia. Established itself in the graphic design industry by continually developing and marketing innovative font and software products. Based on our hand-crafted font production for creative peoples worldwide. We want to make sure that we meet the technical font requirements of our markets at all times in order to serve our customers in the best possible way.
HyFont Studio's mission is “To make the world's communication easier.” We will begin our journey from Asia then to the rest of the world. We will give life to words and use them to express the emotions of the world. We hope to communicate emotions and convey culture with vital words through our font design by building a bigger, brighter, and a more connected future.

HyperDeluxe® is an independent design studio based in London, England.

We collaborate with global brands and organisations to deliver beautiful, meaningful products for real people.

From user experience to branding, motion design to typography, we are a high energy design studio that loves to explore, imagine and create.

Our love for typography and experience of custom font design inspired us to create our “HyperFonts” which are retail typefaces that are meticulously crafted and reflect our design principles.

Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.