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Piotr Wozniak formed 066.FONT from a small studio in Poland in 1997. The foundry now offers a wide selection of alternative fonts.
2D Typo is the part of 2D Studio that concentrates on font design.
Based out of Montreal, 2Rebels features the work of designers Denis Dulude and Fabrizio Gilardino.
My name is Muhammad Ridha Agusni, I live in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. I'm an Architect, but during this year I'm working as a font artist. Finally, I have started my own type foundry studio called 38.lineart My team and I produced my font into typefaces.
Making a font we always pay attention to the quality and value of the font to create the best font. For us, fonts not only function as visual communication, but also as a form of expression that expresses the feelings that the font maker wants to convey. our principle is always to put quality, original work, and consistency. 4RM fonts focus on the display fonts and script categories.
Font designer from Surabaya, Indonesia. I have found my passion in fonts and font design after working as a graphic designer and illustrator for more than 10 years, even though actually been interested in the lettering world since a young age. Really love to create simple and modern typeface because of it's wide usage and functionality.
Browse through the vast landscape of typefaces from the Linotype product portfolio.