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Ascender is a leading provider of advanced font products specializing in type design, font development and licensing. Ascender's founders are font industry experts and have been involved in developing some of the most important and influential fonts used in computers, phones and many other hardware & software products.
Ascender provides multilingual, custom font development for a wide range of customers including creative professionals, enterprises and hardware & software developers.
With a passion for type and typographic problem solving, Ascender has extensive knowledge of software engineering, Unicode and world language support.
The Assorted Collection section shows the typefaces of other well-known font foundries like
- Adobe Systems Inc
with well-structured families like "Minion", "Myriad" and "Kepler",
Omnibus Typografi
with typefaces like "Ad Hoc", "Norma" and "Rustika",
Bauer Types SA
with well-known typeface families like "Bauer Bodoni", "Folio" and "Futura",
just to name a few. All these complete the portfolio of the Linotype Library with the variety of world-wide type developement.
AAI (Alexcove Art, Inc.) was developed in the spring of 2009 through a font that was used for the children's book: If You Don't Like My Book: Go Out and Write One! by Alex Cove. The font Alexcove is the only font AAI sells at this time. The font is named after the main character Alex Cove. AAI has decided to make the Alexcove font available for purchase - largely due to its unique characteristics. Additionally, by making this font available, AAI hopes to promote the book: If You Don't Like My Book: Go Out and Write One!
International TypeFounders introduces a new collection of original typefaces from ABC Types.
Aboutype, Inc. was founded by Joffre LeFevre, Principal Designer, in 1991. Aboutype charter. Design and develop typographic font software for the communication and entertainment industries.
One of the largest type distributors, Adobe has greatly influenced the evolution of digital type. Adobe's key contributions include the PostScript, Multiple Master and OpenType formats and a large collection of fonts considered by many designers to be graphic standards.
Adriprints Press was founded in 2008 by illustrator and designer Adri H. Trained as a designer and printmaker, hand-lettering and typography has often been part of her work. Her work in typography features handwriting, symbol, and casual everyday fonts.
Based out of Glendale, CA, Aerotype's catalog includes a variety of creative display designs.
Alan Meeks has been working in Design and Typography for over thirty years. In that time apart from designing Corporate Identity typefaces for some of the worlds leading companies he has designed typefaces for Letraset, ITC and other leading type manufacturers. was set up last year to promote a new range of faces which he has been working on over a ten year period. The faces are designed more for text rather than the headline faces he has done in the past.
Albatross is an independent type design studio started by Jay Hilgert in 2008. Jay specializes in various hand drawn display styles.
Alex Camacho is a graphic designer specialised in typeface design and lettering with a MA from Central Saint Martins. He has been based in London since 2009 working freelance with international clients and advertising agencies.
David James and Gareth Hague met in 1990, and began working together on record sleeves and custom type projects. In 1996, the tandem formed Alias to market their creations.
Alpha Omega's offering includes a selection of pixel fonts, well-suited for vector and bitmap applications.
For most of his career Michael Doret has been well known as a letterforms artist and designer whose work has overlapped the areas of lettering, illustration and graphic design. Although the work always involved lettering, it was a very different discipline from the world of font design. Recently he expanded his letterforms work into that area under the name “Alphabet Soup Type Founders”. Having been a letterforms artist for many years, he believes that he brings a very different perspective to the art of font design from most other foundries. He’s now bringing these years of experience of creating art with letterforms to bear on his font design efforts, so that with each new font released he’s pushing the envelope and coming up with something new, or a novel twist on the familiar.
The Altemus Collection is not culled from other typographic sources and the designs are not merely auto-traced. We have worked for over ten years drawing and compiling the entire collection, becoming design scavengers who saw potential elements everywhere.
Altered Ego Fonts (AEF) from Brian Sooy are designed to solve visual and typographic problems for print, web and interactive media.

AEF features dingbat, condensed and narrow-width fonts, and original text and display faces. AEF offers the unique and ongoing Eclectic series, a series of useful and whimsical dingbat fonts, including Eclectic Web, the essential toolkit collection of icons for web site development.

Exquisitely spaced and kerned, AEF fonts are created by a designer for designers and discriminating typographers.
Ampersand Digital offers a selection of delightful dingbat fonts.
Based in Berlin, The digital foundry Anatoletype was founded by Elena Albertoni with French web designer Pascal Duez in 2005, specializing in type design and font development. The typeface library ranges from Dolce, an award winning spirited script face, to DejaRip, a functional sans-serif designed for electronic devices and web design, to Acuta, a contemporary and robust all-purpose serif family. Combining lettering and handwriting expertise with the highest quality in font development, Anatoletype offers a wide range of customized services.
Andrew Foster works full-time as a graphic designer and illustrator in Bedfordshire and has studied at both Bath and Bedford College, England. He has been creative since he was little and continues to be creative now that he is not so little. Andrew has a great interest in lettering and creates his fonts in his free time.
Archive Type specializes in old typefaces found in old prints, books and samples. The fonts, with the imperfections from years of good service all perfectly preserved, bring a 19th century print shop to the digital age.
Aruban Font Foundry also known as ArFF is a one-man font foundry. According to its creator, George Ryan, the designs that are created and produced by ArFF are done 'because I like them' and for no other reason.
Armasen is a group of young students and type designers based in Brazil. Concerned with the creation and development of typefaces and unique personality. Just want hard work and good typefaces.
Arphic is one of the leading foundries in the world for typeface design and font technology. Over the past 26 years, we have devoted ourselves to the development of font related technology and the design of multi-script typefaces. We provide a total font solution for enterprises and individual users, delivering embedding fonts, custom fonts, web fonts, always aiming for the optimum user experience.
Lukas Bischoff lives in Trier, southwest Germany, where he studies communication design at the University of Applied Science. Besides his great interest in typography and font design he also is interested in arts, design and illustrations. His leasure time is spent designing, sketching, making regular visits to museums and reading specialist literature. He also enjoys experimental arts in new media.
Fonts which are made with Cleartype hining
astype is the smallest font label in the world founded by typographer Andreas Seidel. Since 2003 he’s been developing and shipping his fonts under this label.
Attention Earthling is a small independent foundry offering several unique display creations.
Australian Type Foundry (ATF) is the commercial outlet for the type designs of designer Wayne Thompson. Wayne felt that Australian designers were unrepresented on the international stage, and so began his foundry in 2001.
Autographis is a foundry based in Munich, Germany, that specialises in handwritten scripts and rough fonts.
Aviation Partners (AVP) was founded as a presentation design company in London UK in the 1980s. Digital font creation started as a supporting service but has gradually become a core, almost obsessive activity. Designer Nicholas Garner says that the purpose is to have fun creating everyday fonts that he and his colleagues will want to use, fonts that lend an edge to their print, web and display designs.

Hellooo, my name is Alena. I am a programmer who likes beautiful software very much (¿‰§¿—¿¿‰¦). For me, development is a very creative process. The style of font plays an important role in the design. Through it I can convey the necessary atmosphere.

The story of creating my first font is short: I made a font that would support the concept of the website. And then it seemed to me that this font could have more uses, so I decided to share it)

My name is Muhammad Abbas and I design fonts under the name Abbastype foundry. Founded in 2020, Abbastype is a font design studio based in Aceh, Indonesia, where I am now pursuing my new passion entirely from my home studio. I draw letters and I like all forms of creativity. I love to make beautiful things and experimental typography and keep learning new things. I launched my first font at the end of 2019. Since then I have changed my freelance business to Type Foundry.

