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Ascender is a leading provider of advanced font products specializing in type design, font development and licensing. Ascender's founders are font industry experts and have been involved in developing some of the most important and influential fonts used in computers, phones and many other hardware & software products.
Ascender provides multilingual, custom font development for a wide range of customers including creative professionals, enterprises and hardware & software developers.
With a passion for type and typographic problem solving, Ascender has extensive knowledge of software engineering, Unicode and world language support.
The Assorted Collection section shows the typefaces of other well-known font foundries like
- Adobe Systems Inc
with well-structured families like "Minion", "Myriad" and "Kepler",
Omnibus Typografi
with typefaces like "Ad Hoc", "Norma" and "Rustika",
Bauer Types SA
with well-known typeface families like "Bauer Bodoni", "Folio" and "Futura",
just to name a few. All these complete the portfolio of the Linotype Library with the variety of world-wide type developement.
AAI (Alexcove Art, Inc.) was developed in the spring of 2009 through a font that was used for the children's book: If You Don't Like My Book: Go Out and Write One! by Alex Cove. The font Alexcove is the only font AAI sells at this time. The font is named after the main character Alex Cove. AAI has decided to make the Alexcove font available for purchase - largely due to its unique characteristics. Additionally, by making this font available, AAI hopes to promote the book: If You Don't Like My Book: Go Out and Write One!
International TypeFounders introduces a new collection of original typefaces from ABC Types.
Aboutype, Inc. was founded by Joffre LeFevre, Principal Designer, in 1991. Aboutype charter. Design and develop typographic font software for the communication and entertainment industries.
One of the largest type distributors, Adobe has greatly influenced the evolution of digital type. Adobe's key contributions include the PostScript, Multiple Master and OpenType formats and a large collection of fonts considered by many designers to be graphic standards.
Adriprints Press was founded in 2008 by illustrator and designer Adri H. Trained as a designer and printmaker, hand-lettering and typography has often been part of her work. Her work in typography features handwriting, symbol, and casual everyday fonts.
Based out of Glendale, CA, Aerotype's catalog includes a variety of creative display designs.
Alan Meeks has been working in Design and Typography for over thirty years. In that time apart from designing Corporate Identity typefaces for some of the worlds leading companies he has designed typefaces for Letraset, ITC and other leading type manufacturers. was set up last year to promote a new range of faces which he has been working on over a ten year period. The faces are designed more for text rather than the headline faces he has done in the past.
Albatross is an independent type design studio started by Jay Hilgert in 2008. Jay specializes in various hand drawn display styles.
Alex Camacho is a graphic designer specialised in typeface design and lettering with a MA from Central Saint Martins. He has been based in London since 2009 working freelance with international clients and advertising agencies.
David James and Gareth Hague met in 1990, and began working together on record sleeves and custom type projects. In 1996, the tandem formed Alias to market their creations.
Alpha Omega's offering includes a selection of pixel fonts, well-suited for vector and bitmap applications.
For most of his career Michael Doret has been well known as a letterforms artist and designer whose work has overlapped the areas of lettering, illustration and graphic design. Although the work always involved lettering, it was a very different discipline from the world of font design. Recently he expanded his letterforms work into that area under the name “Alphabet Soup Type Founders”. Having been a letterforms artist for many years, he believes that he brings a very different perspective to the art of font design from most other foundries. He’s now bringing these years of experience of creating art with letterforms to bear on his font design efforts, so that with each new font released he’s pushing the envelope and coming up with something new, or a novel twist on the familiar.
The Altemus Collection is not culled from other typographic sources and the designs are not merely auto-traced. We have worked for over ten years drawing and compiling the entire collection, becoming design scavengers who saw potential elements everywhere.
Altered Ego Fonts (AEF) from Brian Sooy are designed to solve visual and typographic problems for print, web and interactive media.

AEF features dingbat, condensed and narrow-width fonts, and original text and display faces. AEF offers the unique and ongoing Eclectic series, a series of useful and whimsical dingbat fonts, including Eclectic Web, the essential toolkit collection of icons for web site development.

