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Linotype Ancient Chinese™ font family

Designed by  Peter Kin-Fan Lo in 1997

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Exotic, Chinese-Styled Fonts


Here, we have collected together our most popular Chinese-styled typefaces. These designs all have the impression of brushed letters and will work for a wide range of products and clients looking for typography with a bit of Asian vitality. And for the perfect final touch to your design, try adding one of the illustrative Pi fonts!
Linotype Chineze
The German designer Peter Huschka created Linotype Chineze™, a family of typefaces that resemble the calligraphic strokes found in Chinese characters, in 2002. Using a variety of brush-like elements, Linotype Chinese imbues the Roman alphabet with an Eastern flair. Try out this font in a menu, a comic book, or on food packaging!
Mandarin™ first appeared with the Type Founders of Chicago and is an interpretation of artistically drawn Asian brush calligraphy. The stylized Asian atmosphere is not created only by the forms of the figures but also by the very name of the typeface. A mandarin was a high official of the ancient Chinese empire. Alphabets like Mandarin font are often used for the menus, signs and advertisements of Asian restaurants as well as for businesses with Asian products.
Kanban™ is the work of British designer Ed Bugg, an all capital, oriental style typeface. Kanban was the word used for shop signs in old Japan and the letter forms mimic the square look of Japanese and Chinese calligraphy. Kanban is the ideal display solution wherever an oriental appearance is needed.
Breeze™ is not directly intended as an Asian-inspired design, yet it fits nicely into this collection. It features super high contrast thicks and thins with and smoothly flairing strokes. This is perfect for something that is more subtly and abstractly Asian looking.
Linotype Ancient Chinese
Peter Kin-Fan Lo designed the award winning Linotype Ancient Chinese™ in 1997. It is a symbol font that contains 92 “portraits” of figures who look as if they could have populated ancient China. These portraits are black and white symbols, gathered together into a font. This symbol font may be used for any design piece dealing with history, China, Chinese restaurants, or Asian art. To clearly see all the details, these symbols should be used at larger point sizes.
Chineze Dragon
Chineze Dragon™ is a family of three font elements designed by Peter Huschka. The three elements can be used together to create delightful Chinese dragons of any length and height. Each letter on the keyboard corresponds to a specific section of the dragon’s body – either straight or curved. Mix and match the parts to create your ideal creature. Chineze Dragon One is the background font; Chineze Dragon Two should be layered directly over top. Chineze Dragon Three, the top layer, has the dragon’s scales and claws. to achieve the full effect, each layer should be assigned a different shade of gray, or a different color. This work may be done most easily in a layered graphics application like Adobe PhotoShop or Adobe Illustrator. Play around and have fun creating your dragon!
West of China, Smileface
West of China combined with symbol font Linotype Smileface:
West of China™ is Hans Bacher’s fast-hand, Chinese-style display face. Looking like a cross between traditional Chinese calligraphy and contemporary graffiti, West of China is a fun design to add bounce and liveliness to your designs.
Drawn by Martina Theisen, Linotype Smileface™ is simply made up of smily faces that are expressing nice and friendly emotions. They are lovely for invitations, childrens documents in school, and for family affairs. Have fun with them!
Real chinese fonts
And when you need to use real Chinese fonts try out these designs from China Type and DynaComware.
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