Linguine font family

Designed by  Emil Bertell in 2010

New font releases in July 2015

New arrivals July 2015: The True North family with a vintage feel, the perfectly equipped brush font Praise, the tattoo font Keepsake and more

Meet our recent arrivals. We have picked out text and headline fonts, families large and small, and wonderful calligraphy for you. Use them to give your designs that special touch. Create a modern foundation for your work with these font designs, which most people haven’t seen yet.

Sancoale/Sancoale Slab (Insigne)

 Sancoale/Sancoale Slab
Several unconventionally rounded and lively letterforms lend Sancoale by Jeremy Dooley a very memorable and contemporary character. The highly legible font is well equipped for typesetting and headlines with its six weights and true italic. The slab serif Sancoale Slab offers you an alternative style with a design and weights that fit with Sancoale.

Viento (Sudtipos)

The dynamic handwritten font Viento by Angel Koziupa and Alejandro Paul is an evolution of the classic Brisa. Rough outlines and numerous ligatures provide for a realistic word image that is well suited to cookbooks, menus, food packaging or even invitations and greeting cards, for example.

Linguine (Fenotype)

The handwritten font Linguine, designed by Emil Karl Bertell, has a flowing, very lively, sometimes playful or even childlike character. Take advantage of numerous ligatures, swash variants and ornaments to create a varied and unique word image.

Keepsake (Aero Type)

Tattoos were Stephen Miggas’ inspiration for Keepsake. The font, designed in the style of English handwritten fonts, not only has numerous alternative characters and ligatures, but is also available in various overlay styles, which enable colorful designs.

Magallanes (Latinotype)

The forms and ends of the neo-humanist Magallanes by Daniel Hernández recall a handwritten font, and thus lend the font a friendly, lively character. Alternative letters allow you to adjust the font to suit your needs. Although Magallanes cuts a fine figure in text, Hernández sees the customized headlines as the primary application of the well-equipped font, which comes in eight weights.

Chick Chalk (Kustomtype)

 Chick Chalk
The letterforms of Chick Chalk by Coert De Decker recall a stencil font on a rough, frayed absorbent paper. Use Chick Chalk in newspaper and magazine headlines, for example, as well as on posters.

True North (Cultivated Mind)

 True North
True North by Cindy Kinash and Charles Gibbons offers diverse, matching fonts with a vintage feel. For example, combine the monolinear Script with the powerful Rough Black and a few chic ornaments or catchwords from the extra style for your own personalized design.

Muller (Fontfabrik Type Foundry)

Clear, perfectly structured letters characterize Muller by Radomir Tinkov. Their open forms are concise and legible in small sizes, but have many individual details in large sizes. Ten finely co-ordinated weights with italic styles offer you unlimited flexibility when using this universal font.

Merry Melody (Comicraft)

 Merry Melody
The dynamic and friendly handwritten font Merry Melody by John Roshell recalls the style of lettering from comic books. Three weights simulate different levels of color application. The font is not intended only for comics, however. Use it anywhere you need a personal touch – on menus, for example, or invitations or in advertising.

Magica (K-type)

With its confident and spirited character, Magica is both suitable for formal as well as informal use. The unique and very legible forms can be used for body text or make for headlines that are full of character. Magica is available in three weights, each with a true italic.

Praise (TypeSETit)

The dynamic, expressive brush font Praise by Rob Leuschke spans an infinitely large universe of typographic variations with its numerous styles. Use the individual styles or take advantage of the over 1600 characters in the Pro version for a unique design.

Keswick (Hanoded)

A handwritten font, created with a very soft 6B pencil, serves as a template for Keswick by David Kerkhoff. The two styles of this font display an impressive amount of detail in their internal structure.

Antartida (Latinotype)

The simple structure of an almost-monolinear sans serif lends Antartida by Luciano Vergara a neutral, clean and nearly minimalist character. Use the alternate characters for the lowercase “a”, “g”, “i”, “j” and “l” to customize the appearance of Antartida in your designs. The font is available in four weights, each with a matching italic.

Darwin (Los Andes Type)

Based on the forms of the square sans, Darwin by Coto Mendoza and Luciano Vergara radiates a somewhat technical, yet friendly and lively flair. All styles are available in five weights and as a sub-family with slightly modified, somewhat more dynamic forms.

Garden (Los Andes Type)

Hand-painted letters provide for an almost floral atmosphere in the lively and somewhat playful Garden by Mendoza Vergara. Different styles offer numerous variations for unique designs and are complemented by ornaments and catchwords.

Moderna (Los Andes Type)

The reduced and simple forms of modernism were the inspiration for the Moderna by Mendoza Vergara. All four weights have a matching italic and a Unicase style, in which the lower-case characters are designed in the size of the upper-case. Several alternative characters and pictograms round out the options.

PF Adamant (Parachute)

 PF Adamant
Thanks to clear proportions, a large X-height and open counters, PF Adamant by Vedran Eraković is perfectly legible, even in the small sizes. The striking font is equipped with numerous typographic features, such as different numeral sets and ligatures, and is available in six finely matched weights, each with a fitting italic.


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