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I do love a good font!
Dawnland creates art. Art for web, motion and printed media. For example logos, identities and designs for bands and brands, digital and traditional illustrations, fonts, websites, CD/DVD, & book covers.Dawnland was founded in 1999 by Daniel Viberg, Sweden. Enjoy creative chaos for your future visual experiences!
DearType :: Letters with character. A small type foundry dedicated to creating exclusive fonts with a personal touch. We strive to design timeless fonts that show character and make a difference.
For Deniart Systems, it all started with a passion and admiration for Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Denise Koehler, font designer, was equally mesmerized by this ancient writing system that mystified schollars for hundreds of years with its complexity and beauty. The first product, Egyptian Hieroglyphics Volume One was released in 1993. From there, Deniart continued to expand on the Hieroglyphics series but decided not to stop there - it adapted the company motto of "Fonts that Span the Ages" and the libraby gradually delved into a number of ancient writing systems whether they be alphabet, syllabic script or pictorial. From ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics to modern zodiacs, the Deniart font collection now spans the ages of time.
Having released his first fonts via FontShop, Device Fonts was launched in 1995 to exclusively distribute Rian Hughes' range of unique typefaces. Many of them were originally completed for clients such as The Body Shop, 2000AD magazine, Judge Dredd and Loaded magazine and are now available on general release. "Ten Year Itch", a book celebrating this first decade, is now on sale.
The Dingbatcave is the creation of painter Ann Stretton with some contributions from her husband Stan Starbuck. It began in 1997 when Ann’s love of fonts inspired her to create her own designs. She added her dingbats as a sideline of her main graphic and art site, Now hundreds of dingbats later, The Dingbatcave is one of the longest lasting websites on the internet that exclusively offers artist-created original designs. Both Ann and Stan received their MFAs from the University of Wisconsin, and their BFAs from Colorado State, and currently live in Madison, Wisconsin.
The Nucleus 1 font from Distler & Nong contains a selection of science-themed dingbats.
CV Type is the type-design offshoot of Washington, DC-based Communication Visual.Designer Galen Lawson spent his childhood emulating 80s graffiti and the lettering in Super Bowl and World Series logos. Now with years of agency experience and as creative director at ComVis he strives to create typefaces that are unique and useful to other designers in their day-to-day projects.
Diwan Software Ltd. is an established multilingual software company. Its technology has been used in millions of mobile devices worldwide and licensed by a variety of international companies from Apple Inc. to Zynga. Diwan owns one of the largest libraries of quality Arabic typefaces. It also produced the award winning Mishafi font that is one of the most advanced Arabic typefaces available.
Dominique Kerber is a typographic designer and lecturer living in Winterthur and working in Zurich, Switzerland. Dominique Kerber made an apprenticeship as a sign maker. From 2004 to 2006, he completed his further education as a typographic designer. After that, he studied Typedesign (CAS Typedesign) at ZHdK in Zurich, where he graduated in 2008. Since graduation, he has shared a studio with his former fellow student Alex Meier.
dooType is an individual type foundry created by Eduilson Wessler Coan in 2008. Based in Curitiba south of Brazil.Eduilson Wessler Coan is a Brazilian type designer. He graduated in 2005, his professional work has always been focused on type design and editorial design.
Doyald Young is an experienced lettering designer, typographer and teacher of matters typographic, with fonts and logos for many prominent corporations to his credit (Mattel, Max Factor, Vidal Sassoon). His most famous typeface is the sensual “copperplate” script, Young Baroque.
DSType was founded in late 1994 by Dino dos Santos. Since its very beginning the foundry has been designed typefaces for corporations, magazines and cultural projects. With a degree in graphic design and a Master’s diploma in multimedia design, dos Santos teaches Typographic Studies at ESAD Escola Superior de Artes e Design, in Matosinhos, Portugal. His typographic work is published in several British and European magazines, among them, Computer Arts, Creative Review, Page, and Publish. Included among dos Santos’ more notable typeface designs are the Andrade™, and Ventura™ type families.
Durotype is an innovative font design and publishing house, focusing on interesting typefaces of both new designs and revivals of older designs. Many Durotype typefaces are very versatile: they have a lot of weights, and can be used both as text and display font. All Durotype fonts support the 18 most important European languages using the Latin alphabet. Durotype introduced UltraPrecision™ font technology. All Durotype fonts are UltraPrecision™ fonts, giving a higher precision than most present-day OpenType® fonts. This higher precision translates into a better quality of the characters, when a font is printed or displayed in a large size.
DutchFonts is the type foundry set up by Ko Sliggers to develop and sell his typedesigns.
Dynacomware is one of the major font vendor for Asian fonts.
Dharma Type is a small type foundry established in 2005, based in Japan and run by Ryoichi Tsunekawa. After working as an architect, Ryoichi started his own foundry, his typefaces are widely being used around the world.