Exquisitely spaced and kerned, AEF fonts are created by a designer for designers and discriminating typographers.
Ampersand Digital offers a selection of delightful dingbat fonts.
Based in Berlin, The digital foundry Anatoletype was founded by Elena Albertoni with French web designer Pascal Duez in 2005, specializing in type design and font development. The typeface library ranges from Dolce, an award winning spirited script face, to DejaRip, a functional sans-serif designed for electronic devices and web design, to Acuta, a contemporary and robust all-purpose serif family. Combining lettering and handwriting expertise with the highest quality in font development, Anatoletype offers a wide range of customized services.
Andrew Foster works full-time as a graphic designer and illustrator in Bedfordshire and has studied at both Bath and Bedford College, England. He has been creative since he was little and continues to be creative now that he is not so little. Andrew has a great interest in lettering and creates his fonts in his free time.
Archive Type specializes in old typefaces found in old prints, books and samples. The fonts, with the imperfections from years of good service all perfectly preserved, bring a 19th century print shop to the digital age.
Aruban Font Foundry also known as ArFF is a one-man font foundry. According to its creator, George Ryan, the designs that are created and produced by ArFF are done 'because I like them' and for no other reason.
Armasen is a group of young students and type designers based in Brazil. Concerned with the creation and development of typefaces and unique personality. Just want hard work and good typefaces.
Arphic is one of the leading foundries in the world for typeface design and font technology. Over the past 26 years, we have devoted ourselves to the development of font related technology and the design of multi-script typefaces. We provide a total font solution for enterprises and individual users, delivering embedding fonts, custom fonts, web fonts, always aiming for the optimum user experience.
Lukas Bischoff lives in Trier, southwest Germany, where he studies communication design at the University of Applied Science. Besides his great interest in typography and font design he also is interested in arts, design and illustrations. His leasure time is spent designing, sketching, making regular visits to museums and reading specialist literature. He also enjoys experimental arts in new media.
Fonts which are made with Cleartype hining
astype is the smallest font label in the world founded by typographer Andreas Seidel. Since 2003 he’s been developing and shipping his fonts under this label.
Attention Earthling is a small independent foundry offering several unique display creations.
Australian Type Foundry (ATF) is the commercial outlet for the type designs of designer Wayne Thompson. Wayne felt that Australian designers were unrepresented on the international stage, and so began his foundry in 2001.
Autographis is a foundry based in Munich, Germany, that specialises in handwritten scripts and rough fonts.
Aviation Partners (AVP) was founded as a presentation design company in London UK in the 1980s. Digital font creation started as a supporting service but has gradually become a core, almost obsessive activity. Designer Nicholas Garner says that the purpose is to have fun creating everyday fonts that he and his colleagues will want to use, fonts that lend an edge to their print, web and display designs.
Alphabets features the elegant works of Peter Fraterdeus.

ATF Collection: Classic American Typefaces Reinterpreted

The typefaces originally produced by the American Type Founders Company are well known and well loved. From the familiar sans serif letterforms seen virtually everywhere to thoughtful revivals of historic text faces, ATF's type designs have inspired countless fonts by other foundries.

The American Type Founders™ Collection builds on the ATF legacy of originality, creativity, and innovation, introducing new interpretations of classic ATF typefaces. Fonts in the ATF Collection are developed with the needs of contemporary type users in mind. Attention to aesthetics and usability are paramount. ATF designer font families build on their predecessors, offering more weights and widths, and the robustly expanded character sets and typographic features made possible with digital font technology. The ATF Collection brings the same visual richness to page and screen that handset type once brought to the printed page.

Anita Jürgeleit is an independent type designer, based in Hamburg, Germany.¶Before she found her way into the field of type design, she finished her education in logistics business, an apprenticeship as a media designer and finally she graduated in communication design at the University of applied Sciences, Hamburg. All along the way, she had a marked preference for type and the clarity of its shape. “I just never knew how type was created and where it came from. Otherwise I would have been engaged with it much earlier.“¶Anita finished her studies with the fontproject Hangulatin which won the Junior Golden Nail for Type Design at the Art Directors Club, Germany. Since 2018 she has been publishing typefaces independently.
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