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Galápagos Design Group was incorporated in January of 1994. Conceived by a core group of experienced and talented type designers and type technologists, the company now consists of a formidable ensemble of design and type professionals, with offices in Littleton, Massachusetts.
GarageFonts was established in 1993, primarily as a vehicle to distribute some of the first typeface designs created for Raygun magazine. From the begining, GarageFonts has been on the cutting edge of new typeface design, helping to change a once tiresome selection of typeface designs into a new world of visual excitement.

What started as a small library of trend setting designs has now grown to a varied collection of original, accessible text and display typefaces. GarageFonts has something for everyone.
A digital and type designer based in the UK, Geoff Biskupek has over 12 years experience working in the creative industry with a range of international clients and brands. He creates type from inception, undertaking initial sketches and ideas, through to rendering typefaces in digital formats.
Original, unique and useful alphabetical, ornament and specialy fonts.
GLC Foundry" is a French little foundry starting from 2008.
Its purpose is to set up historic fonts inspired from dated, real and definite documents, or inspired by incomplete ones or by accurate style.
Fonts are complemented to allow a contemporary use, with accented characters and those mainly inexistent in early fonts. We make an effort to add abbreviations, ligatures, contracted letters and so on, peculiar to each concerned period. Punctuation signs are always reproduced in their original faces. We have a strong attachment to always keep the existent poetic imperfections of the models
Graphic Design studio in New Delhi, India.
Graviton is a small type foundry based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was founded by designer Pablo Balcells in 2013.
Great Lakes Lettering was launched in 2012 as a collaboration between talented lettering artist Molly Jacques and font designer Dathan Boardman.
Greater Albion Typefounders aims to do its bit to overcome one of the many crises facing the world today. We can't make a dent in global warming; we don't know where to start with the Global Financial Crisis, but we thought we'd ‘have a bash’ at our own little bit of the crisis in design. To us, modern design seems so bland. It works, sometimes it even works fairly well. But there’s seldom a sense of style, or a hint of elegance. So we decided to do something about it- we decided to bring you new Typefaces that honor the spirit and style of the past. Want to be right up to date with a brand new typeface, but right in tune with the spirit of designers trained in classical ascetic values? Then why not try us and see what we have to offer.
Green Type is the foundry of Dmitry Greshnev from Saint Petersburg in Russia.
GreenPrint Technologies, LLC is the maker of GreenPrint World, Home Premium and GreenPrint Enterprise software designed to reduce waste in home and office printing. The software eliminates wasteful pages before they are printed, incorporates a PDF writer to provide an alternative to printing, and provides easy options to save ink and toner. GreenPrint also created the font EverGreen, whose characters were designed to allow more words to fit on a printed page.
The Grummedia foundry based in Ilkley, UK was founded by English designer Graham Blakelock. Graham came from a creative graphics background originally producing typefaces for use in the creation of role playing material. He is now a freelance designer, publishing fonts under the Grummedia name.
Located in Newent, Gloucestershire, England, Nick Cooke started out as a lettering artist in London in 1982 crafting type by hand for book jackets. It wasn’t until 1999 that he would start his own foundry. Named after his favorite letter to doodle, the lower case ‘g,’ G-Type was born.
Gustav & Brun is a Swedish design studio founded in early 2008. Their main focus is hand drawn illustrations and graphic design. Since 2010, Gustav & Brun has focused on typography resulting in a number of different fonts.

G.A.R.M. Co. (short for Graphic Artist Resource Merchant Company) is a platform for people to find digital resources like fonts, educational video classes, brush sets, texture packs and other designer goodies.

We collaborate with some of the most talented people in the industry to provide you with the highest quality products to use for your projects.

You can find out more on our website:

Gabe Silverstein is a product designer from Los Angeles. He has been inspired by design from an early age when he created his first logo at age eight. He has since been expanding his portfolio of tools and talents into various media of design. These include, User Experience, Motion, Interaction, Graphic Design and other forms of design, including one of his favorites, Typography. He also freelances with independent clients and companies, which span the spectrum of design needs.

Garisman Studio is a type foundry based in Bandung, Indonesia and was established on 2013.

Based in Ambarawa - Semarang, Indonesia and established in 2020 by Anang Fibriyanto, Gasssype Studio is a foundry that builds tools and type, basically to show and promote his typefaces. He began designing fonts as a hobby in 2017, and specialized in kinds of brush font considered more useful and durable with a particular focus on creating ease and clever solutions for designers.

Other than fonts, I love any form of creativity ,photography, brush lettering and more.