DAAZ is a design studio and book publisher.

Our projects include a range of products designed for children, mainly books and support material for teachers, speech therapists, psychopedagogists, and professionals who work with children in literacy development or with newly literate children.

Our products can also serve as a support for adults with literacy needs. The material is also useful for parents who wish to participate in their children's learning process.

Dada Studio is creative independent design studio from Warsaw, Poland. Among our clients there are companies and people who expect us to offer them an individual approach. Most of them represent creative branches. We meet the needs of photographers, designers, architects etc. Working for them is a demanding challenge that we try to face successfully. Unique experience is our primary goal, just like a clean design and strong attachment to detail and typography. Dada Studio chooses carefully and with a temperance from a variety of means that contemporary world gives us. Less is much more revealing than the surplus - this is our motto.
Daggertypo is a small type foundry based in Split, Croatia, founded by Nino Bodac in 2019. We stream to create fresh, usable type that will inspire. What we always try to provide is a high quality, well uniformed typefaces that are easy to use. Main goal is to have fun and put knowledge into good use, For us it's fun to create something new and see how the world reacts to it.

Daily Studio is a foundry managed by Zaizafun Hanifah. Daily Studio provides various types of fonts based on the original idea with smooth shapes and accurate kerning. The source of her inspirations comes from many aspects, such as nature, because it gives beauty that had a lot of influence on several forms that provide her with a lot of ideas, stores and markets that have several objects with different shapes of their own that makes it unique, friends and families make her more easy mind and support her to think more relax. The variety of Typeface that she provides is practical in many aspects, specifically developed to be suitable for logos, headings, titles, brandings, visual identity, business cards, and posters.

DainType is a type foundry founded by Dain, who has been working as a type designer in Korea for several years since 2008.

We have been selling fonts for mobile for over 5 years.

One day, "Daintype" wanted the Daintype font to be used everywhere, not just on mobile, and could work with anyone.

Daintype mainly makes fonts with a pleasant, fun, happy, and fancy mood.

With the hope that Daintype's fonts can express both the user's emotions and intentions,

We produce fonts of various designs.

Dan Choi is a graphic designer based in Vancouver, Canada. Since 2014, he works across a wide range of disciplines, and developing retail and bespoke typefaces is one of the areas he focuses on and enjoys. He is especially interested in type design that follows a construction logic based on system and grid and aims to develop more modern types in the future.
Daniel Brokstad is an independent graphic designer, illustrator & typographer from Norway, currently living in New York. After graduating at RMIT University in Australia, he has worked many places around the world, most notably in NYC at Sagmeister & Walsh, where he worked as a Senior Designer for several years. Having more than 10 years of industry experience, he has worked extensively with lettering and type design for a huge variety of clients, both doing typographic letterings and custom fonts. He finally launched his first commercially released font in 2019; “Lucifer Sans”. Always eager to get better at what he does, learning more and find new ways to create design.
Daniel Uzquiano is a graphic designer who makes typography.

Danni is a Creative Director with 16 years of work experience. Before she discovered the passion of font making, she finished her education in media design, specializing in conception and visualization. Since 2017 she works as a freelance Creative Director with unique companies, freelancers and self-employed humans to create a outstanding presence for them and their brand. Since 2021 she has been publishing typefaces independently.