Founded in 2015, Abbasy Studio is a home studio design based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. It Started as an individual project, and now we are a small team working professionally to make stunning and cool design fonts and typefaces that are suitable for any project for both personal and business purposes. We always try our best to make something new and unique to meet the market expectation.



A designer interested in experimenting with different design variations while making the most of what's available for profit, although that's not my goal right now. Games, logos, and design localisations are where I feel most at ease. I'm experimenting with making types without a definite category in mind, as they're largely for the purposes of current game localisation efforts. I'd want to point out that my typefaces are solely for the Arabic language, so keep that in mind.

I produce fonts with taste behind the process of creating typeface.
Ably Creative was founded by Dedi Purwanto in 2018, dedicated to working on original creative things. I work well in small team structures, being versatile, organized, focused, and committed to producing exceptional types of letters. Ably Creative is the Medan city-based type and graphic design studio. The studio has deep backgrounds in product and graphic design and has now focused their love for typography and hand lettering by creating handmade typefaces that are versatile and modern. Their work calls upon typography but strives to render those influences in a way that appeals to the modern palate and fulfills the needs of today¿¿™s creative professional.

Absonstype is built from our son's name with initial "AB"

We focus on providing fonts with unique characters to support a variety of creative need.

Please check it out our collection, we just produce font with our best quality that inspired by all type artist in the world.

We warranty about copyright, we produce our fonts by original our mind. We always start with blank canvas to design a font.

We learn about typography since 4 years ago, so please check at the profile for the collection.

Happy Designing!

"Established in London in 2015, aiming to be a bold new voice in font design for the new generation of digital creatives. AcidType is the result of a mutual love for archaic, manual lettering, and a strong understanding of the functional needs of modern designers. Founder Zac Hallgarten explains, “we consider our typefaces as tools for design – we are building hammers and wrenches. They must be fundamentally sound, highly utilizable, and even enjoyable to use.” Since relocating North to Manchester, AcidType has continued to collaborate with independent artists from a thriving creative scene."
ActiveSphere Type Foundry is an independent digital type foundry based in the Philippines.

Adam Azura was founded in 2021 and is run by Rikie Decki Iskandar. I love to draw letters, have fallen in love with writing and write letters for a living. I love exploring and seeing how the typeface reflects the personality of the brand. I want to continue to develop my creativity and use my passion to bring greater benefits to myself and the designer community. Founded Adam Azura to help designers vote for their projects. I concentrate on handcrafted quality fonts, mostly script styles and more. Now pursuing my new passion completely from my home studio. Turned my freelance business into a type designer. 

Adam B. Ford began designing with Bézier curves in the late 1980s. He designed his first fonts at the dawning of the 1990s, but never polished them to a finished state—using his creations in personal projects only. In 2021, he pulled a few old designs from the archives and began working on new fonts, finally bringing some of them to full character sets ready for sharing. He likes fonts with soft corners, whether with exacting metrics or a looser feel.

Graduated as a Bachelor of Graphic Design on 2012, Absolute interest on Typography world since 2014 and feels happy to help other designer by creating fonts.

We are a design studio with 3 people from a small town in Indonesia.

We are playmates, and do a lot of activities together.

We are currently exploring and developing lettering, typography and font designs, so we are very enthusiastic about making this studio.

It's always fun to play together and create art with friends.

Presenting our font masterpiece and enjoy

Adelina Apostolova is a graphic designer from Bulgaria, living and working in Germany. Her main aspiration is to create modern and versatile designs, based on classical principles. »I love working with clear geometric shapes, structure and color,« she says, »because these are main concepts which can be applied to any project, whether a typographic one or in the field of branding or even art.« Her master degree in architecture gives her additional sense of functionality and details.
My name Hendra Aevio and I'm a creative designer and graduate student at the School of Visual Arts MSD Yogyakarta Design program. My work explores various creative fields in art direction, branding, graphic design, typography, lettering, illustration, drawing and painting. I am currently focusing on creating lettering designs so that they can be used and helping other graphic designers to create their designs properly.

Aestherica Studio was started because we wanted to be creative that we can do with passion. First, it makes us happy. Second, it must produce satisfactory results and have aesthetic value. Finally, this name appeared - Aestherics Studio

The idea comes from two words namely Aesthetic and Rica. What describes this work is made with aesthetics and full of art

We are designers from Indonesia - a country full of progressive thinking and creativity.

I want to work for big brands and companies around the world. My specialty is creating Font Display typography, Handwritten, Monoline Fonts and Font Families.

My name is Al Qausar Firdaus and I am designing a font with the name AF Type. Founded in 2021, AF Type is a font design studio based in Aceh, Indonesia, where I am now pursuing my new passion entirely from my home studio. I draw letters and I love all forms of creativity. I love creating beautiful things and experimental typography and constantly learning new things.

I launched my first font in late 2021. Since then I have changed my freelance business to Type Foundry.

Hello my name is Afdalul Zikri and i come from Indonesia.

Nice to meet you.

I am a 7th semester student at Uin Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh, a Management study program

I have studied design for 6 years, and now i am 22 years old.

I work as a freelancer, by designing fonts I usually use Illustrator and FontCreator12.

I work everyday designing fonts at the nearby coffee shop as my main job.

I once sold my font called "Collaria" on the Creative Fabrica marketplace and that is something that really makes me happy and i'm more motivated to make even more better fonts.

I hope in the future i can make good fonts and can be worth selling to buyers.

Thank you

Afkari Studio is An foundry based in Aceh Indonesia, We Discover Unique Typefaces Made with Love for Unlimited projects Just For You. Get our best font now.

Afkari Studi has been trying to create unique, attractive fonts that can be used for all kinds of needs that prioritize aesthetics and look different from others. We always create unique fonts because we believe that a unique font will have its own taste for its users

Aftertime Studio is an independent Type Foundry based in Kediri Indonesia and established in early 2021. We create stunning and cool design fonts suitable for any project purpose for your business. Aftertime Studio has tried to create unique, attractive and beautiful fonts that can be used for various the type of your business needs. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you. Mail. [email protected]

This is the personal foundry of Aga Silva who is type designer currently based in Kraków, Poland. She is involved in design field for several years now (with designs spanning from Urban Spaces to Page Layouts). This foundry aims at providing originally-designed fonts (capable of being used in numerous languages) and being still reasonable priced.

Agny Hasya Studio was founded in 2017. It is a new studio that specializes in font design, located in Indonesia, precisely in West Java. Agny Hasya Studio provides a variety of fonts for various needs, both personal needs and for your commercial needs at an affordable price. We will continue to update the fonts we have so don't forget to follow the updates.

Ahmadtype was founded in 2020 and is run by Ahmad Budi Santosa. I concentrate on handcrafted quality fonts, mostly script styles and sometimes experimental styles. I love to draw letters, have fallen in love with writing and write letters for a living. I love exploring and seeing how the typeface reflects the personality of the brand. I founded Ahmadtype to help designers vote for their projects. I want to continue to develop my creativity and use my passion to bring greater benefits to myself and the designer community. Focus on creating attractive and worthy type fonts for a variety of uses. Available for sale at an affordable price. Now pursuing my new passion completely from my home studio. Turned my freelance business into a type designer.

