New font releases in November 2017

New arrivals November 2017: The brush font Majorelle, the slab serif Publica Slab, the sans Northwoods and other current fonts

Majorelle (S&C Type)

Irregular outlines and incomplete inking give the dynamic Majorelle brush font from Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin a realistic touch. In addition, alternative characters, swash variants and ligatures ensure that the typeface is rich in variation. Use Majorelle anywhere a warm informal touch is needed.
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Publica Slab (FaceType)

 Publica Slab
The clear, geometric shapes of the slab serif Publica Slab from Marcus Sterz draw attention to the font, without becoming dominant. With nine weights you are well equipped for every task and can use Publica Slab both for texts and for headlines, logos and even entire corporate layouts.
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Northwoods (Cultivated Minds)

The geometric letters of the sans Northwoods from Cindy Kinash have a slightly irregular outline, which greatly softens the cool, sterile atmosphere of this genre. The well-equipped family plays to its strengths in text sizes, and especially in headlines.
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Excentra Pro (Mint Type)

 Excentra Pro
The vibrant letters of the humanistic sans Excentra Pro from Andriy Konstantynov are given extra dynamism through the prominent contrast in weight and a slight incline in the design axis. Use this well-equipped family with its eight weights, for instance, for corporate projects or elaborate book design.
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Flowy (Typesketchbook)

The extended Flowy font family from Chatnarong Jingsuphatada comprises four perfectly co-ordinated sub-families, which simulate hand-painted scripts in a variety of designs. Within the sub-families styles with reduced inking or irregular outlines are available. Use the Flowy fonts to bring a romantic flair to your compositions.
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Noyh Geometric (Typesketchbook)

 Noyh Geometric
Distinctively-shaped letters lend a great deal of individuality to the geometric sans Noyh Geometric from Chatnarong Jingsuphatada. Sharp transitions and horizontal terminals support the font’s constructed character, without robbing it of its vitality. The well-equipped family is suitable as a text and headline font for very large projects, for example, in editorial design, in publishing and in the packaging industry.
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Solantra (Stephen Rapp)

Stephen W. Rapp combines English script fonts with elements from diverse, personal handwriting for his realistic script font Solantra. The font has a rough outline and comes with innumerable ligatures and alternative characters for a very varied, flowing typeface.
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Altivo (Kostic Type)

With a large x-height, open counters and a lavish finish the neutral sans Altivo from Nikola Kostić has all the ingredients for use as a text font in major projects. With its eight weights, various figure sets and small caps it offers everything needed for professional text setting.
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Gazeta (Gazeta)

Thanks to its powerful serifs and stable letter forms, the distinctive antiqua Gazeta from Ricardo Santos is ideal for long texts in small sizes. Contemporary details also make the font interesting in headings. The well-equipped font includes two weights for text setting and can be used for a variety of tasks.
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Hoyer Script (RMU Typedesign)

 Hoyer Script
The calligraphic shapes of the calligraphic font Hoyer Script from Ralph M. Unger and Hans Möhring have a classic, superior look, rather than looking playful. This font cuts a fine figure in large sizes and can be used both for greeting cards and in packaging design.
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Kufica (Artegra)

The strictly geometric structure of Kufica from Ceyhun Birinci recalls a modern pixel font. The forms are however derived from historic Arabic calligraphy. Kufica’s futuristic appearance draws attention on posters, in headlines and on product packaging.
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