DIN Next™ font family

Designed by  Akira Kobayashi in 2009
Sandra Winter in 2009

DIN Next

DIN Next Selection

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DIN Next Selection

Thanks to their technological aspect and neutral character, the DIN fonts have become increasing popular with designers over recent years. By creating DIN Next™, Akira Kobayashi has not only removed certain typographic inconsistencies from the font, but has extended to a complete large font family: for each of the seven font weights there are Italics, small caps and lowercase numerals.
Acquaint yourself with the DIN Next family through our DIN Next Selection Value Pack and you’ll see how well the Latin and Arabic characters harmonise with each other.

Some details about the fonts:

DIN Next Ultra Light
Because of its timeless technological character, DIN Next Ultra Light, as thin almost a hair, is both majestic and state-of-the-art.

DIN Next Rounded Bold
Derived from the machine-cut DIN fonts, all corners of DIN Next Rounded, have, as the name suggests, been rounded.

DIN Next Arabic Bold
The basic design concept of the DIN fonts can be readily applied to Arabic characters.

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