Hello, we ahweproject. Design Studio focusing on letter fields. We love to create letter designs that are suitable for applying to design projects. Starting in 2019, we're interested in creating fonts until now. We keep trying to get good quality fonts out. We hope to help designers make it easier to work on projects.

Follow us for the latest font update info :

Behance :

Instagram :

Studying graphic design for the last 10 years, I have more recently started to explore the versatility of letter form and the important role it plays in creating a strong brand identity. With a particular focus on display typefaces, varying from condensed fonts to the slightly more 'abstracted', I am constantly looking to offer new type solutions for others to use in their own works.

As the creator of my own font business, I take pride in being able to bring unique and creative typefaces to the design world. My company, Nur Aisyah Amalia, specializes in hand-drawn and custom fonts that cater to a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large corporations.

One of my favorite aspects of this business is the creative process behind each font. From initial sketches to digitalizing and fine-tuning the design, every step is a new opportunity to bring my ideas to life. I also enjoy working closely with clients to understand their specific needs and create a custom font that perfectly suits their brand.

Being a font creator also allows me to constantly stay up-to-date with the latest design trends and technology. I am constantly pushing myself to improve and evolve my skills, which in turn results in a diverse portfolio of unique and high-quality fonts.

Overall, being a font creator is not only a passion but also a challenging and rewarding business. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring my ideas to life and make a positive impact in the design industry.

My name is Jamhur. A father for two little ones who inspire me every day. Ajibatype is a typeface design studio based in Aceh, Indonesia. Founded in 2021. A studio that aims to create useful and great quality digital font products to help you with your creative projects. I write letters to make a living. I now pursue my new passion to the fullest from my home studio. I love to draw letters, learn new things and love all forms of creativity.
  • akalidz foundry provides you with Cool Fun Creative display and decorative fonts with best prices.
  • No matter the topic, our fonts will be an incredibly asset to your fonts¿¿™ library, as it has the potential to elevate any creation. 
  • perfectly crafted, our fonts are elegant fun stylish and cool loking
  • comes with multiple styles,effects and formats
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I am a creator from Bangkok, Thailand. Now, I do what I love, and I hope you enjoy my font design. I will keep living my dream. One thing that's very important is that I want you to be feeling good and get smiling with my font designs; that's all I need. I had been working a lot to learn how to create fonts, found many ideas when I travelling in Thailand. Next destination is all around the world in the future to sharing the idea and creating my fonts, making you happy.
Letterer and self-taught type designer, Akufadhl is based in Indonesia. I have been designing type since 2014, and interested in Lettering and Calligraphy since a young age. Crafting type with passion and joy, I started from sketching and lettering as a basic form of my fonts, then to Vector and type machine and creating a typeface with great personality, a lot of features, and alternate characters. Amazed by vintage, good type, and good food, nothing is better than drawing type and having good food.

Alan Smithee Studio stands at the intersection of design and technology. We specialise in high quality contemporary typefaces targeted both for digital and print environments. With a modernist mindset, we like to create innovative and meaningful designs assets to serve graphic designers, web developers, and communicators of all kind. We are proud to say that our fonts are at the highest level on both aesthetical and technical levels.

Alessio Agnello is a Graphic Designer based in the City of London with a passion for typography. His appreciation for timeless and modern design drives him to create fonts with an impact and modern aesthetic. His goal is to provide professional fonts with creative twists, often inspired by projects offering a lot of meaning and substance behind what he creates.
Alessio Laiso is a type and software designer based in Dublin, Ireland. His works often study the intersections between the two fields. Alessio has been active in type design since 2013, and his typefaces have been used by companies including eBay, Amazon and USA Today.
Alex is a designer and creative technologist based in the San Francisco Bay area, and has been designing fonts since 2011. He studied design at the University of Michigan, and later received a Graphic Design MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Alex is interested not only in the visual side of type design, but additionally the technological, programatic side. As much as he likes creating things on the computer, he likes getting away from the screen to work with his hands.
Alex Khoroshok made his career as a Product Designer with experience in UX/UI for web and mobile, but a deep passion for good branding and typography brought him to Type Design. Something that he started in his spare time as a simple curiosity, very soon turned into an obsession and a very long journey into the font making world. “In my work, I always noticed that with some fonts it's easier to achieve a good looking design than with others. Subsequently, this gave rise to the idea of ¿¿creating my font collection, that allows other creatives to make something beautiful and unique without extra effort.” Always exploring new forms of visual communication, Alex Khoroshok pushes the boundaries of the impact that fonts can have on customers' perception of design.

This foundry is committed to developing highly crafted letterforms that meet the varied needs of designers today. The type industry is inundated with more options than will ever be necessary, so our aim is to provide specialized typefaces that excel in both form and function by utilizing time-tested design principles. We create, understanding the importance of communicating the right emotion through pairing the right typeface with any given literature.

I am a graphic and type designer from Moscow, Russia.

For over 10 years I have been working on advertising design,

as well as creating modern high-quality original fonts for various brands,

organizations and events.

During the development of typeface for a client, I use an exclusively

individual approach to achieve all the goals.

My passion is handwritten fonts, especially for children's books.

I hope the fonts I presented will help in the development

of your activity or business. 

Alexander Stephenson is an Anglo-German Art Director and type designer who specializes in holistic brand design-systems. He studied graphic design at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and Central Saint Martins in London. After working for 12 years in the advertising industry in both Paris and Berlin, he is now freelancing and designing type.


To our workplace, here we are

ready to present to you the design results of our popular font products.

Our font design product supports all Latin languages.

Programs that support in this font are a Adobe Photo Shop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Corel Draw and Microsoft Office.

OpenType features can be accessed by using OpenType smart programs such as Adobe Photo Shop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Corel Draw and Microsoft Office. can also be accessed through the character map.

Alfaraniy is a studio that develops creativity in the world of fonts, we make fonts every day and almost all we do is create new font projects such as scripts, displays, calligraphy, handletters etc. We are happy to do this work because we want to provide the best for ourselves and others.
Ali Güzel is a font designer and font creator that uses photo, 3D and image effects to deliver unique fonts. Having experience in painting, computer graphics and brand management, Ali brings a new form of expression to every emotion we express with letters. Ali also shares the working files of each font purchased for free so you can review the process and make it your own. You can find the link in the text file of the downloaded content.
Alias was formed in 1996 by Gareth Hague and David James initially to develop into typefaces the bespoke lettering designs produced for their record cover and book projects. As well as typeface design, Alias has produced logotype designs for clients including Ghost, L.K.Bennett, MCQ, Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's, Lane Crawford, Calvin Klein Beauty fragrance and Prada Candy fragrance. For Prada Candy this included the development of the Prada logo into a full typeface. Typeface designs include headline typefaces for the 2012 Olympic Games and Sunday Times Magazine, and typeface and layout design for Another and Another Man magazines. Alias also works with design agencies and advertising agencies on typefaces for corporate clients and advertising campaigns. Graphic design includes music and arts related projects and book design for clients including Phaidon, Jake and Dinos Chapman and Tate Modern.

