New font releases in October 2016

New entries for October 2016: the friendly slab Sybilla, the powerful brush font Safir Script, the handmade sans Rainier and other fonts

Take advantage of our selection of new, unknown font designs. The new fonts this month include text and headline fonts, beautiful calligraphy typefaces and small and large families – you’re bound to find the right font for you.

Sybilla (Karandash)

The robust, yet friendly and humanist shapes of the slab Sybilla by Vassil Kateliev are not just perfectly legible, they are also suited to headlines and logos. The well-equipped family will not let you down in larger projects, either.
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Safir Script (Aring Typeface)

 Safir Script
Dynamic, bold shapes give the brush font Safir Script by Måns Grebäck a friendly and personal appearance. The many alternative characters, swash versions and ligatures make for variety and unique word forms.
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Rainier (Kimmy Design)

The carefully crafted letters of the sans Rainier by Kimmy Kirkwood add a personal, handmade touch to the paper. The numerous swash versions and ligatures give your words an almost logo-like character.
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Larch (Aring Typefaces)

Sharply cut shapes lend the brush font Larch by Måns Grebäck a clear appearance. The five weights and numerous swash versions help you create a varied layout.
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Radikal (Nootype)

The structured sans Radikal by Nico Inosanto comes with seven weights and matching italics. You can use the typeface in the most diverse applications – longer texts, for example or in corporate design.
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Odile (Kontour Type) Serif

Sibylle Hagmann gave her Antiqua Odile a very special character with powerful drop-like shapes. The font is available in seven weights. Hagmann’s inspiration was the historical designs of William Addision Dwiggins. She added a special touch with the Initial and Ornament styles.
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La Parisienne (My Creative Land)

 La Parisienne
La Parisienne is a collection of six script fonts by Elena Genova that capture the character of the French metropolis, Paris. In addition to elegant script fonts, you have a number of friendly sans and serifs that are reminiscent of handwriting.
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Dambera (Tour de Force Font Foundry)

The snappy character of Dambera, Dusan Jelesijevic’s monolinear, dynamic script font, attracts a lot of attention to itself. Use Dambera for wedding invitations, for example, or extravagant menus.
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Anomoly (Alias)

An exciting contrast between the round and square shapes in Gareth Hague’s striking sans Anomoly make for a particularly unique flair. Add a special touch by using this font in text or in headlines.
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Adorn Garland Smooth (Laura Worthington)

 Adorn Garland Smooth
The connected letters of Laura Worthington and Dai Foldes’ script font Adorn Garland Smooth create a friendly, flowing rhythm. Numerous alternative characters help you create a unique design.
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Quantis Sans (EFFont)

 Quantis Sans
Significantly reduced letter forms with a somewhat geometric and futuristic appearance characterize the appearance of Quantis Sans by Erik Faulhaber. The carefully designed and well-equipped font is suited to practically any application, from long text and headlines to logos and signalization system.
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Quantis Soft (EFFont)

 Quantis Soft
Quantis Soft picks up on the shapes of Erik Faulhaber’s Quantis Sans and can be used with that font or alone. The very rounded shapes stand out thanks to the warm, soft flair.
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HiTone (Scholtz Fonts)

Rounded, lively forms in Anton Scholtz’s HiTone recall natural, distinctive handwriting. You can find the right font for your design, thanks to the various weights and widths.
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Diaria Sans (Mint Type)

 Diaria Sans
The light contrast in the stroke width of Diaria Sans by Andriy Konstantynov create a lively and friendly appearance. Thanks to the large x-height, the well-equipped font is perfectly legible, even in small sizes.
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Queulat (Latinotype)

Elements of handwriting break up the geometric character of the slab Queulat by Jorge Cisterna and make for a very special, distinctive flair. Styles with alternative letter forms and special unicase characters help you create rich and varied designs.
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