New font releases in December 2017

New arrivals December 2017: The geometric and friendly Fibra, the dynamic script font Toxic Marker, the striking Antiqua Noort and other fresh fonts

Fibra (Los Andes Type)

Fibra from Jorge Cisterna was inspired by geometric sans serif fonts like Herb Lubalinʼs Avant Garde. Jorge Cisterna did away with the rigid structure that is typical of the genre and added various design tricks to give the font a varied, striking appearance.
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Toxic Marker (Pedro Teixeira)

Toxic Marker
Toxic Marker by Pedro Teixeira simulates loose and dynamic, yet easy to read handwriting. The texture of a nearly dry marker, particularly noticeable in the larger font  sizes, lends the font a very realistic appearance.
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Noort (TypeTogether)

Noort by Juan Bruce has a striking character with a high recognition value and the dynamism of a hand-made font, thanks to its powerful serifs and lines. Use the easy-to-read font for long texts or on cards and signs.
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Gelato Sans (Borutta)

 Gelato Sans
Numerous, vivid details in the humanistic Gelato Sans by Ania Wieluńska create a warm, friendly flair. A true Italic with completely different letter  forms rounds out this well-equipped font, which includes nine weights.
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Praho Pro (Maciej Wloczewski)

 Praho Pro
Praho Pro from Maciej Włoczewski has a classy look, thanks to its very fine extended serifs. The serifs are also wedge-shaped and asymmetrical in places, which makes the font even more interesting. The well-equipped family is perfectly legible in the smaller font sizes and cuts a fine figure in headlines, thanks to the striking details.[1,10]--> Jump to shop

Baghadeer (Stephen Rapp)

The huge capitals in the lively script font Baghadeer from Stephen W. Rapp dominate the typeface and lend it a noble charisma. Countless alternative characters, ligatures and swashes let you create varied, realistic designs.
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Merendina (Resistenza)

The unusual combination of structured letters with a handwritten flair lends Merendina a very special character. The well-equipped family with six weights and numerous alternative characters is ideal for posters or product packaging, for example.
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Aether Rain (Fenotype)

Aether Rain
The letters of Aether Rain from Emil Karl Bertell are rich in contrast and add a noble, yet somewhat casual, flair to your designs. Numerous stroke weights and a number of alternative characters make it easy to customize Aether Rain to your needs.
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Low Casat (Mans Greback)

 Low Casat
Low Casat by Måns Grebäck is reminiscent of the hand-written advertising fonts of the 1950s. With numerous letter variations, you can create a variety of posters, magazine titles or headlines.
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Informative (Latinotype)

The combination of text and image in design is becoming increasingly important. Informative, a humanistic, legible and friendly sans is ideal for this, given its large set of striking pictograms. The font was created by Sergio Ramírez and César Araya and is available in seven weights.
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Aromatica (Latinotype)

The rounded sans Aromatica by Sofia Mohr brings a clear, somewhat stencil-like look to your designs. Aromatica offers you everything you need to create modern typography. The font is perfect for product packaging, for example.
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Sequel Sans (OGJ Type Design)

Sequel Sans
Sequel Sans from Oliver Jeschke was inspired by grotesque fonts from the early 20th century and the work of Swiss designer Max Bill. The neutral letter forms are ideal for texts or headlines.
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