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Edik has worked on creating Armenian computer fonts since 1987. He has created about 200 fonts and designed many books, magazines and newspapers. Twenty six of his fonts were awarded different prizes at local and International Type Design competitions. Two of his fonts Mariam and Grapalat have been adopted by the government of the Republic of Armenia as official fonts for State offices. He currently works for the National Book Chamber of Armenia as the head of the section of Creating and Saving Armenian Fonts.
If we talk about calligraphy, letters or gestual scripts with many flourishes and swash caps, that really looks like handwriting, or typography, special alphabets for packaging, displays and headlines, in which digitization has been taken the upmost care, then you have to rely on EdyType.
Erik Faulhaber was born in Germany (1966). Studied Graphic-Design in Karlsruhe. Freelance designer since 1996. Held teaching assignments in Halle, Weimar and Wuppertal. In 2006 Erik Faulhaber designed Generis, a system of four compatible typeface families, each variant drawn in a different generic style, perfectly suitable for almost any design application. In 2009, Erik Faulhaber created Aeonis, a classic-style sans serif typeface family with a clear, minimalistic design. In 2013, Erik Faulhaber presented Xenois, a perfectly coordinated font family that provides an innovative take on the Antiqua typeface class. The Website of Erik Faulhaber:
Fancy fonts from Judith Sutcliffe
Many children end up (at least for a while) under the impression that the letter after K, in the alphabet song, is Elemeno. If it were the alphabet would be three letters shorter and font design would be that much easier. Of course, that middle letter would be a doozy. Elemeno offers a variety of fun display fonts and handwritten scripts, as well as progressive takes on traditional typestyle classifications.
This impressive collection features contemporary designs as well as remakes of some of the most popular typefaces ever drawn.
Stephen Boss started Emboss Fonts in the mid nineties. The foundry's aim is to explore conceptual ideas, and convert them into fonts for the world to consume. The foundry's customer base is global, ranging from Iceland to New Zealand and many points in between. Elefont Emboss was the first offering, and it was picked up by Skateboarder Magazine. Other designs developed with an organic progression. Owner Stephen Boss is always amused when he sees one of his typefaces on a poster or taxi cab ad. Emboss Fonts is presently developing some more traditional faces, with a few quirks. You can follow owner Stephen Boss on twitter: stephenboss2000
Emily Lime is the foundry of Emily Conners. She is a self-taught type designer with a strong passion for lettering and font creation. It may come as no surprise that this 'southern belle' tends towards the fun, feminine & whimsical….but it doesn't end there. Her strong desire for challenge may lead to some unexpected typefaces this year.
Eurotypo is a type foundry and centre of teaching typography, lettering and typeface design as a high-level course of study.We offer our fonts collection and international typeface design courses, workshops and lettering study tours in Spain and Italy. We motivate the students onto expressive experimentation, and functional research. We are also teaching them methods to develop new typefaces and working with type. We help them to create and produce.
The exljbris Font Foundry features the work of the talented and self-taught type designer Jos Buivenga. Based in Arnhem in the Netherlands, Jos Buivenga has established a reputation for creating high quality, innovative fonts, including very popular free fonts!

East end is a design firm established in 2017. Having started the development of typeface and font design in 2019, we are passionate about creating our own simple, new, and unique style. We produce and release display typefaces primarily, reflecting the needs of their users (graphic designers). We believe they should not only be inspirational to both users and viewers, but also something enjoyable for us to create.

Based in Magelang, Indonesia, Eaver Studio was founded with strong passion in hand lettering and calligraphy. After a long journey,in 2018, the studio started to make fonts instead of just providing custom lettering for clients. This way, they can share what they love to other designers, to more people and to the world.

The Ech000 foundry is a collective of fonts and typefaces featuring original designs and ideas in a range of styles. Ech000 understands the need for professionalism and high quality designs, so this foundry provides that. Fun and creative fonts designed with the designer or user in mind. Great for simple designs for graphics designers or mixed media for businesses.

I'm a civil engineer with experience in technical drawing and graphic design. I'm focused on building a pleasant environment and delivering the best product for my customers. At the end, every object and every interaction in our life is designed and our job is to provide this experience. Inspiration for my work comes from collecting everything that has design or historic value to it, from consumer goods to industrial pieces.
Developing fonts based on a concept (e.g. a Braille font based on the design of a GoBan, a font drawing CHON molecules, etc...)
Eclectotype is the foundry of Dave Rowland, and has been making retail and custom type for over a decade (formerly known as Schizotype). As the name suggests, the catalogue features an eclectic mix of styles from text workhorses to full on display faces. This is not a foundry that likes to stick to trends or expectations, often to the detriment of commercial success, but strives to make every release useful, original, and interesting.
 Eclipse - 
 Black ink is transferred over white paper.
Font studio that creates very emotional,
unusual, cool, natural fonts. Our goal is to develop unique, ultra-precise and beautiful fonts for your beznis brand.
As professional type designers, we offer very beautiful fonts at decent prices.
 Write your stories with our fonts.