AlienValley is a type foundry that aims to create versatile and diverse typefaces to give you access to a wide range of tools when working on your next creative project.

We go for quality over quantity and our library of products should reflect this. We're constantly looking to improve and try out new things and we always take customer feedback into account.

Alifinart Studio is a creative warehouse that produces various types of fonts such as handwritten fonts, wedding fonts, signature, serif and sans serif. You will find various types of interesting and updated fonts here.

We continuously make various types of fonts that are not only unique and amazing, but also equipped with a full range of features that will make your work and projects easier. Among the important features that we mean here are ligatures, stylistic alternates, beginning and ending swashes, PUA Encodes and others.

Every font that we produce always gets optimal attention. That's why the fonts we are created so beautiful and have their own charm which is very unfortunate if you just miss it.

Alilato is a nickname for graphic designer Ali Al-Attas

Ali Al-Attas, began designing fonts at the end of 2020 and his first font was Alilato designed in 2021, and he is a graphic designer specializing in branding.

I aspire to design a wide range of fonts that benefit the world in general and the Arab world in particular.

Muhamad Alip Fabio Mandaka known as Aliptype is a creative foundry based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Starting at 2022 working on a small studio as a side projects. I had a big vision to developing the quality and skill specialy for graphic design and type design. I was passionate on making graphic design that contain typography and lettering. The product is dedicated to build on fonts display. Styles i loved to make on typography such as graffity, metalhead, Groovy and unique letterings. I always brainstorm for ideas and explore more different things on graphic design, typography, colors and letterings. Feel free check out my portofolio on Behance or contac me on email for your feedback and questions in [email protected], Thank you.

I am a graphic designer from Bali Indonesia. Since 2012 I've pursued my interest in render fonts. Initially I made a vector fonts and other commercial designs.

My name is Muhammad Nur Alamsyah, I live in Indonesia. 

Previously I was a person who loved to draw, then I got to know the digital world or draw on a computer in 2009. The first time I got to know fonts was around 2015, but I didn't know how to make fonts. 2017 I was able to make fonts properly and correctly as a result of self-taught. In 2017 I was immediately accepted as a font contributor in the creative market until now. I decided to name the foundry Allmo Studio. Allmo is spell from "Alam" which is my own name, and "Mo" Spell from "Monster" because I used to like drawing monsters.

I focus on making retro or vintage-style fonts, I'm used to seeing types of bread packaging or various kinds of packaging in super markets. I fell in love with that vintage visual. but time goes on trying to make a signature font style, I hope that later my font can be used by big world-class brands so that they can make my country proud.

this is my website store

I am located in the Wonogiri village area which is very far from the city and all kinds of information, even the internet sometimes has difficulty signaling. but I never give up on fighting because it's all a hobby, so I'm happy to do it.

Allouse is a team consisting of 3 designers. We are from Indonesia. We live in a small city in Indonesia; we have been good friends since childhood. The three of us like many of the same things, from music, films, cartoons, anime, artist, graphic design, fonts, typography, illustrator, etc., so that it makes us consistent in making this studio. Looking forward to our fonts and enjoy.
"In 1995 I graduated from a printing school with a specialization in typography in Warsaw. I have been dealing with professional typesetting and processing of texts for over 20 years. As an independent creator, I design logos, signs and layouts for newspapers and books. I started my first attempts at designing a font in 2007, which resulted in Shift Comic, which has not been published until now. Recently, I decided to design a universal typeface for typesetting long texts and that's how Alma Serif was created."
We are a creative agency founded in 2006 and based in Lyon and Paris. We like to imagine timeless and universal fonts thanks to a rigorous working method. Having a modern approach to design, we like to create and innovate meaningful designs. We approach each project with passion and dedication, applying meticulous detail, skill and know-how at every stage of our design and strategy process. We like to get off the beaten track, challenge ourselves on a daily basis and bring new solutions.

Almaz Studio is a Digital Font Creator and Graphic Designer. I'm focus on Digital Font Creator. Have done a lot of design projects. I love to work with theme & deep meaning. And I like to work with passion & creativity. My target is to provide designs that create long term relationship. Obviously I am concern about my client, But seriously also I am careful about your clients too.

Alpha Bento was founded in 2020 and is run by Rinaldi Novianda. I love to draw letters, have fallen in love with writing and write letters for a living. I love exploring and seeing how the typeface reflects the personality of the brand. I want to continue to develop my creativity and use my passion to bring greater benefits to myself and the designer community. Founded Alpha Bento to help designers vote for their projects. I concentrate on handcrafted quality fonts, mostly script styles and more. Now pursuing my new passion completely from my home studio. Turned my freelance business into a type designer.

alphabeet, as a type foundry, represents the font designs of Florian Kriegner, Graphic- & Type Designer from Linz (Austria). He started creating fonts during his studies in Hamburg, in 2010. The intention was to build font families for different scenarios, in different styles and from various typographic origins. First of all there should be classic versions of the two main type categories, Antiqua and Grotesque. Therefore, early works focussed on the basics of the font families Dueblo and Nømad, and further designs were the basics of Slabton and Ratatam. But there also were intentions to draw and create display fonts, influenced by different directions of design and handwriting styles. This led to the ideas for the other font designs and the decor variants of the fonts, which complete the font families as styles for headlines and initials. After a decade of work, development and perfection the first nine font families, with more than 100 font styles got ready to use in 2020. With all the developed vectors with their features, options and variablilities, a lot of tasks in graphic-, editorial- and communication design can be solved.

Alphabet Agency offers fantastic value for money on quality products. We offer a wide variety of fonts from modern sports styles to vintage distressed looks.
Alphabets features the elegant works of Peter Fraterdeus.
Typography and Modern Movement. America, Chile.

Focus on creating attractive and appropriate typefaces for multiple uses. Available for sale at an affordable price. I concentrate on handcrafted quality fonts, mostly trending styles and sometimes experimental styles. I love to draw letters, fall in love with writing and write letters for a living. I love exploring and seeing how typography reflects a brand's personality. Now pursuing my new passion completely from my home studio. Turned my freelance business into a type designer.

Alrefaiy is an Egyptian type foundry that specializes in designing and producing bilingual Arabic fonts. our fonts feature both Arabic and Latin scripts, allowing for seamless integration into designs for multilingual audiences. Our bilingual fonts are crafted with a focus on legibility, style, and functionality. With a commitment to excellence and an appreciation for both Arabic and Latin typography. We offer a wide range of styles, including contemporary and experimental designs, catering to diverse design needs. With a passion for Arabic typography and a dedication to quality Alrefaiy seeks to elevate the field of bilingual type design.

Alta Tech was founded in 1995 and has always been committed to quality and excellence. We enjoy delivering custom, unique retro tech fonts, design and icons to our community.

Our core values include "do the right thing", "can-do attitude" and "one team". We're proud to employ individuals from over 20 countries in our Minneapolis, MN offices.

We're open to suggestions, but generally we just make what we think is interesting and let people discover it if it suits them!

Alvian Hasby is a personal-based type foundry that has started to carry out its typeface design activities independently since 2019. The first trial font was a handwritten font called Merdeka Font which only consisted of a few common characters. As time goes by, currently Alvian Hasby has a designer and a mentor who focuses on creating and developing Serif and Sans Serif fonts that allow them to support all graphic and editorial design needs.