Based in Yogyakarta we started dansdesign in 2018,

Danu Setyaji started his career as a designer in 2009 after previously pursuing graffiti art as a hobby.

He started his career as a designer in a business.

In 2012 he decided to pursue design for his t-shirt business and typographic lettering.

Over time, Danu began to focus on the world of typography for tattoo logo designs.

in 2018 he started making dansdesign with Agni. dansdesign focuses on pursuing blackletter font.

From Costa Brava, Spain, a foundry with extensive experience in graphic design and a firm intention to deliver fonts with inspiration, a creative concept, careful aesthetics, and quality. With great interest in design, research, and visual communication, our designs try to capture this search without losing control over functionality. Typography together with the Mediterranean sun is the eternal source of inspiration for the development of new fonts.

Dase is the design studio from Barcelona founded in 2006 by Marc ¿¿lvarez.

Get the most innovative and conscious creations mixing digital and analogic art & design techniques with an eco-friendly mindset. We are available to hire agencies, renowned brands and independent creators.

We focus content creation product & branding (logos, patterns, packaging, fashion products, book covers), content creation (Social media posts, quotes, videos, blog and magazine titles), advertising campaigns (TV, Internet, banners, posters & billboards), event invitations (weddings, releases¿¿¦) and more.

Dasukreation is a type foundry that creates retail and custom multilingual fonts. Founded in 2020 by Dadan Sukma Nurdiansyah. Dasukreation works with strongly committed to creating innovative and functional types for graphic designers across the world. The goal is to help graphic designers achieve the best results for them. The most popular Dasukreation project is Nevan.

Taking care of the smallest details is the key element of all my arts & crafts.

My work ethics and philosophy both fit the "A thousand no's for every yes" mindset.

When it comes to what I do, I am a strong believer of eclecticism: Finding inspiration and resources within a wide range of fields and environments is the most essential propellant for my creative process as well as for my growth and expansion both as an individual and a professional.

Davide Romito is an Italian Designer. After studying Product and Graphic Design, he worked for companies and clients in the food, interior design, fashion, sports sectors, and subsequently for some advertising agencies in North Italy where he attached great importance to multidisciplinary work. Currently, he is working as a freelance on several projects of visual identity and brand image.

Since 2019 he has been studying lettering and type design.


Daylight Fonts is a small foundry run by himself. I've been working on font databases for over 10 years and opened my own foundry in 2020.
Dear Sue Fonts is a type foundry created by Nifty Denny design studio in 2020 and is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. Our team is dedicated to delivering artfully executed fonts, with a focus on solutions for the entertainment industry and global consumer brands. Our designers are illustrators and fine artists, thus often giving our typefaces a whimsical, illustrative quality.
Deeezy is a small team of creative people who love typography :) We create various font typefaces for about 10 years.
DEFNST was founded in 2015 as a personal design brand to evaluate all experience gathered through the years; extend it and convert to an outstanding interactive and visual experience by creating the finest digital products. Typography is one of the key things in every visual design which helps us not only to read the information but the design itself and its shape and depth.

This business is a very passionate business in Indonesia, What makes me curious about the type of design business is that it is purely a form-based exercise, What I love most is that whatever I do lasts a long time. It's like building a highly specialized tool unlike other graphic design projects, which have a shorter lifespan. I call it an investment that can support our old age later. I have studied this business in recent years with my business partners in Indonesia and in the future, we will further expand the potential of the nation's children in the world of type design.

A type foundry based in Bangkok, a subsidiary of Craftsmanship Co.,

I am a self-taught designer from Michigan who stumbled upon the beautiful world of typography. Growing up, I was always intrigued by the intricate details in the art pieces I'd seen. As time went on, I found myself taking various art classes here and there and continued to hone my craft. I've come to discover that there are endless ways to express an idea artistically. And like there are many ways to express one's thoughts through art, the same goes for words. Thus, the beauty of typography.

I enjoy creating fonts as a way to not only challenge myself but also display my eclectic view of the world through fonts.