My name is Wahyu Edhi Widodo, I live in Indonesia. and currently still finishing my degree in visual communication design and I've been working as a lettering artist for years. I produced my lettering into typefaces with my imagination. Recently, I created some of Sans-Serif Font, also next in Script then also handwritten fonts. I believe I can be competitive with other designers.

Geo Dim Creations began releasing "video game related mostly" graphic design assets as an official publisher in various game engine marketplaces, back in 2021. Being able to provide options that can elevate any video game, animation or movie project, truly is a reason to sleep well at night. Moving forwards, Geo Dim Creations intends to create a vast collection of fonts that can be used both in commercial or personal projects that does not neccesarily belong in the movie or video game industry exclusively.

Being a part of Monotypes' platform is what makes me glad that I get the chance to achieve my expandatory goal.

"I am a very talented designer in the field of design, having been in various fields of design for a long time. I am originally from Indonesia which has a tropical climate. I make designs with care and also soft in curves or straight lines, where the designs I make are mostly charming script styles for us to use in various fields such as events, bundles, Christmas, weddings, advertisements and many others. I really hope to join in My Font because in my community My Font is the best place. I really hope for your support for me to join your community. Yours sincerely, Fresh Type"

Gerobuck is an independent type foundry and lettering studio. Founded by Haris Anggar Setioko who loves type design, typography and lettering art.

Gerobuck is happy to provide lettering design solutions for your brand. Especially for those of you who like wordmark with classic and modern calligraphic letters, even personal and casual handwritten styles. We are also willing to help you customize a special typeface for your company.

Please contact us with your questions and a situation overview; from there, we can start talking about type.

We’re an Indonesian type foundry specializing in calligraphy and hand lettered font designs.
Hello, my name is Abdul Ghofur. I started designing in 2017, started in a logo contest and now I'm a font designer. I will make quality fonts to sell. Making fonts is very exciting for me, from creating unique and character letters to unique fonts. Digital Type Foundry Studio is based in Jatisari Senori Tuban, East Java, Indonesia Raya Merdeka.

I am a font developer from Indonesia, focusing on serif and sans serif types. The testing and touch of every character made has been thought out in detail and accurately, so don't hesitate to trust my work. If you need a minimalist themed font that is suitable for fashion, then believe in my work which will give you an elegant touch, thank you for your trust.

This Foundry is born to create handwritten fonts. Each writing style defines its author spirit and aesthetics, be it professional or amateur, typed or handwritten. Giaimefontz focuses on the latter because of the vastness of style and characters a free hand can express. Born in 2020, based in Europe, Giaimefontz looks at calligraphic fonts as well as the street style writings that populate European cities, not to mention the school script style.

Gianmani is a digital type foundry based in Thailand. Founded and operated by Gianmani Yuttapum in 2022. He studied computer engineering at the Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. Gianmani Yuttapum began his career as an Architecture draft in Japanese Home Design. Over time, he had a desire to create a font that would uniqueness be suitable for any business and any project purpose.

My name is Giwidodo, I come from the city of arts and culture of Yogyakarta Indonesia. I am the font designer and founder of Gie Studio as a place to produce and develop original fonts. All of the fonts in the Gie studio are my own and dominated by original handwriting, I like and will maintain that because I want to explore more about the soul of art, especially in the form of unique and authentic fonts. The font collection in Gie Studio is ready to help all your business needs. Furthermore, let's all work together so that we can mutually benefit and advance our business have our business better known to the world.

Gienlee is an independent design studio. Founded by Genta M Putra - a designer and artist based in Indonesia. The first name Gienlee was published when Hangout with friends. Founded in 2005 and established in 2011. I just do draw cartoons as a hobby that day.

Now we starting to sell our digital art and assets. We focus on Comic, Storyboard, Graphic, and Graphic templates. and getting started to design as a Font creator.

Gigofonts is a spin-off of the award-winning design firm Gigodesign. Through years of dealing with advertising, magazine design, and corporate identity systems, Gigofonts has built a library of different typefaces for various design needs. The typefaces range from simple display fonts to larger corporate typefaces.
"From a very young age I have always loved to draw and create fantastic stories. The study of fonts has made me grow in my creative and executive path. Initially I designed the font in pencil on paper making the final lettering with black ink. The design of the fonts ""LollyandJoys Light"" and ""LollyandJoys Bold"" was born from the need to use fonts suitable for ""comics"" stories and especially for my ""Lolly and Joys"" stories. For me the font represents a ""sign"" that remains indelible in my life!"

Gloow Studio was founded in 2020 and is run by Muhammad Iqram. I love to draw letters, have fallen in love with writing and write letters for a living. I love exploring and seeing how the typeface reflects the personality of the brand. I want to continue to develop my creativity and use my passion to bring greater benefits to myself and the designer community. Founded Gloow Studio to help designers vote for their projects. I concentrate on handcrafted quality fonts, mostly script styles and more. Now pursuing my new passion completely from my home studio. Turned my freelance business into a type designer.