I am a senior designer who has been designing fonts for a long time and I focus on creating attractive typography suitable for a variety of uses. Available for sale at an affordable price. I concentrate on handcrafted quality fonts, mostly script styles and sometimes experimental styles. I love to draw letters, fall in love with writing and write letters for a living. I love exploring and seeing how typography reflects a brand's personality. Now pursuing my new passion completely from my home studio. Turned my freelance business into a type designer. I founded Amelia Studio to help designers choose their projects. I want to continue to develop my creativity and use my passion to bring greater benefits to myself and the designer community.


Vina Amelia

A story about making fonts from Cahya & Ikhsan that took a long time for us. Fonts that can help you beautify documents, diplomas document, packaging labels, brochures, sign paintings, badges, certificates, placards, and so on. We can help with the logo type you want, with the font we created. Improve your branding for the better, professionally. Very well crafted and meticulously in every letter form, following proper anatomy

ATF Collection: Classic American Typefaces Reinterpreted

The typefaces originally produced by the American Type Founders Company are well known and well loved. From the familiar sans serif letterforms seen virtually everywhere to thoughtful revivals of historic text faces, ATF's type designs have inspired countless fonts by other foundries.

The American Type Founders™ Collection builds on the ATF legacy of originality, creativity, and innovation, introducing new interpretations of classic ATF typefaces. Fonts in the ATF Collection are developed with the needs of contemporary type users in mind. Attention to aesthetics and usability are paramount. ATF designer font families build on their predecessors, offering more weights and widths, and the robustly expanded character sets and typographic features made possible with digital font technology. The ATF Collection brings the same visual richness to page and screen that handset type once brought to the printed page.

Ana Delgado. is a foundry created by a Portuguese graphic designer. The fonts and typefaces designed are all creative, unique, and refined. There is always a back story and concept for each design based on the everyday or past life of the designer. The artist's goal is to design letters that can be used for various purposes, whether for personal or commercial projects.

Hi there! My name is Ana, and I love making all styles of fonts (although I have a soft spot for those with a vintage look). Since 2014, I have been creating all sorts of handmade fonts under the name Ana's Fonts. I hope you will find the perfect font for your next design project among them. Thank you for sticking around, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about any of my products.

Anaya Studio was founded in 2019 and is run by Julizar Ismail. I love to draw letters, fall in love with writing and write letters for a living. I love exploring and seeing how the typeface reflects the brand personality. I want to continue to develop my creativity and use my passion to bring greater benefits to myself and the designer community. Anaya Studio was founded to help designers choose their projects. I concentrate on handcrafted quality fonts, mostly script styles and more. Now pursuing my new passion completely from my home studio. Turned my freelance business into a type designer.

"AND" originally started in Basel, Switzerland in 1987 as a graphic studio for Visual Concepts and Print. Eventually it became connected with New Media with its expansion in San Francisco after the year 2000. Under the creative direction of Jean-Benoît Lévy — a former student of the Basel School of Design — both, AND's structure and team adapted themselves according clients and assignments. The Basel "AND" studio traditionally has always been open to young graphic students from all over the world, providing them in their internship local projects and Swiss assignments. Now, with its flexible structure, "AND" directs itself more toward being a virtual office for Visual Communication and aspires to interact with wider range of visual assignments and research projects.
New fonts ideas from designer Andrii Shevchyk. Working in different styles. Follow me if you want to see upcoming fonts.
The word “Andinistas” roughly translates to “people devoted to the Andes.” In Venezuela, it is the word used to describe the people who climb the slopes of Pico Bolívar, the country’s highest mountain. “We found it an interesting name because of its resonance and relationship with the unknown,” Andinistas’ founder Carlos Fabián Camargo Guerrero said in his Creative Characters interview. One of the first designers from Colombia or Venezuela to be able to make it as a full-time type designer, Carlos’ experience of living in both places has allowed him to tap into their colorful visual cultures and bring aspects of each of them into his designs. “I am proud of both countries — they have been an inexhaustible source of ideas to me.” He joined MyFonts in 2006, and since then, his designs have graduated from a streetwise, sassy grunge style into a series of energetic and personable scripts and display fonts. Of his professional style evolution he says, “In typeface design we can never say we have learned enough, because when looking at old classics we realize that what we need to learn is inexhaustible. We never get anything definitively.” “Today I feel that the word Andinistas also has a valuable meaning for me personally. It’s taken long years of experience before I slowly received some recognition for my foundry, and it’s required profound conviction and the will to surpass oneself. So the word combined concepts like spectacular beauty and adventure with the idea of overcoming challenges and getting to the top with work and creative effort.”

Andr¿© do Carmo Gon¿§alves is, among many other things, a graphic designer. Born in 1995, he works at Porto (Portugal) where he grew up and currently lives.

He studied Communication Design in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (2013¿¿“2017) where he ended up developing a special interest in type design. Besides designing typefaces, his activity in design is multidisciplinary ranging from poster and editorial work to art and creative direction, always focusing on typography-centered projects.

André Simard grew up in Abitibi, Québec, Canada. After completing a collegial diploma in graphic design at Collège du Vieux-Montréal in 1978, he worked for a newspaper and a printing company. In 1980, he established his very own design studio. For three decades, he demonstrated a particular concern to find the right font for every design project. Seeking to strike a fine balance between design and typography, he ventured a few years ago into the very specialized niche of font design. His vast experience and knowledge of graphic design served as a basis to launch his first font: ITC Migration Sans. Since then, Simard has created four other families of font, including Goosebreak a Canadian syllabic Aboriginal typeface. Each one very different from the other, yet sharing one common feature: legibility and efficiency in very small formats. André Simard is passionate about typographic creation. He demonstrates a genuine concern for complying with established codes and good practices in this field of expertise, with of course the highest standard of quality and creativity in mind.
A self taught one man design team looking for ways to express his best thinking visually. I try to serve the world with my work - only if it is useful is a design truly worth something. It is a great pleasure and pride to see something I have designed out in the wild living its own life.
Andr¿©s Briganti is an independent graphic designer creating timeless identities, editorial pieces and visual assets for brands, cultural institutions and individuals. Focused on brand identity, the studio¿¿™s creative output spans over various fields of visual communication, designing books, publications, posters, iconography and websites. The aim is to create refined and aesthetically relevant work ¿¿“ being both durable and aware of its context. Typography & grid systems are key elements and recurring topics of exploration.
This is the personal foundry of South African designer Andrew Footit. Until November 2014, this foundry was known as VirtueCreative.

Hello, friend! My name is Andrew, I am from Ukraine, not 27 years old. I create fonts - it's my hobby. I started to create them quite recently, so don't judge strictly. I hope you will like them and give feedback.At this moment I am in search of my own unique style and am constantly improving it. So keep an eye on my account!

All the best to you and good luck!¿

I am new to the font designer, but I want to continue to develop my abilities and really want my work to be useful for individuals and companies. Every font I made I hope will be useful for life, and will bring happiness for customers, companies, and many people.

Andy Peat is an independent typographer, graphic designer and artist.

