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FF Uberhand

FF Uberhand: a new, extremely well-equipped script font

Berlin-based graphic designer Jens Kutílek worked on the new FF Uberhand for nearly ten years. Now the script font is available in two optical sizes and a total of 13 styles. FF Uberhand™ Text is optimized for work in smaller sizes, while the other styles (identified only as FF Uberhand™) are intended for display setting.

Kutílek carefully derived the letters of both versions directly from the handwriting and edited them in the computer. The designer made sure that the text styles have slight imperfections typical of small hand-written characters. The glyphs of the display styles, however, reflect the even momentum of large handwriting.

In order to achieve the most realistic impression of handwriting possible, Kutílek did not derive different versions from a single form. Instead, he wrote them out again and again. As a result, the letters differ among the two text styles and among the display versions. In addition, Kutílek added some alternative characters and an extensive set of beautiful, hand-drawn pictograms to the text styles.

FF Uberhand Text is available in two weights, Regular and Bold, while FF Uberhand includes eleven weights, from Hairline to Black.

Use this vibrant, diverse font anywhere an expressive note with a personal touch is needed. The available options – which are extremely generous for a script font – help you find the perfect match for your design.

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