I create fonts for graphic designers working in science fiction scripts. While English characters are seen on screen in the Star Wars films, that language is known as "High Galactic". I create fonts in the main Star Wars written script, called Aurebesh. There are more than 26 characters in the language, so the additional characters are located in the ligature most similar to the original.
Edignwn Type is a creative foundry base in Magelang, Indonesia. We are currently working as graphic and type designers. Just love all about designs containing beautiful lettering and typography. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries : [email protected]

Edomoji Type is a foundry that designs fonts rooted in history. In the Edo era of Japan certain type styles were developed to catch the eye of those who saw them. Today Edomoji Type's designs aim to replicate these ancient designs to achieve the same.

Fonts designed by Edomoji Type bring both a historical and aesthetic quality, bringing the traditions and styles of the past to the present. Being located in the United States, Edomoji Type's fonts are designed to be used by those in the East and the West.

Eduardo Dulin is an independent designer from Argentina.

Born and raised in Mar del Plata, designing has interested Eduardo Dulin since he was very young.

With a career built in advertising and graphic designing, Eduardo Dulin¿¿s perseverance and desire for innovation led him to discover one of his biggest passions: typography designing.

Hello! I'm Luthfi, a man behind Ef Studio based in Indonesia. I build Ef Studio in 2018. "Ef" is not my actual name, it stands for "Empty to Full". Name "Ef" described my process in life. It will remind me to make things with process and patience.

Ef Studio focused to create clear and clean fonts that fit for every media and usage. Most of my fonts are Script, Calligraphy, and Signature. I always make sure that each letter I made is legible and nice. I retouch all characters before I turn it into a font file. I fix and clean up nodes and edges so it will be nice if it zoomed for logotype perhaps.

Maybe I haven't gotten any awards, but one thing that makes me happy is to help my customers as soon as possible, as much as I can. When they feel satisfied with my services, it's an award for me.

Don't hesitate to reach me on Instagram @luthfi_ef :) You can see my font in use and font journey there! See you!

I am a professional graphic designer, I have experience in this field from 2010 until now. My expertise is to make illustrations, handwriting, typography, logos, and so on. I also have supporting skills for promoting my product, such as motion graphics, video editing, and audio mixing & mastering. You can see some of my designs on and some of my font designs at
Hello! This is the foundry of font designer Egor Stremousov based in Western Siberia, Russia. Egor Stremousov makes fonts with Cyrillic and Latin scripts. He loves and respects national peculiarities in the alphabets of different nations and countries. He daily engages in typography and graphic design, which allows him to better understand the task, results and features of the use of fonts in real projects. His mission is to make quality fonts that will make the world a better place.
I am a graphic designer from Bali who wants to develop the knowledge I have. Originality and creativity is the main things for me when creating products that I will sell, because originality and creativity are able to bring out the characteristics and also the uniqueness of each product that I create. Besides that, perfectionist and creativity are important to me in creating products that I will sell. With the perfectionism and creativity that I have, I can create products that have sentimental value and aesthetic value and uniqueness that will make my products able to compete in the market.
We are from EKNOJI studio, from Bali - Indonesia. We are a design studio that specializes in creating fonts. The font that we make is -unique, -funny, -easy. We've been selling fonts for a year. Many customers buy our fonts from various countries, because we always update to make fonts every week consistently and always have good quality fonts. Thank you. EKNOJI
Solo font maker whos born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1988. Have completed study on visual art at Universitas Negeri Jakarta (Jakarta State University) in 2013. Have a broad experience in visual art and graphic design. Starting to make fonts in 2016, focused in aesthetic, functionality, legibility, fit for branding and broad design purposes. Striving to make fonts that shown quality, easy to use and simply good for display and text.
Eksign is a British foundry, publishing typefaces designed by Eryk Kosinski. Eryk is a self taught graphic designer and typographer working on a variety of typefaces for many purposes. What’s important is to design something unusual yet professional, clean and functional for the user of the typeface to meet their needs. Breaking the rules and experimentation is the key to creating something new and fresh.

Eldes is a Brazilian design studio, with over 18 years of serving the Literature, Editorial, and Advertising market. It's specialty and DNA is the development of projects that unite Art and Information Technology with communications or educational objectives.

