New font releases in April 2017

New font arrivals for April 2017: The elegant Antiqua Boita, the eccentric script font Fine New Bonbons, the vibrant semi-script Butterscotch and other fonts

This month’s selection of our new font arrivals from all the different font libraries of our product portfolio include modern designs from the font categories script, sans and serif.

Boita (The Northern Block)

A striking contrast in the weights and strong, almost triangular serifs lend the Antiqua Boita by Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya an exquisite touch. Slim letterforms and a large x-height lend this font, which is optimized for display setting, a unique character.
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Fine New Bonbons (Tour de Force Foundry)

 Fine New Bonbons
Irregular structures with an extreme contrast in the weights lend the script font Fine New Bonbons by Dusan Jelesijevic an eccentric touch. The unique font features numerous funny pictograms you can use to loosen up your design.
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Butterskotch (Great Lakes Lettering)

Separate, hand-drawn letters simulating brushstrokes offer the semi-script Butterskotch a friendly and lively character. Letters dancing above the baseline and numerous alternative forms loosen the design.
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Chapel Script (Mans Grebäck)

 Chapel Script
Måns Grebäck was inspired by the classical cursive from the turn of the 20th century when he drew his dynamic brushstroke font Chapel Script. Use the numerous initial and final characters, swash variants, ligatures and alternative symbols for an individual design with a logo character.
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Bilbao Sans (Sergej Lebedev)

 Bilbao Sans
Based on geometric forms, Sergej Lebedev designed the typically constructed and reduced letterforms of Bilbao Sans. This modern and contemporary font is well-equipped with six weights and matching italics, and can be used both in print and online.
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Bikini Season (Los Andes Type)

 Bikini Season
Bikini Season by Guisela Mendoza and Luciano Vergara combines dancing letters of a script font with an extreme weight contrast and a sans in the style of the Roman Capitalis. Both fonts together convey the flair of summer, sun, beach and cocktails.
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Hogar (Latinotype)

Hogar builds on Sofia Mohr’s architectural background, which she incorporated into the design of this double family. The result, on the one hand, are constructed characters of a sans, which show elements of a script font, and on the other, a script font with clear influence of the cursive. Both styles are provided with five weights and can be featured in headlines as well as short texts.
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Zooja (Aerotype)

Numerous character alternatives in the characteristic, raw, brushstroke font Zooja by Stephen Miggas helps you create distinct designs. Zooja is available in two weights and comes with numerous pictograms and catchwords.
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Dragon (Black Foundry)

A large x-height and clear, slightly geometric forms give the sans Dragon a modern contemporary look. Originally developed for a large corporate project, this well-equipped family with five weights can be used for different design tasks.
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Juhl (The Northern Block)

A striking contrast in the weights reduces the austere look of the geometric characters of the square sans Juhl by Jonathan Hill. Soft curves add a friendly flair to this well-equipped and universally usable font family featuring eight weights.
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Pen Swan (Great Lakes Lattering)

 Pen Swan
The characteristic flowing style of the rather lively calligraphic font Pen Swan is reminiscent of waves on water. The elegant family is very well equipped with three weights and ornaments, and can, for example, be used on wedding invitations.
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Aubusson (Black Foundry)

Very open forms with a large x-height and occasionally rounded links somewhat soften the mechanical design of the monospaced sans Aubusson by Franck Jalleau. This characterful font can be used not just for displays, but also for short texts or signalization tasks.
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Flux (T.26)

Highly reduced letterforms with a geometric touch lend the sans Flux by Monib Mahdavi a special flair. The easily legible font can be used for long texts and also cuts a fine figure in headings, owing to its numerous, interesting details.
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Renata (Laura Worthington)

The fine calligraphic font Renata by Laura Worthington and Dai Foldes generates a relaxed, lively and friendly atmosphere. Many alternative characters, swash variants and ligatures support you in your individual designs.

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