New font releases in May 2017

New font arrivals for May 2017: The rounded slab serif Queulat Soft, the modern sans Komet, the friendly brush font Painter and others

This month’s selection of our new font arrivals from all the different font libraries of our product portfolio include modern designs from the font categories script, sans and serif.

Queulat Soft (Latinotype)

 Queulat Soft
Rounded forms support the soft, friendly character of the unique slab serif Queulat Soft by Jorge Cisterna. While you can easily use Queulat Soft for shorter texts, the many interesting details of the font also work extremely well in logos or headlines.
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Komet (Jan Fromm)

Slightly curved diagonals and striking points lend Jan Fromm’s modern sans Komet a lively, contemporary look. Use this family, which comes with eight weights and matching italics, for editorial design, for example, in branding or corporate work.
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Painter (Måns Grebäck)

Numerous alternative characters, swash variants and ligatures (all of which are comfortably controlled by OpenType features) in Måns Grebäck’s friendly brush font Painter help you make logo-like text designs.
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Antonietta (Latinotype)

The multi-style family Antonietta by Mauricio Astete Brito has a total of seven styles. Inspired by the Rococo period and the impetuous personality of Marie Antoinette, the calligraphic script font also comes with matching upper-case characters, including various overlay styles.
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Daddy’s Hand (breauhare fonts)

 Daddy’s Hand
Harry Warren digitized the elegant handwriting of his father and published it under the name Daddy’s Hand. Alternative characters and ligatures help you create diverse designs.
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Santral (Taner Ardali)

Sharp, clear forms lend Taner Ardali’s geometric sans Santral a precise appearance. Round points and beveled spurs reduce the sharpness of the universally applicable font, which comes with twelve weights.
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Londinia (K-type)

Londinia by Keith Bates is a contemporary Antiqua with clear and open shapes, a generous x-height and streamlined serifs. Striking ink traps and some unusual letter forms draw attention to this noble font, which is well equipped with three weights.
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Origins Smooth (Laura Wortington)

 Origins Smooth
Laura Worthington developed the dynamic script font Origins Smooth based on letters written on parchment with a crow feather. Countless alternative letter forms, swash versions and ligatures guarantee a very realistic and varied typeface.
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Midpoint Pro (Mint Type)

 Midpoint Pro
Geometric letters with reduced forms lend Oleh Lishchuk’s square sans Midpoint Pro a modern and technical look. Rounded line ends add a special, friendly touch. With nine weights and matching italics, the family is ready for large projects, e. g. in corporate design.
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Keymer (Talbot Type)

Adrian Talbot’s sans Keymer was inspired by a font designed by Margaret Calvert for British road signs in the 1960s. Humanistic elements reduce somewhat the severity of the geometric forms and give the font a friendly character. The clear and elegant flair of Keymer works both in texts and headlines.
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Stylist Pro (Fontforecast)

 Stylist Pro
Hanneke Classen’s Stylist Pro is one of the few script fonts designed so that upper-case letters can be combined. In addition to the three weights, the casual script font also has two ornament styles available.
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Beatrix Antiqua (Zetafonts)

 Beatrix Antiqua
Elements of the Roman uncial script in the humanistic sans Beatrix Antiqua by Francesco Canovaro add a historical flair to the font. The family is well equipped with nine weights. It works well in the larger font sizes, but can also be used easily in short texts.
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Adesso (Présence Typo)

The friendly and warm character of the sans Adesso by Thierry Puyfoulhoux recalls a typewriter font a little. Designed for young readers, the open and rounded letters are also easily legible in the smaller sizes.
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Rail (Marin Santic)

The strong serifs of Rail by Marin Santic connect to the stems with curves and create a warm atmosphere in the friendly slab. Little extras and some special letter forms lend the font a unique appearance. It is well equipped with ten weights.
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