Its works are strongly influenced by engraving techniques, the graphic and symbolic repertoire of Brazilian and South American cultures, and the pop and musical universe.

To know and follow its work:

Eleftheria Fonts is a fresh-type studio founded in 2019 in Athens, Greece.

When we say Greece, we mean Eleftheria, which in Greek means freedom! Our fonts are a free field for type experiments and a visual language of the present. We specialize in creating display typefaces based on a combination of contrasting elements that are in keeping with the spirit of our country: smooth and sharp, quiet and loud, calm and energetic. And we also guarantee that our fonts are the answer to modern technical and artistic requirements!

Typography has always been a love of mine; the attention to minute details, the repetition of forms, the beauty in the seemingly mundane. The notion that something so utilitarian as type can be an art form has always filled me with awe.

The name "Elemental Type" evokes that awe, that sense of primal wonder. Typography combines both the literal communication of ideas into words, and the communication of artistic moods and modalities. It is my sincere hope that I can pass on to you some of that inspiration and awe in my work!

Professional of branding, editorial and packaging design, I am fan of simple and versatile typographic families. My goal is to develop fonts that are useful as text and have a fresh but modern look.
Ellen Luff is creative hybrid from London, England with a passion for beautiful design, and burning belief that good design matters. I was born to get my hand’s dirty crafting and creating; I publish my photography and writing, as well as enjoying custom typography and creating gorgeous fonts.
Eller Type Foundry is the new facet of Emerson Eller’s profissional life focused especially on type design. He is a Brazilian graphic and type designer currently based in Lisbon, Portugal.
Loving fonts and typefaces since childhood, I became a typesetter. Working today as a freelance graphic designer in Berlin/Germany with the focus on typography. Started creating basic fonts in the nineties with Fontographer, Love the possibilities of adding OpenType-features to my fonts and making them as useful as possible. Elster is the German word for Magpie.

Elvina Studio is a digital type foundry based in Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan. Inspired by life, vintage books, typography trends, calligraphy mood, high fashion and handmade things, Elvina Studio creates modern unique fonts for sharpening your design projects. Elvina Studio offers quality typography with unique touches like ligatures, alternates, handwritten and colour opentype fonts.

Thanks for your support.

Illustrator, typographer, painter, potter, father, husband, bon vivant. Elyas Beria is a one-man foundry designing type he wishes existed already.

Hi! My name is Ely. I am vector illustrator and graphic designer based in Lithuania.

I create vector illustrations and designs for more than 10 years. Font design is also my passion. My works are playful and colorful. It could be a great fit for individual creators and everyone who loves to stand out.

I am happy to share my best works with the creative community!

EmbunStudio is a type foundry that formed since 2018, long time ago this foundry is focusing on Calligraphy and Handwritten font and then now, we'll to focus on Serif and Sans Serif font, which is very fun and exiting to do that.

We'll always trying to create the best and high quality font, to make every person that use it, feel happy and confident to use it. We hope, anybody who use font from EmbunStudio will always satisfied and giving a good feedback for us.

I am a font maker, I spend 5 hours every day except Saturday and Sunday in front of the computer to do it. Graphic quality for characters is important and I always create the highest quality fonts and likes in my portfolio.
all the fonts that I make are original fonts that I make from scratch, and when I make a script font, I start by making a sketch or original hand-drawn, thereby guaranteeing the authenticity of the product that I make.

The mission and the dream of EMMEart is to offer its customers a rich and varied visual experience. Whether it is work or entertainment, through creative tools offered by the inventiveness and application of graphic design in every aspect of life, in particular by creation of a brand and a corporate identity, up to all the many possible applications of the coordinated image.
Emyself Design is an independent type casting, founded in 2018 by Eko Setiawan, a type and graphic designer based in Indonesia. Emyself Design makes fonts easy to use for design needs while maintaining the aesthetic side of the letters. Apart from creating fonts for sale in the market, I also cater to custom typography and illustrations designed with a creative process and some research.
ENCI Fonts is a Mexican foundry born in 2020, created by the graphic designer Victor Salceda, who since 2019 stared to work in his first font. ENCI is a word that comes from "encino" (oak in english), a tree that symbolizes strength and life, and at the same time means: Enterprise New Creative Innovators. The foundry name represent our work, full of life and strength, and our creativity will always be new (inside) and young, so we can work helping you to realize your great ideas. ENCI Fonts is a foundry for you, made for you, and we will always do the best for you.

Enfeeltype offers unique and modern fonts that can be used for any business or personal projects. Our specially crafted fonts are easy to use and highly customizable. Enfeeltype is a unique font maker with abundant creativity, versality, and flexibility. You can do anything with it: make your own logo, brand and business name; personalise a wedding invitation; or print your school or college certificate with different fonts to highlight each part of it.