Starting fresh in 2022 – I bring over twenty years of experience in branding, literature and product packaging. Having discovered a new love for the written word and the details that each character brings, I am now releasing fonts that I love to make. I aim to deliver creative, innovative and professional typefaces for print and digital use. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

"Hello, I’m Angèle Kamp, an artist and graphic designer from the Netherlands, and creating art and lettering are some of my biggest passions in life. I have been an artist & graphic designer for over 20 years & I am always creating and learning something new. Throughout the years I have created many hand-lettered fonts, collections of watercolor art, and illustrations."
Type Designer based in Bandung, Indonesia and was established on 2015

I am a logo and illustration designer. Since childhood I have loved to draw. Therefore I really like anything that has to do with design and art. My experience in logo design and illustration has been more than 8 years. I work in a design studio that focuses on logo design and after work I focus on being a freelance designer. Being a designer and illustration is a challenge for me, where I can share experiences with my friends and clients. Seeing some friends learning to make fonts made me interested in the world of fonts and felt challenged to become a font creator.

Anita Jürgeleit is an independent type designer, based in Hamburg, Germany.¶Before she found her way into the field of type design, she finished her education in logistics business, an apprenticeship as a media designer and finally she graduated in communication design at the University of applied Sciences, Hamburg. All along the way, she had a marked preference for type and the clarity of its shape. “I just never knew how type was created and where it came from. Otherwise I would have been engaged with it much earlier.“¶Anita finished her studies with the fontproject Hangulatin which won the Junior Golden Nail for Type Design at the Art Directors Club, Germany. Since 2018 she has been publishing typefaces independently.

Hello! My name is Anomi Eka Mulya and I design fonts under the foundry name of Anomieka. I was ready for a new challenge, i instantly discovered a passion in sans and serif font designs. Since then I¿¿™ve transformed my freelance business into a type foundry, with an aim to shake up the design world with a range of eye-catching, distinctive typefaces which break away from the generic letterforms. I am now pursuing this new passion of mine full time from my home studio in Banten , Indonesia. Some of my other loves include getting outdoors especially on my mountain bike, retro video games and plenty of tea & coffee.

Font studio, which brought together several font designers whose names are not yet very famous. We really love everything related to the creation of fonts, try to make new ones, revival, fierce accidents, some experimental and variable fonts. Each of us supplements our team with knowledge from various fields of our activity - web design, printing, book layout, calligraphy, lettering. All this helps us to make interesting projects.

We produce original printing press letter fonts, for example from the journal Southern Literary Messenger (circa 1830 - 1870). The only one in the world.

What makes our fonts so attractive to the eye, are the myriad imperfections. It's not an approximation to the printing-press letters--- these are the actual letters, complete with all their manifold differences. If you look closely you will notice that the letter 'e' say, each time it is printed, is slightly different. These differences arise from the mechanical action of the inked-wooden press on the paper, and cannot be faked by artificial means. The eye subconsciously picks up this text as the actual printing press letters.

Edgar Allan Poe published many of his great works in the Southern Literary Messenger, as did many other great nineteenth century writers, ie. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Nathaniel Hawthorne &c.

Antitype is the font umbrella brand of designer Chris Corrado. Based on a long-standing appreciation for typography, sci-fi films and music of the sixties and seventies, it was only a matter of time before I myself began to incorporate these influences into my own designs. Antitype builds the fonts you've always wanted for your retro futuristic design projects.

This is a personal font studio operated by Anton Kokoshka, a ukrainian designer with extensive experience in the field of stock illustration. This is a young studio that started its journey at the end of 2021. Here you will find modern typefaces created with love to the art of typography, attention to details and desire to meet people's needs. High level of quality, usability and a fresh look at things are our main tenets.

"My name is Antonio. Based in Calabria, Italy. Self-educated in communication since 2014, has collaborations with many companies / institutions. He believes that good communication can be the means for a good cultural revolution in Calabria, a land to be redeemed, wrecked by mediocrity and from which it shall rise. «I’m (more than) a graphic designer.»"
"Antonio Mejía Lechuga was born in Huauchinango, México. He studied Graphic Design at Universidad del Valle de México in Querétaro City. From the start, his focus was on branding, and he went on to study at Elisava in Barcelona, receiving a Diploma in Corporate Identity in 2005. After twelve years of experience as a graphic designer, working for different design studios, mainly in branding, packaging, and editorial, he discovered that studying type design could help strengthen his brand identity projects. By 2016, with all the design education and work experience, he decided to open his graphic design studio, Antonio Lechuga, where he combines Branding and Type Design, offering the best of both worlds to his clients. With time, more and more of his day-to-day tasks are focused on developing new typographic projects for both companies and the retail market."

Aomam is a gifted amateur font maker. My fonts offer a variety of formats and support multiple languages. Every font we produce embodies our commitment. Each fonts takes a lot of work from us since we think text is the most effective form of communication.Every day, I'm going to work on honing my abilities. in order to create new types of fonts.I explored first with font design before moving on to other individuals. My relatives and friends have used the font I created.

Ukrainian typefoundry "Apostrof" was founded in 2012 by Viktor Kharyk and Konstantin Golovchenko for implementation of the ideas, researches and development in the area of font design. Konstantin (aka Salmoose) is engaged in researches of history of typefaces and printing. He examines the question of revival of a half-forgotten typefaces of old foundries. In addition he deals with OpenType-programming. Viktor specializes on development of multilingual fonts and opportunities of coexistence of different writing systems within one graphic system. Thus main tasks of our foundry are: - restoring and developing interesting half-forgotten typefaces - adapting the above mentioned for different writing systems - designing new original fonts of different styles with a wide range of code pages supported, as well as decorative and experimental fonts - publishing research materials in history and theory of typefaces and typography.

Hi, Im founder of Archer Wood studio as my name. I start my carier on digital download about 10 years ago. About 5 years earlier we build studio with focusing graphic and templates design. We grow and try to more been tasty than before.

In 2020 we create some font to join into the font market. This is something new for our studio, but our experiance make us easy to understand the market and how to produce a goods stuff. So here us, wheres the font market leader stand. As everyone knew, font is unique market with unique product, and thats why we always learn something new everyday.

Best Regards

Archer Wood

Archetype Foundry is a sister company of Archetype, a London-based design agency specialising in Arabic design, branding, localisation and strategy. The foundry was established by typographer and calligrapher Ruh Al-Alam alongside Art Director Naeem Mahmood. With a unique focus on Arabic and Latin typefaces, the Foundry aims to creative compelling, dynamic and long-lasting fonts that meet the needs of the fast and evolving Arabic/Middle Eastern creative industry.

