New font releases in February 2018

New arrivals February 2018: The friendly Solitas Serif, the dynamic brush font Clothe, the modern sans Autor and other fonts

Solitas Serif (insigne)

 Solitas Serif
Subtle serifs, rounded corners and a friendly charisma reduce the rigor of Solitas Serif by Jeremy Dooley, lending the font a special charm. With different widths and extra weights for text, Solitas Serif gives you everything you need for longer texts.
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Clothe (Måns Greback)

With slightly irregular outlines, Måns Grebäck makes his dynamic brush font Clothe appear very realistic. Bring a personal touch and vintage feel to your designs with Clothe.
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Autor (Latinotype)

Slightly beveled ends and a moderate contrast in the lines lend Autor from Luis Bandovas a clear, somewhat sharp character. The easy legibility of this well-equipped sans makes it ideal not only for headlines, but also in magazines, books or long texts, for example.
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Modern Love (Resistenza)

Modern Love
The dynamic, personal and loose letters of the Modern Love brush font are available in a regular style, a grunge version with washed-out color application, and a rough version with a rugged outline. Numerous alternative characters, catchwords, ligatures, pictograms and a caps style provide for plenty of design variety.
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Banjax (Paulo Goode)

Large counters and a large x-height not only give the humanistic sans Banjax by Paulo Goode an open and friendly character, but also ensure perfect legibility. This family, well equipped with nine weights, is not only great for design work, but for text, as well.
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Diploma Script (Latinotype)

Diploma Script
Derived from the English copperplate fonts and adorned with large decorative arches, the beautiful Diploma Script by Marcelo Quiroz adds a noble flair to your designs. Numerous alternative characters ensure a varied word image.
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Margem (Fabio Haag Type)

While humanist forms in the sans Margem by Fabio Haag ensure good readability, geometric influences emphasize liveliness and variety. A rounded version brings out the friendly character of this well-equipped family, which comes with seven weights.
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Diocletian (Marin Santic)

Inspired by the late Roman Diocletian’s Palace, the font Diocletian by Marin Santic picks up on the round orms of the uncial, an ancient script used in particularly important texts. Add a historical character to your designs with Diocletian – for restaurants, book covers or packaging, for example.
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TT Travels (TypeType)

TT Travels
In the modern sans TT Travels, Vika Usmanova not only adds a slightly humanistic twist to the letters. A second set offers you extremely geometric, linear constructed characters as an alternative. Equipped with nine weights, you can also use the font for large design projects.
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Wieynck Gotisch (RMU Typedesign) von Heinrich Wieynck

Wieynck Gotisch
Ralph M. Unger has completely redesigned the Fraktur, which was originally created in the 1920s, and made it fit for the contemporary use. The font includes a line version with an inline style, in addition to the normal style.
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Fresh Press (Fenotype)

Fresh Press
In the dynamic, very lively brush font Fresh Press, Emil Bertell includes not only two weights, but also a style with incomplete color application. A caps style and numerous ornaments round out the typeface.
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Rakesly (Typodermic)

The superellipse-oriented lettering lends Rakesly by Ray Larabie a geometric, slightly stencil-like character – to which the true, dynamic italic forms a stark contrast. This well-equipped family can show off its distinctive flair in both headlines and long texts.
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