DePlictis Types was born as a way to fill my spare time with something.. maybe a bit of passion.. and definitely deep interes for aesthetics and shapes, besides logo design that I’m doing with great pleasure as well. In Romanian, my native language, DePlictis means “out of boredom”.. and one of my first interests with this humble typography studies is to finish and publish a few projects build along with my interests about old slavonic writing that was adopted in old Romanian traditional media as well for many centuries. I do not plan to limit my research only to this area and this is just a way to keep my mind busy with something useful and maybe to leave these studies behind for better and more various designing options for actual and further graphic designers.

Design by Laney began as a calligraphy firm in 2015, and evolved into stationery design and other graphic design pursuits. Our first font was Laney's beloved modern calligraphy script, called Sapphire Script, and new fonts with a modern calligraphy twist will be releasing soon! We pride ourselves on including features necessary for beautiful, functional typefaces.

Design210 is one of the leading type foundries in South Korea.

We have been developing high-quality typefaces for a wide range of businesses, including around 1,000 original fonts. In an ever-growing market, our focus is to provide designers with the best fonts they need to complete their work. Design210 also creates custom typefaces and provides branding services with a focus on type.

DesignByLight is a multifunctional Boutique Design Studio, specialising in design and illustration. I have an intense love for beautiful fonts and setting beautiful typography. For years I used other peoples fonts in my designs until the day I realised I could create them myself. What a revelation. Now one of the many things that I create is Fonts. And I love it.

Designdefontes ( is a small independent type foundry based in Merzig, Saar (Germany). Founded in early 2023 by Loïc Choquet, a French graphic and type designer living in France and Germany and working since 1998 with Marion Olk together at graphic design studio Choquet-Olk ( This foundry's name: designdefontes comes from the French translation of font design. Since 1990, Loïc Choquet, passionate about graphic design, type design & typeface History, creates typefaces for himself. Thirty-three years after, he established this foundry to spread its fonts.

The first type proposed by the foundry is the Amecane. As its name indicates Amecane is a mecane (mecane or mechanistic according to the classification Vox-Atypi) i.e a slab serif.

Designpiraten is the private studio of Markus Strümpel, a Berlin based designer with focus on branding, exhibition and graphic design.

Designsation is a creative space for our small system to reach the goals of our designing vision. Hither is the place for us. Where the creative ideas will begin, and where the concept is developed. We are based in Bali island, and we have dedicated all interest and concern to typeface design since the past 2020. 

We are focus on exploring the nuances and contortion of diverse letters that existed in history. Chiefly to apprehend the original rules, experiment to combine a new path including the further support into the product.

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Myoungwon Suh started his career in various design fields. Through his diverse experience, he learned that typography is fundamental to all design disciplines. He started designing typo using what he used to design his logo. He will create a deeper type library full of more diverse and useful designs. My first typography is a font to create a three-dimensional feel. You can change the color with the vector work tool. It can be used for various logos. You may feel free to contact Myoungwon Suh, who is challenging various designs. Contact is [email protected]

Diana Kohne is a new foundry for typefaces by Diana Kohne, an artist and graphic designer in Pasadena, California. After a decade plus as a landscape painter, printmaker and pressmaker, Diana pivoted to graphic design. Logo design lead to fontmaking when the typefaces she had access to lacked the fun, creative, yet professional vibe she sought. Diana approaches font creation as an artist, which gives her work its own unique look.

Dicubit is a graphic design and type foundry, headquartered in Malang (East Java) Indonesia, yet service several clients nationally and internationally. Technology has altered the barrier of time and space; we can offer design to virtually any place in the world. With years of experience, Dicubit developed skills to help existing or startup companies to have timeless and excellence branding tools.

Differentialtype was founded in 2021. It is a new studio that specializes in font design, located in Indonesia, precisely in West Java. Differentialtype provides a variety of fonts for various needs, both personal needs and for your commercial needs at an affordable price. We will continue to update the fonts we have so don't forget to follow the updates.

Digitype Studio is an independent Type Foundry founded by Yusuf Niki Syahroni and based in Blitar, Java Timur, Indonesia. It was established in January 2020.

Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Abdillah Abdi started his career in typography design in 2018. He studies typography and font creation through ebooks, social media and the font learning community in Indonesia.

In 2020 Abdillah Abdi created a studio called Dilbadil. With a high enthusiasm for learning and determination, finally he can produce several fonts in several marketplaces. Typography and font creation are what I really like and I really enjoy them.

The font is a projection of beauty and harmony of Universe. The font can change the appearance of anything. I live inside the Universe of font and I love it. | ¿¿¿¿¿ ¿¿¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿i¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ ¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿i¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿. ¿¿¿¿¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ ¿¿¿¿¿i¿¿ ¿¿¿¿¿i¿ ¿¿¿i¿ ¿¿¿¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿. ¿ ¿¿¿¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿ ¿¿¿¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿ ¿ ¿ ¿¿ ¿¿¿¿¿¿.
My name is Anastasia Dimitriadi and my small foundry is a shorter reversed version of my name. I studied architecture, however I have been always in love with illustration and letterforms. I attended lettering and typography courses and I released my first free handmade font at the end of 2014. Since then I am devoted to type design and to lettering art. When I draw letters, I experiment with different styles, trying to make each of my fonts unique. I love designing collections with fonts that, together, can create a complete lettering artwork. I am always inspired by calligraphy, vintage typography, antique signs and antique packaging.

Dimka Fonts is a small design foundry specializing in elegant multilingual fonts and as well as handwritten ones. Many of our fonts are inspired by various art periods yet are modern and have advanced features.

One of our primary goals is to allow the same styles to be used across a wide variety of language and cultural applications.

Din Studio was founded in 2017 by Donis Miftahudin. A studio that works in the design and created font. Focus on style scripts and displays we make the best works to meet your design needs. We crete with original idea and newest trend of style.
Dino Feed is for dinosaurs and people. We're a sticker/apparel brand based out of Boulder, Colorado. We were founded in 2019, and we've slowly been expanding since! Check us out @dinofeed on Instagram or at
Dirtyline Studio is Typefoundry based Indonesia. We are making quality fonts with every single curve and combined with hand-lettering style. Made with passion and love and hoping to inspire others.
District 62 Studio is the Miami based type and graphic design studio of partners Megan Tamaccio and Aleksandar Veljasevic. Both have deep backgrounds in product and graphic design and have now focused their love of all things typography and hand lettering into D62 where they create handmade typefaces that are versatile and modern. What’s important to them is to have a sense of authenticity in their work and to retain the human feel that is the source of much of their inspiration. Their work calls upon vintage typography but strives to render those influences in a way that appeals to the modern palate and fulfills the needs of today's creative professional.
Hello, my name is Dita. I'm a font designer. especially handwritten font. i have many years of experience in font designer. my font very a unique and special style. With natural handwritten, it can elevate your branding and make your design more powerful. My font have much research to find customer and client needs. when you need an amazing handwritten font, my font is the best choice.

Diven is a design company which is various artists work together from various fields for create brilliant design since 2002. Company based in Seoul, Korea and have 2nd branch in Bangkok, Thailand. We design for customer¿¿™s needs in huge spectrum such as Logo, Fonts, Brand Image design, Graphic design, Tattoo culture, Graffiti art and more.. We represent culture of Seoul and Bangkok and share the art of huge metropolitan city in Asia. Go and check our artworks and merchandises.

My name is warno, a graphic designer from Indonesia who wants to develop my knowledge and experience for 9 years. Originality and creativity are the main things for me in creating the products that I will sell, because originality and creativity are able to bring out the characteristics and uniqueness of each product that I make. In addition, perfectionism and creativity are important to me in creating the products that I will sell. With my perfectionism and creativity, I can create products that have sentimental value and aesthetic value as well as uniqueness that will make my products able to compete in the market. I will give my best work for customers.