Learning font design, I really found the meaning of art because it requires patience. By doing font design I found my passion. in 2016 I studied with my friends and it was much fun and I enjoyed doing it. And this time I will contribute to the font world with my flagship products so don't forget follow my store to find what's new, visit my website and email me anytime [email protected]
I am Amri Rizki Mauludin from Indonesia. I am a graphic designer with a passion and interest in fonts. I've always wanted to thrive and to do so with some passion, detail, great ideas, and some styles. I have created many font projects and can't wait to help you with typography because I think typography is the basic thing that is needed in any business.
My research on letter balance began when I was 10 years old, on school tables. I realized that this was my vocation when they left my drawings on the tables instead of erasing them as they were supposed to do every morning. So that's where my love for the letter and its balance of full and empty spaces was born. My training as a graphic designer encouraged me to continue in this direction by nourishing myself from each journey and each event, then over time, the apprenticeship became mastery and brought me many clients.
Arkitype is the studio and type foundry founded by Andrew Footit. Arkitype is a boutique design studio and type foundry dedicated to providing professional grade type design. As a traditional graphic designer largely focused in typography, I have gained a lot of insight into what designers are looking for in a high quality font. Keeping the designer in mind, I try create high quality fonts that are functional and attractive. I draw inspiration from anything from whether it be design, sport or travel. This offers me a particular direction or theme to focus on when creating a typeface. As a designer I then ask myself what am I looking for in this typeface and how would I like to use it, the end result is a typeface that is functional and has solid design thinking behind it. The name Arkitype is taken from an archetype which can be: a statement, pattern of behavior, or prototype (model) which other statements, patterns of behavior, and objects copy or emulate. This is my approach to what I create. Design that is beautiful in its context and does not follow examples but sets them.
Let me introduce you. My name is Harjuno Kristanto. I live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I am the owner of the Arkrist Letter.
Arkrist Letter is a small library but will continue to grow to become what everyone hopes for, able to make others happy with Arkrist Letter's work.
Arkrist Letter houses homemade font works. Each typeface has been carefully crafted to make your text look beautiful. With a modern style, our fonts will be suitable for a variety of projects, for example, invitations, greeting cards, posters, business cards, quotes, blog headers, branding, logos, fashion, clothing, letters, stationery and much more!

Aronetiv was founded in 2019 in Kiev. It employs one person: artist and graphic designer Aleksey Popovtsev. Once Alexey said that he likes to observe how a letter is born on the border of black and white, as shape and counter-shape create an image. This is his search and inspiration for all his works. Aronetiv develops fonts with Cyrillic and alphabets of Eastern Europe languages, to form a common European culture both in Ukraine and abroad.

Hi, My name is I Gede Sugiantara (Asra Visual). I'm a graphic designer who has been in the creative field for a long time. Now, i want to develop myself to try new things which are creating fonts.

I'm certain that the fonts I create haves highs Standart and quality which also can develop myself as a graphic designer.

And for that, I choose My Fonts because after reviewing I found that My Fonts is the most suitable market for me apart from the best features. all the products also have good quality.

Thank you.

Art Grootfontein creates stuff in the heart of Paris, France. And he eats chocolate, too.
Artcity is a digital type foundry and lettering studio based in Poland. Artcity specializes in designing fonts for comic books and books for children.
The Artcoast was created by Dmitry Mashkin in 2015 with the goal to design new and original typefaces. We create fonts based on global trends. For the first year, seven font families were made; the main in a collection of decorative fonts with effects of "Old Printing Press", thereby reviving history of a high printing. The collection also includes handwritten and grotesque fonts. We want you to see the effort and care we put into every product.
Passionate in Typography and Graphic Elements. Currently live in Palembang, Indonesia, as a graphic designer especially in type.
ArtGarbage is street culture. The fonts we create are rooted in the handstyles and techniques of graffiti writers. We were tired of "graffiti" fonts that suck. We look deep into handstyle history of different cities and to different mediums of marking for inspiration. ArtGarbage is a foundry and a project in itself, highlighting the innovations that graffiti has brought to typography - dissecting, rearranging, and giving new form to letters as form of art.

artsterdam is a graphic designer and type foundry.

My name is Ruslan Tsyganov and when I create graphic designs, there is a need to use fonts, but finding the one that is really needed is not easy and takes a lot of time. So in 2018, I started designing my typefaces and focused on a modern and durable look that would meet the needs of contemporary designers.

ArtyType is the foundry of highly acclaimed illustrator, designer, artist and author James Marsh.
My name is Yehor Lisniy, I am a graphic designer, I have previously been engaged in type design only indirectly for logos and other projects. As a logo designer, I had a maximum understanding of what kind of font is needed for a particular project. This helped me create authentic and functional fonts that fit specific art requirements. I am always inspired by existing projects, the creative market itself tells me what font design is needed at the moment. I hope you as well as I will be able to enjoy my fonts and apply them in your design.

Welcome to the world of innovative and inspiring fonts! We are a font designer that has been established since 2022, offering various types of fonts that suit your design needs. We provide a complete range of font categories, from elegant and formal serif to modern and minimalistic sans-serif. For more artistic designs, we also offer beautiful and natural script fonts, as well as free-spirited and personal handwritten fonts. Additionally, we offer display fonts that highlight their unique designs and characteristics, suitable for design projects that require a creative and distinctive touch.

Every font we create is carefully designed with high creativity and precision. We always strive to bring unique and attractive fonts that will make your designs stand out from the rest. All our fonts are available in various formats and easily accessible. Enhance your design experience with our fonts and don't hesitate to ask us about any details or specifications you need because we're always ready to help you achieve your design vision!

Asenbayu is an independent digital type foundry that focuses on making fonts. Founded in Bandung, Indonesia in 2020 by a graphic designer named Bayu Noor Witarsa. Asenbayu is inspired by sophisticated writing, luxury brands, vintage, professional logos and brand identity. Asenbayu offers quality typography suitable for your various projects. Asenbayu crafted fonts that give you access to a unique font collection.

Typography and the act of choosing a set of fonts for a client project has always been one the most gratifying parts of the job as a graphic designer.

When an old client requested an long overdue overhaul of their graphical profile, Asgeir decided to try to create a logotype for their name that was unique, but in the same style as the old font. The plan at first was to make only the (8) glyphs for the company name. Almost a year later, the first complete font-set was finally ready and is now in use. New font projects are on the drawing board.

The foundry aims at clarity of expression in the creation of (but not limited to) display type fonts for use in titling, headlines and medium length textes.

My name's Nick! I'm a graphic designer and calligrapher, specialized in creating handwritten fonts and modern typefaces for visual designers.
“We are primarily a small group of designers who also make type,” Michael Cina says. “It’s a unique blend of skills. We are one of the few foundries owned and run by designers exclusively.” Based in Minneapolis, MN, Associated Typographics was founded in 2010 by Michael with assistance by his long-time associate Matthew Desmond. The two had already been working together for 13 years when Michael sold his third foundry, You Work For Them in 2010. They formed the foundry as an offshoot of Cina Associates, Michael’s multi-disciplinary design studio, and made their MyFonts debut two years later with Ramsey, a display font with strong structure and warm personality. They have since expanded their library with the likes of bestselling Stadt, a typeface that combines typographic aesthetics from the 1950’s with a contemporary twist. The duo have worked with Fortune 500 companies like Disney, Apple, American Express, ESPN, Pepsi (and Coke, too), Hewlett Packard and Microsoft. Their foundry is dedicated to applying and synthesizing branding, illustration, motion, web, music, photography, art and type to produce an integrated approach to every design.
During the development of marketing strategies, I always lacked fonts for the design of presentations. I couldn't find a suitable one. When I had free time, I decided to create a suitable font and I was fascinated by typography. Creating each new letter, I had new ideas for fonts. I hope they will appeal to you and transform your creatives. Enjoy your use.
astroluxtype is the foundry of Glenn Parsons.
Atasi Studio is an independent type foundry based in Medan, Indonesia and was established in 2018.
Ateljé Altmann is a creative studio with a strong background in art direction, typography and graphic design. The experience in working with international clients with highest demands for bold, target-oriented design is now being concentrated in the design of the typefaces themselves. Ateljé Altmann takes care of every detail of their typefaces with great passion, thus ensuring a consistently high quality.