Enfeeltype makes the most exciting typefaces to design headlines, logos, and anything else that needs to be a part of your next creation. We’re here to help you translate your idea into a beautiful typography design. With Enfeel, you're never alone! We’ll always help guide your project every step of the way.

Hello , introduce us from Enigma lettering studio and we design fonts. We consist of 4 young people and have the same expertise, namely graphic design, and agreed to create this studio with the aim of creating typographic fonts like never before with our insight. We believe that we can compete with great foundries around the world, we are from a small town in Central Java, Indonesia. Hope you guys can enjoy our best masterpiece :)

Ensor Creative is run by graphic designer, Daniel Ensor. As well as creating fonts, my experience in the creative industry ranges from Web Design and Print Design to Motion Graphics and Email Marketing. 

I also run an art and design blog ¿¿“ featuring work from artist and designers and all things creative.

We are an independent type foundry set forth on a journey to revive the love for artistic design amidst today’s technology laden world. We create awesome and unique fonts with many variation styles (Script, Handwritten, Blackletter, Serif, Display, Decorative, Sans Serif, and Handbrush styles). We also create fonts with many different licenses that will matching up with your purpose. All our products start out as hand-drawn, to be later elaborated and finalized using digital tools, opening up plenty of occasions for them to be used in the digital day and age. We guarantee that all products are created with passion and great attention to detail.

Founded by Kukuh Ramadhan, Eoriraya.type is a visual graphic studio based in Palu, Midden Sulawesi start from 2018. Eorirayas favours teamwork with great enthusiasm, an enquiring mindset and a playful outlook to develop design concept driven display typefaces for retail and commercial use. Eoriraya.type certify the original font design with OpenType or TrueType font files to serve the expectations visual communication.

My name is Fajar Ramadan. I am a font maker who founded Eotype. Eotype is an independent digital type foundry that focuses on creating fonts, founded in Bandung Indonesia. Eotype is inspired by retro, vintage, luxury brand and creative display. Eotype offers quality typography suitable for your various projects. Eotype crafted fonts that give you access to unique font.
Ephemera Fonts is an independent digital type foundry with a focus on display typefaces. Founded in Bandung, Indonesia in the middle of 2019 by graphic designer, Gilang Purnama and Ilham Herry.
Ephemera Fonts is an independent digital type foundry with a focus on display typefaces. Founded in Bandung, Indonesia in the middle of 2019 by graphic designer, Gilang Purnama and Ilham Herry. Ephemera Fonts was inspired by the victorian era advertising, vintage labels and ephemera prints. Reviving the visual elements from the past era into a carefully crafted and high quality digital assets such as illustration, ornaments, and fonts, are the core of the brand that always be the main way to fill the hole in the industry that no one bats an eye before. Chromolithography was a major source of inspiration and most of the products are released for clothing industries, food and beverages industries, brand identity, etc. while creating crafted and quality typefaces offers access to a unique font collection to serve its needs.
Elizabeth Ptack is a recent graduate of the American Academy of Art with a BFA in illustration. From the moment she could speak, she developed an appreciation for storytelling. As soon as she could read and write, she surrounded herself with fiction and even wrote her own. As books began to lack pictures, she found herself drawn to the narratives found in animation and video games. She channels her love of a good story into all of her work through her fun characters. Her use of bright colors and soft textures are friendly and inviting. Elizabeth is looking for work in children’s media or video game pre-production so she can watch new stories grow through her work.

Epyto Type Co is a type foundry with 3 members, based in Indonesia. We live in different areas, but we share a common interest in art, illustration, and type design. We met virtually to form Epyto during the pandemic. 

For now, Epyto focuses on developing and experimenting with display fonts. We strive to build modern and contemporary letterforms, which can meet a variety of design needs. Looking forward to our fonts, enjoy and taste the typeface.

Eraqy TF is an independent type foundry based in Damietta, Egypt that aims to introduce a new generation of Arabic typefaces, exploring different directions that meet everyone's needs, and based on the artistic background, we are trying to prove that the shapes of the Arabic letters are not and will not be finished — founded by Abdulrahman Eleraqy.

Erik Seitz is a designer focused on typography, editorial design and photography. After his apprenticeship as a designer for digital and print media in Munich, Germany, he studied communication design at the University of Applied Sciences Trier, where he found his love for type design.
Based in Bali, Indonesia, ErlosDesign’s founders say, “Our goal is to design new typefaces with high quality for the contemporary design industry.”
Founded in 2020 by Ali Riza Esin and Ege Esin with two decades of experience on graphic design backgrounds, Esintype is a type foundry based in Turkey, designing typefaces for analog and digital media. Esintype create fonts with both aesthetic and technological care as a result of a working method prioritizing research and testing processes, focussing on contribution as a contemporary addendum to the cultural diversity of the Latin type.

