New font releases in August 2017

New font arrivals for August 2017: The lively and hand-painted slab serif Catrina, the dynamic and noble script font Volina, the versatile TT Berlinerins and other fonts

 New font releases in August 2017

Get to know our new arrivals: We’ve picked out text and headline fonts, families large and small, as well as beautiful calligraphy for you. Give your designs that special touch by using fonts that are not well known. You not only expand your inventory with the interesting and distinctive fonts presented here, but also create a modern foundation for perfect designs.

Catrina (Latinotype)

Slightly irregular shapes and outlines lend the slab serif Catrina by Eli Hernández a hand-painted character. This is even more evident in the hand-made styles. Although the lively details are more visible in the larger font sizes, you can also use Catrina for short texts.
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TT Corals (TypeType)

 TT Corals
Very narrow letters, an almost imperceptible contrast in line weight and a large x-height characterize this humanistic sans from Ivan Gladkikh and Olexa Volochay. Take advantage of the interesting and fresh charisma of the family for text or design.
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American Calligraphic (TypeSETit)

 American Calligraphic
Gorgeous letters with wide curves give American Calligraphic by Rob Leuschke an extravagant and noble charisma. Numerous alternative forms, swash variants and ligatures help you create unique, diverse designs.
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Nocturne Serif (Borutta)

 Nocturne Serif
Derived from masonry work, Nocturne Serif by Mateusz Machalski has a striking contrast and tapering, triangular serifs. The family – extremely well equipped with 10 line weights and fitting italics – can be used in headlines as well as in long texts.
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Bunday Sans (Buntype)

 Bunday Sans
Elements reminiscent of handwriting give the Bunday Sans from Ralf Sander and Petra Niedernolte a friendly, playful flair. The lively shape of the italics emphasizes this dynamic character even further. This font is an eye-catcher that can be used universally.
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ITC New Rennie Mackintosh (ITC Library)

 ITC New Rennie Mackintosh
With ITC New Rennie Mackintosh, Charles Rennie-Mackintosh presents an expanded and reworked version of the classic by Phill Grimshaw. The geometrical and striking letters bring the charm of the early 20th century Art Nouveau movement to your designs.
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Electronics (Mans Greback)

Extremely bold letters with a striking contrast in the line weight in Electronics by Måns Grebäck recall a comic font. Use Electronics to create logo-like letters on posters, signs or even product packaging.
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Haggard Nova (TipografiaRamis)

 Haggard Nova
Contrasting letters with distinctive triangular serifs give the Haggard Nova by Ramiz Guseynov a powerful charisma. The well-equipped family with four line weights and matching italics is ideal for long texts.
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Engel New (The Northern Block)

 Engel New
Engel New Sans and the slab serif Engel New Serif share the same basic shape and options for weights and are also perfect for reading in small sizes. Although both families can be used separately, they combine perfectly. Take advantage of the lively and friendly charisma of the combined fonts to add a special touch to big projects.
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Volina (Dalton Maag)

The dynamic and noble shapes of Volina by Francesca Bolognini and Sebastian Losch move across the paper like the movements of a gymnastics dancer’s ribbon. An almost three-dimensional contrast and numerous cleverly placed interruptions give the calligraphic writing a unique appearance.
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LP Saturnia (FontForum)

 LP Saturnia
As a modern interpretation of classical, Roman letters, LP Saturnia by Peter Langpeter creates a very noble and fine flair. A discreet but decisive contrast in the line thickness supports the dainty radiance of the font, which has been expanded to three weights.
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Meccanica (Paulo Goode)

Paulo Goode blends hexagonal influences into the forms of the sans Meccanica, giving the font a peculiar and very distinctive appearance. Meccanica shows off its technical character in the larger font sizes, in particular. The font recalls a stencil, and works extremely well on posters, for example, or on flyers or magazines.
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Karu (Fenotype)

The neutral forms of the sans Karu by Emil Bertell are the typical workhorse of the modern fonts. Without being too pushy, the typeface still has enough character to hold its own as a text or headline font, even in large corporate projects.
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TT Berlinerins (TypeType)

 TT Berlinerins
These two fonts from Ivan Gladkikh, which could not be any more different, symbolize the historic and modern aspects of Berlin. TT Berlinerins Script represents the dynamic, somewhat noble, but rough script font for modern Berlin. In contrast, TT Berlinerins Grotesk, derived from old poster letters, represents the historical city.
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