Atharuah Studios is a home studio that has been working on graphic design since 2017. After spending 4 years in the world of graphic design, in 2021 Atharuah Studio decided to join the world of font design.

Atharuah Studio will focus on creating and introducing to the world with a variety of unique, eye-catching, and distinctive typefaces.

Here in this foundry, I am exploring different styles in the large typography field as you may see from the variations of the font that's available for purchase.

Since I was a graphic designer it's only natural for me to eventually expand to the typography world and most of the time I couldn't find the right typeface for my projects and that is one of the main inspirations to get into this field as I aim to solve more problems visually through my typefaces.

Thank you for reading and visiting my foundry and please enjoy browsing through my fonts, I wish you success for the projects that you are working on with my fonts.

This is the foundry of font designers Amy Dietrich and Ken Russell.

Attractype is single type foundry by Saefulloh which based in Tegal, Indonesia. Attractype started with typography making services in several buildings and as time goes by, attractype following the development of digital technology so that the world of fonts is the right choice. Based on typography art experience, attractype provides unique and attractive font design which suitable for any extraordinary business projects. The various styles that are made can be an attractive choice and reach various segments. Fonts are made very carefully starting from the manual sketching process, vectoring, to finishing in the font format. Finally, all input regarding my design, of course I will immediately respond. Thank you

"Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, more precisely in Kinshasa, Audry Kitoko Makelele began her career in photography as an amateur. Currently, freelance graphic designer and typographer. ""The works only follow one another, but the artist's soul remains eternal,"" he says. In 2014, keen to improve and become a professional, enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa. Despite this fact, became curious and passionate about typography, hence in 2017 managed to create the first Congolese writing font in the name of KITOKO (a strong display font with a soft touch) which is available on dafont. Over time he learned more and more, and over time he began to create marketable typefaces. Consistently devoted in producing gorgeous sans serif fonts with an authentic, modern and futuristic feel in both formal and non-formal designs."
Auratype started in 2020 with a font designer from Indonesia Wahyu Dwi Cahyo, and once worked as a logo designer and illustrator. Now, he will focus on creating fonts because he is more interested in typography and understands that fonts have very many uses. Wahyu released his first font on May 21, 2020 with the name Masha and then created a font called "Andala" which has a Retro style and is currently the most favorite font because it has an extrude in it too. And this is the font that sold first and is a great enthusiasm to make the next font and continue to learn the style and anatomy of good and unique letters. Creating fonts is a lot of experience and fun for Wahyu.
Based in Columbus, Ohio, United States and established in 2020 by Liz Hejny, Aurora Borealiz Design is a foundry that builds type with creative solutions with structured solves to user ease of use. Working as both a designer, illustrator, and vfx artist, Liz tries to create fonts that work across various media and provide unique creations for everyday users.
Austin Stahl is a type-obsessed graphic designer from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, he’s spent most of his career as a designer and art director for publications, in both print and digital formats. A lifetime love of letterforms has more recently led him to the worlds of type design and custom lettering.
I¿¿™m a freelance graphic designer based in Bali - Indonesia. Authentype was founded by Ekayasa in 2010, dedicated to working on original creative things. This is my second account from MixJpg. I hope to sell amazing font products from Authentype studio. Feel free to check out my social media to get closer to me. Visit my store and enjoy pretty amazing goods."
Autographis is a foundry based in Munich, Germany, that specialises in handwritten scripts and rough fonts.

Avchi is a small design company located in Bali, Indonesia. The company recently opened to focus on font creation. Our goal is to provide fonts that can be used for design purposes with specific concepts. Fonts are one of the design elements that can affect a work. An example is to convey information in an easier way. With Avchi, we hope to provide solutions to designers to face problems in the world of design. We know we are not the best, but we are trying to be the best.

Calligrapher and independent type designer from Saint Petersburg, Russia. My fonts are inspired by different styles of calligraphy and hand-written experiments with calligraphic tools. In particular, I like to write Roman Capital with flat brush and Italian Cursive.

I finished successful six-month "Font Course" at TypeType Education 2018-2019.

It's important decision for me to make Cyrillic in all my typefaces.

Avondale Type Co. is a font foundry that creates fonts through Bright Bright Great design studio located in the United States. Avondale Type Co. not only creates commercially available fonts, but also works with brands across the globe creating custom typefaces for unique use cases. Our team loves typography as much as we love to create type. Consider us your friendly neighborhood type foundry.

"I'm a Designer Type from Watampone, Indonesia. Enjoyed creating some simple and useful font projects, cute characters and lovely scripts. I started this field in the last 2 years because I saw an opportunity to develop my design interests. Previously, I worked on design projects in all fields ranging from logos, packaging, brochures, company profiles and many more, and at this point, I am very happy with this work. I focus on typography of letters, but in my shop I focus more on making cute fonts, crafts, fun, a look that looks more colorful, which is very suitable in making posters, packaging. Every font that I make is purely from my own making without plagiarizing other people's, because I think this is a project that I have to maintain in order to compete in the market; one of which is myfont. Some of the fonts that I made are equipped with swash, ligature, alternate, and bonus ornaments that make my fonts look more perfect, I've also completed all fonts with multilingual languages ???????? ??????????????? ? ??????????????? ???????????? ? ??????? and multilingual language is the language of the act of using multiple languages ??by individuals or society. In the world, there are more people who are multilingual than monolingual. Multilingualism is a social phenomenon caused by the influence of globalization and cultural openness."
As a little kid who spent hours “drawing the title” of her mid-term homework in her junior high years, Ayça had no idea that she would be doing what she enjoyed the most as her full-time work. Ayça Atalay is a typeface designer based in Istanbul, Turkey. She released her first typeface Newcraft Serif in 2016. With her designs, her aim is to capture a tangible “persona” that makes a typeface almost come alive with character.
We are a couple of graphic designers based in México City, in our studio we offer services of custom type for editorial industry.
"Ayres' fonts are made with the latest open-type and web font formats to be compatible for all users, in British English, US English, Spanish, French, Italian and German, as well as for symbolic uses. Initially made for Colin Ayres’ music tuition books, the fonts are also designed to be used in particular areas of interest such as education, math, music, coding or display. "
Azetype is a type foundry from Indonesia. Creating fonts based on collective research so that those look original, eye-catching and multipurpose.

Azure Studio, founded back in 2020 by Reuben Davern, is a web and graphic design studio and in early 2022 has branched into type design. Based out of Christchurch New Zealand Azure Studio has nature at its beck and call for inspiration and to drive creativity. With a passion for design and a focus on legibility, we strive to create unique fonts that designers and font enthusiasts will love.

Battle Font was created in 2020 like an independent type design project by Marco Battaglia, graphic designer based in Florence, Italy. He have studied for long time the graphic design world, and recently he approached the pure type design and the beauty of letters, which immediately became his passion. He work hardly on his typefaces with love and a meticulous attention to detail.
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