Satero® Serif font family

Designed by  Werner Schneider in 2007

Satero Serif

Satero Value Pack

Five fonts from the great Satero type system:
The Satero Value Pack for only 19 USD*.

Satero Value-Pack

When Werner Schneider developed the Satero® type system he paid particular attention to legibility, so he attached great value to clear and unambiguous letter shapes. As Satero Sans and Satero Serif are both based on the same basic shape, the two fonts can be combined extremely well. Major projects in which a number of font styles have to harmonize with one another can therefore be achieved to perfection. Discover the Satero font system with the Satero Value Pack and discover the perfect harmony between Satero Sans and Satero Serif for yourself.

Brief information on the fonts making up the Value Pack:

Satero Sans Regular
Thanks to its clear, easily distinguished letter shapes and the large x-height, Satero Sans Regular is very legible in longer texts, too.

Satero Sans Italic
Slightly narrower compared to the upright version and designed with its own letter shapes, the corresponding italic has been implemented as a true cursive font.

Satero Sans Bold
With its powerful weight, Satero Sans Bold is not only suitable for decorative elements within the text, but also looks good used in headlines.

Satero Serif Regular
The serifs have been designed to be very slightly asymmetrical, to prevent the Satero Serif font looking crowded in small font sizes. An optimization of Satero Serif for magazines and newspaper layouts.

Satero Serif Bold
As siblings, Satero Sans and Serif harmonise very well with one another. Thus for example if your text is laid out in Satero Sans, the titles can be created in Satero Serif Bold.

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