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CALLIGRAPHICS FOUNDRY is a one person operation. The designer, Paul Veres, designed his first font, Aperto, in 1995 as a result of his practice with and teaching of calligraphy.
Established in 2008, Campotype is well known as the first professional independent type foundry in Indonesia. We offer some quality typeface for text and design solutions. Currently we are focused on training of type design among young people, especially students, to develop their love of type design.
Canada Type is an independent digital type design and development firm based in Toronto. After its humble artistic start with a few retail typefaces and some custom publishing work in early 2004, the quality and affordability of Canada Type¹s work made it popular with graphic designers and creative agencies all around the world.
One day two multi-millionaires came and bought the small state of Cape Arcona. They built up a small font industry and now this 3rd world country is busy packing font suitcases for the whole wide world. It’s a touristic attraction you shouldn’t miss. And it will never look the same.....
View the exquisite works of renowned designer Matthew Carter and partner Cherie Cone.
For years, cartoonist Stu Heinecke has been creating record-breaking campaigns for some of the biggest direct marketers in the world, using his trademark personalized cartoons as the nucleus of an entirely new genre of direct mail. The CartoonLink Font Foundry brings you the cartoonist's proprietary chicken-scratch fonts used in those mailings to create such a realistic -- and magic -- effect.
Cas van de Goor Design is the personal font foundry of the self-taught designer Cas. Apart from graphic design, he is interested in many other fields of design, including architecture, industrial design and transportation design.
Celebrity Fontz is a trailblazer in the font industry, putting unique fonts, subliminal message fonts, and celebrity signature fonts at your fingertips. We can proudly claim to have created new concepts in fonts, taking philography (the love of collecting autographs) and subliminal messages to the medium of our high-quality celebrity fonts and subliminal fonts. Years of research and investigation have gone into our subliminal message fonts and in obtaining the collections of famous signatures contained in our celebrity fonts. Behind our fonts is a team of skilled type designers, researchers, and autograph collectors. For our celebrity signature fonts, we take autographs and signatures of the most fascinating personalities in the world and convert them into high-quality, easy-to-use TrueType fonts. These fonts are selected carefully to service a wide spectrum of users and enthusiasts, from designers and publishers to people at home or work who have dreamed about "signing" a letter or e-mail as if by their favorite historical figure, movie star, author, musician, or politician. For our subliminal message fonts, we choose the most compelling words possible and carefully embed them into each character. Celebrity Fontz continues to develop fonts to satisfy the varied interests of its clients and is coming out with new collections on an ongoing basis. If you would like a custom-made subliminal message font with your personalized message embedded into the characters
Chank’s wildly imaginative fonts are found on packaging for countless food products. Feast your eyes on this new collection.
Henning Skibbe is a graphic and type designer from Hamburg, Germany. His thesis project the typeface family "Haptic" received a "Certificate of Excellence in Type Design" from the TDC in 2009. Currently he is working with Factor Design in Hamburg and there revised the FF Dingbats into FF Dingbats 2.0.
Founded in 2004, Characters Font Foundry is an independent type foundry, designing, manufacturing and selling high quality typefaces for creative designers. Besides being a self-taught type designer, René Verkaart is the co-founder of Stoere Binken Design a renowned Dutch graphic design studio based in Maastricht, The Netherlands.
Chris Costello is a graphic designer, website designer, illustrator and typographer working in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1983, he designed the popular font Papyrus for Letraset and has since produced Blackstone, Letterpress Text, Virus and Mirage.

With over 20 years experience in publishing and advertising, he continues to create hand-rendered drawings, maps, and lettering for clients including Simon & Schuster, Random House, IBM, The New York Yankees, Encyclopedia Britannica and Scholastic Press.

“Designing typefaces is a labor of love for me. After handlettered book and magazine titles for several major publishers, I thought it would be cool to produce complete character sets from some of these designs...”

