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Dawnland creates art. Art for web, motion and printed media. For example logos, identities and designs for bands and brands, digital and traditional illustrations, fonts, websites, CD/DVD, & book covers.Dawnland was founded in 1999 by Daniel Viberg, Sweden. Enjoy creative chaos for your future visual experiences!
DearType :: Letters with character. A small type foundry dedicated to creating exclusive fonts with a personal touch. We strive to design timeless fonts that show character and make a difference.
For Deniart Systems, it all started with a passion and admiration for Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Denise Koehler, font designer, was equally mesmerized by this ancient writing system that mystified schollars for hundreds of years with its complexity and beauty. The first product, Egyptian Hieroglyphics Volume One was released in 1993. From there, Deniart continued to expand on the Hieroglyphics series but decided not to stop there - it adapted the company motto of "Fonts that Span the Ages" and the libraby gradually delved into a number of ancient writing systems whether they be alphabet, syllabic script or pictorial. From ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics to modern zodiacs, the Deniart font collection now spans the ages of time.
Having released his first fonts via FontShop, Device Fonts was launched in 1995 to exclusively distribute Rian Hughes' range of unique typefaces. Many of them were originally completed for clients such as The Body Shop, 2000AD magazine, Judge Dredd and Loaded magazine and are now available on general release. "Ten Year Itch", a book celebrating this first decade, is now on sale.
The Dingbatcave is the creation of painter Ann Stretton with some contributions from her husband Stan Starbuck. It began in 1997 when Ann’s love of fonts inspired her to create her own designs. She added her dingbats as a sideline of her main graphic and art site, Now hundreds of dingbats later, The Dingbatcave is one of the longest lasting websites on the internet that exclusively offers artist-created original designs. Both Ann and Stan received their MFAs from the University of Wisconsin, and their BFAs from Colorado State, and currently live in Madison, Wisconsin.
The Nucleus 1 font from Distler & Nong contains a selection of science-themed dingbats.
CV Type is the type-design offshoot of Washington, DC-based Communication Visual.Designer Galen Lawson spent his childhood emulating 80s graffiti and the lettering in Super Bowl and World Series logos. Now with years of agency experience and as creative director at ComVis he strives to create typefaces that are unique and useful to other designers in their day-to-day projects.
Diwan Software Ltd. is an established multilingual software company. Its technology has been used in millions of mobile devices worldwide and licensed by a variety of international companies from Apple Inc. to Zynga. Diwan owns one of the largest libraries of quality Arabic typefaces. It also produced the award winning Mishafi font that is one of the most advanced Arabic typefaces available.
Dominique Kerber is a typographic designer and lecturer living in Winterthur and working in Zurich, Switzerland. Dominique Kerber made an apprenticeship as a sign maker. From 2004 to 2006, he completed his further education as a typographic designer. After that, he studied Typedesign (CAS Typedesign) at ZHdK in Zurich, where he graduated in 2008. Since graduation, he has shared a studio with his former fellow student Alex Meier.
dooType is an individual type foundry created by Eduilson Wessler Coan in 2008. Based in Curitiba south of Brazil.Eduilson Wessler Coan is a Brazilian type designer. He graduated in 2005, his professional work has always been focused on type design and editorial design.
Doyald Young is an experienced lettering designer, typographer and teacher of matters typographic, with fonts and logos for many prominent corporations to his credit (Mattel, Max Factor, Vidal Sassoon). His most famous typeface is the sensual “copperplate” script, Young Baroque.
DSType was founded in late 1994 by Dino dos Santos. Since its very beginning the foundry has been designed typefaces for corporations, magazines and cultural projects. With a degree in graphic design and a Master’s diploma in multimedia design, dos Santos teaches Typographic Studies at ESAD Escola Superior de Artes e Design, in Matosinhos, Portugal. His typographic work is published in several British and European magazines, among them, Computer Arts, Creative Review, Page, and Publish. Included among dos Santos’ more notable typeface designs are the Andrade™, and Ventura™ type families.
Durotype is an innovative font design and publishing house, focusing on interesting typefaces of both new designs and revivals of older designs. Many Durotype typefaces are very versatile: they have a lot of weights, and can be used both as text and display font. All Durotype fonts support the 18 most important European languages using the Latin alphabet. Durotype introduced UltraPrecision™ font technology. All Durotype fonts are UltraPrecision™ fonts, giving a higher precision than most present-day OpenType® fonts. This higher precision translates into a better quality of the characters, when a font is printed or displayed in a large size.
DutchFonts is the type foundry set up by Ko Sliggers to develop and sell his typedesigns.
Dynacomware is one of the major font vendor for Asian fonts.
Dharma Type is a small type foundry established in 2005, based in Japan and run by Ryoichi Tsunekawa. After working as an architect, Ryoichi started his own foundry, his typefaces are widely being used around the world.
Dmitry Rastvortsev is a self-taught type designer from Ukraine. His work has won awards from a number of international type design competitions, including TypeArt 05 , Modern Cyrillic 2009, The Best Of Ukrainian Design in Typestyle and typography 2016.
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