Godbless Studio is a design studio based in Banda Aceh, a city in Indonesia. Godbless Studio is engaged in online marketplaces such as fonts and illustrations. Godbless Studio was founded in 2018 and has produced various digital products that are different from the others and are also classy. We keep trying to move forward and develop every step of the way. We always try to keep up with the times for every product we produce so that every consumer is satisfied with the products we offer. Greetings from us Godless Studio

Focus on creating attractive and appropriate typefaces for multiple uses. Available for sale at an affordable price. I concentrate on handcrafted quality fonts, mostly script styles and sometimes experimental styles. I love to draw letters, fall in love with writing and write letters for a living. I love exploring and seeing how typography reflects a brand's personality. Now pursuing my new passion completely from my home studio. Turned my freelance business into a type designer. I want to continue to develop my creativity and use my passion to bring greater benefits to myself and the designer community.

Golden Wraith Fonts will offer you several font families, each with unique traits, and a new family will be born on a regular basis. This store will provide you with a variety of fonts such as script and handwritten fonts, Dingbats, Display, Sans Serif, Serif, Blackletters, and others...

Every typeface will be distinct from the preceding one in some manner, and all of this is for the sake of an excellent font category.

Goldfish Girl Creative, LLC is a professional, woman-owned business and studio that aims to do more than the “standard” studio. Offering graphic illustrations, templates, fonts, and design services I work to empower the female-identifying people who are breaking rules and changing narratives, with the overarching goal of helping and empowering the female community as a whole.

'GORAE' means 'whale' in Korean. We would like to design a warm and ordinary typeface.
"Grafemars is an independent digital typeface publisher / foundry based in Indonesia. Design the typeface properly so that typographic assets are created to meet the needs of the local to international creative industry. With high enthusiasm and creativity, it is hoped that new ideas for typographic assets can be created so that they can provide creative solutions for the future and help in implementing better visual design."
The Graffiti Fonts® type foundry was created in 1999 to fill the gap in the typographic world created by the absence of modern graffiti lettering & handstyles. When the foundry released its first commercial collection in 2001 there were less than a dozen fonts in existence that had been designed to purposely emulate & identify as modern graffiti. By the time the 4th collection was released in 2009 over 140 fonts were included with the foundry having produced more graffiti style typefaces than the rest of the collective world. The primary designer Matthew (Raseone) Napolitano is a lifelong graffiti artist and graphic designer. His lettering, fonts & other work have been featured across industries by names like: Lucasfilm, Netflix, Warner Bros., Midway, THQ, Sony, Genentech, Penguin, Avon and others. His 2003 Wildstyle™ font family was featured in the 2012 Yale University text entitled: Graphic Design A Modern History alongside Shepard Fairey's Obama poster as the book recounts the impact of graffiti art in all its facets on modern design. While this foundry has an obvious theme & focus & while graffiti itself has spawned many of its own unique new forms and styles you'll find that graffiti is an art form without limitations and this foundry builds lettering in any and all motifs, not only traditional graffiti styles. Graffiti artists will adapt and use any technique, any style, any technology, any tradition & seek to blend, expand & attempt to improve upon or expand it. This freedom is the real theory behind our foundry. Thank you for looking. We hope our work can help you to achieve your creative goals.
The Arabic writing is fundamentally based on the calligraphic look and the relation between the letters that shift shape at each connection between them. GrafikarFonts’s aim is to create fonts out of Arabic symbols that’s influenced from this calligraphic tradition all while keeping in touch with a modern and digital world, making sure to match to practical needs as well. Often, in the Arabic language, we have to write words from Latin and that’s another goal of GrafikarFonts; to design smooth Arabic and Latin fonts that harmonize together.
"Designer and type-enthusiast, Grant Beaudry draws inspiration from vintage lettering, carefully crafting functional typefaces for any modern-day designer to use. With a burning passion for typography birthed in 2015, Grant spent most of his free time as a student studying what makes type an essential form of communication. Known for utilizing hand-crafted textures, paints, and photography, Grant sought to serve people with shared-interests to make today's design process faster, more effective, and budget efficient. Grant now resides in Los Angeles, CA and works in one of Hollywood's most acclaimed design agencies."
Graphicfresh with confidence is based in Aceh, Indonesia. But, the assets we sell cover the whole world. We believe that our idea makes people fresh. We are confident that our products are worthy of use. We love what people think. We believe it can make things easier for people to do things. That's us!

hello, let me introduce myself, I am the owner of a font named Graphicxell. I live in Indonesia, and Graphicxell was founded in June 2019. At the beginning Graphicxell was founded, I focused on display fonts and scripts. and I'm currently exploring serif fonts. I make the font very observant and neat. I welcome suggestions and input from all buyers, because Graphicxell's vision is to create design works that will become trending in the world.