Chris earned a B.S. Degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and an A.A.S. Degree in Commercial Art from Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, New York. He is now employed as Creative Director for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and is also an accomplished bass player, a Black Belt in Tae-Kwon Do, a devoted husband and a father of two beautiful daughters.
Designer and founder Tony Nash provides a wide variety of intricate, ornate and classicly styled typeface designs.
ClubType specializes in typeface, logo and graphic design. The company aims to create fresh new designs for situations in which type is used with today's fashion and technology.
Cofino SA offers a selection of text designs that provide excellent legibility in a variety of applications.
Comicraft was founded by Richard Starkings and John Roshell in 1992, and together they are credited with pioneering digital lettering in the comic book industry. Today, Comicraft¿s lettering methods and processes are now the widely accepted industry standard. The Comicraft studio¿s clients include DARK HORSE COMICS, DC COMICS, MARVEL COMICS, IMAGE COMICS, MAD MAGAZINE, NICKELODEON, GRAPHITTI DESIGNS, VIEW ASKEW, SCHOLASTIC, TODD McFARLANE PRODUCTIONS and NBC, and their lettering and design work over the last fifteen years has earned them over a dozen comic book industry awards including the much coveted Eisner. The Comicraft foundry¿s fonts have been featured in millions of comic books and magazines throughout the world, and have been featured in high profile movies including TOY STORY 2 and SKY HIGH as well as many children¿s books, toy products, dvd and game packaging which have sought out Comicraft fonts to create an authentic comic book look.
These not-so-subtle designs by Todd Dever are unconventional, graphically intense and just plain cool.
CounterPoint Type Studio is the second foundry created by type designer Jason Walcott. Known for being the creative force behind the successful Jukebox font library, Walcott launched the CounterPoint library in April of 2013. CounterPoint will pick up where Jukebox left off and continue to provide the visual arts world with exciting new fonts. The main focus of CounterPoint designs will be on developing unique and interesting display faces. When applicable, the advantages of OpenType technology will be used to create typefaces that are able to give a more hand-lettered and organic look to computerbased fonts.
Tom Nikosey is a creative graphic designer that had designed lots of logos. He is very experienced and here are his fonts.
The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Font Company specializes in typefaces based upon the letterforms of Scotland's revered artist, architect and designer - Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
Launched in 1993, the Classic Charles Rennie Mackintosh Font was the brainchild of designer George R. Grant, mainly because his accountant needed the typeface for his wedding invitations! The timeless beauty of this font has been enjoyed all over the globe, with museums in Los Angeles, Houston, and Washington DC having distributed it at various times. The font also enjoyed the limelight of Hollywood, with one-time Glasgow School of Art student, director Sam Raimi, requesting its use in his second "Spider Man" movie.
George employed the talents of Glasgow designer Joanna McKnight to help with the artwork for the CRM ARTLOVER Font, which was launched in 1995. Many customers had requested a lowercase font (despite the fact that most of Mackintosh's "embellishments" were in uppercase) for printing letters and other larger areas of text. George eventually ;o) obliged and the world's first CRM Font to feature lowercase lettering was born in 2006, to coincide with the inaugural Mackintosh Festival in his home town of Glasgow.
CUBO FONTS has been created in Paris in 2008 by Florent COURTAIGNE, graduated in visual arts in ENSAD – “Art Décoratifs de Paris” (memoir about the typographic art of the Parisian catacombs). CUBO FONTS follows the lead of MASSIN and Jean-François PORCHEZ, and produces original fonts for different medium, as books, websites and visual identities for several firms.
Cultivated Mind foundry is based in Canada by Apparel Graphic Designer Cindy Kinash. After many years of using typography in apparel graphic design, she decided the time was right to apply these skills in designing her own brand of typography.Cultivated Mind specializes in bringing hip, trendy fonts to typography. Everyfont is carefully crafted and unique in its own way. Cindy spends countless hours making sure every detail in every font she designs is right.
CyberGraphics consists of Multi-Disciplinary Information architects. Our focus is on all forms of Typography for print design as well as digital media. In addition to the services such as Corporate Typeface design, Trademarks, Branding, DirectMail, Info design, Packaging, Publication, Websites and Interactiave CD-Roms. We are also involved in Teaching Typeface design at the Universities of Johannesburg and Stellenbosch in the Cape.
Cabeza Dura is a little graphic design student who wants to make big things. From motion graphics to making fonts my future is not clear, but seriously, who's is? Ubicated in Granada, Spain, I will travel around the cultures to know what makes them special to understand how to convince them about different ways to make life through their politics, societies and decisions.
Cão Fila is a one man only foundry and graphic design studio based in São Paulo, Brazil.
Carmel Type Co. is a boutique foundry dedicated to providing professional grade typeface designs that raise the bar and look beautiful. We work with a hand-selected group of the most skilled craftsmen in the industry to provide expressive and artistic fonts built for the detail oriented, discerning designer. Every typeface we produce is built to add a sense of sophisticated style and flair to every project they are chosen for. Carmel is the product of our collective passion and experience within the fields of lettering and typography. We have a deep love for hand-crafted letters and strongly believe that they have a place in the modern designers tool kit. At our core we are just two type enthusiasts who can think of no better way to spend our free time than by doing what makes us both happy - getting great typefaces out into the world. We hope you enjoy them.
Caroline Herr is a creative based in Germany. Since 2013 – after her studies in communication design – she has focused on digital design, branding and typography. Her fonts are well balanced between minimalism and recognition. Caroline's goal is to provide high quality fonts, that can be a strong base for a lot of emotional and inspirational designs, that stay in minds.
Catharsis Fonts is a one-man font foundry run on a hobby basis by astrophysicist Christian Thalmann, currently based in Zürich.
