New font releases in February 2017

New arrivals for February 2017: the fresh, contemporary slab serif Queulat, the strong, rhythmic brush font Plicata, the easygoing, geometric sans Quiza Pro, and other exciting fonts

We have selected some very different designs from the many new arrivals in our web shop this month. We’ll introduce you to a few fresh, contemporary fonts from the calligraphic, sans, serif and slab serif categories here. Be inspired!

Queulat (Latinotype)

While the influence of geometric fonts on Queulat by Jorge Cisterna is evident, the drop-shaped ends and in particular the significantly rounded italic adds plenty of warmth to the fresh and modern slab serif. You can use Queulat in shorter texts without any problems. The text feels most at home, however, in the larger font sizes, such as in logos or headlines.
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Plicata (Mans Greback)

The strong and rhythmic expression makes the brush font Plicata by Måns Grebäck ideal for logos, headlines or commercial signs.
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Quiza Pro (Mint Type)

 Quiza Pro
Diamond-shaped points with rounded corners are used in other places as a design principle – in line ends, for example. Combined with many small references, like curved and extended line ends, these details tone down somewhat the strictness of the geometric sans Quiza Pro by Andriy Konstantynov. Thanks to its low X-height and noble appearance, the font works extremely well in large corporate design work.
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Malva (Harbor Type)

In Henrique Beier’s friendly sans Malva, legibility and a clear expression for visual identities are at the forefront. Use this well-equipped family and its nine weights for corporate design, for example, or on the Web or mobile devices.
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Blonde Script (Indian Type Foundry)

 Blonde Script
The unique brush font Blonde Script by Nikola Giacintova is packed with alternate characters, catchwords, pictograms and even small caps for special designs. The even rhythm of Blonde Script is suited to the design of beverage and food menus, for example.
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Luminare (The Northern Block)

Diamond-shaped points support the somewhat angular, yet very striking and powerful Luminare by David Ottley. Clean-cut serifs support the special character of the family, available in five weights.
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Skilt Gothic (Fontcaster)

 Skilt Gothic
The friendly, humanist sans Skilt Gothic by Mårten Thavenius is very easy to read thanks to its open forms and large x-height. The extremely well-equipped, narrow and neutral Skilt Gothic can help you conquer large projects and long texts with ease.
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Ninfa Serif (dooType)

 Ninfa Serif
Heavy calligraphic influences lend the Antiqua Ninfa Serif by Eduilson Wessler Coan a dynamic character. The lively and friendly font is suitable for both body texts and headlines in magazines and books.
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Irish Penny (K-type)

 Irish Penny
Creative allusions to the historical Uncial fonts give Irish Penny an archaic character. The font, derived from the historical Irish penny, adds a down-to-Earth, medieval character to headlines or posters.
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Artigua (Maciej Wloczewski)

Geometric letters with a strong contrast in the stroke width provide a noble radiance in the sans Artigua by Maciej Włoczewski. A dynamic, vibrant and friendly italic makes a nice contrast to the upright version, and helps you create a varied design.
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Dessert Script (ParaType)

 Dessert Script
Separate letters written with a brush add a smooth, soft flair to Dessert Script by Alexander Lubovenko. Use the headline font in the food sector, for example, for menus or product packaging.
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Graphico (Indian Type Foundry)

Geometric shapes and linear tracks in the curves give Graphico Graphico by Alisa Nowak, Julie Soudanne, and Jean-Baptiste Morizot a technical, structured character. The font is well-quipped with six weights, and works well with the mechanical character of watches, for example, but can also be used in electronic applications.
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Rosalinda (My Creative Land)

Countless letter alternatives and ligatures lend the floral, elegant script font Rosalinda a festive appearance. The font from Elena Genova works well on wedding invitations, logos or T-shirts.
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Abelard (Indian Type Foundry)

Inspired by classics like Baskerville, Bulmer®, and Scotch Roman™, Barbara Bigosińska designed Abelard, a contemporary, modern Antiqua. With six weights, ligatures and various numeral sets, Abelard is perfectly equipped and offers a wide range of potential applications.
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Secans (Sergej Lebedev)

Rounded corners and ends reduce some of the strictness of Sergej Lebedev’s structured square sans, Secans. The generously designed letters are based on the square and are available in three weights, each with a matching italic.
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