The DJ THINK Foundry is rooted in 3D and 2D digital graffiti. The chief creative thinker for this foundry was trained in natural media in the 1990s, but also began using CorelDraw as early as 1991-1992 when he was in the Yearbook Club at his high school. The work he did there was one where he was a forerunner of using the Extrude tools in CorelDraw to create 3D letter-forms whereas most of the other artwork of that era for yearbooks was just flat.

Currently DJ THINK uses Houdini, a special effects software dynamo, to create hip-hop based animations, and modular origami animations and printed origami matter. Much of THINK's work incorporates custom fonts he has designed in CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and FontLab 5 Studio.

thanks for visiting my foundry ... 13.

"""DLetters Studio"" is a studio that focuses on making fonts that are suitable for your design needs. We make fonts for the needs of creative designs to make them more attractive with a variety of font uses, including signature style fonts, for branding needs, business cards, post media, and so on. We love all forms of creativity, and love to make beautiful things out of any description, but creating typography is the favorite of all."
Thank you for coming! My name is Dmitrii and I'm indie type designer. Glad to see you in my foundry.
Dmitry Rastvortsev is a self-taught type designer from Ukraine. His work has won awards from a number of international type design competitions, including TypeArt 05 , Modern Cyrillic 2009, The Best Of Ukrainian Design in Typestyle and typography 2016.
David Nathan Type is a digital type foundry set up by David Nathan Davies, a London-based graphic designer specialising in branding and typographic design. His aim is to create thoughtful and unique works that facilitate the communication of meaning and beauty.
This is where you may buy the fonts of Dominik Krotscheck. He was born in 1989 and started creating fonts only 22 years later. He got his bachelor's degree in 2012 at the New Design University in St. Pölten. His shoe size is 42, which might answer most of your questions concerning life, the universe and everything.
[D]ONLINE is the blog and creative playground of Don Citarella, President and Founder of era404 Creative Group, Inc., a New York City design studio. In contributing design, illustration and typography articles to the blog, [D]ONLINE and Citarella have grown to be a prominent voice among the NYC design community. The typefaces created by Citarella are a result of personal and professional projects and have been downloaded by over 20,000 designers and typography lovers, collectively.

We are a small family studio from Lviv (Ukraine).

The source of our inspiration is the modern everyday culture of writing, which is used in everyday life by a variety of people.

Our credo is to create beautiful fonts that are convenient for our friends and clients to use. After all, design is the ability to create things that are beautiful and comfortable.

And we will be very happy if you like our fonts too.

Dotzeem is independent type foundry founded by Hazim Mujahid in 2020. Dotzeem is located in Bandung, Indonesia. Dotzeem provides interesting fonts for various purposes, such as logo and product design, branding, packaging, logotype, and other business purposes. We create modern, clean and minimalist fonts based on customers need and their feedbacks.
Double Z Studio is an Indie type foundry founded in 2015 by Ahmad Zakiy, who is a self thought type designer. He has six years of experience in creative industries as a graphic designer, until 2015 with the release of his first typeface on several digital marketplaces. Based in Indonesia. We create original, multipurpose, and large range variations of typefaces.

Douglas Charles is a deep enthusiast of artistic creations of the technological age. After many years involved in the programming business he decided to enter the graphic design business and fell in love. Today he works with architecture and logo creation for companies. When delving into the logo business, he saw the need to create his own fonts, which ended up catching the attention of some customers.

Based on comments and praise, he decided to venture into the world of font creation, having created the Rounded Elegance font, which has a free distribution.

With the success of this font, he decided to create an updated version as well as a complete family.

And so began his adventure in this field.

Established in Los Angeles by designer/animator Daniel Robichaud, DR Fonts is dedicated to the creation of timeless typefaces and lettering. The foundry's commitment stems from the belief that great typography transcends textual content, elevating the impact of the written words. It is perhaps the purest form of graphic expression, harmonizing abstract symbols to convey messages and elicit emotions. DR Fonts crafts type families that appeal to a contemporary aesthetic and leave a lasting impression.

Dragon Tongue Foundry

Scott Spensley from New Zealand, is the overall designer of all Dragon Tongue fonts.