High quality multilingual fonts at a low price - for professional (non-english) designers with a small budget! CheapProFonts offers a wide selection of mainly display-fonts with a large character set supporting 65 languages requiring more that the basic A-Z: Afrikaans, Albanian, Basque, Belarusian (Lacinka), Bosnian, Breton, Catalan, Chamorro, Chichewa, Cornish, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English ;), Esperanto, Estonian, Faroese, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galican, German, Greenlandic, Guarani, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish (Gaelic), Italian, Kashubian, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgian, Malagasy, Maltese, Maori, Northern Sotho, Norwegian, Occitan, Polish, Portuguese, Rhaeto-Romance, Romanian, Saami (Inari), Saami (Lule), Saami (North), Saami (South), Scots (Gaelic), Serbian (latin), Slovak(ian), Slovene, Sorbian (Lower), Sorbian (Upper), Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog (Filipino), Tswana, Turkish, Turkmen, Ulithian, Walloon, Welsh and Yapese. What I have done is to team up with several well-known freefont designers, and use their fonts as a starting point to make updated professional quality multilingual Unicode fonts - and then offer them at a very low price and with very generous licensing terms. All the reworking is done under agreement with the original designers, and they receive royalties from the sales. It is a bit more work making these fonts than first meets the eye - I do not simply make some generic diacritics, slap them together with the existing letters and generate the fonts. That would be sloppy ;) First I check the outlines of the existing letters, fixing any bad nodes, often normalizing the spacing and adjusting some glyphs. Then I take a close look at the kerning, improving it where necessary and preparing it for OpenType class kerning. Only when the basic font is OK do I start expanding the character set, always using diacritics that matches the design of the letters - usually all diacritics are totally redesigned. Finally I generate and test the fonts, make graphics and text for their presentation and prepare the files for download. I hope many "foreign language" users find CheapProFonts a valuable resource for cheap and cheerful display fonts supporting their specific language needs.
"I am a graphic designer Those from Indonesia, work on branding logotype for my freelance work, and I have 3 original fonts that have been marketed in several marketplaces. I also want to sell my fonts here. Because I see a very big opportunity for my fonts to sell on MyFonts. My current font character is script letter, modern san serif and gothic black letter can be used in international glyphs, Thank you"
Freelance Colombian designer with emphasis on lettering, editorial design, and illustration. Interested in the production of icon fonts related to topics of nature and Colombian culture. These “Icon fonts” have glyphs that simulate being drawn by hand, with organic lines and sometimes their icons are designed to generate ribbons or decorative borders.
Christian Gruber is a graphic and type designer based in South Germany. He works as a freelance editorial designer and typographer with a focus on creative and holistic solutions using a reductive aesthetic and clear typography in all areas of print and interactive design. During his studies at Hochschule Hof he found interest and joy in creating his own typefaces.
Cindy Kinash started her first font foundry, Cultivated Mind, in January of 2012. Based in Canada, she released her first font, Hello I Like You, in 2012. Since then, Cindy’s Cultivated Mind foundry has produced numerous best selling typefaces including Viva Beautiful, Wanderlust Letters and Beauty Style Collection. She created her fonts either by using a paintbrush or illustrated lettering, giving the typefaces a handmade, personalized feel. Cindy looks forward to introducing her new type foundry, "Cindy Kinash" with a different style than “Cultivated Mind”.
Clint English is a graphic designer in the music industry creating usable graphic design resources for the creative community. He has worked with some of the largest names in music and entertainment since 2007 and continues to progress as a well-respected, well-rounded and highly sought after professional in the music industry. Clint has strong working relationships and works daily, creating so that he can share his assets and resources with others in similar fields.
Cloveron Media is a Digital Market of Graphic Designs & Multimedia Art Assets including fonts. You can also find templates, illustrations, icons, GIFs & more from our website. We also provide useful content regularly on the Design & Media Production blog part of our website to share design process, tips & more. Founded by Mary, who loves creating designs & multimedia arts.
My name is Tatiana. I’m an illustrator and designer from Belarus. Now I turned my attention to typography and font creation. I’m focused on handwritten typefaces, which inspire me most. My aim is to develop my font creating skills and produce high-quality products. Each of my fonts contains Cyrillic glyphs, because there are too little handwritten Cyrillic fonts available. As a designer I face this problem too often and I hope that my activity will improve this situation at least a little bit.
Founded in 2019, CoastalType is an independent collaborative type foundry, started by Freissy Audrey and based in Bandung, INA. Our purpose is to design quality typefaces for various kinds of design. We're finding inspiration for type design from past trends and executing the design with modern spirits. We appreciate your comments, your purchases and your advice about our work. Our main target is get the best designs in each of our work areas.
Colllab Studio is a collaborative project with my partner that focuses on creating design products such as fonts. We are from Indonesia, Province South Sulawesi, Makassar. In 2019, we have been planned for this project for something bigger. In 2020 we build a team for this project and have been created font products. We believe that by collaborating, everything will be easier and provide a positive nuance to create the best product. Therefore, we have tagged this project as 'be a piece of cake with collaboration'.
Colmena is a small freelance agency in México, staring in typography, with experience of many years as a graphic designer, Colmena is getting in to a new adventure preparing more typefaces.
Connary Fagen creates the typefaces he wished he had earlier. Built on a long standing appreciation for typography, and a history in client design services, Connary brings a modern touch to his fonts with continuous updates and feature additions.
Contrafonts is the foundry of Joaquín Contreras Soto, chilean graphic designer currently based in Germany. His designs are explorations on historical models based on popular culture. You can see his work on and
Cooldesiglab - based in Indonesia - was founded in 2016. We provide beautiful calligraphy fonts!
CostaType is a personal typography project by Bruno Costa, a Brazilian designer - art director - creative director, based in Madrid, Spain. Maybe this profile is a one-shot typography project, maybe it's not. I prefer to think this is the beginning of something solid and lasting. The universe of CostaType foundry is one of ephemeral blank spaces, extreme noise dots and sharp hard cuts. Some typefaces have a soul.
"Cover Poets is a type foundry focused on new fonts inspired by 20th century architects and designers. Our fonts are striking, fresh and ready to use today. Our goal is to offer unique types for print and web use, and to help you transform your designs. Based in Los Angeles, our founder and designer is Matthew Vest, a music librarian and font enthusiast."

