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Hesse Antiqua

The new Hesse Antiqua

The new font from Gudrun Zapf-von Hesse, published on the occasion of her 100th birthday

Hesse Antiqua
Gudrun Zapf von Hesse celebrated her 100th birthday on January 2, 2018. For the occasion, she and Ferdinand Ulrich published Hesse Antiqua at Monotype. The font began 70 years ago as a lead letter design. Hesse Antiqua is not a revival, however, but the transformation of the Hesse Antiqua alphabet into a typeface. The process took into account the 70 years of font technology between the draft and publication.
The Hesse Antiqua is an upper-case font with true small caps, and includes all necessary punctuation marks and ornaments.

Hesse Antiqua
A detailed article about Hesse Antiqua and its genesis is available on (German version).

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