Cavolini – a well-equipped script font for more than just digital applications

The hand-painted letters of Cavolini, Monotype type designer Carl Crossgrove’s latest font, were originally intended for screen applications. The cheerful and relaxed typeface also works extremely well in print, however.


Introductory offer: 50% discount on the complete Cavolini family – available only for a limited time

Take advantage of this introductory offer and license Cavolini for only $49.50* each, available until June 8.
Here you can download the Cavolini family in the introductory offer.

The carefully designed letters of Cavolini simulate a brush script. Clearly perceptible strokes, rounded line ends and dynamic letter forms lend the font an informal character, while the large x-height and open counters ensure perfect legibility.

The included options are very generous for a script font. In addition to the upright styles, Carl Crossgrove designed a true italic for both available weights and a Condensed version for all styles. Greek and Cyrillic characters round out the options.

Use this font anywhere a friendly flair with a personal touch is needed. The many design options not only enable unique typesetting, but also a lot of potential for digital use – for example, creating a typographical hierarchy in menus.
* Gross price 58.91 USD/EUR including German sales tax.
The offer does not apply to holders of user accounts, who already receive a fixed price reduction.