Essentials studio is a team, we are consistent with 4 designers and come from the small town of Kebumen, Central Java Indonesia, we are friends since childhood who like some of the same things like music, design, anime, typography, Fonts, Film, Artist, fashion and more .And we will always prioritize originality and professionalism in this work. Hope you can enjoy our font work :)

Essqué Productions (pronounced "ess-kay") is a company committed to creative excellence for businesses, events, and individuals. We work with a wide variety of clientele from around the globe - including non-profits.
Located in Cali, Colombia, Estudio Calderón was founded in 2010 by local designer Felipe Calderón. “Our business started in 2010 as a hobby for drawing letters and a path to discover different tools,” he says. “Along the way, the brush script lettering appeared and I fell in love with it and its traces, that is why most of our fonts are designed based on this brush.” He made his debut on MyFonts with Letrista Script, which was influenced by the art of sign painting. The typeface was featured in the April, 2013 edition of Rising Stars, and has been one of the foundry’s best selling fonts. It was also chosen to be part of the fifth biennial of Latin-American typography Tipos Latinos 2015. Since then, Felipe has continued to find success drawing inspiration from this style that he knows and loves. One of his most recent designs, Hollie Script, pays tribute to brush lettering styles from the 1950’s and 1960’s. The script has been honored by the Type Directors Club New York 2015 with the Certificate of Typographic Excellence. Estudio Calderón is a quiet office where inspiration comes daily. With both a graphic design and lettering department in the studio, the designers work together to articulate the fonts, lettering and graphics that they produce.
My name is Ilham Nashrul Huda. My passion is hand lettered font designs, including script font display and monoline fonts. In 2020 finally I made the switch and committed all of his time to type design from my home in East Java, Indonesia. All of the customizable options give the young designer’s families an intimate, personal feel.
Etewut foundry is dedicated to lettering, typography and font design. Creating typefaces with charisma since 2000.

I am a visual designer interested in font design and motion graphics in specific. Making use of complex OpenType features, I work on developing multilingual fonts. I would love to enrich the Arabic font library in particular by creating versatile, experimental, and expressive fonts. I also look for new ways to employ motion in typography to add personality to characters. Feel free to take a look at my Instagram page, featuring daily typography challenges and motion design inspirations. (Instagram: @ethar_vn)

Ettie Kim Studio is the creative studio of Ettie Kim, a graphic designer and calligrapher based in Philadelphia, PA. Drawing on her years of experience in stationery design, Ettie strives to create realistic hand-lettered typefaces that are both functional and beautiful. Each typeface begins as ink on paper and is truly a labor of love from ink to pixel.

Based in Spain, Eu Iturria Morante is dedicated to the creation of expressive and charming typographies, ideal to give a different and special touch to your works. With Eu at the forefront of casting, the brand's spirit is based on creativity and hard work, creating fonts that go one step further. 

In Eu's words, "The perfect typography doesn't exist, but we'll work to achieve it. Our job is not to create simple letters; it is to transmit emotions through each character."

I am a graphic designer with more than 2 years of experience, based in Kyrgyzstan. I take a responsible and systematic approach to font development. Typography is something I love and want to bring something new to this part of our life. I am inclined to futurism, Gothic, symmetry, unusual solutions and meticulousness. Therefore, all these features will be shown in my works.

Evermore Type is a font foundry based in Massachusetts. We are perhaps best known for our first ever font, Llawysgrifen. Evermore Type was founded in 2023 but conceptualized way back in 2019. We are an ameture type studio and are best experienced in making handwritten fonts. Our team is consisting of four people who create, edit, and market our fonts.

Evo studio was founded in 2022. Located in Indonesia, It is a new studio that specializes in font design, focusing on serif and sans serif types. Created by experienced designers and passed the Testing and touch of every character created, also has been thought out in detail and accurately, If you need fonts to elevate your various design projects to the highest level, be it branding, headings, wedding designs, invitations, signatures , logos, labels, etc., here is the right place and feel free to use our fonts.


Eyad Al-Samman is a graphic designer and typographer from Yemen. He has designed Arabic, Latin and Cyrillic fonts and continues to pursue inspiration and excellence in typography.
I live in Aceh, Indonesia. I work at home, I like design. carving, writing on paper is my job, I always learn and like new things. I am a creative worker, I like typegraphy.
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.