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New font releases in October 2017

New arrivals October 2017: The lively and cheerful brush font Barley Script, the noble and distinctive Antiqua Mandrel, the friendly slab serif Sanchez Niu and other fonts

Get to know our new arrivals: We’ve picked out text and headline fonts, families large and small, as well as beautiful calligraphy for you. Give your designs that special touch by using fonts that are not well known. You not only expand your inventory with the interesting and distinctive fonts presented here, but also create a modern foundation for perfect designs.

Barley Script (Måns Grebäck)

 Barley Script
With a lively, joyful and personal flair, the brush font Barley Script from Måns Grebäck attracts plenty of attention. Numerous ligatures, alternative characters, swash variants and even underscores that can be controlled in OpenType help you create a variety of logos and headings.
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Mandrel (insigne)

Sharp line ends and very fine serifs give the narrow Antiqua Mandrel by Jeremy Dooley a noble and distinctive charisma. Mandrel is equipped with numerous ligatures and is not only suitable for long texts, but also has enough character and details to work in the larger font sizes.
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Sanchez Niu (Latinotype)

 Sanchez Niu
With Sanchez Niu, Daniel Hernández presents a revised version of the slab serif Sanchez, one of the first Latinotype fonts. Numerous, lively details and very slightly rounded corners take some severity from the family, which comes very well equipped with six weights. The universally applicable Sanchez Niu can be used in both headlines and long texts.
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Timberline (Resistenza)

Timberline’s structured strokes, which simulate incomplete colour application, as well as its expressive and dynamic forms, bring a lot of personality to your designs. Numerous ligatures and an extra pictogram style round out the offer.
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CamingoSlab (Jan Fromm)

Thanks to its humanist letter forms, the solid and powerful slab serif CamingoSlab by Jan Fromm feels open and friendly. The family comes with seven weights and works well not only in headlines, but also in the smaller font sizes, thanks to its perfect legibility.
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Magnetic Pro (Mostardesign Studio)

 Magnetic Pro
Slightly geometrical letters with rounded edges and prominent corners lend the sans serif Magnetic Pro by Olivier Gourvat a technical and mechanical character. Use this modern, well-equipped family in advertising, on packaging or even in long texts for example.
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TT Milks (TypeType)

 TT Milks
As the name implies, Ivan Gladkikh’s comprehensive font collection TT Milks began as a packaging font for dairy products. In addition to the sans, you also have a script and numerous ornamental versions with shadows or incomplete colour application.
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Akkordeon (Emtype Foundry)

Loosely based on the early grotesques of the 19th and 20th century, the styles of Akkordeon by Eduardo Manso were not conceived of as a classical font family. Instead, Akkordeon offers you fonts of various widths, some of which are very narrow. It is the ideal font for saving space in magazine titles, short texts or headlines.
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Torus (Paulo Goode)

The rounded and geometric letters of Torus by Paulo Goode were developed especially for logos and word marks. Numerous alternative characters in this family of six weights help the professional create distinctive and unique letter combinations.
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Geometrica (Latinotype)

Geometric forms bring some technical flair to the neutral grotesque Geometrica. With its clear, clean and compact character, the extremely well-equipped family can be used for a variety of tasks – for example in packaging or editorial design, for headings or in short texts.
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Dog Days (Fenotype)

 Dog Days
Emil Bertell’s hand-painted, American brush font Dog Days has a very dynamic, strong and energetic character. Numerous alternative letters, ligatures and swash versions lend the font a very realistic expression. With the companions Dog Days Caps and Dog Days Small Caps, you can set additional text in capitals.
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Alicante Sans (Sergej Lebedev)

 Alicante Sans
An extreme x-height ensures that the neutral but friendly Alicante Sans by Sergej Lebedev is also very easy to read in small font sizes. The family, which is perfectly equipped with eight weights, is suitable for large projects like company branding or design tasks.
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