New font releases in March 2017

New arrivals for March 2017: the noble sans Pasarela, the distinctive Antiqua Gabriela Stencil, the diverse script collection Nefelibata and other fonts

Get to know our recent new arrivals: We’ve picked out text and headline fonts, families large and small, as well as beautiful calligraphy for you. Give your designs that special touch by using fonts that are not well known. You not only expand your inventory with the interesting and distinctive fonts presented here, but also create a modern foundation for perfect designs.

Pasarela (Los Andes Type)

The inspiration of Coto Mendoza and Luciano Vergara for the noble sans lay in current fashion trends. The very narrowly designed, geometric letters are available in two weights and include a pictogram style with matching borders.
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Gabriela Stencil (Latinotype)

 Gabriela Stencil
The fine, high-contrast Antiqua Gabriela Stencil recalls the character of a stencil font. The stroke design is interrupted in narrow places. With swinging line ends and filigree details, Gabriela Stencil by Antonio Mejía has a noble and striking flair.
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Nefelibata (My Creative Land)

Elena Genova’s collection Nefelibata brings together four different, hand-drawn and -written fonts. The well-coordinated fonts not only have plenty of alternative characters, but are also available in different widths and with incomplete color coverage that simulates a canvas.
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LFT Etica (Type Together)

 LFT Etica
The neutral sans LFT Etica is based on the grotesque fonts, but has a warmer character, thanks to the open forms and ends as well as the soft stroke design. The many lively details of the well-equipped family, which includes eight weights, works particularly well in the larger font sizes. You can also use the easily legible font for text, however.
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TT Bells (TypeType)

 TT Bells
The obvious traces of a broad-nib pen give the Antiqua TT Bells by Ivan Gladkikh a somewhat edgy, yet very striking appearance. The geometric letters recall a black letter font, to a certain extent. The five weighs, from Thin to Black, cover a wide spectrum and offer you plenty of flexibility for designing headlines and body text.
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Sunshine Daisies (My Creative Land)

 Sunshine Daisies
Elena Genova’s Sunshine Daisies brings together various hand-painted scripts. The collection has not only creative brush fonts, but also upper-case fonts with multi-layer technology. It offers almost endless design potential in various combinations. Matching pictograms are available in two styles.
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Freight Round (GarageFonts)

 Freight Round
Light bends in the stroke design in the neutral Freight Round recall handwriting created with a thick felt marker. Use the well-equipped family, which includes six weights and matching italics, for packaging design, for example, or cosmetics or signalization tasks.
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Mentha (Resistenza)

Large curves and fine, high-contrast lines give the noble calligraphic Mentha a festive, lively appearance. Take advantage of the numerous swash variants, alternative characters and ligatures for varied designs.
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Haboro Serif (insigne)

 Haboro Serif
In the Antiqua Haboro Serif, Jeremy Dooley combines the classic approach of the Didone with modern elements. While the high contrast in stroke width is responsible for a noble appearance, the curved line ends bring a relaxed vitality to the font, which can be used in editorial as well as corporate design. Haboro Serif is also suitable for digital applications.
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Desk Sans (Sergej Lebedev)

 Desk Sans
Monolinear, structured and geometric forms give Sergej Lebedev’s Desk Sans a modern, futuristic character. The font is very legible, even in the smaller sizes. With six weights, it comes well equipped for various tasks – use it for technical products, for example, or on posters for musical events.
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Kawak (Latinotype)

Inspired by Mayan characters, Javier Viramontes’ neutral sans Kawak combines historical influences with modern font design. There are only a few details, which give the font a special tension. The letters are easily legible, even in the small sizes. The perfectly equipped font can be used not only for headlines and body text, but also in signalization systems. This makes it ideal for corporate design.
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Turquoise (Resistenza)

Turquoise, which was derived from the Roman Capitalis, exudes historical charm. The letters were not set in stone, however, but written with a brush. This gives them a very special warmth. Many alternative characters, ligatures and ornaments help you create unique designs.
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TT Walls (TypeType)

 TT Walls
Ivan Gladkikh’s TT Walls simulates a font written with a marker and has a spontaneous, personal flair. The font, which includes various weights and a version with incomplete color coverage, can be used on menus or product packaging, for example.
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Amazing Grotesk (Zetafonts)

 Amazing Grotesk
Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini designed the modern and friendly semi-slab serif Amazing Grotesk with the radiance of the startup scene in mind. Add the feeling of innovation and energy as well as the wish for simplicity and direct communication to your designs.
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