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Poster fonts are eye-catching, expressive fonts that are legible from a distance. Since posters generally contain only a few words, you can use fonts that are not perfect in terms of legibility, but are very eye-catching. Our selection of poster fonts covers the entire spectrum, from easily legible to highly experimental fonts, specifically for over-sized font sizes. Give free rein to your creativity, since almost anything goes on posters.
Note: This page contains only a restricted selection of our personal favorites in the Poster Fonts range. Use our keyword search to discover many more Poster Fonts from the Linotype product portfolio.

This is our expert selection:

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Neue Frutiger Neue Helvetica Posterama Eurostile Next Filson Soft Compacta Glaser Stencil Gill Sans Nova Avenir Next

Nexa Slab Bodoni Poster Neue Haas Unica DIN Next Slab ITC Franklin Gothic FF Dax Quotes Trade Gothic Next Sucrose DIN Next Poster Haboro Ahkio Glober Daytona Seebad Lulo Clean ITC Garamond Univia Pro Geogrotesque Antique Olive Ropa Soft Fourth Industry Twentieth Century Poster FF Cocon

Rockwell Beloved TT Moons Futura Nexa Rust Bosque Zapfino Extra Binner Poster Aracne Condensed Futura Black Charcuterie Montix Bree Serif The Hand Culinary Ainslie Acta Poster Wanderlust Intro Rust Broadway Lifehack Baskerville Classico Brooklyn Samuels No4 Fat Fox Sans