New font releases in November 2016

New arrivals November 2016: The handmade font series Kiln, the witty and convivial sans Leuk, the beautiful and powerful slab serif Arigola and other fonts

Take advantage of our selection of new, unknown font designs. The new fonts this month include text and headline fonts, beautiful calligraphy typefaces and small and large families – you’re bound to find the right font for you.

Leuk (Wilton Foundry)

Unconventional forms give the sans Leuk by Robbie de Villiers a witty and convivial character. The font is well equipped with four weights and, despite its distinct shapes, is easily legible in shorter texts.
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Arigola (The Northern Block)

An interesting contrast between the rounded shapes and ornaments along with strong slab serifs give Arigola by Rebecca Hurst a very special character. The typeface also includes alternative letterforms and ligatures for variety.
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Homage Script (GarageFonts)

 Homage Script
James Hellmuth originally designed Homage Script for a book cover. The font updates the lively brush font for the twenty-first century with numerous ligatures and alternative characters.
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Bressay (Dalton Maag)

The quiet and beautiful Scotch Roman Bressay picks up on a theme that was very popular in the 19th century. The elegant and sober font is perfect for longer texts. An additional Display style is available for headlines.
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Plume (Dalton Maag)

Bruno Maag and Ron Carpenter were inspired by cursive typewriter fonts when designing Plume, an elegant sans. Rounded and extended ascenders and descenders lend the font a unique, lively flair. Plume is available in three weights.
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Frost (Fenotype)

Emil Bertell’s Frost, a lively handwritten font with a retro feel, not only offers three weights with numerous alternative letterforms, but also two styles with matching small caps as well as ornaments and banners.
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Kiln (Yellow Design Studio)

This series of historically inspired, handmade fonts by Ryan Martinson captivates with their very realistic, partial colorization, even in the large font sizes. Kiln is available in serif, sans serif and spiked versions.
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Bely (TypeTogether)

Bely, a Baroque Antiqua by Roxane Gataud, is available in two text styles, with italics and a very contrast-rich display style. The font, equipped with numerous ligatures, is perfectly suited to long texts.
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Hijrnotes (Aring Typefaces)

Very large, curved capitals dominate the monolinear handwritten font Hijrnotes by Hendra Pratama. Numerous alternative characters help you create designs that are rich in variety.
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Eina (Textaxis)

Íñigo Jerez originally designed Eina, an extended font family, for the "EINA, University Centre of Design and Art" in Barcelona. The geometric sans, which is available in slightly different versions, serves not only as a corporate font, but also as a font for teaching materials.
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Branding (Latinotype)

The lack of spurs in Branding, a square sans from Alfonso García, Daniel Hernández and Luciano Vergara, create a reduced, almost technical appearance, which forms a nice contrast to the round and warm shapes of the font. The great options and individuality make Branding an ideal partner for corporate and logo design.
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Crazymond (Tour de Force Font Foundry)

The somewhat rough, yet extremely charming handwritten font Crazymond by Dusan Jelesijevic brings a lot of personality to the paper. The font includes numerous alternative characters, ligatures and pictograms for variety.
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Beaujolais (Fenotype)

High-contrast, slightly rough letters give the organic brush font Beaujolais by Emil Karl Bertell a personal character. Use the two weights, numerous alternative characters and ligatures as well as ornaments for unique designs.
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Bach (Los Andes Type)

The hand-painted, high-contrast letters of Bach by Coto Mendoza and Luciano Vergara are available in numerous weights and are accompanied by two script and one ornament style. Numerous ligatures and alternate characters create further potential for the friendly serif typeface.
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