Starting from making fonts for personal purposes makes me excited to share happiness and satisfaction to everyone who needs our fonts. With new ideas and new style every time that will be even more exciting to wait for. Especially on script and display font, handwritten and calligraphy.

Hopefully my every font is useful for customers, companies and many people. 

We are Creative Sauce. A boutique design and marketing agency based in Dubai and London who bring brands to life.

We work on some fantastic international brands, both in Dubai and London. Even though we have been around since 2000, we have kept fairly compact because that's the way we and our loyal clients like it. It's better for creativity, a faster turn around and reduced admin, but mainly it's because we enjoy the personal relationships that come from working in small teams.

Our expertise covers a pretty wide range for our size and includes font development, advertising, graphic design, branding, digital, travel retail, merchandising, event branding, promotions, packaging and a whole lot of other stuff.

Creative17studio is a home-made creative studio founded in October 2020 by Irfan Hidayat. Located in Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia. Creative17studio provides a variety of attractive fonts to use for various purposes, such as logotypes, headlines, poster designs, invitation cards, packaging, branding and for other design products. We make various kinds of quality fonts, clean, easy to read, modern, luxurious, elegant, and minimalist according to customer needs and desires. We are constantly creating different types of fonts that are not only attractive, but also have a lot of features built into them and make them easy to use. makes you not want to miss the opportunity to have it.

cretype is a type foundry based in Seoul, Korea and run by Hyun-Seung Lee. Hyun-seung Lee designed Core Sans Series, Core Circus, Core Mellow, Core Rhino, Core Escher, Core Deco and Core Serif N.
Bent-knives is a font family, containing 4 weights: Bolt, Medium, Regular and Light, plus their Italic versions, results in a total of 8 styles, 375 glyphs each one of them. The shapes of Bent-Knives font, is inspired, as the name sais, after the knives which have bent tops. Bent-Knives was created to suit perfectly as a logo font for a butchery, burger house, steak house and many other activities with a relative profile. Of course, Bent-Knives is versatile and can be a perfect choice for other type of businesses to. Bent-Knives supports a wide variety of Latin from Latin0 to Latin10, Windows Latin and Macintosh Latin.
Cuda wianki graphic design studio is Aleksandra Debniak and Paulina Rek. We are young and creative recent graduates from Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.