New font releases in December 2016

New arrivals December 2016: the friendly and vibrant Didone typeface Camila, the raw and hand-painted Austral Slab, the dynamically spirited Dragonflight, and more

Get to know our new arrivals. We’ve picked out text and headline typefaces, families of all sizes, and some gorgeous calligraphy. Give your designs that special touch with typefaces that are anything but ordinary. Use the distinctive and interesting typefaces presented here not only to expand your repertoire but also to create a modern foundation for perfect designs.

Camila (Latinotype)

Slightly curved terminals balance out some of the starkness of Paula Nazal Selaive’s Didone Camila. The typeface’s elegant but accessible character is underscored by a lively italic.
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Austral Slab (Antipixel)

 Austral Slab
Rough outlines, incomplete ink application, and overlay styles with various structures not only give you lots of design freedom, they also emphasize the hand-painted character of Julia Martinez Diana’s Austral Slab family. Use Austral Slab in logos, headlines, or brand names for example.
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Dragonflight (Fontforecast)

Hanneke Classen has combined four modern, handwritten fonts under the name Dragonflight. In addition to two very dynamic and lively quill fonts, one with incomplete ink application, a corresponding majuscule font and a decorative style are also available.
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Fondue (Latinotype)

The handwritten look of Fondue by Jorge Alberto Martínez gives the open and lavishly designed letters of this typeface a friendly and dynamic quality. Use the even rhythm of this unusual typeface in short texts, headings, or logos for example.
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Actonia (Aring Typefaces)

A dynamic brush script by Måns Grebäck, Actonia plays upon historic advertising fonts with its rounded shapes. Numerous alternative letters and ligatures, as well as a very dynamic second style, bring variety to your designs.
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Steak (Sudtipos)

Steak, Alejandro Paul’s vibrantly curved brush script, was inspired by 1930s-style restaurant menus. Numerous alternative letters with start and end forms, as well as three font styles with varying ink application provide variety of design.
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Axia (Kontour Type)

Sibylle Hagmann’s sans serif Axia offers some very special features with its robust and striking letterforms. Rectilinear interruptions within the curves provide a geometric, slightly technical flair, which is further emphasized in the two additional stencil styles.
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Modish (Laura Worthington)

The letters in Laura Worthington’s Modish manuscript font appear to be written with a great deal of ink and seem to bleed slightly while still looking controlled and orderly. Use this typeface for food and beverages, cosmetics, or fashion for example – its numerous alternative letters, ligatures and swash variants will help to individualize your designs.
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Viva Beautiful (Cultivated Mind)

 Viva Beautiful
Frayed terminals, partially incomplete ink application, and slightly irregular letterforms give Cindy Kinash’s Viva Beautiful brush script a hand-painted look. In addition to two versions of the script, a corresponding majuscule style is also available.
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Canilari (Latinotype)

Bold and irregular letterforms that bring to mind elements of Fraktur make the Antiqua typeface Canilari by Patricio Truenos a real eye-catcher. Use this extensive font family, which offers six weights and corresponding italics, for newspapers, magazines, books, etc. Its angular forms will also add a special touch to posters or logos.
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Kylo Sans (The Northern Block)

 Kylo Sans
With his Kylo Sans typeface, Jonathan Hill combines humanistic and geometric influences, creating a neutral and easy-to-read sans. Kylo Sans is available in seven carefully graded weights, each with its own italic version.
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Trola (Tipografies)

Open forms and a large x-height ensure that Trola, a transitional serif typeface, is perfectly legible even in small sizes. All five weights of this extensive family come with a true italic version that features pleasing and dynamic forms.
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Melay Script (Aring Typeface)

 Melay Script (Aring Typeface)
Created by Måns Grebäck and Noah Kinard, Melay Script is a monolinear calligraphic script. Spacious capitals and a very decorative style will add a personal touch to your designs, plus plenty of confident elegance.
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Punto (Fontador)

The name says it all. Arne Freytag’s Punto is composed of dots of slightly varying sizes, which yield an interesting weight contrast. Punto is available in three weights, each with an italic version.
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