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Established in 1981, Bitstream is one of the first independent digital font foundries. The current Bitstream Typeface Library has been a mainstay of the graphic design community for over twenty years.
BA Graphics was started by Designer Bob Alonso in 1994. Bob spent over 30 years working and learning from such great Type Designers as Ed Benguiat, Tony Stan and Vic Caruso. All worked at Photo-Lettering where Bob was Production Manager for over 15 years.
Bannigan Artworks is a graphics and type foundry that was founded by Todd Hallock in 1998.
Barnbrook Fonts is the foundry of Jonathan Barnbrook and the Barnbrook studio. Barnbrook Fonts was established in 2018 as a progression from VirusFonts, the innovative and experimental type foundry that was formed in 1997. While VirusFonts’ output mirrored the complexity of language and the spirit of the age, Barnbrook Fonts reflects a change in focus towards highly-practical, comprehensive, well-furnished type families and to showcase the typographical output of Barnbrook Studio projects. It remains a source for the VirusFonts back catalogue.
Nathan Williams, founder of Baseline fonts, spent most of his time at the University of Kansas Art Museum Library and Print Research Department.
Bean & Morris Fonts is a collaboration of two of the most prolific personalities in Australian lettering, logo design and typography: Russell Bean and Keith Morris. The Bean & Morris font collection features a creative range of typefaces including text, display and script fonts.
The joint Venture, Beijing Hanyi Keyin Information Technology Co.,Ltd(Hanyi) was founded in 1993 by China Research Institute of Printing Science Technology (China) and Taicem Information Pte., Ltd (TaiWan), to be engaged professionally in research and development of digitized Chinese Font.
Roselyne and Michel Besnard are artists and typographic creators who live in Rouen, France. The typefaces Huit and Sargon were published in 1970 and 1976 by Visual Graphics Corporation and were digitalized in 2005. Since the creation of ITC Odyssée in 1996, other fonts of theirs have been distributed by, ITC, Monotype Imaging, Letraset and Linotype.
Blambot is the foundry of type designer and illustrator Nate Piekos. Browse through this exciting collection of designs created for and inspired by comic book lettering.
Blazej Ostoja Lniski is an artist from Poland specialized in painting and lithography. Besides this and being the Dean of the Faculty of Graphic Arts, he is a designer and author of many graphic identifications, book projects and fonts.
Bomparte's Fonts was launched in 2006 by type designer John Bomparte, at the urging and encouragement of his friend and colleague Bob Alonso (BA Graphics).

John's love and passion for letters began while in art college, and in the middle of studies in typography. His eyes were suddenly awakened to the rich diversity of various lettering styles. He would sometimes stare for hours on end, at the different typestyles shown in such dry-transfer lettering catalogs as Letraset® and Zipatone®. To John, this was "eye candy"!

Boover Software is a one man show, creating shareware, donationware, postcardware, and freeware in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Their flagship products are the SeriFractions and SansFractions fonts for Macintosh and Windows. These fonts are used in the production of the Knoxville (Tennessee) News-Sentinel and Colorado Springs (Colorado) Gazette newspapers, and the AARP magazine. They have been featured in the 5th and 6th Editions of Macworld Mac Secrets, the June 1999 MacAddict magazine CD-ROM, and the September 1997 issue of Macworld magazine (Quick Tips, page 149). Also featured in MacUser Japan, Macworld France, HyperLib (Japan), and the Software Of The Month Club and Pacific HiTech INFO-MAC CD-ROMs.
Charles Borges de Oliveira started his career as an apprentice to a master sign painter. He soon began to appreciate letters and layouts, and knew that he wanted to concentrate solely on being a Lettering Artist. In 2007, Charles formed Borges Lettering & Design. A Lettering & Design Studio that offers high quality Hand Lettering, Type Design, and Graphic Design.
BORUTTA is a creative production studio. We specialize in making still and motion campaigns. With attention to the finest details we provide our clients with the best possible solutions to achieve their scheduled goals.
BrainReactor is a Swedish foundry offering a variety of futuristic faces.
BrassFonts, from Cologne, represent a concentric corrective to typographical junk. The mission and the goal of BrassFonts are to discover and design typefaces that do more than simply transport the content of the text
Breauhare Fonts based in Virginia Beach, VA was established in 2006 by designer Harry Warren. Harry's designs are created based on ideas and experiences from his youth. His designs have a sentimental and nostalgic significance.
Briem is an Icelandic type foundry offering a rich selection of mainly display designs.
Bureau Roffa is a font foundry and (typo)graphic design bureau, founded by Jasper de Waard in 2013. Jasper is an autodidact who started designing fonts at the age of 12, and continued to do so ever since. Bureau Roffa aims to design fonts that last longer than a discount period, for a fair price. Roffa is slang for Rotterdam, where Bureau Roffa is based.
An eclectic set of outrageous ornaments and display designs from designer Kate Peters.
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.