The foundry of Dragon Tongue came in to being around 40 years ago, to be a source of new music and graphic design ideas.

The first real high quality digital font from this Foundry was created around 20 years ago. It was a digitised version of Scott’s wife’s calligraphy. It was stunningly good, and admired by all who saw it. It was never released.

Sadly, after the his wife passed away from cancer, and multiple hard-drive crashes, the font was lost, and there are now no versions of it remaining.

Dragon Tongue shut down for a period of time, but recently, with extra spare time created by Covid and lockdowns… the Foundry has re-awoken, and is focused totally on creating exciting new fonts, in multiple styles.

Some of the current style directions are, Serif and San-Serif, Handwriting and script, hand drawn period, Art-Deco to 80’s, from serious high quality to funky and fun, extending the range of known font styles, and exploring modern adaptable fonts. using contextual ligatures and Stylistic alternatives, swashes and ‘smart’ letters that adapt to their neighbours and position in a word or sentence.

We aim to craft fonts that feel ‘clever’, as if it knows what the writer wants of it. Fonts that add a little bit more than a standard font does. In some cases, fonts that feel natural and alive.

Formed in 2012, Drawwwn is a multi disciplinary design agency based in Bristol, UK. We provide branding and graphic design for established companies and start-ups alike, with custom typefaces adding a cherry on top of the cake. We at Drawwwn are passionate about creating bespoke, bold and fun display fonts - perfect for advertising agencies, new branding projects and essential for designers (like us). The importance of being unique and standing out has never been important!

Based in Indonesia, DRM Works started in 2020 as a side project by Darman Kadir. The independent graphic designer who loves typography and creates a foundry to produce high quality fonts. Specializing in well-crafted fonts with unique shapes, the DRM Works constantly pushes to explore new type styles and designs. DRM Works wants to create type that you love to use. DRM Works wants you to see the effort and care that is put into every product. Creating fonts is a pleasure.

Dropper is a foundation developing digital tools to document creative processes. Amongst those tools are typeface designs.

Duong Type (DT) Foundry is an independent type foundry established in 2022 by Duong Tran. Located in Vietnam, Duong brings all his passions and efforts to research and find new forms of letters, with the aim of high-quality and sharp products. DT Foundry creates not just retail but custom typefaces with multilingual support. Feel free to contact us for work, there's no limitation for cultures and distances in this new digital era.

This is the personal foundry of designer David Trooper.
Based in Sydney, Australia and established in 2019 by Adam Celeban, Duck Soup Design is a foundry that builds tools and type, with a particular focus on creating ease and clever solutions for designers.

duestype is an independent type foundry run by Sergej Krieger and Tim Schmeer. Based in Duesseldorf, Germany; was founded in 2020. Studied and graduated in communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Duesseldorf with a focus on typography and graphic design. The duo reach out for an extraordinary approach to type design through expressive and uncommon letterforms at the intersection of linguistic functions and visual aesthetics.

DuoType is a foundry resident in Santiago de Chile, which joined the wave of Latin American designers, with enough experience in Branding, Editorial Design, Web and education. We believe that we understand what the designer needs, with high-quality fonts that work on all design platforms. The passion for letters is the engine of our work, giving the maximum in the research and development of new proposals, paying attention to details of drawing in different formats and projects.

DVType foundry was born in centre of Poland. Since 2011, the founder collaborated with the Book Art Museum in Lodz city, where he learned the secrets of old-style casting metal types and printing techniques using also wooden letters. Through many activities related to letters, such as conducting workshops, research or lectures, he mainly created display and experimental forms of letters. Currently foundry designs typeface, inspired by techno and sci-fi music scene, often confronted with different types of distortions.

"My name is Yusup Saputra and I am a designer. I believe I am a qualified designer to open a shop on Myfonts and I can give high quality products as I did before to the other marketplace. I am preparing to launch my font. I am interested to launch this font in Myfonts. So I really hope that you can approve me to open a new shop. And this could give me more advantages to develop my font portfolio. Thank you for your time to review my invitation entry. If their any questions, let me know and I will give an explanation to you."
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.