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Edik has worked on creating Armenian computer fonts since 1987. He has created about 200 fonts and designed many books, magazines and newspapers. Twenty six of his fonts were awarded different prizes at local and International Type Design competitions. Two of his fonts Mariam and Grapalat have been adopted by the government of the Republic of Armenia as official fonts for State offices. He currently works for the National Book Chamber of Armenia as the head of the section of Creating and Saving Armenian Fonts.
If we talk about calligraphy, letters or gestual scripts with many flourishes and swash caps, that really looks like handwriting, or typography, special alphabets for packaging, displays and headlines, in which digitization has been taken the upmost care, then you have to rely on EdyType.
Erik Faulhaber was born in Germany (1966). Studied Graphic-Design in Karlsruhe. Freelance designer since 1996. Held teaching assignments in Halle, Weimar and Wuppertal. In 2006 Erik Faulhaber designed Generis, a system of four compatible typeface families, each variant drawn in a different generic style, perfectly suitable for almost any design application. In 2009, Erik Faulhaber created Aeonis, a classic-style sans serif typeface family with a clear, minimalistic design. In 2013, Erik Faulhaber presented Xenois, a perfectly coordinated font family that provides an innovative take on the Antiqua typeface class. The Website of Erik Faulhaber:
Vienna-based Ekke Wolf works as a free designer of books, exhibitions, and, more and more, typefaces (Atlantic family 2004, Barack 2012, Liebelei 2013). In 2010, he started a longtime project "Typografie in Bibliotheken" ("typography in libraries") with the aim to look for old typefaces and use them as historical templates for new fonts.
Fancy fonts from Judith Sutcliffe
Many children end up (at least for a while) under the impression that the letter after K, in the alphabet song, is Elemeno. If it were the alphabet would be three letters shorter and font design would be that much easier. Of course, that middle letter would be a doozy. Elemeno offers a variety of fun display fonts and handwritten scripts, as well as progressive takes on traditional typestyle classifications.
This impressive collection features contemporary designs as well as remakes of some of the most popular typefaces ever drawn.
Stephen Boss started Emboss Fonts in the mid nineties. The foundry's aim is to explore conceptual ideas, and convert them into fonts for the world to consume. The foundry's customer base is global, ranging from Iceland to New Zealand and many points in between. Elefont Emboss was the first offering, and it was picked up by Skateboarder Magazine. Other designs developed with an organic progression. Owner Stephen Boss is always amused when he sees one of his typefaces on a poster or taxi cab ad. Emboss Fonts is presently developing some more traditional faces, with a few quirks. You can follow owner Stephen Boss on twitter: stephenboss2000
Emily Lime is the foundry of Emily Conners. She is a self-taught type designer with a strong passion for lettering and font creation. It may come as no surprise that this 'southern belle' tends towards the fun, feminine & whimsical….but it doesn't end there. Her strong desire for challenge may lead to some unexpected typefaces this year.
This is a small type foundry from Barcelona, Spain.
Eurotypo is a type foundry and centre of teaching typography, lettering and typeface design as a high-level course of study.We offer our fonts collection and international typeface design courses, workshops and lettering study tours in Spain and Italy. We motivate the students onto expressive experimentation, and functional research. We are also teaching them methods to develop new typefaces and working with type. We help them to create and produce.
The exljbris Font Foundry features the work of the talented and self-taught type designer Jos Buivenga. Based in Arnhem in the Netherlands, Jos Buivenga has established a reputation for creating high quality, innovative fonts, including very popular free fonts!
Eclectotype is the foundry of Dave Rowland, and has been making retail and custom type for over a decade (formerly known as Schizotype). As the name suggests, the catalogue features an eclectic mix of styles from text workhorses to full on display faces. This is not a foundry that likes to stick to trends or expectations, often to the detriment of commercial success, but strives to make every release useful, original, and interesting.
Ellen Luff is creative hybrid from London, England with a passion for beautiful design, and burning belief that good design matters. I was born to get my hand’s dirty crafting and creating; I publish my photography and writing, as well as enjoying custom typography and creating gorgeous fonts.
Ephemera Fonts is an independent digital type foundry with a focus on display typefaces. Founded in Bandung, Indonesia in the middle of 2019 by graphic designer, Gilang Purnama and Ilham Herry.
Eyad Al-Samman is a graphic designer and typographer from Yemen. He has designed Arabic, Latin and Cyrillic fonts and continues to pursue inspiration and excellence in typography.
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.