Graptail is an individual font maker. Working at home creates graphic design and typography works. Learning self-taught graphic and typography design by incorporating each of the surrounding writings into a new original font work from their own thoughts like script fonts and display fonts.

Gravitype was founded by the designer Marco Pezzotta, based in Italy, and it is driven by the passion for type design.

Our vision is that typography is an art, and as such it must make the reader feel something. Each typeface, even the one that appears most anonymous, has its own personality.

Our mission is to deliver high quality fonts that can please people all over the world, and help them achieve their goals.

GRAYlab is based in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur who passionate about high-quality typefaces, calligraphy, and lettering. We do experiments to create different kinds of high-quality font for designers' projects including web design, print, t-shirt, logo and etc. The font designer is Gray Ng who has been work in advertising industry for more than 10 years who start from designer to senior art director. Experiencing in logo design, T-shirt design, brand design, print ad, commercial and etc. For further information, questions or requests, please don't hesitate to get in touch in my behance: or linked-in:
Greentrik6789 was initiated by Tri Kuncoro, a freelance graphic designer from a small city in the country of Indonesia. Starting from making fonts for personal needs, then to make fonts to be shared with many people.
greentypestudio6789 was initiated by Tri Kuncoro, a freelance graphic designer from a small city in the country of Indonesia. Starting from making fonts for personal needs, then to make fonts to be shared with many people.
"Filled with young people live in surrounding neighborhood who had interest on graphic design, Grewfont Studio founded in 2020 in order to channel these youngsters energies so that they can do something good and make a living while doing it. First started with wide range of Graphic Design service until later specified into a Font Foundry, Grewfont Studio emerged as each individual in the studio develop their own interest, style and expertise. On the works, Grewfont Studio heavily inspired by pop culture, retro heritage to modern art.. Oh, and don't forget to dig on those personalized lettering and handwritings! Grewfont Studio mission is to connect the beauty of a typeface with its surroundings.. So that you'll have the pieces the client would grew fond of.."
Based in Shoreline, WA, USA, owner Lesley McGrew founded Grey Fortress Enterprises in 2011 to provide design and business services to small businesses. Her first font design, Grotto Goth, draws inspiration from the Goth subculture. Lesley is inspired by a wide array of subcultures, festivals, travel, nature, and more. She hopes to continue to offer fonts that meet the unique design needs of creative groups of all kinds.
'Grida' is an independent font design studio created to design new typefaces.

Griyotype is a type foundry that was founded in 2021. This studio comes from one of the cities in Indonesia, namely Banjarnegara. Griyo type has the meaning of house, griyo means house, inspired by a small house that is used as a place to work. Griyotype is a type foundry that makes various types of fonts for various purposes carried out in a small house. Currently we make various types of fonts for display purposes. In making fonts, we do not make it haphazardly but with detailed research so that we create high-quality fonts.

Typography is the craft of human language service with a long-lasting visual form, and thus has an independent existence. The pith is calligraphy - dance, on a small stage, hands that live and speak - and its roots reach the living ground, even though the branches can be hung every year with a new machine. As long as its roots live, typography remains a source of true pleasure, true knowledge, true surprise
Grype is the former label of independent type designer Charles Leroux, acquired by Astigmatic (AOETI) in 2016.

I discovered typography and letters by painting graffiti on the walls of Santiago, this passion evolved little by little, until it was transformed professionally.

This foundry is dedicated to creating letter designs with a unique character and personality. Going from fonts for headlines to text that allow us to make a difference when facing a design project, be it, branding, editorial, motion, information, etc.

GT & CANARY, a New York City design lab opened its doors in 2004. Founder Takaaki Goto, a.k.a. GT, specializes in global brand identity and package design. With over 10 years experience in creating exclusive fonts of his clientele, he's launched a new font development division within his graphics studio.
Gurup Stüdyo was founded in 2020 by Murat Çil. Our goal is to design high-end fonts with equal text colour that designers can trust when using. To find out about new font releases and special deals follow us on Facebook @gurupstudyo, Twitter @GurupStudyo and Instagram @gurupstudyo

GuseType is an independent digital type foundry that focused on font creation, founded by Guntur Septyan, Indonesia 2022. GuseType's fonts are inspired by retro, vintage, modern and luxury brand designs. We offers quality typography suitable for various projects such as logo, brand, poster, magazine, product label, and many more. We crafted fonts that give you access to a unique font collection.

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